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Commitment to stay in Fellowship -

1 John 1
John clearly showed how the early church fellowshipped. He also pointed out
who was in the fellowship and who was not.
What did the church members teach so that they could have fellowship?
Vs. 3 ___________________________________________________________
Who was the church fellowshippin with? ________! _________________
How do you stay in the fellowship? Vs. "-# _________________________
$f step out of the %liht& and into sin how can you et bac' into fellowship?
Vs. (-) __________________________________________________________
*his means church members are supposed to be constantly doin a chec'-
up on their +piritual ,ife. When you ma'e mista'es and sin you must admit it
and confess it or you are actin li'e you have no sin. *hat means you are callin
-od a ,__________. Vs. 1. *hat is danerous/ +o how does a 0hristian do
these +piritual 0hec'-ups?
6. Commitment to self-examination -

1 0or. 1112(-3331#-2# or church examined 1Cor.
4fter 5aptism! the ,ord6s +upper is the second ordinance in the church. $t is
desined as 1) a time to remember the reat sacrifice that Jesus lovinly ave to
pay for our eternal life 7vs. 28-2#93 2) $t is a time to e:amine yourself. *o
e:amine yourself is to ;ude yourself. $f you have sin in your life -od
commands each member to confess it to the ,ord. Jesus promised to forive 71
John 11)9. *here is supposed to be a time of patiently waitin for each of the
members to et thins <$-H*. *here are => e:ceptions3 all members must
ta'e the ,ord6s +upper. $t is a command 7vs. 2? %*a'e! eat&9. $f for some reason
a member does not ta'e the ,ord6s +upper then they are livin in sin. 4lso if a
member ta'es the ,ord6s +upper without confessin and repentin of their sins
-od will chastise them with wea'ness! sic'ness and sometimes death 7vs. 3.9/

7. A Commitment to Gods Will -

1 ohn 5!1"-21
*hrouh prayer a 0hristian communicates with -od. -od
loves you and He 'nows that you have many desires. He wants to fellowship
with you and ta'e care of you 71 @et. "1#9. -od promises to hear and answer the
prayers of His children. He usually answers with a %AB+& %=>& or %Wait.& 5ut
He puts reCuirements on these answers. Requirement #1 you must pray
accordin to His will. Requirement #2 you must not be livin in sin. +o! this
means each 0hristian must be a 5aptiDed 0hurch Eember and ,earnin and
>beyin the 5ible to et -od6s answers to their prayers.
$f you say that %@rayer does not
matter& and you o on livin your life
without prayer you will be disobeyin -od6s Word. (1 Th 5:17) F@ray without
ceasin.F 1 #h. 5!1"-2" e:plains how you can do all of this. Vs. 2? FGaithful is
he that calleth you! who also will do it." Who is this$ ___________ He will do
it in you !hil ":1# $ill you let him ta%e control& __________ 1 !t. ":2' 5:7(11
Friend, Jesus ave His life for His church. 0ome ;oin the fellowship today.
Palau Baptist Church is loo'in for faithful Cualified members. 0all "(#-
Key Text 1 4cts 21?1!?23 1 John 13 1 0or. 11
Key Thought 1 +o! Aou are a 0hurch Eember!
What is the bi deal? What is so important
about bein a 0hurch Eember? 4 careful loo' at the 5ible will show you that it
is a VB<A $E@><*4=* thin to be a member of the 5aptist 0hurch.
1. %em&e'ship (e)*i'ements H What it ta'es to be a member
2. %em&e'ship (esponsi&ilities + $t is a lifetime commitment
3. %em&e'ship (ewa'ds H 4dvantaes vs. Iisadvantaes
?. %em&e'ship (epa'ation H *he @rocess of <epairin your Eembership
". %em&e'ship (e,e-ted H Eembership =>* @ermitted
8. %em&e'ship (elin)*ished H *he ,ost Eembership
#. %em&e'ship (e*nions H <eunitin those who lose their membership
Conclusion J 4re Aou 4 Eember? Io you want to be a member? *oday there
is an open invitation if you CualifyK Eatt. 22
#he (esponsi&ility of %em&e'ship .'i/ile0es #he (esponsi&ility of %em&e'ship .'i/ile0es
%em&e'ship (esponsi&ilities H $t is a lifetime commitment. 4re you sure you
want to ;oin? _________ ()cts 2:"1("2) F*hen they that
ladly received his
word were baptiDed1 and the same day there were added unto them about three
thousand souls. 4nd they
steadfastly in the
apostlesL doctrine and
fellowship! and in
brea'in of bread! and in
prayers.F Notice there are at least
seven areas of responsibilities & commitments:
1. What type of
attitude do yo* ha/e a&o*t Gods Wo'd$ *his will
show the commitment you will have to churchK Chec% your answer
Eaybe it is riht maybe it is wron J $ don6t 'now
$ am too busy what do $ et out of it
$ am here but $ have more important thins to care about
-ive me the short version and tell me what do $ H4VB to do
+how me the loop holes so $ can live the way $ want
Bveryone else is doin it so $6ll ive it a try
Ey family said $ have to be here
$ gladly ive everythin to -od J He has the best plan for me
2. What type of
commitment a'e yo* willin0 to 0i/e to the -h*'-h$
*wo services per year 7Baster and 0hristmas mornins9
*wo services per month 7every other +unday mornin9
*wo hours per wee' 7only +unday mornins9
*wo days of services per wee' 7+unday and Wednesday9
*wo complete days per wee'. 7__________ ! ________9
*wo complete wee's per year 7dates _______________9
*wo complete years of my life 7dates _______________9
Bvery day of my life/ (but not happily)
3. Committed to 2ein0 J
"tead#ast - Contin*e the way yo* sta'ted3
How lon are you plannin on continuing? _______________
How lon are you plannin to stay stead#ast? _____________
How lon are you oin to be $%&' to obey the 5ible? ____
1) 1) 4 45#6C7 5#6C7! ! -od wants you to be a member for a lon time/ 7Bph.
?11?-"129 (o) long* 71 @et ?129 F*hat he no loner should live
the <__________ of his *_________ in the G__________ to the
lusts of men! but to the will of -od.F
2) 2) 4 45#6C7 5#6C7! ! -od wants you to be a member that is unmovable
from the truth and 'eeps rowin in the wor' of the church. 71 0or
1"1"(9 F*herefore! my beloved brethren! be ye steadfast8
M_______________! always 4_________ in the wor' of the ,ord!
forasmuch as ye 'now that your labor is not in vain in the ,ord.F
Has your steadfastness chaned since you first ot saved? ______
?. Committed to 2ein0 a 9is-iple of es*s Ch'ist J
apostles doctrine
1) 1) 4 45#6C7 5#6C7! ! $ am reCuired to be a disciple. *hat does not mean a
teacher it means a student. $ must willinly start at the bottom and
bein learnin. Et. 2(12. says that $ have lots to learnK
2) 2) 4 45#6C7 5#6C7! ! $ am reCuired to be committed to the 4postles6
doctrine. *hey learned it from Jesus and faithfully passed it down
to us. *his means if anyone teaches somethin new or different
than what Jesus tauht $ should ,T follow that teachin. $ should
,T follow that person/ 4c 21?1!?23 ,'.1?128-333 @hil. 112#3 1Jh ?18
Chec- )hose leadership you are #ollo)ing*
Jesus6 throuh the 4postles teachin J The Bible & only the Bible
4n 4nle J -ivin new teachins J -al. 11(
4 0hurch J *eachins doma not from the 5ible J -al. 11)
Ey 0ulture J *he old traditions passed down J Et. 1"11-)
Ey Gamily J Gamily is N1 not -od J ,'. 1?128!2#
Ey +elf J What ever feels ood to me $ do it J @ro. 1812"
1) 1) 4 45#6C7 5#6C7! ! .ho does the 5ible say you should follow? Bph "11
F5e ye therefore followers of -_______! as dear children3F
") ") 4 45#6C7 5#6C7! ! (o) does -od want His children to follow the
apostles6 doctrine? 1 @eter 111"-1# %KHe which hath called you is
holy! so be ye H_______ K the Gather! who without respect of
persons ;udeth accordin to every manLs W_______! pass the time
of your so;ournin (li*e on earth) here in G__________1F

