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Course Duration: Four Days: 10 am - 5.30 pm

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
Course Fee Rs. 15,000/-
(Plus Service Tax as applicable)
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Overview Virtual Machine Templates
Virtualization and KVM Use Template Images to Create Virtual Machines
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Architecture Windows Templates
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Templates
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager
Install RHEV Manager Desktop Pools, Users and Portal
Test RHEV Manager Using Desktop Pools
Remove RHEV Manager User Management
Troubleshooting RHEV-M Installation Issues User Portal
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor Monitoring Reports
Install RHEV Hypervisor Monitoring Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
Automate RHEV-H Installation Report Engine
Upgrade RHEV Hypervisor
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Hosts
Troubleshooting RHEV-H Installation
Prepare a RHEV Server for use with RHEVRed Hat
RHEV Environment Configuration
Advanced Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
RHEV Resources
Performance Tuning
Data Centers
Backup and Restore
Storage Domains
Comprehensive Review
RHEV for Servers
Troubleshooting Review
Install Virtual Servers Using RHEV-M
Installation Review
Perform Basic Management of Virtual Servers
Troubleshooting Virtual Servers
RHEV for Desktops
Para-virtualized Drivers
Virtual Desktops
Manage Virtual Machines
Create and Use Image Snapshots
Migrate a Virtual Machine
Live Migration and High Availability
Course Overview
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization explores the virtualization features of RHEL managed through the
RHEV suite. Students acquire the skills and knowledge to effectively create, deploy, manage, and
migrate Linux and Microsoft Windows virtual machines hosted on either dedicated RHEV
Hypervisor nodes or RHEL servers using RHEV Manager. With hands-on labs and a deep dive into
the technology, this training course is the perfect first step for any enterprise planning or executing a
virtualization deployment strategy.
IT professionals who have earned an Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)
certification or maintain the equivalent experience with Linux System administration experience
on Microsoft Windows operating systems is beneficial but not necessary for this course
Target Audience
System administrators interested to fulfill Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA)
certification. Linux system administrators who manage enterprise servers, interested to learn
Virtualization Technology in Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.
Note: Lab exercises are limited to the extent contained in the courseware
Course Outline