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GUEST SPEAKER Charles Speedie, national known journalist and

photographer, spoke to the American Business Women's Association on

communications Monday night at their dinner meeting at the I lot hour 1louse. 1le
is shown here at right receiving a certificate of appreciation from Mrs. Nell
Mauldin, association president.
Wives Desert
Families, Escape Boredom
I 'mi tin in**....*,i _i i _
NKW YORK (Ul' l) - 1
daresay there Isn't a wife
who hasn't thought about it.
Escape. Run away. When
everything Just becomes loo
One expert on tracing
missing persons says that
the women are doing just
that, shucking the
traditional family res|>on-
sibilities and s a y i n g
"This is tny life" for a
Women runaways now
equal or even top the numltcr
of men who desert the nest
for one reason or another,
says Edward Goldfader.
Behind the new social phe-
nomenon are several fac-
tors, the primary one being
the liberation movement and
the woman saying to herself.
"I' m me, an Individual ...
I'm not exercising that right
.. I am no longer txnmri Ity
convention. I'm tired of
frustration,of Ix'ing shunted
aside by spouse and children
... I'm tired of talking to a
blank wall. Liberation has
given me the heart..."
"I' m not saying this is tin-
way out." said (loldfader,
president of Tracers Com-
pany of America.New York.
"I' m just saying this is the
social pattern shaping up."
Goldfader heads the firm
established in 192! and belie
ved,he said,to be the largest
tracer of missing persons in
the United States.Tracers
trace wayward
h u s b a n d s. wives,
teen agers,other relatives,
heirs to estates,
stockholders,alumni (there
may be an endowment
there),debtors,and soon.
But it is In recent years.
Goldfader said in an inter
view, that he's noticed the
timeaecepted fact (or fic-
tion) that a husband deserts
the family, rarely does the
He cites some statistics
from his company. In the
early l%0s, Oldfadcr said,
the numlwr of husbands who
ran away comikarit) with tb"
number of wives,was aliout
300 to 1. By the late l%Os. the
ratio had risen toalxiut 100 to
1. In 1'.I72. it was to 2 to one.
But in.l!>73. it was just about
"Our figures show that for
all of KI7.J.we tiaced only 11
more missing husbands than
wives." he said."1 think that
Italancing off the missing we
tiaced in the latter half of
'7 il. there were more wives
than husbands."
Daughters To Hear Gerde Speak
St.AndrewBay Chapter.
Daughters of the American
'revolution, will hold their
regular monthly meeting
to dav at
Hol i day Lodge. 6-100
Highway !8. Luncheon will
IH ' served promptlv at noon.
Mrs A.L.Fishel.Chnpler
Chairman Conservation, lias
pl anned an interesting
program. Mr. Je ny W.
Ge r de . Pa na ma Ci ty
attorney, will be the guest
speaker at the meeting.
Mr s . El s hel r e mi nds
members that It is time (oi-
lier to make the annual
any jacket
your choice.
any color
wcVe. just
rtceWftd over
150 this v4ei>\
833 HfWWAJ m.
l ipiiit l ot heSt al eChai i man
mi Conservation anil she
He e ds lite ( I K I J K I .lllmi of St.
Andiew Bay meiiuVrs in
get t i ng l itis information
IIIH IL ' m yoiii indiviilnal
Mr s. W. W. St arl i ng.
Chapter Kegein. anuoiinci>s
iliat an im|H>jl;mi item on
tile lnl->illess agenda is I In*
selection u( delegates to the
Fl orida St al e (' iil l l el eiu ,
Til e ( " ( Ul l el el i ee will lie held
iu T a 11 a ha s s e e wi t h
headi|iiai l ers at the Hilton
Miil el wiiMaiihl KJI! .I'.l71
Host esses In! t he l l ii-el l l l g
al Holiday i.odj"
are. Mi s.
.lolui I )elcom> a.Mrs. Holieri
Al l man. Mi s . Il eni y H.
Hal ey, and Mrs. 1..W.
OES Club
New Officers
New o f f i c e r s we r e
.nstnl'"d at a meeting of the
Pas t ma 11 cms and Past
Patrons Club O.K.S. in the
home o! Mrs. Violet (Jainer.
Mrs Jane Baker and Mrs.
