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Zombie Outbreak Survival: Zombie Hive Incident (Part 1) -

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This is another article in my ongoing series of articles helping to increase public awareness of
zombie outbreak survival tactics and planning. Please look for my previous and next articles.
I started writing this series of zombie articles planning to only write for the month of October (2012)
mainly because October coincides with the start of the flu season in the northern hemisphere. As any
well prepared zombie outbreak responder knows, a pandemic zombie outbreak will most likely start
during or just after a deadly pandemic flu outbreak. Deadly pandemic flu outbreaks are most likely
to happen during the late fall and winter months.
Then I realized after writing for the full month of October that I needed to write even more. There is
so much more to share, so much more that I know about zombies, so much more that you will wish
you knew when we are all finally faced with a zombie pandemonium.
So I have committed myself to writing zombie outbreak preparedness articles for as long as it takes.
In this article I'm sharing my notes from an incident of a zombie hive event that I am "unofficially"
aware of. I mentioned in my previous article dated 10/26/2012, a zombie hive event was the sign of
an extinction level pandemic outbreak threat. A zombie hive outbreak makes a regular zombie
outbreak seem like a walk in the park. In any case, pandemic outbreaks and zombie outbreaks are
just the start of the war with Z-virus for claim to this planet we live on.
A Level I zombie outbreak typically means a deceased person, a carrier of the Z-virus, reanimated
somehow and caused an incident. The recent zombie incident in Miami comes to mind--plenty of
Level I zombie incidents are never reported in the news. Still, the police and other medical
responders are well equipped to handle incidents like this. I filed a report of a series of deaths on the
Camp Pendleton Marine base in California where a Marine was accidentally killed (friendly fire) on a
combat mission and once his body was back aboard the USS Guam, he reanimated and caused quite
a problem. The USS Guam reported and contained this minor outbreak where four Marines were
infected and became zombies. We reported their deaths as accidental and skewed the evidence to
say they died in training on the Camp Pendleton base. This adjusting of facts in reporting is
You may not know this, but in a Level IV outbreak, military NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical)
Response Teams also called ZORTs - Zombie Outbreak Ranger Teams or Response Teams (depends
on if you are Army or Marine)--this is what they are labeled as in the US military and these teams
respond to Level IV and higher global outbreaks with containment protocols and full military support
and impunity--a civilian ZORT - Zombie Outbreak Response Team (sometimes called a ZRT) is only
used to respond to local zombie outbreaks in your own community and often do not have any military
members or backing. A lot of ZRTs have retired and reservist military members in their ranks.
Utah ZORT: https://www.facebook.com/ZORT.UT
North Texas ZRT: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zombie-Response-Team-North-Texas-Division-...
For outbreaks of the Level V category, which again there aren't any officially documented that I am
aware of, scientist anticipate stage 2 zombies (stumbling bumbling) to have almost completely died
off, leaving only a few stage 3 (more aggressive), a large number of stage 4 zombies (thinking and
plotting types), and central zombie hives with stage 5 zombies (intelligent mutant monsters)
controlling all zombie activities in the zombie event, working to infiltrate, propagate, and alter all
life on the planet.
In 2003, I was fortunate enough to be assigned to a company-sized (about 200 Marines) Z-virus NBC
Response Team out of Fort Hood, Texas. In 2005, I deployed one Platoon (about 60 Marines) to a
Level V outbreak in Miercurea-Cuic, Romania. This is a remote mountain town you have probably
never heard of--typical major outbreak scenario: illegal chemical weapons, inadequate local
government response, call in the WHO, call in the CDC, and send in the Marines.
The team went in and did what I trained them to do and below are the notes I typed up when
Lieutenant Martin, the Platoon Leader, returned from the incident. These notes are unaltered,
unedited, unfiltered, uncensored notes that I took while debriefing with Lt. Martin. I thought about
cleaning up these notes for this article, but I think you'll get a realistic feel for the incident better
from the original (incomplete) notes as I typed them back in 2005. So you please tolerate a few
grammar and syntax problems as you read this. You'll also need to appreciate how my notes could
not possibly capture the full intensity of what happened in this incident. You will need to imagine the
rest of the story; the uncaptured details.
Incident Report Notes; Part I of III
Debrief Notes of Lt Martin, notes taken by Capt Allen
Witnesses: General McBride, Colonel Wagner, Lieutenant Colonel Quigley, and Sergeant Major
Lieutenant Martin returned from incident #83-2005 on 9/26/2005 at 1830 and his debriefing began
at 1845. Mission video footage, evidentiary documents and data, and maps are being reviewed.
Lieutenant Martin states for the record:
"This was my first combat drop. I landed my platoon hot by HALO at 0300. I then made my way into
the part of the city where sat-imaging showed a good chance of finding survivors. It was a shit
sandwich. There were plenty of stage 2 and a few stage 3 zombies everywhere in the town and we
made our way to the city center. There was a clan of survivors, barely making do near the city
center. The people were very happy for our arrival there. They demanded our help to escape.
I asked to speak to the leaders. I clarified that I was a US NBC Response Ranger and as such it was
my duty to contain their outbreak, but I would only help consult with them on how they could ensure
their survival secondary to containment. Standard protocol, containment was primary and I was a
survival consultant, secondary. This immediately brought up a clash between clansmen. There was
another nearby clan on the other side of the mountain that was competing with this clan for spaces
and resources. The outbreak had forced the arguing parties together. Together they had about 5,000
needing evacuation, which we estimated 40,000 casualties before we arrived, another 15,000 people
had scattered into the nearby mountains to escape.
