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Day : Sunday

Year : Year 4 Oracle

Time : 10.30 am 11.30 am
No. of pupils : 25
Theme : World of Self, Family & Friends
Topic : Spending Wisely
Focused skill : Listening & Speaking
Integrated skill : Reading
Level of Proficiency : High level of language proficiency
CCTS : Analysis & Creating
Educational Emphasis: Authentic practice of language & Mastery Learning.
Content standard :
1.1 By the end of the 6- year primary schooling, pupils will be able to pronounce words and speak confidently with the correct
stress, rhythm and intonation.
1.2 By the end of the 6 Year primary schooling, pupils will be able to listen and respond appropriately in formal and informal
situations for a variety of purposes.

Learning Standard :
1.1.4 Able to talk about related topics with guidance
1.2.4 Able to participate in guided conversations with peers

Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
(a) Speak with correct pronunciation & intonation
(b) Role play based on the scenario given
(c) Talk about monthly allocation
Teaching aids : Task Envelopes, Mahjong Paper, Profile card, Video about trading, Scenario card, instruction card, Sample of monthly

Stage / Time




Remarks/ Rational

Set Induction
( 5 minutes)

Arousing pupils attention with
money and ask few questions.
Examples of the questions:
1. What is the value of
2. Why do we need money?

{Picture Puzzle}
1. Teacher asks students to
prepare themselves for the
2. Teacher selects random student
to complete the puzzle.

A puzzle of money

Moral Values:
Sharing is caring
3. When was the most
recent they use money?
4. What is the purpose
3. Teacher asks students few
random questions about money.
4. Teacher writes lesson objective
on the whiteboard.

(15 minutes)

Giving input about what they will
be doing today. Teacher asks
few questions to provoke critical
evaluation about the video.
What is the video about?
Do you like it?
How many characters are
in the video?
Do you like the
character? Why?
Can you suggest ways to
What is your view about
the video?

{Watching & Responding to a video}
1. Teacher asks all the student to
gather in front of the class
2. Teacher asks student to be
quiet and pay attention
3. Teacher plays the video
4. Teacher asks students
randomly about the video to
provoke critical evaluation.
5. Teacher ask students to discuss
their answers
6. Teacher asks some student to
share their views about the

5 minutes Video
about trading
LCD Projector
Sound System

Moral Values:
Instill respect among
Learn to share ideas
among each other
There is no one
definite solution to a
Converging thinking.

Cross Curricular Element:

(25 minutes)

Role play with the teacher.
Students will be given a scenario
and profile card.
Scenario 1
Grocery Shopping
Scenario 2
Book & Stationary Shopping
Profile Card:
o Mother
o Father
o Brother
o Sister
o Young

{Role Play}
1. Teacher calls leader of each
group to choose an envelope
containing instructions, scenario
card and profile card.
2. Teacher brief each group leader
what should they do about the
task envelopes.
3. Teacher gives each group 4
minutes to prepare.
4. Meanwhile, teacher prepares
the shop or the place they will
act out the role play.
5. Teacher wears appropriate
6. Teacher calls the first group out
to act their role play.
7. Teacher corrects students
dialogue / speech.
8. Teacher makes the situation
lively by being a friendly

Task Envelopes:
Profile Card
Scenario Card

Moral Values:
Instill cooperation
among group
Students learn about
Practice group
Learn importance of
discussion between
group members.

* Reward may be in form of
privilege or immunity.
9. Teacher gives reward to the
group with the best

(15 minutes)

Enhance students
understanding about the topic
Spending wisely

{Making a Monthly Allocation}
1. Teacher asks pupils to sit in
their own group
2. Teacher explains about the use
of planning monthly spending
3. Teacher asks students to use
information on the profile card to
figure out their family monthly
spending allocation.
4. Teacher distributes Mahjong
paper to each group.
5. Teacher gives student 5
Minutes to discuss and prepare
their budget.
6. Students write their monthly
allocation on Mahjong paper.
7. Each group presents their
Monthly Spending Allocation.

Mahjong Paper
Sample of monthly
spending allocation

Moral Values:
Learn about the
importance of

(5 minutes)

Shows a video about ways to
spend wisely.

1. Teacher shows a video about
spending wisely.
2. Teacher asks random students
about the implication of wasting
3. Teacher gives few suggestions
on how to spend wisely.

LCD Projector

Moral Values:
Prepare now for
latter days.