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Mohammed Abdul Saboor

Mobile: 056983840
Email: mohammedabdulsaboor@yahoo.com
Being an Engineer in the ield o Electronics ! "ommunication# $ %ould li&e to ac'uire ne% trends ! inno(ations in the s)eciic ield and to
e*)and my &no%ledge ! eiciency and attain higher results.
Work Experience
+anuary ,0-- . /ill 0ate Business Management Company (BMC) eddah (!"S"A)
Electronics ! "ommunication Engineer
1234 mobility as %ell as stationery test or s)eciied )eriod o time.
5et%or& 4%itch /est such as call barring# %aiting# or%arding# and conerencing.
Email testing in %hich the handset must be able to send ! recei(e emails or 2623 7ccount (ia 1234.
8ideo ! Music testing in %hich the handset must be able to do%nload 8ideo ! Music MM4 and (ideos ! music using 1234.
972 testing in %hich the handset must be able to access %ebsites such as yahoo.com# google.com etc according to the com)atibility
o the handsets.
7))lications testing in %hich the handset must be able to re'uest or the 6/7 :6(er the 7ir; conigurations# able to set as deault !
also must be able to delete the )roiles or 972# MM4 ! 1234 settings o the all the mobile o)erators a(ailable in a )articular
locations. $t must also be able to test the 4$M /ool <it :4/<; o the 4er(ice )ro(iders.
"ell Broadcast ! area inormation testing %hich must be dis)layed on the handset.. =ser related eatures such as alarm# calculator#
battery standby ! tal& time# audio ! (ideo 'uality in noisy en(ironment# camera eatures# Bluetooth# 3adio# etc.
7)ril ,0-0 . 0ec>ber ,0-- #ntegral Wireless Solution $%t" &td #ndia
"ommunication Engineer
2erormed chec&s on the e*isting client inrastructures and documented the obser(ations.
7ssembled the ne% net%or& inrastructures.
"oordinated %ith clients and designed high le(el net%or& strategies or the organi?ation.
Managed the entire net%or& design )ro@ects rom designing the net%or& to its im)lementation.
"om)lied all the client>s recommendations and designed the )ro@ect in accordance to the same.
0ocumented all the )ro@ect acti(ities such as )lanning the schedule o the )ro@ect and )ro(ided status re)ort on a regular basis.
Maintained a good %or&ing relationshi) %ith the clients o the irm.
2re)ared re)orts and )resentations or client acing meetings.
B. /ech in Electronics ! "ommunication Engineering Arom +a%aharlal 5ehru /echnological =ni(ersity . $ndia.
"isco "ertiied 5et%or& 7ssociate :""57; . 5$$/ . $ndia.
#) Skills*
9indo%s ,003# B2# 8ista and %indo%CD# M4 9ord# M4 E*cel# M4 2o%er 2oint#
M4 6utloo&# Einu*# $nternet# M7/Clab# 0/4 and 6racle 9i
9riting 3eading 4)ea&ing
English E*cellent E*cellent E*cellent
Findi E*cellent E*cellent E*cellent
/elugu E*cellent E*cellent E*cellent
$ersonal $ro(ile*
3eligion $slam
4tatus 4ingle
Fobbies 3eading# /ra(elling and 4)orts
0ri(ing Eicense =nder 2rocess
$'ama /ranserable
3eerence 7(ailable on 3e'uest
- o ,
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