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Risk of Limb Anomalies in Co!ioni" #illi Sam$lin% & is %!ea'es' a' Less Tan ( )eeks of
Cil*!en *ia%nose* )i' Infan' Bo'+lism & )ill be os$i'ali,e* fo! -.3 mon's an* )ill a/e a f+ll
#aso/a%al Syn"o$e & is a Ne+!oCa!*io%eni" E/en' of Passin% O+'
S$on'aneo+s Ba"'e!ial Pe!i'oni'is & is '!ea'e* )i' An'ibio'i"s an* if 'e!e is $!esen"e of
En"e$alo$a'y0 'en La"'+lose is 'o be a**e*
En* S'a%e Li/e! Disease & s+!/i/al is "al"+la'e* +sin% INR0 Bili!+bin an* C!ea'inine #al+es
A"+'e #a!i"eal Blee*in% & so+l* be mana%e* )i' En*os"o$y )e!e S"le!o'e!a$y o! Ban*in%
Can be +se*
#a!i"eal P!e/en'ion & "an be Mana%e* )i' Non Sele"'i/e Be'a Blo"ke!s
Pa'ien's )i' 1o!ne! Syn*!ome & 2Miosis0 Any*!osis0 P'osis3 m+s' a/e MRA 'o *e'e"' Ca!o'i*
1e$a'i" A*enomas & a!e +s+ally mana%e* by Dis"on'in+a'ion of OCPs0 if $a'ien's a!e on i'4
Non Se"!e'o!y Pi'+i'a!y T+mo!s & a!e Mana%e* S+!%i"ally by T!ans$enoi*al Remo/al 2T+mo!s
'a' a!e Gona*o'!o$in 2L156S13 Se"!e'in%3
Ca!$al T+nnel Syn*!ome & is Asso"ia'e* )i' 1y$o'y!oi*ism0 DM0 Di!e"' T!a+ma an* ESRD4
2No' Os'eo$o!osis3
A"+'e 6e"al Im$a"'ion & is mana%e* by Disim$a"'ion 6i!s' an* 'en S'ool Sof'ene!s4
Pa'ien's )i' Sa!"oi*osis & m+s' a/e a Bio$sy of Pa!o'i* Glan*0 La"!imal Glan* an* Pal$able
S+$e!fi"ial Lym$ No*es
S"!eenin% fo! C+sin%7s Disease & m+s' be *one )i' De8ame'asone S+$$!ession Tes'
Clamy*ia Pne+monia & $!esen's be')een 9.-( )eeks af'e! bi!'0 )i' S'a""a'o Co+%0
Con:+n"'i/i'is an* O'i'is4
1y$e!'ensi/e Pa'ien's )i' 1y$e!+!i"emia & )ill Benefi' f!om ARBs
Clo$i*o%!el & is a Be''e! A%en' fo! Pa'ien's )o a* a S'!oke )ile bein% on As$i!in4
PSA Ele/a'ion & mi%' be T!ansien' 2*+e 'o Re"'al E8am3 an* 'e Le/els mi%' nee* 'o be
Infan' )i' Do)n Syn*!ome & m+s' be E/al+a'e* )i' E"o"a!*io%!a$y if 'e!e a!e Ca!*ia"
Diabe'i" Mo'e!s & mi%' a/e 6e'al 1y$e!'!o$i" Ca!*iomyo$a'y0 *+e 'o Gly"o%en De$osi'ion0
an* )ill a/e 1y$e!'!o$i" In'e!/en'!i"+la! Se$'+m
Painless Tes'i"+la! Mass & m+s' be e/al+a'e* )i' S"!o'al Ul'!aso+n* an* only 'en if s+s$i"io+s
'o a/e a CT S"an4
6ib!inoly'i" Te!a$y fo! S'!okes & m+s' be ini'ia'e* )i'in 3.;4< o+!s
All $a'ien' )i' C#A & m+s' a/e E"o"a!*io%!am 'o e/al+a'e fo! T!omb+s 6o!ma'ion
Ana$yla8is & is '!ea'e* )i' E$ine$!ine =4< m% In'!aM+s"+la!ly
