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Islam is a cult not a religion!

Well, at MOST it's a cult; really, it's only a crime-syndicate, and the only 'religious' part in it
is where they say:
!od told us to commit these crimes!
Islam poses a threat to the well-"eing, li#estyle, and security o# the $nited States and the
Western World% &i'ing in #ree societies, (mericans and westerners "elie'e in such "asic
#reedoms as the #reedom o# speech, #reedom o# thought, #reedom o# religion etc%
The general consensus o# opinion would regard Islam as a religion% To a great degree
political correctness shields Islam too% )$T IS IS&(M ( *+&I!IO, I, T-+ T*$+ST
S+,S+ O. T-+ WO*/0!
We all remem"er 1234435114% Most o# us 6now Muslim terrorists are responsi"le% The
7uestions get "atted around:
8Is it #air to "lame the religion o# Islam #or this09
8Isn:t it racist to "e against Muslims09
8Is it #air to "lame all Muslims #or the terrorist acts09
,o, it isn:t #air to "lame the religion #or its adherents! )ut as #ar as the race issue is
concerned, Muslims come in all colors and nationalities, so it isn:t a"out race% .urthermore,
not all Muslims are terrorists% )ut then again howe'er, most terrorists are Muslims!
Since 1234435114 there ha'e "een more than ; terrorist acts per day on a'erage committed
"y Muslim terrorists! (s an e<ample, in the month o# *amadan 5141, more than 4111
people around the world were 6illed "y Muslim terrorists = (,/ >+T O,&> O,+ ?4@
A+*SO, W(S BI&&+/ I, T-+ ,(M+ O. (&& OT-+* *+&I!IO,S COM)I,+/!
Islam started with the ?#alse@ prophet Mohammed who li'ed "etween ;D1 and EF5 (/% The
parallels "etween Mohammed and the modern-day #alse prophets Gim Gones, /a'id
Boresh, and /a'id Mitchell are astonishing and o'erwhelming! Today, we are a"horred "y
the deeds o# Gones, Boresh, and Mitchell and yet Mohammed ?who was e7ually guilty@ is
adored "y more than a "illion Muslims!
What o# Mohammed0 -e was declared to "e the per#ect man% (nd yet at the age o# ;H he
married (isha ?a 2-year-old girl@% )y today:s standards he is a pedophile "ut yet Muslim
apologists claim that in his day and age it was OB!
Well i# it was OB then, "ut not OB today, why is it still practiced so much0 Why are so many
women #orced into marriage at such young ages to men0 Why are women and children
treated li6e animals0 Why is it OB to "eat and a"use them0 Why don:t women ha'e any
custodial rights i# there is a di'orce0 Why is it that i# a woman is raped, it is her #ault and
she gets stoned0 (nd why do so many Muslim women commit suicide to escape these
(nd children in Islamic schools are taught to hate #rom a 'ery early age% They are
programmed to despise and distrust Gews and (mericans% There is a youtu"e 'ideo o# a F-
year-old Muslim girl who says that Gews are 8mon6eys and pigs9 and should "e 6illed!
Islamic nations practice Sharia &aw in which there is no #reedom o# thought or speech or
the press% The outside world is #or"idden% ,o"ody can 7uestion leaders% Women and
children are treated li6e animals% )eheadings and lim" amputations are punishments% (nd
the penalty #or lea'ing Islam is /+(T-!
Islam is indeed a cult! It 7uali#ies as a cult any way it is e<amined% It can:t withstand any
thought#ul or logical scrutiny% Muslim apologists o#ten use propaganda and deception ?li6e
(l-Ta7iyya and Bitman@ to de#end it% Its adherents are hidden #rom the outside world and
are "linded "y #ear and tyranny% $n#ortunately, more than a "illion people on this planet are
"rainwashed "y this cult!
Some people would 7uestion this% -ow can o'er a "illion people "e wrong0 Well thin6 #or a
moment a"out the #acts that the +arth is round and re'ol'es around the sun% I# a "illion
people thought it were #lat instead o# round, would they "e right0 &i6ewise, i# a "illion people
thought that the sun re'ol'ed around the earth instead o# the other way around would they
"e right0
Muslims are dramatically increasing in num"ers in the $nited States and Canada and
+urope and the rest o# the Western World% Many people thin6 nothing o# it% )ut since large
groups o# Muslims that de'elop in (merica and other Western countries as6 #or Sharia &aw
to supersede the pre'ailing law?s@ o# the land?s@, this should "e a pro"lem to loo6 at!
Islam:s goal ?as stated in the Boran@ is to ta6e o'er the world! Muslims see6 to topple the
Western World #rom within% They 6now they can:t "eat us militarily, so this is their new
strategy! Some are worried that +urope might #all within Iust a #ew decades!
In the $nited States they want to "uild a mega-mos7ue at ground Jero in ,ew >or6 City
and another mega-mos7ue in Mur#rees"oro, Tennessee in the heart o# 8The )i"le )elt9%
.urthermore, Aresident O"ama wants (mericans to "e more 8tolerant9 o# Islam% -e has
commanded that (merican school children 'isit mos7ues on #ield trips% (nd he has a new
secret agenda #or ,(S( to reach out to the Muslim community!
Currently in the $nited States, the 4st amendment is the stum"ling "loc6 #or remo'ing the
religious protection o# Islam so it can o##icially "e regarded as a cult% Islam has "een
protected "y this = so amending, rede#ining, or rewriting the 4st amendment may "e the 6ey
to stopping it in the $nited States!
(t this point, it is important to educate oursel'es a"out Islam% *ead "oo6s and internet
articles a"out it% Tal6 a"out it with your #riends ?and share this #ace"oo6 page with them@%
Write your congressmen and legislators a"out it% !et in'ol'ed!
T-+ K+*> WO*ST T-I,! IS TO /O ,OT-I,! (,/ &+T IT -(AA+,!