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Mission Statement

• The mission of MEGAComfort is to provide

ergonomic products which will increase
employee health, safety and well-being
while at the same time being an employer
cost-effective initiative
My Personal Commitment

• As a practicing Doctor Of Podiatric

Medicine with over 15 years experience in
various parts of the world, I have studied all
aspects of biomechanics, and the human
body as it relates to the lower extremity and
the feet. As part of MEGAComfort's unique
personal service and commitment to its
valued clients, I am always available to
answer any clinical questions in regards to
our products line

And that, is my Personal Commitment to you!

Health & Safety Concerns
in the Workplace
Musculoskeletal Disorders
in the Workplace

• M.S.D’s or musculoskeletal disorders

represented $13 Billion in costs in 1996 (NIOSH

• In 1997, 2.9 million work days were lost to


• 138.5 M.S.D injuries per 10,000 workers were

reported for the manufacturing sector compared
to all others at 49.8 per 10,000
Some Causes of M.S.D’s

• The occurrence of M.S.D’s are higher in the

manufacturing and similar sectors due to the
nature of the tasks involved which will eventually
lead to aches, pain and injuries on the job
• Commonly recognized causes are prolonged
static standing, static postures, over-exertion,
repetitive motion, low strain but high repetition
type of work (Liberty Mutual 2002 safety index)
Skyrocketing Medical Costs

• Companies must now look for

any effective way to help prevent
and control M.S.D‘s and all other
types of workplace injuries

• Insurance premiums and

workplace compensation claims
are skyrocketing due to the aging
workforce and increased health
care costs
Increased Government Regulations

• Added pressure is placed on companies to seek

ways to provide for a healthier and safer
workplace environment as a result of increased
government regulations through organizations
such as O.S.H.A.
Employee Effective & Cost Effective

• Any new health and safety initiative must be both

employee-effective and cost-effective
• The need therefore exists for reasonably priced
ergonomic products, personalized for the specific
needs of the workplace and the individual
From the Ground UP
The Root Cause of Lower Extremity
M.S.D’s In the Workplace

• Since we stand and walk with our feet in

contact with the ground, we need to
understand the many
factors that will
impact levels of pain
and discomfort while
standing or walking
for long periods of
time at the work
The Feet are the Foundation of the Body

• The weight bearing portion of the body

while in the standing position is the foot.
This also represents the foundation upon
which the knee, hip and back will be
affected long term
The Effect of the Ground

• Heel Strike
As the heel contacts the ground, there is an equal
but opposite reaction force from the ground on the
calcaneus (heel bone)
The Effect of the Ground

• Tibial Torsion
As a result there is a twisting of the tibial (leg)
bone in an inward direction
The Effect of the Ground
• Loss of Arch
This forces the arch of the
foot lower, making the leg and
foot muscles work harder,
causing increased muscle fatigue
The Effect of the Gravity and Body Weight
• Gravitational forces which can be up to seven
times your body weight cause a very strong
downward force on the feet
• The abnormal motion occurring as a result of
these upward and downward forces is known as
• Excessive pronation can lead to foot disorders
such as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, bunions ,
hammer toes, corns and calluses.
• The strap-like muscles from the calf will also
attempt to hold up the arch as more downward
pressures are applied throughout the day which
can lead to Achilles tendonitis and shin splints
Effect of Pronation on the
Knees, Hip and Back
• As a result, any lack of support at the level of feet
will then cause the legs to roll inwards and the
arch to collapse even further as the work shift
• This will cause the hips to tilt anterior & result in a
15 degree trunk forward lean
• Knees and hips will also experience more inward
stress and strain over time
• The back muscles will also be forced to work
even harder to keep the worker standing
Postural Changes Effecting the Back
The Need for Shock
Absorption at the Feet

• At the same time any lack of shock

absorption at the level of the feet
allows the force from heel strike to
make its way up the body like a
shock wave with every step
• The harder and more unforgiving the
floor or ground surface the greater
the shock wave
• All the joints and muscles from the
ankles to the knees to the hips and
the back will also feel the effects of
this added pounding
Prolonged Static Standing