Dasboa!* In:+!y & affe"'s Pos'e!io! C!+"ia'e Li%amen'
1y$e!kalemia )i' E>G Can%es & m+s' be mana%e* )i' Cal"i+m Gl+"ona'e o! Cal"i+m
Pa'ien's )i' Ankylosin% S$on*yli'is & a!e mana%e* )i' Re$ea' ?.Ray in 3 mon's 'o e/al+a'e
fo! P!o%!ession of 'e Disease
Pa'ien's )i' Si"kle Cell S$lenome%aly & m+s' a/e CBC an* I# 1y*!a'ion
Pso!ia'i" Lesions a!e Wo!sene* & )i' Be'a Blo"ke!s0 NSAIDs0 An'i.Mala!ial D!+%s0 ACE
Inibi'o!s an* Li'i+m4 T+s Me*i"a'ion m+s' be S'o$$e*
1e$a!in In*+"e* T!ombo"y'o$enia & is mana%e* )i' D5C of 1e$a!in an* A!%a'!oban 2T!ombin
Inibi'o!3 m+s' be ini'ia'e*4
9- Al$a 1y*!o8ylase Defi"ien"y & )ill a/e Ele/a'e* Le/els of -@.Al$a 1y*!o8y$!o%es'e!one
Pa'ella! Ten*on R+$'+!e & )ill $!esen' )i' S)ellin% of An'e!io! Pa!' of 'e >nee an* Inabili'y 'o
main'ain Passi/e E8'ension of 'e >nee a%ains' %!a/i'y
Mos' Common Com$li"a'ion of Ti"k Bi'es & is a Lo"al Infe"'ion0 if 'e Ti"k is no' En%o!%e* )i'
Bloo*0 'e!e is no Risk of Lyme Disease
S)allo)in% E/al+a'ion & m+s' be *one in All S'!oke Pa'ien's
Pa'ien's )i' S'!oke & m+s' be s'a!'e* on Lo/eno80 'o !e*+"e 'e Risks of PE an* D#Ts
A"+'e 1e$a'i'is & is '!ea'e* )i' S+$$o!'i/e Meas+!es
A*+l's )i' A"+'e 1e$a'i'is & only -.-=A )ill %o on 'o De/elo$ C!oni" 1e$a'i'is
Ele/a'e* T!o$onin & is in*i"a'i/e of a Wo!se P!o%nosis0 as i' so)s 'e embol+s is la!%e eno+%
'o $la"e mo!e s'!ain on 'e 1ea!'
Wa!fa!in & m+s' be s'a!'e* af'e! 1e$a!in0 in 'e $a'ien's )i' PE
Pa'ien's )i' 1i$ 6!a"'+!es & )o a/e a lo' of Como!bi*i'ies0 nee* 'o be a*eB+a'ely "on'!olle*
fo! $ain an* S+!%e!y is no' in*i"a'e*4
L+mba! S$inal S'enosis & $!esen's in $a'ien's in 'ei! C=s0 )e!e 'e $ain *isa$$ea!s +$on si''in%
*o)n0 b+' in"!eases )i' s$ine e8'ension an* *e"!eases )i' fle8ion
L+mba! S$inal S'enosis & m+s' be e/al+a'e* )i' MRI
P!ima!y 1I# Asso"ia'e* T!ombo"y'o$enia & m+s' be '!ea'e* )i' Di*o/+*ine0 )i" !e*+"es 'e
!isk of O$$o!'+nis'i" Infe"'ions
Ras in $a'ien's )i' Infe"'io+s Mono & '!ea'e* )i' Amo8i"illin is *+e 'o Ci!"+la'in% Imm+ne
Iso'!e'inoin & +se* fo! Se/e! A"ne0 as been asso"ia'e* )i' 1y$e!'!i%ly"e!i*emaa an* "a+ses
Pan"!ea'i'is0 i'7s also Te!a'o%eni"
A"illes7 Ten*on R+$'+!e & )ill $!esen' )i' Plan'a! 6le8ion0 )en 'e Calf is SB+ee,e*
2Tom$son Tes'3
Eso$a%eal R+$'+!e & is Bes' e/al+a'e* )i' Eso$a%o%!am )i' Wa'e! Sol+ble Con'!as'
