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No. 42, Chowdary Nagar Main Road,
Valasaravakkam, Chennai-600087
Cell: 78109 86933 / 78108 96933 / 96000 76933
E-mail: kumaarholidays@gmail.com
An Exciting
Eco Tourism Destination
Useful Information to Visitors:

Location : Kerala, South Indian State of India
Time to Visit : Through out the year.
Weather : The hottest months are March to May and the coldest, December and
January. The maximum temperature during daytime in the hottest month is about 39
degree cent. The daily temperature varies from 17 degree cent. to 35 degree cent.;
Average rainfall :2600 - 3000 mm.
Known For : The First Planned Eco-tourism destination in India.

About Thenmala:

Thenmala in Kerala is the first planned ecotourism destination in India.
Predominantly a forest area, Thenmala is a small village, located at the foothills of the
Western Ghat Mountains. Thenmala is about 72 km from Thiruvananthapuram, the
capital of Kerala, (God's Own Country), the southern most state of India. The name
Thenmala is derived from two words - 'Then' & 'Mala", in local parlance "Then" means
honey and "Mala" means hillock i.e. 'honey hills'. The honey collected from Thenmala
forest area is of good quality and of high medicinal value because of the unique
floristic composition of the forests.

Thenmala Wildlife Resource:
The Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary is the prime ecotourism resource of Thenmala in
Kerala. This Wildlife Sanctuary is of about 100 sq km in area and inhabits large stock
of flora and fauna. The Shenduruny forest was declared a wildlife sanctuary in year
1984. It derived its name from an endemic species of tree called Chenkuruny (Gluta
travancoria). In the central region of this moist, mixed deciduous forest, spanning over
hilly terrain of over 100 sq km, is the 26 sq km artificial lake worked by the Parappar
dam built across the Shenduruny and Kulathupuzha rivers. According to some recent
archaeological findings, Shenduruny was the bed of one of the oldest river valley
civilisations in India.

Deer Rehabilitation Centre:

This centre was established to protect and conserve the deer that are strayed out from
forests. You will find - Spotted deer, Sambar deer, Barking deer here. There are Tree
Top Huts for family day spending, Children's eco-park, Short Riverside trek in the
Deer Park.

Boating in the Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary:

The Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary offers boating facility to its tourists. Tourists are
transported to boat landing in battery powered road vehicles through forest to expose
them to non-polluting sources of energy. One can see - Elephants, Bison, Sambar etc.
while boating. The surroundings exhibit a unique scenic beauty and hillocks of high
lush evergreen forests.

Culture Zone

This zone is entirely dedicated to exhibit the culture and tradition of Kerala to the
outside world. The Culture Zone hold various activities and events, which is in favour
of Ecofriendly General Tourism. There are restaurant, shop court, amphitheater, etc.
which plays a major role in helping the tourists understand the Kerala lifestyle. Taste
some Kerala cuisines here, while appreciating the exquisite piece of Kerala Art &
Culture arranged ornately amidst abundant natural wealth. An open air Musical
Dancing Fountain which is considered, as "Natures Dance" is another major attraction

Leisure Zone

The Leisure Zone inspires the tourists to explore the inherent qualities of the zone -
the drastic level changes, favorable views etc. The boardwalk and the sway bridge
canvass promising viewpoints. The plazas, the view deck and the courts flash the
tourists to a different framework of landscape. The sculpture garden, water features
etc are the additional attractions here.

Adventure Zone

By the name itself one can easily make out that, this zone is entirely for the adventure
lovers. The activities in this zone favours adventure tourism. The attractions in which
you can indulge into are the Elevated Walkway, the Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing,
River Crossing, Nature Trails, Resting Spots, Lotus Pond, etc. The nature trail
meandering through various areas of the zone captivates a large number of nature

Reaching Thenmala

Air : Thiruvananthapuram 72 km away.

Rail : Thenmala connected with Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Kashmir.

Road : 66 km from Kollam town on the Kollam - Shencotta Road, in Pathanapuram
taluk of Kollam district.

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