• A decrease in blood circulation or blood pooling,

as a result of prolonged static standing or muscle
fatigue, can also lead to:
•Swelling of the Legs

•Varicose Veins


•Increased Muscle Fatigue

Effects of an Aging Workforce

• Arthritis and other Degenerative Diseases

• Cumulative Effects of Micro Trauma and

Repetitive Stress

• Other Systemic Disorders and Medical

The End Result

• Chronic Foot, Knee, Hip and Low Back


Injury Rates Employee Comfort

and Well Being

Employee Health
Medical Costs
and Safety

Employee Productivity
Product Design

• All MEGAComfort products have

been ergonomically designed by
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine,
Dr. Kevan Orvitz for the work boot,
shoe or sneaker

• MEGAComfort Insoles are constructed using a

patent pending dual-layered memory foam
technology providing the much needed shock
absorption and support at a fraction of the cost to
that of standard or strap-on matting
Picture 6

Memory Foam

• The United States Space Agency was the first to use visco-
elastic or memory foam in the 1960's to help protect the
astronauts against harmful G-forces during blastoff

• Memory foam is made up of billions of high density viscoelastic

memory cells that are both temperature and weight sensitive,
allowing it to become softer in warmer areas and areas of high
pressure (where your foot is making the most contact with the
surface) and remain firmer in cooler areas (where less foot
contact is being made). This causes the memory foam to soften
and flow to follow your foot’s every curve while still providing

• MEGAComfort’s proprietary dual-layered memory foam

technology provides dynamic impact compression that gently
rebounds with each step of the walking cycle
Ultimate Solution
• MEGAComfort Insoles are
the ultimate solution for
employees on the move

• Or when replacement costs

Picture 11

of existing mats have

become too great

• Or for those areas that may

be difficult to apply various
floor mats
Before & After Effects

* Foot pressure is noted in the red areas

Field & Clinical Testing
- Pilot Programs
Field Testing:
Pilot Test Program

Professors Patrick Carley,

Edward Swanson &
the Graduate Physical Therapy Students of
American International College

The Subjective Impact of Introducing

the MEGAComfort PAM Insole
Purpose of a Health & Safety Initiative

• Any successful Health & Safety intervention or

initiative must resolve or mitigate a recognized
workplace health and safety issue

• The opportunity to formulate and study that

intervention represents a unique prospect to
understand the potential cause and effect of that
particular initiative

• It provides for a better understanding to

specifically target the benefit of that initiative
Current Average Injured Employee

• Average age of injured employee at Hasbro is 44

years old with a blend of 58% male & 42%

• The average injured employee’s years of

services at the company reveals that 21% have
less than 3 years, 17% have 3 to 10 years but
62% have greater than 10 years!

• This is a profile of a working population that is

aging and more susceptible to chronic injuries
Department 41 - Hasbro

• This particular department was selected as it

represents an area comprised of employees who
are commonly exposed to standing for long
periods of time throughout the working day

• They are also expected to move about and

service the printing presses which permits them
to change their positions

• However, they are standing for at least a

minimum of 75% of their workday
Scope of the Initiative

• A total of 57 employees from all three shifts of

Dept 41 participated in the study, data collection
and receiving the MEGAComfort insoles
• A total of 41 employees completed all three data
collection sessions while 11 employees
completed the first two sessions and 5 were
involved in only the last two sessions
• The following presentation of the study results
are based on those 41 subjects
Data Survey Forms

The selected C.L.U.E Test Employees filled out the pre-

insole survey form before receiving the insoles and the post
insole survey form two and four weeks later
Outcomes of the Initiative

• A visual analog pain scale (0 to 10) was utilized

similar to the standard format used by many
hospital & pharmacology studies to rate the level
of reported discomfort and pain

• The study showed that overall complaints of

perceived pain and discomfort at the work place
decreased from a rating of 5.34 down to 4.23
after two weeks and then dropped even further
two weeks later to a pain rating of 3.53
Overall Pain Responses