E"'yma Gan%!enos+m & is '!ea'e* )i' I# An'ibio'i"s an* No' S+!%i"al Deb!i*emen'
P!o%es'in Releasin% IUD7s & s+" as Mi!ena a!e Wi*ely Use* in Pa'ien's )i' Si"kle Cell
Disease0 es$e"ially 'ose )o a/e a* s'!okes in 'e $as'4
ARDS & is bes' mana%e* )i' Lo) Ti*al #ol+me
GSB E Mo'e!s & babies0 )o *i* no' !e"ei/e* an a*eB+a'e P!o$yla8is 2)i'in ; o+!s of
*eli/e!y3 a!e 'o be Obse!/e* fo! ;F o+!s
1y$e!'ension in S"le!o*e!ma Pa'ien's & is 'o be "on'!olle* )i' Ca$'o$!il 2ACE Inibi'o!3
A"+'e Cole"ys'i'is Pa'ien's & m+s' %e' RUG Sono an* Ab8 'o be S'a!'e*
1e$a'i" 1y*!o'o!a8 & in $a'ien's )i' 1e$a'i" 6ail+!e )e!e 'e As"i'i" 6l+i* leaks an* "a+ses
Ple+!al Eff+sion4 I' m+s' be T!ea'e* )i' Di+!e'i"s an* So*i+m Res'!i"'ion
Refee*in% in Ano!e8ia Pa'ien's & m+s' be '!ea'e* )i' Po'assi+m Re$la"emen' an* "an $!esen'
)i' E*ema0 1ea!' 6ail+!e an* Deli!i+m
A*/an"e* Os'eone"!osis & m+s' be '!ea'e* )i' To'al 1i$ Re$la"emen'
6le8ible >y$osis & is easily "o!!e"'able by #ol+n'a!y E8'ension0 i' is a Common 6in*in%0 i' m+s'
be '!ea'e* )i' B!a"in% an* E8e!"ises
Le/ono!%es'!el 2Mi!ena3 & is 'e bes' Eme!%en"y Con'!a"e$'ion
B!eas' Milk Ha+n*i"e & $!esen's af'e! @ *ays of B!eas'fee*in% an* 'e mana%emen' is 'o S'o$
B!eas'fee*in% an* S'a!' 6o!m+la 6ee*0 an* 'en Res+me B!eas' 6ee*in% in - )eek4
Pi%li'a,one & "an "a+se P+lmona!y E*ema
S+**en Onse' of 1y$e!%ly"emia & in $a'ien's !e"ei/in% TPN is "a+se* by Se$sis
1i% Dose Ni"o'ine Pa'" & is el$f+l in $a'ien's in 'e ea!ly s'a%es of Smokin% Cessa'ion
Asym$'oma'i" B!a*y"a!*ia & in $a'ien's )i' !e"en' MI0 so+l* be '!ea'e* )i' A'!o$ine
Re'inal 1emo!!a%e & is 'e mos' Omino+s Si%n of P!ee"lam$sia
Ro'a'o! C+ff Ten*oni'is & $!esen's )i' La'e!al So+l*e! Pain0 an* a%%!a/a'e* by Ab*+"'ion an*
E8'e!nal Ro'a'ion
Pa'ien's )i' Beni%n Essen'ial T!emo! & )ill a/e a no!mal life e8$e"'an"y
Pa'ien's )i' Co"aine In*+"e* Is"emia & m+s' a/e An%io%!a$y 'o "e"k fo! any T!omb+s
Pa'ien's )i' B!ain Dea' & )ill no' a/e a Co+% Refle8 )i' S+"'ionin%0 b+' i'7s $ossible 'o a/e
Babinski Refle8 $!esen'
Pa'ien's )i' Infe"'e* Ca'e'e!s & m+s' a/e i' !emo/e* an* $la"e* on #an"omy"in an* be
'!ea'e* fo! G!am Ne%a'i/e Se$sis s+" as Cefe$ime
If $a'ien' )i' S'a$ A+!e+s & is s+s$e"'e* 'o a/e Os'eomyeli'is an* m+s' a/e MRI 'o "onfi!m