Josephine Valentine MMveil
as co-hostesses. Mrs Bertha
Smith opened the meeting
with devotional Iroui the l'.Mh
Chapter of Matthew. Mrs.
Cor ene Ii ykes. outgoing
presi dent , wel comed al l
visitors and expressed her
thanks and appreciation for
the cooperation given by the
of f i c er s and me mbe r s
through out the year. She
then pi esented each one with
a gift. After this special
c ommi t t e e s gave their
reports to the group,with the
Su n s li i ne Com mi t t ee
reporting on the shut-in and
The instal l ing of the
officers was the highlight of
the evening,with Mrs. Kiddy
Br e we r conduct i ng the
ceremony. Installed as new
officers were: Mrs. Irene
Cartel as president; Mrs.
U o s s i e S h e f f i e l d as
vice-president; Mrs. Mary
Campbel l as secretary and
Mr s . Et he l Wr a y as
treasures and Mrs. Violet
Ga i n e r a s devot i onal
Mrs. Carter pinned Mrs.
G a i n e r w i l h a
past-president' s pin.
Members in attendance
were: Kiddy Brewer, Mary
Campbel l , Irene Carter,
Frances Day,Corene Dykes,
Geneva Howard, Winnie
L a m b e r t , Ch r i s t i nn
M c K i n non, E r a n c e s
.McLari n, Gl adys Porter,
Bertha Smith, Ethel Wray,
Uossie Sheffiel d. Pearl Lee,
ami Ramon Wray. Also in
a t t e n d a n c e we r e s i x
visitors: Rr. and Mrs. S.l l .
Tompsoii, Mr.and Mrs. Fred
Harvey, and Mr. and Mrs
Robert" M.Sim.
The next meeting will be
held al Rossie Sheffield's
Talk Highlights
ABWA Meeting
NKWMIKKAM),Panama ( %,Fla Wertnemay,Januarya, \m Paw 7 1
The conmuiiieatl ons
industry has come a lontf
way since
the lieacon lights
of King Agamemnon and the
fl eet-footed runners of
ancient times, member*of
the American Business
Women's Association wen-
told Monday night by
Charl es Speedie, whose
c a r e e r spans r adi o,
television, journalism and
advertising. The business
group met at Harlmr House
with Mrs. Nell Mauldin,
president of the club,
Tracing the development
of communications as
village came Into contact
with village and nations
tH 'gan to form and expand,
the speaker described early
methods of information
exchange and the rise and
decline of several mass
media including motion
pictures, magazines and
o I l i e r a v e n u e s of
dissemination. A former
day editor for the Associated
Press,he described methods
used in gathering and
handling wire service news.
Mr. Speedie advised the
business women to write up
and send to their local
newspapers the reiwrts of
newsworthy activities of
their club, with special
attention to mentioning us
many names as jiosslble. He
advised against burdening
a l r e a d y over wor ked
newspaper staffs with
telephone reports except In
emergency situations.
"Newspapers," he said,
"send out photographers to
cover spot news, but they
can't possibly cover every
club activity,and this means
you need to take your own
pictures and get them to the
newspaper as soon as
possible after the event." He
a d v i s e d s e n d i n g
bl ack-and-white photos
which are sharp and clear,
and which show someone In
the act of doing something
newsworthy. "Nothing Is
more boring to an editor," he
said, "than a picture of
people standing in a row,
doing nothing."
Mr. Speedie praised
newspapers as an ideal
v e h i c l e of ma n s
communi cat i ons. " A
heal t hy, i ndependent
newspaper Is one of the
s up p or t your l oc a l
newspaper is to provide it
with interesting news of your
own club activities,such as
your annual "Little Miss"
sub-teen beauty and talent
pageant, and your other
events throughout the year,
including your "Woman of
the Year" and other awards.
Members of the American
Bus i ne s s Woma n' s
Association heard a
p r o g r a m o n
communications at the
January dinner meeting
of the assignation. Shown
here are club officers and
a new member, left to
right, Mrs. L inda H all,
recording secretary; Miss
E l a i ne Ni c hol s , a
newcomer; Mrs. Martha
R u s s e l l , publ i c t y
chai rman; Mrs. Doris
H ughes, treasurer; and
L u c i l l e L e wi s ,
membership chairman.
The members are making
plans for their annual
"L ittle Miss" contest.
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