Pain Ratings 5,5



Dept 41-Sneakers
Dept 41-Workboots
1 Dept 41-All Footwear Responses

Four Week Data Collection

Dept 41-All Footwear Responses

Dept 41-Workboots
Dept 41-Sneakers
Significance of Footwear

• The comparison of footwear and levels of

discomfort indicated that work boots were better
than sneakers for reducing discomfort
• Work boots had a 17.4% reduction in discomfort
which advanced to a 36.8% reduction in
discomfort with the insoles regardless of location
of discomfort
• Sneakers had a 22.6% & 28.6% reduction with
the introduction of the insoles regardless of the
location of discomfort
Significance of Time

• The initial drop in discomfort could be due to the

mere attention to the problem
• The initial perceived discomfort was lowered by
20.8% after 2 weeks of wearing the
MEGAComfort PAM insoles
• However, there was a continued benefit after 4
weeks that reflected an overall drop in pain and
discomfort by 33.8%
Where was most of the Discomfort?

• The clear & dominate location of reported

discomfort was localized to the feet (heels in
particular) representing 20 subjects or about 50%
of the total group
• This was followed closely by 10 complaints
localized to the back and hip areas representing
24% of the total subjects
• Lastly, 17% claimed that the knees were the
worst while 9% stated no areas of discomfort
Response Based on Pain Location



Pain Rating


Overall Responses

3,75 Knee Pain

3,25 Back/hip Pain

1 Foot Pain

Foot Pain
Back/hip Pain
Knee Pain
Overall Responses
Who would Benefit the Most?
The Pilot demonstrated:

• Increased Comfort
Those employees complaining of foot discomfort
responded best with an overall reduction of 41.7% in
• Decreased Back & Hip Pain
This was followed by an overall 34.6% reduction for
those complaining of back & hip discomfort
• Decreased Knee Pain
Those complaining of knee discomfort had an initial
25.6% reduction that remained the same for the
second data collection period
One Year Follow-Up

Dear Dr. Orvitz

Just wanted to follow up with you concerning the distribution of your insoles to our employees. Just a little history about
project though.

During one of our ergonomic team meetings, one of our employees asked if there was anything that could be done to
alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with walking on the cement factory floor. We never gave it much thought as
one had ever complained and after interviewing several employees, we found that no one complained because no one
thought complaining would help - after all it is a cement floor, what could possibly be done.

A few weeks after this ergonomic team meeting, I was attending the Eastern Ergonomics Conference in New York and
happened to run into Professor Pat Carley who, years ago, was our first on site Physical Therapist. As luck would have it,
he was representing your company and exhibiting the Mega Comfort Insoles. We discussed our employees request. With
management's approval, we decided to try the insoles in one of our production departments. Prof. Carley conducted
and after comfort surveys and, to make a long story short, based on this, we received management approval to purchase
3200 sets of the insoles. It should be noted that part of the justification of this project was the fact that by placing the
insoles in the employees shoes, we would no longer have to purchase expensive anti fatigue mats.

Every day, I ask an employee how he or she likes their insoles and 90% of the time they tell me that they could not walk
the floor without them and that they don't know how they did it before receiving the insoles. Not only do their feet feel
better, but they have experienced much less knee, hip and back pain. Our thanks to you, Barb and Pat for helping us to
make this a very successful project.

