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Svetoslav Radoslavov Ganov

1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy

Mountain View, CA 94043
832 366 4884
Objective Transfer to the Software Engineering track of the ECE department at UT Austin
ƒ Extensive and diverse industrial experience
ƒ Excellent academic performance, programming, debugging , and testing skills
ƒ Team player, motivated, open minded, responsible, fast learner
ƒ Strong analytical and managerial skills, initiative, and systematic
ƒ Languages: Java, JavaScript, C#, C++, SQL, FoxPro, LISP, Assembly for TI TMS320C31 DSP
ƒ Databases: MS SQL Server 2000/2005
ƒ Application servers and middleware: JBoss, JBoss SEAM, Hibernate, iBatis
ƒ PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin
Advisor: Prof. Dewayne E. Perry
Overall GPA: 3.77/ 4.00 Major GPA: 3.77/ 4.00
ƒ Masters, Electrical and Computer Engineering, May 2008
The University of Texas at Austin
Thesis: ArchPad – A Tool for Design and Analysis of Software Architecture
Advisor: Prof. Dewayne E. Perry
Overall GPA: 3.77/ 4.00 Major GPA: 3.77/ 4.00
ƒ Masters, International Economy Relations, May 2006
University of National and World Economy
Thesis: Software as an Intellectual Product
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Danov
Overall GPA: 5.00/ 6.00 Major GPA: 5.00/ 6.00
ƒ Bachelor, Computer Systems and Technologies, May 2003
South−Western University at Blagoevgrad
Thesis: Development of Applied Programs for DSP TMS320C31 of Texas Instruments
Advisor: Dr. Emil Frenski
Overall GPA: 5.40/ 6.00 Major GPA: 5.40/ 6.00
Related Courses
Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Systems, Collaborative Design, Empirical
Studies in Software Engineering, Feature Oriented Programming, Mobile Computing,
Ubiquitous Computing, Verification and Validation of Software
ƒ Automated Software Testing ( GUI Testing)
ƒ Software Architecture (Well-Formed Compositions)
ƒ User Interfaces (Dynamic User Interface Generation)
Industrial Experience
06/08 − present Software Engineer, Google Research
Designed, developed and applied to Google AdWords 3.0 a framework for injecting hierarchical
keyboard navigation with speech feedback in web applications written with Google Web Toolkit.
Injected accessibility in Google Finance and Google Health via the AxsJAX framework and
contributed in evolving the latter. Building a multi User Interface feedback extension of the
Android mobile platform.
06/07 – 06/08 Software Engineer, Pointserve Co
Actively participated in developing the multi tenancy architecture. Implemented the test
infrastructure of the Multi Tenant Cluster Administration Tool. Redesigned the object-relational
mapping model of the Economic Resource Optimization suite. Fixed defects and implemented
enhancements on regular basis.
01/04 − 07/06 Software Engineer, New Data Co
Designed and implemented software solutions for forwarding companies including front
end applications and databases. Supported and evolved the systems of DHL, Schenker, UPS, and
Frans Maas. Led a team of software developers. Collaborated with clients.
Academic experience
01/08 – present Research Assistant, The University of Texas at Austin
Member of the Experimental Software Engineering Laboratory led by Prof. Dewayne E. Perry.
08/07 – 01/08 Teaching Assistant, The University of Texas at Austin
Graded assignments of Master’s students in Introduction to Software Engineering—Option III.
01/07 – 06/07 Teaching Assistant, The University of Texas at Austin
Evaluated programming assignments of undergraduate students in Data Structures with Java.
09/06 − 01/07 Graduate Research Assistant, The University of Texas at Austin
Member of the Experimental Software Engineering Laboratory led by Prof. Dewayne E. Perry.
Academic projects
ArchPad is a tool for design and analysis of software architecture through a Graphical User
Interface. The architecture representation is based on an evolved compositional model, which is
a descendent of the general Perry-Wolf model.
Leader of the Barad project which focuses on automation of GUI testing. Barad addresses both
data-flow as well as event-flow of GUIs by introducing a novel test generation approach based
on symbolic execution.
Leader of the BUILD project. BUILD provides an abstract UI library used in application
development and mappings from this abstraction to concrete UI libraries. BUILD generates user
interfaces on-the-fly via Java bytecode instrumentation.
Incremental Model Checking of Distributed Programs
Explored an incremental approach for testing of distributed programs by a model checker.
Smaller scope counterexamples are iteratively used as partial traces in subsequent searches for
increased scope until the scope.
Participated in the development of a whiteboard application that uses the whole computer screen
as a canvas and a resource constrained, portable device (Nintendo DS) as a writing instrument.
A Case for GUI Testing Using Symbolic Execution, Testing: Academic and Industrial
Conference Practice and Research Techniques, September 2007, Windsor, UK
BUILDing Dynamic Mobile User Interfaces, HotMoblie 2008, Silverado Resort , CA, USA
Test Generation for Graphical User Interfaces Based on Symbolic Execution, Automation of
Software Test, 2008, Leipzig , Germany
Paper reviews
Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, 2007
International Conference on Software Engineering, 2008
International Conference on Software Testing, Verification, and Validation, 2009