I called for a meeting of the clan leaders and stated that I wanted to help discuss a peace between
them, so they could organize to assist my platoon in the containment of the outbreak. I called for the
meeting to be public and fast. During the meeting I tried to act as a mediator between the main two
clans. There was minor argument about American soldiers being involved. I showed them the C-
document from their government, authorizing our presence. Each clan leader had his henchmen
there. I had briefly spoken to people on each side to gauge public support of these two leaders. Then
at a particular point I stated that I could see that these two leaders were not acting in the best
interest of the continued survival of humanity and so I shot and killed all of the leaders, their
henchmen, and their staffs. All told I killed 28 people and this show of force reaffirmed our
intentions. I then told the people that if they were not willing to cooperate, then they were doomed
one way or the other.
I pointed to a young scientist from the illegal weapons facility and told her to step forward. I pointed
to a retired military veteran and swore him in. I brought forward a former prominent businessman
and a teacher. I then brought forward a popular priest and said these are the pillars of your society.
These are the newly appointed governors. They will work together using democracy to decide what
is in the best interest of the people. If anyone has a dissent to this new order, then they can bring
this dissent to the attention of their new council or they can leave the clan and strike it out alone.
However, I asked that they give the new peace a chance because I needed cooperation to contain
the outbreak or else of course it would overwhelm us and possibly destroy any hope in the future we
may have. Again, your biggest hope for future survival is to work together, cooperate to the mutual
benefit of all. These survivors were hidden in a maze of underground city structures which were
easy to make secure and zombie proof with a few simple barricades.
I then established groups to form a better perimeter. We expanded the safe zone. We made plans for
scavenging for additional supplies. I told them more about who I was. I am a Ranger. My mission is
to contain a high level zombie outbreak and then work in concert with the remaining vestibules of
government to restore order to ensure the survival of the human race and to deal with the zombies
locally. I asked the clan about suspicious zombie activity in the area. They told of zombies they had
seen building something to the west. I received reports from my scouts that confirmed this was an
artificially created hive, but up until this time, day four, we had only encountered non-hive stage 2
and stage 3 zombies.
A man talked about zombies pushing and moving some suspicious items toward the north of the
town. And also there was a small roving gang of organized bandits who had been harassing
survivors. We made a plan for the sort of things we needed to scavenge for. We made booby traps
and barricades. We encountered significant numbers of stage 2 and 3 zombies. We acquired more
weapons. I took a sizeable crew with me and we cleared a way back to our LZ and evac site and also
recovered a stash of requisitioned weapons which were dropped into our LZ on schedule.
I quickly trained a small cadre of the locals into patrolmen and swore them in. They began patrolling
to observe zombie and bandit activity, and to find food and other supplies. On their first mission,
they brought back live chickens and ducks which they had captured. We then scouted around for fall
back positions to the south - the library - then the stadium - then the movie theater - then to an
abandoned mine shaft system in case we needed to fall back.
On day seven, I told the clans that they should begin falling back and evacuating, escorted by my
Rangers, first to the movie theater and then to the other places, further fall back locations and
outposts until evac at the LZ was complete.
First fire team escorted 2 scientists back into the illegal weapons facility to acquire and retrieve all
Z-virus evidence, papers, computer data, samples, and to destroy remaining contraband not of a
critical nature. They reported advanced Z-virus research in the facility when they returned to the
platoon HQ and we began examining the information they retrieved.
On day eight, I gave the order to the four deployed Marine squads to begin eradicating the zombies
in four large three-ringed counter-spinning concentric combat circles as trained. Things were going
as planned and sequenced in our training combat table sessions and I had some doubt we had a real
zombie hive to eradicate because all zombies encountered for the first five combat days and in
successive constriction operations were only stage 2 and 3 zombies.
On combat day six we finally encountered stage 4 and stage 5 zombies, some of which were carrying
weapons such as pipes and pick-axes, and later this same night we encountered the first wave of
stage 5 advanced zombies, which could see in the dark and could throw heavy things with great
strength; and we suffered two Marine casualties from stage 5 zombie contact. Corporal Jimenez was
hit by a stone dropped from the roof of a building and Lance Corporal Gains was killed by a large
piece of sheet metal hurled by a zombie--incendiary Clash of clans hack powder was used to destroy
their bodies, confirmed by the Docs and Chief Petty Officer Stallings.
On combat day seven we halted offensive operations to regroup and to better estimate the location
of the zombie hive's heart, based on the stage 5 zombie contact we had seen. In the underground
passages of the city center where we made the platoon HQ, combat injuries were treated. One of our
five Corpsmen, Doc Holliday, had a possibly torn ACL; his duties to the platoon were not
significantly affected. Only one Marine was bitten at this point, Sergeant Jackson, but his Squad
Leader reported it as only a stage 3 zombie bite and at this point the affected Marine was slightly
feverish, but still combat functional. By this time on combat day seven all civilian survivors had been
checked and evacuated to the LZ."
...Martin needs medical attention during the debriefing to treat his injuries...debriefing delayed 30
~I'll submit Part II of these notes in the next article. Please stay tuned and thanks for reading.