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Inspire Inquire Innovate

Welcome to Ambassador 2
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Inspire Inquire Innovate
Inspire Inquire Innovate
Welcome to Ambassador
Educationisnot preparationforlife. EducationislifeitselfJohnDewey
The early years of life lay the groundwork for future experiences, infuencinghowchildren
developandlearn, copewithstress andreact totheworldaround. If your childreceives the
efective stimulation, guidance, and nurturing in the early years, it will promote active
exploration of the environment and early achievement of developmental milestones.
Young children should be provided a learning environment that ofers opportunities to
explore values, broaden communication skills, collaborate, make personal choices,
develop ideas and derive information through multiple literacies. The early childhood
experiencethereforeplays acritical role.
AMBASSADORaddresses theemergent needfor programs that facilitateholisticlearning
inthe early years of your child's life. We provide quality education, care anddevelopment
under oneroof that parents needfor their children.
The purpose of education is to fnd-in-depth meaning and joy in the learning process.
The AMBASSADOR experience ensures strong overall moral, social, emotional, and
physical development, transforming your child to a confdent, inquisitive, self-motivated
learner andanenthusiasticcitizenwhofaces theworldwithconfdence.
Inspire Inquire Innovate
Our Identity
Vision, and Values Mission
...if we teach todays students as we taught yesterdays, we rob them of tomorrow. - John Dewey
Inspire Inquire Innovate
A New Direction In Education
AMBASSADOR KINDERGARTEN is proposing an innovative direction in
education where young children are respected as competent thinkers and
communicators who are ofered many opportunities to engage with range
of materials and resources to extend and challenge their thinking.
The AMBASSADOR KINDERGARTEN program focuses in an integrated
way on all the faculties of the children. Our purpose is to equip our children
with the right balance, knowledge and social skills, emotional development,
physical coordination and aesthetic appreciation. Rather than an emphasis
on imbibing information, we believe in respecting the child's ability to
inquire. Recentre search has proved that this balance is crucial in the
early years to ensure better integration in the school and society. Our well
prepared program emphasizes harmonious progress by building a solid
foundation for future learning.
At AMBASSADOR KINDERGARTEN we have adopted best teaching
practices and enriched our curriculum on the Early Years Foundation
Stage framework which tells how and what your child will be learning to
support their healthy development.

Inspire Inquire Innovate
Our Program
Discovery and invention are central to the inspiring AMBASSADOR
children gain new information and knowledge. Inquiry uses knowledge as
an action, and not a destination for learning. When children inquire, they
are both the problem solvers and problem posers; inquiry involves
diferent kinds of learning and occurs in classrooms that are democratic.
We respect the child's inquiry by honoring the child as an active initiator,
and constructive and capable learner.
Our curriculum based on EYFS themes and its principles: A Unique
Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environment, Learning and
Development also incorporates elements of Montessori and Reggio
Emilia approach.
The AMBASSADOR KINDERGARTEN program focuses in an integrated
way on all the faculties of the children. Our purpose is to prepare our
children with the right balance, knowledge and social skills, emotional
development, physical co-ordination and easthetic appreciation.
We follow a systematic formative that is ongoing assessment of children by
their teachers. It builds up pictures of what children know, understand, feel,
are interested in and can do over time and in a range of contexts. Assess-
ment informs planning for the next steps in learning for each child,

deeping and extending the childs learning.
Inspire Inquire Innovate
Our Program
A series of educational and extra-curricular activities are incorporated to our Program
Physical Education
Physical development is a prime area of a childs learning and development in Early
Years. At AMBASSADOR KINDERGARTEN our children have physical activity
organized daily, both indoors and outdoors during which they both exercise and have fun
with their classmates under proper supervision.
AMBASSADOR KINDERGARTEN is one of the frst few kindergartens where yoga is encou-
raged at an early stage. Yoga helps children develop better body awareness, self- control, fexibility
and coordination. These skills could be carried beyond class and into their daily routines, too.
Dance increases the levels of physical and psychological ftness contributing immensely to the personal
improvement of thec hild. Research has shown that dancing boosts a childs self-esteem, helps in listening skills
and enhances confdence in them.
Music can strengthen children's minds and serveas a fundamental skill of learning. Music develops children's sense
of patterning and memory skills.
Art expands a child's ability to interact with the world around them, and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and
communication. Not only does art help to develop the right side of the brain, it also cultivates important skills that beneft a child's
Inspire Inquire Innovate
At AMBASSADOR our calm and soothing interiors will help the little ones settledown into the
school environment without discomfort. Teachers carefully organize space for small and large
group work, as well as small intimate spaces. Our common spaces such as the dramatic play area
and the Atelier for art and music will help enrich the experience at AMBASSADOR.
Housed in a specially designed premises with child-safe interiors, child-friendly furniture and
amenities, child-sized washrooms, the entire kindergarten is child proof and includes safety gates,
grills, and fre extinguishers. The spacious classrooms and learning corners are resourced with develop-
mentally appropriate books, toys, and equipment, smartboards and cctv monitoring. The property has
ample outdoor space with sand and water play which makes outdoor learning an integral part of the
children's day-to-day curriculum and provides opportunity to engage with the natural environment.
Furthermore every teacher is required to undergo training of the EYFS framework
To ensure individual attention to each child, we maintain a healthy teacher-child ratio in the class room through
the deployment of assistant teachers and caregivers. The kindergarten also employs a resident nurse and arranges
for a doctor to visit twice a week. AMBASSADOR provides on going professional development and excellence in
education training to its teaching and non teaching staf, thus exposing them to the best global practices in
early childhood development and educational excellence. Working in partnership with parents is of prime
importance to facilitate life long learning and development of the
child and thus parents are considered as important members of the
school family.
Inspire Inquire Innovate
Ambassador Parent Participati
Parents are children's primary educators andour most trustedpartners. At
Ambassador we believe that Parent Participationis of great importance to
ease the child's transition out of the home and to reassure parents that
their most valuable assets are blossoming in a secure, caring and
professional environment.
At Ambassador, we have a comprehensive parent participation program
that starts beforethechild's frst day at school andextends throughout the
child's timewithus.
TheParent Participationprogramincludes:
These shall be organized throughout the year by the Principal for the
Parents of diferent class groups. At these meetings the Principal shall
interact withparents throughdiscussions that will bemutuallyrewarding
Parent Teacher Meetings
These are formal meetings, which occur three times a year where parent's
areinformedabout thechild's progress.
Weekly Report
At the end of each week, parents would get a weekly report of the activities
in the class.
Report Cards
These are reports that are sent three times a year that provide parents
with a detailed view of the child's attainment in relation to the

