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Moral values , the need of the hour

Your beliefs become your thought,

Your thoughts become your words,
Your thoughts become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.
-Beautiful words by Mahatma Gandhi

Good morning friends, I, Jino Mathews Raju shall now speak about moral values, something the
father of the nation, in these words, described as the path to destiny.
Moral values, what are they?
Why are they important and how much do we need them in our life?
Moral values are the corner stones of life which prescribe right, noble, and honest conduct. They are
good ethical principles a human must follow to become a good person. They include varies emotions
of compassion, mercy, righteousness, honesty and uprightness and all other good virtues.
In our life we go through various stages. Our ancient Hindu Vedic culture writes down the moral
values a human being has to follow in his 4 ashramas of life, namely brahmacharya, grihastha,
vanaprastha and sanyasa.
The importance of values, in the present the world is much more. The world has grown into a selfish
The word for it, is competition.
Countries compete for supremacy. Parties compete for power. Tribes compete for more control.
Common people, like you and me compete for money, jobs and why, even nursery school
The result is a very selfish, self-centred society. We have all, built a world around us, keeping
ourselves in the centre of it. The only mission in life, is to win those competitions, to achieve hose
Victory, for which man will go to any ends, sacrifice any moral values and shamelessly proclaim,
The ends shall justify the means
But we should all stop and think. Do they?
Do they ends really justify the methods you approach.
A life without morals is like a body without soul.
Human values like respect, love, honesty, responsibility provide balance and discipline in human
lives. The essence of human relationships is found in these values. They define concepts like,
marriage, family, society and culture.
The gradual erosion of morals values from human lives has seen the downfall of such institutions.
We see more divorces, families falling apart and societies distancing themselves.
Culture I would say. I hope. it exists any more...
Hence moral values are crucial in a disciplined life that assures human wellbeing. We need to revive
them and impart them to the next generations.
There is no doubt, that it is around the home that the greatest of human virtues are created,
nurtured and maintained. Family and parents are those who show the light to the little kids. It is
their responsibility to build the small children into not just qualified and skilled professionals but
ethical and moral humans.
Because at the end, it is not the years that you live that counts, but its the life that you put into
the years that really matter.
The depletion of such good virtues is a problem faced by the whole human race. It may look
impossible to restore such good qualities into everyone.
But lets not forget, we have to make this world a better place to live in, at least for our children.
And as John F Kennedy said
One person can make a difference and every person must try!