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Quick Start Guide

You get:
(1) AtomAMPDKwick Key
You need:
(1) Web-enabled PC/Mac with at
least one ethernet port.
(1) Server-quality PC with at least one
USB port, (2) ethernet ports and a
hard drive that will be formatted and
(1) DSL/Cable modem, E1/T1 router, or
other Internet access device provided by
your ISP that provides Internet access to
your work place/site.
To Prepare for Setup:
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Insert the Kwick Key
into a USB port on your
server device. Start your
PC/Mac and disconnect
your PC/Mac from any
locally wired or wireless
Connect an ethernet
cable to your PCs
ethernet port, and to the
LAN port (eth0) on your
server device. If possible,
connect your Internet
access device to the
WAN port (eth1) with
another ethernet cable.
Connect the server
device to a protected
power source and power
it up. After approximately
one minute, the atomOS
software should be up
and running and ready
for configuration.
Ensure your PC/MAC is
enabled to use DHCP. This
setting is called Obtain an
IP address automatically
and Obtain DNS server
address automatically in
your Network or TCP/IP

Quick Start Guide
Open your web browser and navigate to the site:
(Important! You must use HTTPS://, not HTTP://)

The login page (pictured) will appear.
For Username, enter the username admin
For Password, enter once again admin
Choose your language (English is default) and click
The next screen will ask you to set a default password
and your Basic System Configuration.
Enter a password (make sure to keep a record).
Hostname: Choose a hostname for your server
device. This name will be used to identify the server
device on your network.
Domain: Type the name of your business domain. For
example: mybusinessdomainname.com.
Timezone: Choose the timezone where your server
device will be located.
Select Next to proceed. You will be required to
enter your username and new password from the
login screen again.
The first time you login to the Kwick Key, you will
need to install atomOS to the local hard drive. This
process will overwrite any existing data that may
reside on the drive. Please exercise caution when
performing this step and make sure that the local
hard drive can be overwritten.

To perform this step, simply select the detected
hard drive and press Save. The installer will then
perform all required formatting and partitioning to
prepare the drive for use with atomOS.

Upon completion of the installation, the system will
reboot and bring you back to the login page where
you will need to repeat the process outlined in Step
1 of this guide.

The next screen will test your Internet connection.
For dynamic IPs, most connections will be detected
instantly if you are connected via the WAN port to
your Internet access device, and that device is
configured to serve DHCP addresses.

For static IPs, you will enter your information manually,
so choose No, Configure Manually.

You can also choose to Skip this step and be taken
directly to the interface. See next page.

Please note, the wizard can only be run one (1) time.
Quick Start Guide
Once an Internet connection has been
configured, you will be brought to the atomOS
initial status screen. At this point, you are able to
install the server device into your network.

If you need to relocate the server device,
disconnect all cables and move the server to the
desired location.

You will want to avoid:
-Any sources of electromagnetic interference
-Placing the server device near metal or glass
The atomOS initial status screen

Upon each successive login to atomOS, the Install
Licenses screen will appear and allow you to license
the Kwick Key and enable any purchased features.

For demonstration purposes, this screen may be safely
skipped for the duration of the 30 Day Trial Period.

If you would like to fully license the Kwick Key, simply
highlight and copy the System Identification Key and
email it to Atom AMPD (license@atomampd.com).
You will then receive an email reply with the
appropriate license keys, which should then be
copied and pasted into the License area.
Note: the Demo period access will expire in 30 days.

Once the Demo period expires you will need to
contact Atom AMPD for full functionality. Please see
Contact Info below.
If installation was unsuccessful, please contact
support@atomampd.com. See more contact info
Connect the power cord to a power source.
Connect the ethernet cable into the WAN port
(eth1) and then into your ISPs modem or

Connect the LAN port to your local network.

Using a PC/MAC connected to your LAN
network, open a web browser and type any
web address into the address bar.

You should now be successfully connected to
the Internet.

Congratulations on setting up your new Kwick Key installation!
For additional support, go to www.atomampd.com or call toll-free 1-866-480-EDGE or 1-312-377-6654

Quick Start Guide