Joe Kessler
Hasbro Games
Suggested Implementation

• A targeted approach would be to initiate this

safety initiative with individuals who typically
stand or walk for long periods or those already
experiencing a work place injury
• Issue or provide allowances for two pairs of
insoles per year to those targeted groups within
the facility
• If possible coordinate through the safety product
or footwear provider for ease of distribution and
availability to the employee
Clinical Testing:
EMG Testing

Professors Patrick Carley,

Edward Swanson &
the Graduate Physical Therapy Students of
American International College

The Objective Impact of Introducing

the MEGAComfort PAM Insoles utilizing
Electromyography (EMG) while performing work
related tasks on concrete floors.
EMG Results

 Results revealed 65% of subjects demonstrated an EMG

decrease in Gastrocnemius and Tibialis Anterior Peak and
Mean muscle activity with the use of insoles.
 Further comparison of EMG activity exhibited a statistically
significant (0.05 level) reduction in Peak Tibialis Anterior activity
with insoles.
 Mean decrease in EMG activity revealed at the Tibialis Anterior
at 7% and 4.3% at medial head of Gastrocnemius.
 This paralleled a decrease of 41.7% at the feet and 34.6% at
back/hip in perceived discomfort on the factory floor.
Comparison of Average EMG Activity for Gastrocs & Tibialis Anterior
Avg Tib Ant Insole Avg Tib Ant Without Avg Gastroc Insole Avg Gastroc Without

Avg Gastroc Without

Avg Gastroc Insole



Percent of MVC




30 Avg Tib Ant Without


28 Avg Tib Ant Insole


Comparison of Peak Gastroc & Tibialis Anterior Muscle Activity
Tib Ant with Insoles Tib Ant No Insoles Gastroc with Insoles Gastroc No Insoles


62 Gastroc No Insoles
Gastroc with Insoles



Percent of MVC



Statistical Tib Ant No Insoles
46 Significan
44 t
Tib Ant with Insoles

The study demonstrated:

• Less Fatigue

A significant reduction in muscle activity in the Tibialis

Anterior and Medial Gastrocnemius muscle groups…

• Increased Comfort

… which paralleled a reduction in perceived level of

discomfort with the use of the PAM Insoles while
standing and working in the manufacturing
Product Range
Recommended for use in Industrial and Extra Depth Footwear
For Maximum Shock Absorption & Maximum Comfort
Recommended for use in Industrial and Extra Depth footwear
Soft Open-Celled
Memory Foam
(5lb./ft³) Density Aeration Holes
Reduces harmful shear force Regulate foot temperature
(all 3 layers)
& provides maximum comfort

Heavy Duty Top Cloth

Anti-Fungal Available in
Anti-Bacterial 12 Unique sizes
Anti-Perspiration No trimming or
cutting necessary

Odor Reducing
Natural fresh scent

Ultra High-Density
(20lb./ft³) & 2 second
rebound. Ergonomically
Distinctive molded for maximum shock
Heel Cushion
Eliminate shock
Pattern absorption and motion control
Designed to redistribute
impact of heel strike
heel, ball and toe
Recommended for use in Industrial and Extra Depth footwear
Proven Benefits

 Maximum Shock Absorption

 Maximum Comfort
 Decreases Foot, Knee and Back Pain
 Reduces Muscle Fatigue
 Machine Washable
 Available in 12 Unique sizes
 Memory Foam compresses for Safe Clearance in
Steel Toe Footwear
 Anti Fungal, Anti Bacterial, Anti-Perspiration,
 Odor Reducing Scent
 Cost Effective Opportunity for Selective Relocation /
Replacement of Anti-Fatigue Floor Matting
Recommended for use in Industrial and Extra Depth footwear
Advantages over Standard
Anti-Fatigue Floor Matting
 Mobile Workers
Unlike the Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat (PAM) Insole, floor matting
can only be used at stationary workstations and does not
address mobile or outdoor work settings
 Direct Contact with the Body
PAM insoles are more beneficial and effective by working inside
the footwear, in direct contact with the body
 Lower Costs & Maintenance
Costs overall are considerably lower than for floor mats and
require less maintenance and are machine washable
 No Trips & Falls
Standard floor matting increases the likelihood of trips and fall on
raised edges
 Easy to Install & Implement
PAM Insoles require no installation like mats and can be
implemented instantly
Recommended for use in Industrial and Extra Depth ESD Footwear
For Maximum Shock Absorption & Maximum Comfort
Recommended for use in Industrial and Extra Depth ESD footwear
ESD threads provide
Soft Open-Celled proven electro-static
Memory Foam dissipation
(5lb./ft³) Density
Reduces harmful shear Aeration Holes
force & provides Regulate foot
maximum comfort temperature
(all 3 layers)
Heavy Duty
Top Cloth Available in
Anti-Fungal 12 Unique sizes
Anti-Bacterial No trimming or
Anti-Perspiration cutting necessary

