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Basic - 1 (Does not

demonstrate the behavior)

Developing - 2
(Demonstrates the behavior on
some occasions)
Advanced - 3 (Demonstrates
the behavior on most
Leading - 4 (Consistently
demonstrates the behavior
on all occasions)
Strategic Thinking
1 Prioritizes tasks based on understanding of functional goals
2 Keeps himself/herself updated with latest trends in the industry
3 Takes the intiative to improve existing performance
Works with the team to set individual goals in line with functional
Monitors the work of the team to ensure alignment with functional/
departmental goals
Nurturing Innovation
Is willing to experiment with new ideas & processes (within
2 Adjusts his/her way of doing things to be more effective
3 Is open to new ideas and suggestions from others
Leverages networks to keep himself/herself updated with best
practices in the industry
5 Constantly attempts to enhance existing processes within the team
Communicating with Impact
1 States views clearly and consistently
2 Escalates issues in order to ensure timely resolution
Asks appropriate questions in order to find out others' views and
check their understanding
4 Builds consensus among differing opinions within the team
5 Has open and candid discussions with the team
Building Organizational Capability
1 Proactively seeks feedback on self from others
2 Takes the initiative to share work-related experience with peers
Shows willingness to learn from others & applies the learning in
various situations
4 Provides guidence, suggestions to the team to develop on the job
Ensures new team members are inducted and integrated into the team
Client Service Excellence
1 Driven by focus on results & the client
2 Acts promptly to resolve customer concerns
3 Strives to view the situations from the point of view of the client
Competency Assessment Questionnaire
Takes the initiative to take feedback from the customer about
service/quality of products & acts on it
Regularly checks with the client to ensure client satisfaction is
maintained at the highest level
Business Health & Results
1 Remains focused on the goals despite obstacles
2 Consistently achieves his/ her targets with minimal supervision
3 Ensures existing processes are followed with no deviation.
4 Sets challenging goals for the team
5 Creates & communicates a growth agenda for the team
Building Partnerships
Takes the effort to build rapport with co-workers within & across
2 Seeks opportunities to help & support others in the team
Utilizes skills of other team members to deal with day to day
4 Ensures effective relationships within the team are maintained
Helps the team members to develop their own networks by
introducing them to significant members in the organization
Working with Differences
1 Demonstrates openness to change
2 Works effectively with people from diverse backgrounds
Shows an inclination to learn about other (cultures, backgrounds,
customs etc.)
Suspends judgement until enough information about the
person/situation becomes available
Proactively shares knowledge and experiences about diversity with
team members