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Want exclusive trademarked brand(ng k nhn hiu) in Vietnam as an important asset

of enterprises engaged in production and export business, is an effective tool for

international economic integration so posting Brand is the exclusive signing procedures in
order to establish ownership of the trademark.
Each individual or business in Vietnam when brands want to subscribe can I apply to the
Department of Intellectual Property, without going through any intermediate unit, however
to complete the record, proceedings management requires knowledge, experience and
qualifications. Time to complete the registration process exclusive brands(ng k nhn
hiu c quyn) from 09-12 months long so you will lose a lot of time and effort to
complete the process yourself there.
In Vietnam, Minh Anh Legal Counsel is proud to be a representative of the intellectual
property of the trademark registration will give you professional service pack and will most
effectively FREE consultation prior to registration label effective, legal drafting procedures
and customer representatives complete the registration process exclusive brands for
Procedures performed exclusively trademarked in Vietnam(ng k nhn hiu c
quyn ti Vit Nam):
- Receipt of application: Apply base trademarked in the Intellectual Property Department;
- Evaluation form: Check compliance with regulations for the application form, from which
conclusions can be considered the application valid or not.
- Out Notice of Acceptance / refusal to accept the application:
In case of valid application, the Intellectual Property Department will issue a notice of
approval of the application;
If an application is not valid, the Department will issue a notice of refusal to accept the
- Announcing the application: The application is considered valid will be published in the
Official Gazette of Industrial Property.
- Examining the content of the application: Evaluating the protection of the subjects
mentioned in the application for protection under the conditions, and to determine the scope
of protection.
- Decision to grant / refuse to grant a protection title:
If the object stated in the application does not meet the requirements for protection of
Intellectual Property Department will make a decision refusing to grant a protection title;
If the object described in the application meets the requirements of the protection of, and
the applicant shall pay the full cost of Intellectual Property Department will issue a decision
granting protection, recognized in the National Register of industrial property, and
publication in the Official Gazette of intellectual property.
When using the service mark registration in Counseling exclusive Minh Anh,
customers need only provide the information necessary paperwork following:
1. Written authorization form.
2. Certificate of business registration (photo copies thereof).
3. Samples brands need to register (file image or figure).
4. The list of goods and services needed protection registration
Implementation Process trademarked exclusively at Minh Anh advice:
Step 1: Consultation and trademark search
- Lookup preliminary trademark (logo) intended exclusively trademarked: Immediately after
customers provide samples brand standards, Minh Anh Legal Counsel will conduct
registration lookup capabilities of protection whether the mark is identical or similar to the
registered mark has not;
- Advice concerning the selection and use of the mark: For those brands do not have the
ability or the ability to register lower register, Minh Anh Consultant will advise the
amendment to increase the trademark registration Up and advice on the legal risk for the
continued use of the mark is likely to cause confusion with the trademark office granted the
Step 2: Implement procedures for registration of trademarks and related rights:
- Representative in the implementation of procedures for registration of the mark in
Intellectual Property Department in: Apply label, recorded modification, extension degree of
trademark protection;
Step 3: Representative complete the registration process exclusive brands:
- Representative certificate Trademark Intellectual Property Department for tracking
customers and trademark infringement, to draw up a profile litigation when necessary and
respond Carry response occurs Trademark dispute with the other applicant.
- Monitor trademark infringement, to draw up a profile litigation when necessary.
- Carry reply response occurs when trademark disputes with other unit owners.
- Consulting building strategy, brand development;