.hy do you thin- $od )ants you to ha/e F0&R* ______________________
#he Answe' is in @roverbs 11#! F*he fea' of the ,><I is the beinnin of
O_____________1 +ut fools despise W____________ and $_______________.F
When you are afraid to do wron because you are afraid of bein punished then
you have a %Healthy& Gear. 0hildren learn to fear doin wron because of the
punishment that follows. -od wants to teach His children the same way.
1es, there is a ood
reason that -od wants to
ma'e His creation
fear/ He does not want anyone to o to
Hell. 5ut many people refuse to thin'
about it and because of that they will o to HB,,.
=elect will send many to Hell. -od does not want
that. He wants everyone to come to heaven and be with Him. *his is also why
-od wants His children in the church to fear. Gear ma'es you chane and do
thins differently. -od wants His church to ta'e His story of foriveness to the
whole world. $f the church has no love! or is not afraid of -od6s ;udment then
they would never o and tell others about the comin punishment for sin 71@t
?11.-1)31 0or. 1"133!3?3 BDe'. 311(-219. *hey would only seat around
%0elebratin Jesus.& WA:7 ;. Ch'istians3 @eople are dyin. Mse your time
wisely 7Bph. "11?-1#9. Warn people about Hell/ *his is the main purpose of the
church 7<ev. 21?!"3 Jude 1121-239
Hell $s <eal/ +in is what sends people to Hell! -od does not/
Jesus died to pay for your foriveness and every person in the
world. 5ut only those who Kno) -od and Reali2e that they
have bro'en His laws can ever be foriven. Io you 'now anyone who does not
'now who the *<MB -od is? Write their name here1 ______________________
Aes! the =ew *estament is the 4postles doctrine. $t tells us that
there is a way to escape from oin to Hell. Jesus left His
church here on earth as the only roup of people in the whole
world with the responsibility to share this messae of hope. When a new
0hristian ets saved they are commanded to et baptiDed and ;oin this church so
that they can learn how to share this messae to others. 4ll of the
commandments that Jesus ave His church are to help that assembly of believers
be a ood witness so that people will believe them and not o to Hell. -od loves
the whole world and commands His church to share His love to them so that
they will repent
74cts 1#12?-313 2 @et. 31)9.
7Jude 1121-239 FOeep yourselves in the love of -od! loo'in for the mercy of
our ,ord Jesus 0hrist unto eternal life. ,22- 4nd of some have compassion!
ma'in a difference1 ,2#- 4nd others save with F<<<<<<<<<<8 pullin them out
of the F<<<<<<<<<< 7this is Hell93 hatin even the arment spotted by the flesh.F
1. 0ommit to .earnin/ what the 5ible says
2. 0ommit to 0ollowin/ what the 5ible teaches
3. 0ommit to 1oin/ everythin Jesus commanded
?. 0ommit to .o2in/ everythin Jesus commanded
". 0ommit to .earnin/ to Teachin / what the 5ible says
8. 0ommit to Teachin/ others what the 5ible says
#. 0ommit to Teachin/ teachers to teach others what the 5ible says
'ear Church 3em4er!
How are you doin? Which stae are you in? ____________________________