development goals.
Parents will also be given access to
the Kindergarten intranet website:
Here they may monitor the childs
assignment, syllabus, and communi-
cate with the Kindergarten Staf.
Open door policy for parents
Parents are welcome to stop by at anytime
to pay a visit to the school and meet with the
Kindergarten Teacher, Supervisor, Head or Principal
to discuss any matters of relevance to the child's

Parent workshops
These workshops take place Saturday mornings to engage
parents participation in their childs education. Some of the
workshops conducted are: Phonics; Montessori mornings; Child
Learning and Development.
Facebook Page
Photographs and postings of Kindergarten and education related
matters provide an interactive dimension to communicate and
network with parents and even grand-parents.
Inspire Inquire Innovate
We extend an invitation to you to become a member of the AMBASSADOR KINDERGARTEN family by enrolling your
child. Wedoexpect that youwill fndthewholeprocess of admissionclear andseamless.
Parents of children are welcome to apply for admission on their behalf provided they meet our very simple criteria for
admission. TheKindergartenProgramis of twoyears durationandchildrenwhoare3years onor before15thMay of the
year of admission areeligibletobeadmittedtoKindergarten1and4years for Kindergarten2.
Prior to admission being ofered, there is an informal interaction with the child in order for the teachers to determine
whether your childis preparedtoenter theclass.
Step 1: Filling in
the online
Application Form
Please fll in the online Admission
Application form, the link to
which is on the home page of the
school website:
Please ensure that all the felds are
correctly flled in and that all
information given is accurate.
Step 2 : Scheduling of the
informal Interaction
Session between the child
and the teacher
In consultation with the admissions
department, you will schedule an
interaction session for your child with the
teacher . The teacher will ensure that
your child enjoys the interaction which
takes place through playful activities. At
this session the teacher will assess the
whether your child is ready for the
kindergarten class.
Step 3 : Admissions
Counseling and
Following the interaction session, the
Admissions Department will contact you
with an ofer of admission for your child .
On receiving the ofer, you may secure
your childs admission by paying the
registration fee and submitting the
relevant documents . After this you will
get regular updates from the school
regarding preparations you need to make
as well as information regarding the
orientation program, which it is
compulsory to attend
Inspire Inquire Innovate
Contact Us
We invite you to get in touch with us andwe wouldbe happy to provide you with further information andwalk you around
theAmbassador KindergartenCampus.
There areseveral waysinwhichyoucanget moreinformationabout usandour program.
Visitthe AmbassadorKindergartenWebsite
Our Website contains detailed information on the Ambassador Kindergarten curriculum as well as additional relevant
information for parents on education andadministrationrelatedmatters of theKindergarten.
Visitthe AmbassadorKindergarten FacebookPage
By visiting the Ambassador Kindergarten facebook page you can get a range of updates and postings regarding the activities
of our Kindergarten.
Youcanalsoparticipateindiscussions, viewposts of existingparents of Ambassador Kindergartenandseeuseful links towebsites
containinginformation pertainingtoeducationand nurturingof your child.
Write tous
Youcaneither fll uptheinquiryformonthewebsiteor writetous at admissions@ambassadorkg.com and thefriendly
Admissions Manager will writebacktoyouwithananswer toyour queries.
Should you desire meeting with the Principal, the Admissions Executive will arrange it for you. Check The Phone Number.