To8i" Me%a"olon & in $a'ien's )i' Ul"e!a'i/e Coli'is an* m+s' a/e Ab* ?.Ray ima%in% *one0
an* Gl+"o"o!'i"oi*s a!e 'o be s'a!'e* in 'e A"+'e A''a"k
Pa'ien's )i' PCP & if a/e a A.a %!a*ien' mo!e 'an 3<0 m+s' be s'a!'e* on S'e!oi*s
Pa'ien's )i' SLE & )ill a/e MI *+e 'o A'e!os"le!osis
Pa'ien's )i' 1y$e!!efle8ia & )ill no' a/e any +n+s+al sym$'oms
Diabe'i" Pa'ien's )i' Ne+!o$a'y & m+s' a/e a T+nin% 6o!k Tes' 'o i*en'ify fo! #ib!a'o!y Sense
Loss4 Pa'ien's may be '!ea'e* )i' TCA s+" as D+lo8e'ine0 no' SSRIs
1e$a'i" Cys's & a!e 'e mos' "ommon manifes'a'ion of A*+l' Poly"ys'i" >i*ney Disease
Pa'ien's )i' Ini'ial Onse' of De$!ession & m+s' be '!ea'e* fo! a' leas' C mon's )i' SSRIs
Any $a'ien' )i' RA & if *e/elo$ 6e/e!s0 m+s' a/e Hoin' As$i!a'ion 'o 'es' fo! Infe"'ion
S"!o'al T!a+ma & m+s' be e/al+a'e* )i' S+!%i"al E8$lo!a'ion
Lyme A!'!i'is & m+s' be e/al+a'e* )i' As$i!a'ion of Syno/ial 6l+i* an* ELISA an'ibo*ies in i'4
Pa'ien's )i' TB & )o a/e a ne) Ple+!al Eff+sion m+s' a/e To!a"o"en'esis
R+$'+!e of Co!*a Ten*inae & m+s' be s+s$e"'e* in eal'y a*+l's )i' ne) onse' of P+lmona!y
To8i" So"k Syn*!ome & )ill $!esen' )i' E8o'o8in Wi*e S$!ea* 2? fo! To83
In Diabe'i" >e'oa"i*osis & 'e Bloo* Gl+"ose )ill be mo!e 'an 9<=4 If $a'ien' $!esen's )i'
Conf+sion0 >e'on+!ia 'en i'7s mos' likely Al"ooli" >e'oa"i*osis
Se"on*a!y 1y$e!'ension & *+e 'o Renal A!'e!y S'enosis is e/al+a'e* )i' MR An%io%!a$y of 'e
Renal #essels
Sa!"oi*osis & m+s' be E/al+a'e* )i' Ces' ?.Ray fo! 1ila! No*es Enla!%emen'0 an* "onfi!me*
)i' L+n% Bio$sy
Ne) Onse' of C16 & m+s' be e/al+a'e* )i' E"o an* S'!ess Tes'
Ri%' Bloo* Gl+"ose Con'!ol & )ill $!e/en' "on*i'ions s+" as Re'ino$a'y
Me*ial Me*+lla!y Syn*!ome & is asso"ia'e* )i' Con'!ala'e!al S$as'i" 1emi$le%ia0 Con'!ala'e!al
#ib!a'o!y an* P!o$!io"e$'ion Loss an* Ton%+e De/ia'ion 'o 'e In:+!e* Si*e4
B!i%' Re* Bloo* Pe! Re"'+m & m+s' be e/al+a'e* )i' Colonos"o$y0 )e!e Ra*ion+"li*e an*
An%io%!a$y a!e Rese!/e* )en i' "anno' be /is+ali,e*4
APAC1E S"o!e & is no) +se* 'o assess 'e se!/e!i'y of A"+'e Pan"!ea'i'is
Myelomenin%o"ele & )ill also $!esen' )i' Bla**e! Dysf+n"'ion
#G S"an & *oes no' "om$le'ely !+le o+' A"+'e PE in $a'ien's i%ly s+s$e"'e* 'o a/e one
Pa'ien's )i' Peo"!omo"y'oma & if bein% $!e$a!e* fo! s+!%e!y0 'en Al$a Blo"ke!s m+s' be
s'a!'e* -=.-; *ays $!io!
