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Public Speaking Informative Speech Outline

Beyond Just Black and White – Raina Kelley, Newsweek, February 2,


-Why I chose this article

• It seemed very interesting

• There is a lot of conflict surrounding biracial people
• It shows what one mother was going through, and it makes you
wonder: do other moms in the same situation react that same way?

-Raina Kelley is an African-American woman who is married to a Caucasian

man. They have jus t had a son, Gabriel.

• As soon as Raina is done checking to make sure he’s healthy, she

begins to wonder how dark his skin will get
• She us worried that her son will be light-skinned enough to appear
Caucasian; she wants him to look black
• She says that it “doesn’t help that everywhere my new nuclear family
went, we were told that our son was the picture of his father.”

-Raina begins to wonder: “if it’s never much bothered me that I’m a different
color from my husband, why was I as rigid as a Klan member when it came
to identifying my son’s race from birth?”

• Doesn’t see the Mongolian spots common in African-American babies

• Asks her husband questions such as: “Do you think I have a black
son?” and “Would it be strange for you if Gabe became the second
African-American president?”
• She is so eager for her son to be black that she is “tiptoeing across the
line from mildly offensive to racist.”

-“I can now report that, seven months after his birth, Gabriel is the exact
shade you’d get if you mixed his father and me up in a paint can- a color I
call golden.”

• She is going to try to “stop playing the black vs. white game”, as her
son is neither: he is biracial
• Wonders if she has warped or doomed Gabe in any way, from talking
about his skin color
• She wants her son to “grow up wearing his biracial heritage like an
invisibility cloak, able to move unseen among peoples’ prejudices

-“But I will prepare him for a world that may think he is black or
white, even though he is golden.” – Raina Kelley
By Emma Weidenhamer