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Colegio Polivalente Camilo Henrquez

Departamento de Ingls
Profesor: Omar Pez

Name: _____________________________________ 4th grade: ____

Expected outcomes
To apply all the contents viewed during the semester

Comparatives and superlative. Complete the sentences using the correct form according to
the sentence

1. My brother is ____________________ (tall) than me.
2. Nancy is ____________________ (intelligent) girl in the classroom.
3. Your father is ____________________ (old) than you.
4. This dress is ____________________ (expensive) than those shoes.
5. Is Italian food ____________________ (good) than American food?
6. My dog is ____________________ (big) than your cat.
7. Your cat is ____________________ (small) than my dog.
8. Mary is ____________________ (young) of all the students in the classroom,
9. Marrackech is ____________________ (hot) city in Morocco.
10. A diamond is ____________________ (solid) than wood

Relative pronouns. Complete the sentences below using the correct relative pronoun (which
who whose)

1. The man __________ spoke is my father.
2. The car __________ he bought last Thursday was very cheap.
3. Tom __________ is my brother won the match.
4. The waiter __________ we gave the tip was very pleased.
5. That's the man __________ house was destroyed by a tornado.
6. The man over there __________ face is dirty saved the child.
7. The chair on __________ I was sitting broke down.
8. The pupils __________ he was speaking to were very noisy.
9. __________ are you speaking to?
10. The crowd __________ was very angry began to shout.
11. The man __________ you saw yesterday is my uncle.
12. The cupboard __________ we bought last Saturday was expensive.
13. This is the bike __________ I told about you last Sunday.
14. My friend __________ I have been waiting for two hours hasn't returned.
15. Thank you for the present __________ you sent me.

Indefinite pronouns. Complete using the correct indefinite pronoun

1. Would you like ____________ to eat?
2. It was really dark and I couldn't see ____________ .
3. Does ____________ live in that house?
4. It doesn't matter where we go. We can go____________ we want to.
5. This is boring. There's ____________ to do.
6. The shop is closed. ____________ has gone home.

Colegio Polivalente Camilo Henrquez
Departamento de Ingls
Profesor: Omar Pez

7. ____________ done their homework?
8. The guidebook says there's a good hotel ____________ near here

Adjectives. Put in order the following statements

1. Which is the correct order?
a. a new steel carving knife
b. a steel new carving knife
c. a carving steel new knife
d. a new carving steel knife

2. Which is the correct order?
a. a beautiful blue sailing boat
b. a blue beautiful sailing boat
c. a sailing beautiful blue boat
d. a blue sailing beautiful boat

3. Which is the correct order?
a. a Canadian small thin lady
b. a small thin Canadian lady
c. a small Canadian thin lady
d. a thin small Canadian lady

4. Which is the correct order?
a. a serving small Japanese bowl
b. a small serving Japanese bowl
c. a Japanese small serving bowl
d. a small Japanese serving bowl
5. Which is the correct order?
a. a square wooden old table
b. a wooden old square table
c. an old square wooden table
d. an old wooden square table

6. Which is the correct order?
a. a cotton dirty old tie
b. a dirty old cotton tie
c. an old cotton dirty tie
d. a dirty cotton old tie

7. Which is the correct order?
a. a French new exciting band
b. an new French exciting band
c. an exciting new French band
d. an exciting French new band

8. Which is the correct order?
a. a plastic big red hat
b. a bit plastic red hat
c. a red big plastic hat
d. a big red plastic hat

Conditionals. Complete the sentences using the correct form according to the conditional.

Third conditional (if past perfect would have (verb in participle) )

1. He crashed his car, because he fell asleep while driving.
If he ____________________asleep while driving, he____________________his car.

2. We couldn't go to the concert, because we didn't have enough money.
If we____________________enough money, we____________________to the concert.

3. I lost my job because I was late for work.
I____________________my job if I____________________late for work.

4. The wind was so strong that the bridge collapsed.
If the wind____________________so strong, the bridge____________________.

Colegio Polivalente Camilo Henrquez
Departamento de Ingls
Profesor: Omar Pez

5. I couldn't call Sally because I had lost her number.
I____________________Sally if I____________________her number.

Second conditional (If past simple - would )

1. If Joe____________________ (be) here, he____________________ (catch) some fish for
2. It____________________ (be) nice if the rain____________________ (stop)!
3. I____________________ (sing) you a song if I____________________ (have) my guitar.
4. If I____________________ (have) a better sleeping bag, I____________________ (not feel) so
5. If this tent____________________ (be) any smaller, one of us____________________ (have to
sleep) outside!
6. I____________________ (look) out for bears if I____________________ (be) you!
7. If I____________________ (not be) so hungry, I____________________ (share) my beans with

First conditional (If present simple - will)

1. If you____________________ (help) me with my homework, I____________________ (finish) it
in time to go to the cinema.
2. If it____________________ (not/rain), the students____________________ (practice) sport in
the playground.
3. Jane____________________ (come) home early if she____________________ (not/be) very
busy at work.
4. Our teacher____________________ (be) pleased if we____________________ (do) our
5. If Robert____________________ (play) football with us, we____________________ (win) the

Pronouns. Complete the sentences below using the correct pronoun

I Me Mine My
You You Yours Your
He Him His His
She Her Hers Her
It It Its Its
We Us Ours Our
They Them Theirs Their

Colegio Polivalente Camilo Henrquez
Departamento de Ingls
Profesor: Omar Pez

1. My mother always cooks for _________
3. David's sister is very hard working. _________marks are really brilliant!
4. What do_________ eat when you go to a Chinese Restaurant? _________ eat pork. I
5. I watch_________ series every afternoon. _________ is a really good actress.
6. David is my best friend. _________play with_________ and_________ sister every Saturday.
7. I like the piano very much, but I don't play_________
8. My daughter takes care of_________ baby brother.
9. You don't brush_________ teeth after every meal.
10. _________ uncle and my aunt have got a computer. _________ is old and_________ need to
11. This book belongs to my sister - it's_________ book.
12. This book belongs to my sister - it's_________.
13. The ball belongs to me and my brother - it's_________ ball.
14. The books belong to me and my sister - they're_________.
15. The toys belong to you - they're_________.
16. The computer belongs to you - it's_________ computer.