Odor Reducing
Natural fresh scent

Ultra High-Density
(20lb./ft³) & 2 second
Distinctive rebound. Ergonomically
molded for maximum shock
Pattern absorption and motion control
Heel Cushion Designed to
Eliminate shock redistribute heel,
impact of heel strike ball and toe pressure
Recommended for use in Industrial and Extra Depth ESD footwear
About Electrostatic Discharge

• Very common everyday electrical phenomenon which can not be

avoided or prevented, however, it can be controlled
• It occurs, when any two materials are put together, brought near
to each other, or are separated
• This movement of electrons (which are charge carriers) is an
electrical flow or current and is considered a discharge
Electrostatic Discharge
• In many cases, an Electrostatic Discharge Event of only a few
volts is enough to cause serious permanent damage to
semiconductor devices
• Electrostatic Discharge Events do not always destroy an
electronic component immediately on the first occurrence.
Sometimes, many events occur over a period of time. Each
occurrence adds a bit more damage until the component finally
fails. Any damage is always permanent and cumulative
• One common Electrostatic Discharge event occurs simply
when a person walks across the floor. Static Electricity is
generated as shoe soles contact and then separate
from the floor surface
Recommended for use in Industrial and Extra Depth ESD footwear
The Risks & Costs of
Electrostatic Discharge
• Despite a great deal of effort during the past decade,
Electrostatic discharge still affects production yields,
manufacturing costs, product quality, product reliability, and

• Industry experts have estimated average product losses due

to static to range from 8-33%. Others estimate the actual cost
of Electrostatic discharge damage to the electronics industry
as running into the billions of dollars annually.

• As a result it is vital in clean rooms and other technical

sensitive (computer) areas that these Electrostatic
Discharges are controlled.

• ESD Threads Provide Proven Electro-Static Dissipation

Recommended for use in Industrial and Extra Depth ESD footwear
Picture 7

Properties of ESD
Footwear and Insoles

• ESD footwear is a very reliable method of grounding personnel. The

charge goes to ground rather than being discharged into a sensitive part. To
prevent damaging a charged device, the rate of discharge can be controlled
with static dissipative materials
• No special socks are needed as the electric path from sole to body is made
through natural perspiration
• Electrostatic discharge footwear is designed to ensure constant drainage of
static charges from the body to ground. For ESD footwear to be effective
both inner soles and outer soles need to be static dissipative and
provide continuous electric contact of the foot to ground as required by ESD
• Replacing the ESD insole that is found in ESD footwear with a standard non
ESD insole will nullify the ESD properties of this footwear
• The PAM ESD is the standard PAM insole, with an additional 2 thread
stitching in the forefoot to maintain the properties of the ESD Footwear
• The PAM ESD therefore provides the same Proven Benefits of our
standard PAM, including Maximum Shock Absorption, Maximum
Comfort, and Pain and Fatigue Reduction
Recommended for all footwear, indoor and outdoor activities
For Extra Support & Enhanced Performance
Recommended for all footwear, indoor and outdoor activities
Ultra High-Density
(20lb./ft³) & 2 second rebound
Ergonomically molded for
maximum shock absorption
and motion control

3/4 Trim Line

for a better fit in casual
and dress footwear

Choose & Alternance

between two different levels of
support. (Inclusive with
Recommended for all footwear, indoor and outdoor activities
Proven Benefits

