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Requirements Plan A

Login through FB, Twitter, Gmail a
Login through account on website a
Social Media Plugin
Ability to share on FB, Twitter a
Points System
Points for Sharing on Social media a
Points for answering a Poll a
Points redeemed deducted from User's
total points a
Points for answering a debate a
Business Rules (Backend)
User should not be able to answer a
poll he has already answered a
User should not be able to earn more
than 'X' points for a day a
User should not be able to answer
more than 'X' Polls per day r
User Profile
Standard user profile a
Front end poll creation a
Front end survey creation r
Classification of User based on number
of points a
Total Points he has accumulated a
Analysis of monthly category polls, as in
which category he votes a
Home Page a
User can like a comment, Poll a
User can comment on a Poll a
User can see results of poll in a pie
chart-graph sort of a
User can answer a Poll by clicking one
of the options a
Image selection voting a
User will gain points once he answers a
Poll a
There should be a Debate Page r
There are 8 categories of Polls a
Surveys Builder a
Survey Reports/Analysis a
Automatic coupon redemption system r
FAQ Page a
Rewards Detaill Page a
Contact Us Page a
Terms & Conditions Page a
Admin and Admin Panel
Admin can delete a Poll, Comment and
can share to intended user through mail a
User Analytics - Last login time, email
id, etc a
Admin can ban a user a
Admin can note the site usage stats like
number of users, hits, customers' total
polls/ share/ self created polls/ weekly
visit analysis etc a
List of Users not active since a week/
month and this can be sorted based on
user rank.. This group can be directly
mailed etc a
Admin can change the points allocated
to any Poll Question, while creating the
poll or later a
TO bring back user, admin can send
mail to user to vivit and give bonus
points for this a
Non_functional Features
SEO optimized HTML a
Caching for faster access a
Responsive design for mobile devices a
Spam prevention a
Semi option in first option, as discussed. Coupon Ids can be created
This is to be accomplished offline via raw data dump.
This is to be accomplished offline via raw data dump. How ever
option to send bulk mail and easy id access will be there
This is to be accomplished offline via raw data dump.
POLL QUESTION ALIGNMENT. Please check it if it has to be done by you or the Designer. Refer ppt for clarity
Reesult format to be made better visibly based on appropriate pie/ bar graph
Call Us toll free at top and get instant call back at bottom not required contact us though will be there for user
to give feedback and complaints. On everypage a feedback scroller for instant feedback
Question or answer option or both could have image, text or combination of both n case of poll creation
When click on category, then that category page will be there which will have internal 3 tabs as per ppt. This will not
have create poll, however a button at top can be there to direct it to create poll page which is same as the one under
polls (Create Poll) currently
Social Media integration
Poll created by admin portal will be under admin Polls and all other created by users will be under User polls.
Recomender will have the polls with most votings currently.
Polls already voted will not show voting option and not voted once will only have voting option
A a user created the poll, he will be diected to that category user poll page with his poll o the top and rest polls
In case of admin polls, the page will no show the user image and it will be as per the ppt
The user craeted polls will be as per the ppt slide 6. It can have poll, poll + news, Poll + News + link. In case news and
links are there then it will be displayed else only poll and that blank place will be removed as in the screen shot.
At the bottom of the user poll, user name and date of postng will be shown as in ppt slide 6
Some questions can have 2 options in answer and some 6, so it should be proportioned accordingly. The UI part of
placing the options and result is very important for user to like it.
Rewards whre in user can redeem based on their points in the account and mail of the same needs to be sent, with
the message displayed " Rewards detail will be sent in the next 24-48 hours".
Rewards page will have rewards, sweepstakes/ lucky draw, gifties (make it real) based on toluna ( Managed by
Admin). Real time points are debited and the same can be seen in the rewards history. As points are redeemed for a
product, admin gets a notification.
1. Rewards: Admin will upload some coupons for gifts with specific rewards points, user can redeem his rewardds to
get that coupon/ gift. In real time his rewardsw ill deducted on confirmation and shown in history with the message,
"You will get your reward with in 48 hrs". A mail to user and notification to admin should go
2. GIfties: Admin puts some gifties option with reward points. User can come and buy that. At the end of the
specified end date one lucky user will be selected to receive that. So we need to maintain who all are the users who
enetered in this for gthat duration and for what product
3. Sweepstakes are similar to the Gifties only that in this it will be reward points. E.g. for 100 points a user eneters
and at the end of the month one or two luck winner gets 5000 and 2000 points
You can refer in.toluna.com for 2 and 3 we need to have winners to show who won on which month
Email creation of admin users and some support, sales, contat us users etc @bolindiapoll.com
Option to vote in the same frame instead on new frame opening below. As in ppt.
Login should have option of forgot password (ent to mail) and register?
Mail verification on user registration with mail id
Login not working
IN Poll page at the right side if there is no user logged in, then the labels like Name, Rewards points, image of the
user (Blank) should not be there. Should be visible only when someone is logged in
User should be able to view the reward history. How much earned and how much redeemed for when on what date.
There should be complete transparency
On the Home page if uer clicks on Polls(even though the drop down is there on cursor), then all categories together
polls should come, sorted by latest and if they click on a particular category, then that particular category polls
Should be easily accesible on mobile
Get Me through with Admin Portal
Poll of the days
Manage Max point for the day a user can earn
Trending Topics managed by admin which is put on the Home Page
Cleared By Durga
Cleared By Bhuvana
user poll administration
create/ edit admin polls
Add/ edit/ remove reward/ sweepstakes etc
User rewards and redeem details
Easy user/ trannsaction, login, poll, create poll, blog, comment data etc
Point system admin for user polls and bonus points. I can't see how to manage the user poll
points (points that can be earned for every voting on user created poll) and bonus points system.
Even the maximum points that a user can earn in a day has to managed by the admin. Points
management is not seen. Check the third sheet
Poll of the days
Manage Max point for the day a user can earn
Trending Topics managed by admin which is put on the Home Page
Points deducted for creating a user poll after x polls in a month and similary points earned by a
user when he gets X-y-z number of votes on his created polls
If some one claim that He/she has not been added points for an activity for which he should have
got, how will I ensure it. I dont see any way to track it either in user login or at admin side.
IN case of any discripancy or complaint, how can admin manually edit points for the user, as there
could be claims
Admin creates a poll and can assign points for that question
Admin creates a poll and can assign points for that question
Admin can manage, maximum points a user can earn in a day. Say, 100 and user votes 10 polls of 10 points each,
so he will earn 100 points. And now if user still votes, he can but will not get further points for that day, he can
only after 00:00Hrs on the next calendar day
How many points will be for the user created polls. It can be any number and even 0. So if user creates a poll
then each voter of that poll will gain that points as configured by admin. The [points should be displayed
Admin can configure how many polls can a user create free in a month and after that each poll will deduct X
points from his rewards. User should get notification whenever his points are at stake for creating a poll. If all
polls are free then admin can enter 9999
How many points will a user earn based on the votes he gets oin the poll cretaed by him. Like 1-100 votes he
gets 1 point for each vote, 101-9999 he gets 2 points each vote. This should be configurable by admin. If admin
wants no points for creating poll then 0-0 he gets 0 points