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Lesson plan on Fractions using the Assure Model

Analyze the Learner

Who are the learners? 3
16 students 8boys/8 girls
What are their skill levels? Basic math skills -adding, subtracting, shape
recognition, Basic concept of time
What are their learning styles? Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic learners

State Objectives
What do you want the learner to gain knowledge
The students will learn what a fraction is by
breaking apart a whole into equal parts.
What are the specific learner outcomes? The students will be able to identify the numerator
and the denominator and what they symbolize.

Select Methods, Media, and Materials
What methods of
information will you use?
Power point on Fractions, Fraction worksheet
Which media are
Tutorial PowerPoint -interactive
Media is appropriate for grade level and co- insides with state standards
Which materials will you
Laptop computer, projector, wireless mouse

Utilize Methods, Media, and Materials
How will you use the methods and
First, I will present the power point on Fractions. The
power point has an interactive pizza activity that is
provided after the power point is completed. This activity
will have the students recognize the denominator and
then the numerator by following the directions given.

Next, I will give the students a fraction worksheet called
Sort Fraction. This worksheet will require them to
identify the fractions and place them in the right

Last, I will conduct a concept check of 5 problems. I will
state a fraction and they will have to write the fraction
and draw a picture of the fraction.
How will you use the materials? I will use the laptop and projector to present the power point to
the students .The students will be allowed to use a wireless
mouse to participate in the interactive pizza activity.

What is your instructional strategy?

The power point will provide visual learning, the worksheet and
pizza activity will support Kinesthetic learning, and the Concept
check will provide auditory learning as well.

Require Learner Participation
What will the learners be required to do? The students will be required to identify
the numerator and denominator in the
pizza activity.
The student will be required to recognize
and sort fractions on the worksheet.

How will the learners engage in participatory
The students will engage themselves in the
process of learning Fractions and will be able to
master the concept check given.

Evaluate and Revise
Did the lesson meet the objectives? Yes, 13 students mastered the objective, but 3
students did not meet the mastery level. These
students will be pulled into a small group for
overview of the lesson objective.
How will you evaluate content and technologies
I will assess the students worksheets, concept
check, and response to the power point pizza
How will you revise and improve? I will incorporate table activities with card
fractions. The students will have to present 2
different ways to show the fraction.