 Cost effective initial alternative to custom made orthotics

 Maximum Comfort & Shock Absorption using Dual-Layered
Memory Foam Technology
 Support & Balance Without Compromising Comfort
 Decreases Foot, Knee and Back Pain, Reduces Muscle
 Insole Base Machine Washable
 Available in 6 sizes with optional ¾ trim line
 Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Perspiration, Odor
Reducing Scent
 Helps control abnormal foot motions, which can lead to the
development of bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, plantar
fasciitis, Archilles tendonitis, metatarsalgia, neuromas,
ankle, knee, hip and back pain
Recommended for all footwear, indoor and outdoor activities
3 in 1 Comfort Orthotic System

• Provides optimal & adaptable comfort &

Picture 11

shock absorption
• Simultaneously provides varying
degrees of heel support, arch support,
& motion control depending of foot
type, footwear, activity level and other
• Choose & Alternate between 2 levels of
support without compromising comfort
(Inclusive with Purchase)
Recommended for all footwear, indoor and outdoor activities
Controls Abnormal Foot Motion

MEGAThotics help control

abnormal foot motion, which
can lead to the development
of :
 Bunions
 Hammertoes
 Heel spurs
 Plantar fasciitis
 Achilles tendonitis
 Ankle, knee, hip
and back pain
Recommended for all footwear, indoor and outdoor activities
Factors that influence choosing
the most suitable Insole

• Foot Type

• Footwear

• Activity Level
Recommended for all footwear, indoor and outdoor activities
Choose & Alternate between
multiple re-attachable Arch Supports

• Blue Arch Support Piece

For medium support
(medium / regular arch type)

• Black Arch Supports

For firmer support
(low arch / pronontion control)

While each person may have a different foot type classification,

their footwear or activity also influences / changes what kind of
support level they require. The MEGAThotics gives flexibility
And choice to everybody. All pieces are inclusives at
Purchase and are interchangeable there after.
Recommended for all footwear, indoor and outdoor activities
A Fit for Any Footwear

• The MEGAThotic also contains a ¾ trim

line, providing a better fit in athletic,
casual and dress shoes, making this
product a fit for just about any foot, in just
about any footwear
Recommended for use in casual and dress footwear
For Optimal Fit & Every Day Comfort
Recommended for une in casua and dress footwearl
Odor Reducing
natural fresh scent Ultra High-Density
(20lb./ft³) & 2 second
rebound. Ergonomically
molded for maximum shock
absorption and motion control
Aeration Holes
Regulate foot
(all 3 layers) 3/4 Trim Line
for a better fit in casual
and dress footwear

Soft Durable Distinctive

Top Cloth Pattern
Anti-Fungal Designed to redistribute
Anti-Bacterial heel, ball and toe
Anti-Perspiration pressure

Soft Open-Celled
Memory Foam MEGAGel Visco
(5lb./ft³) Density Technology
Reduces harmful shear force For vibration reduction and
added heel and arch
& provides maximum comfort cushionning
Proven Benefits

Recommended for une in casua and dress footwearl

 Gel Enhanced Shock Absorption
 Dual-Layered Memory Foam Technology*
 Maximum Comfort
 Decreases Foot, Knee and Back Pain
 Reduces Muscle Fatigue
 Available in 6 Unique Sizes, with ¾ Trim Line
 Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Perspiration,
Odor reducing scent
 Machine Washable
For Optimal Fit & Everyday Comfort

Recommended for une in casua and dress footwearl

• MEGASoles are Dual Layered
Memory Foam Insoles with
MEGAGel™ Visco Technology for
added arch support and heel
• The streamlined design provides
for optimal comfort and fit
• ¾ Trim Line for a better fit in
casual & dress footwear
Add more SOLE to your Health
& Safety Program
• Easy to implement and manage
Picture 20

• High Acceptance Rate

• Direct contact with the foot making it the

ultimate anti-fatigue product solution

• Enhance the effectiveness and longevity of

Picture 22

• Provides ALL employees with a personal

comfort zone where ever they go (standing
or mobile)
Picture 23

• Ongoing field test show over 35%

Reduction in pain
Ongoing Field Tests Show over
35% Reduction in Pain

 Productivity
 Comfort & Well Being
 Workplace Health & Security

 Injury Rates and Medical Costs
 Muscle Fatigue
 Foot, knee, hip and back pain
Pilot Test Program Testimonials
“We began testing the insoles as part of our Industrial Ergonomics Program We collected
positive data and received great feedback through the C.L.U.E. surveys. We now include
them as part of our Safety Shoe Program employees will receive one pair of insoles a
year (paid for by the company).”
Elizabeth M. Chevron Corporate Ergonomics Specialist

“We had employees from all three tours sample the mega insoles. We handed out surveys how
employees felt before they used mega insoles and another survey after two weeks. The
outcome/results were great, employees were very happy with the insoles. Those who were
complaining about back, hip and foot problems said they felt a difference by using the insoles.”
Richard R. US Post Office Union Safety Rep.

“Every department is required to have an ergonomic project submitted and completed each year.
Our Medical and Safety Departments decided to try the Mega-comfort insoles in the areas where
the employees were required to stand on concrete most of their shifts which sometimes lasted 12
hours. We had distributed another brand of insole earlier in the year and the employees were asked
to let us know which insole they preferred. When the verdict was in, all those participating liked the
Mega-comfort insoles over the other brand. We then ordered the insoles before the end of the year.
By the time January came, we were getting requests for the insoles from other departments so we
ordered again. The feedback was very positive. I think the requests for replacement insoles and the
feedback speak highly of your product. One more thing needs to be mentioned about you and your
company. I always received fast, courteous service. Whenever I had a question or called your
company, I always received a quick response which is rare in these days of high tech.”
Cathy T. Pepsico Occupational Health Nurse
Pilot Test Program Proposal
Program Requirements

• Minimum of 1000 employees either in one facility / multi facility

• 35-75 Employee Volunteers (subjects) to be selected and footwear size and base information acquired.
• Facility Coordinator (Safety Rep/ Ergonomist) to oversee and be responsible for all data collection both pre and post
insole (completed three weeks later) and insole distribution.
• Schedule permitting Dr. Kevan Orvitz can be requested to assist in pre insole survey data collection and to personally
fit and distribute insoles or to present results to management.
• MEGAComfort will provide all the required forms, test insoles and summarize all data.
• The test insoles will be invoiced at our Standard PAM Corporate Price (US$ 15.95 / C$ 17.95)
• If 75% of the post insole survey data forms are completed and returned to MEGAComfort within 30 days then
MEGAComfort will issue a 25 % discount. In some cases based on approved qualification criteria, MEGAComfort
may agree to give additional discounts PRIOR to setting up of the PILOT program. (See qualification form)
• Once all the results have been summarized and conclusions made, a Report will be sent by Dr. Orvitz to the appropriate
personnel (ie- Safety/Ergonomic Team, Plant Manager, etc.)
• Corporate awareness of the Program with sponsorship and ability to broadcast results throughout corporation.
• Contact Details for Corporate Ergonomist / Safety Manager for future follow up.


• Fill in Qualification Questionnaire.

• MEGAComfort will confirm level of discount for the Program and send relevant order form and other paperwork.
• The Company should fax back the order form and e-mail the excel sheet with the relevant information / employee
(eg: shoe size, footwear type etc).
• MEGAComfort will send out the Test Insoles and preprinted survey data forms.
• Standard research data collection will be achieved using specially designed pre and post insole survey data forms
consisting of ten questions (fill in the blank and circles).
• Immediately after completion of the pre-insole survey forms, the Test Insoles should be to dispensed
to the volunteering employees “subjects” which will directly match their footwear sizes.
• Recommended Time Frame: The study proposes that the post-insole survey forms be completed and collected two to
three weeks after the insoles have been distributed.
• To measure the consistency of the data over time and look at trends, future data collection can be at set intervals.
Additional Information

Please visit our website to learn more about

MEGAComfort’s Product Range and availability
through direct sale and our preferred distributors

Thank You

Dr. Kevan
© MEGAComfort Inc. 2008