Dia%nos'i" Wo!k +$ in M+l'i$le Myeloma & in"l+*es Se!+m P!o'ein Ele"'!o$o!esis0 Skele'al
S+!/ey an* Bone Ma!!o) Bio$sy
1asimo'o7s Ty!oi*i'is & is "onfi!me* )i' i% 'i'e!s of An'imi"!osomal 2an'i.TPO3 an'ibo*y is
Ma:o!i'y of Pa'ien's )i' 1y$o'y!oi*ism & )ill also $!esen' )i' 1y$e!"oles'e!olemia
1is'o!y of E%% Alle!%y & as 'o be kno)n befo!e a*minis'e!in% Infl+en,a #a""ine
6eb!ile Rea"'ion *+!in% T!ansf+sion & "an be $!e/en'e* by Wasin% 'e Cells0 )e!e Le+ko"y'es
a!e !emo/e* f!om Bloo*
14Pylo!i T!ea'men' & is P!o'on P+m$ Inibi'o!0 Cla!i'!omy"in an* Amo8i"illin 2o! Me'!oni*a,ole if
Peni"illin Alle!%i"3 fo! 9 )eeks
If 14 Pylo!i & is !esis'an' 'o T!i$le Te!a$y0 'en '!y G+a*!+$le Te!a$y )i" is P!o'on P+m$
Inibi'o! an* Bism+'0 Te'!a"y"line an* Me'!oni*a,ole
Re'!o%!a*e E:a"+la'ion 2D!y E:a"+la'e3 & o""+!s in +$ 'o @=A of $a'ien's af'e! TURP4
S"is'osomiasis & is *ia%nose* )i' U!ine o! S'ool Mi"!os"o$y an* no' Cys'os"o$y
Cl+s'e! 1ea*a"es & 'y$i"ally $!esen' )i' La"!ima'ion0 Re'!oo!bi'al Pain0 Con:+n"'i/al In:e"'ion0
Rino!!ea an* +s+ally las' 3= o! mo!e min+'es
#e!a$amil & is 'e D!+% of Coi"e fo! P!e/en'ion of Cl+s'e! 1ea*a"es
Pa'ien's )i' A"ne & To$i"al Re'inoi*0 Ben,oyl Pe!o8i*e an* E!y'!omy"in
Pa'ien's )i' Sym$'oma'i" Re"'o"eles & )o a!e $oo! s+!%i"al "an*i*a'es0 a!e 'o be fi''e* )i'
Pessa!ies an* Es'!o%en C!eam4
Pa'ien's '!ea'e* )i' T!omboly'i"s fo! Is"emi" S'!okes & a!e no' 'o be $la"e* on An'i.Pla'ele'
Me*s o! 1e$a!in0 ins'ea* 'e Bloo* P!ess+!e Con'!ol is Labe'alol o! Ni'!o$!+ssi*e
Cil*!en )i' Si"kle Cell Disease & )ill a/e Da"'yli'is an* also S$leni" SeB+es'!a'ion
Pa'ien's Pos' Cole"ys'e"'omy & )o $!esen' )i' Dia!!ea a!e 'o be T!ea'e* )i'
Non Gono"o""al U!e'!i'is & in men0 may be *+e 'o T!i"omonas an* 'o be '!ea'e* )i'
De!ma'omyosi'is & )i" $!esen's as a s"aly !as o/e! 'e kn+"kles so+l* s+s$e"' Mali%nan"y
in 'ese $a'ien's
Pyele$lebi'is & is 'e mos' "ommon "om$li"a'ion of R+$'+!e* A$$en*i"i'is
Con*yloma A"+mina'a & is no' a "on'!ain*i"a'ion fo! #a%inal Deli/e!y
S+$!a%lo''i" E*ema & so+l* be s+s$e"'e* in 'e $a'ien's e8$ose* 'o Smoke Inala'ion
Women +n*e! 3= )i' a B!eas' Mass & m+s' a/e an Ul'!aso+n* ini'ially an* only 'en a Bio$sy
T!ea'men' fo! TB & is +s+ally a' leas' ( mon's )i' IN1
Renal Pa!en"ymal Disease & so+l* be s+s$e"'e* in yo+n% $a'ien's )i' Se"on*a!y
Pa'ien's )o a!e >i*ney Dono!s & a!e a' Sli%'ly In"!ease* Risk of Ges'a'ional Com$li"a'ions0
o'e!)ise 'e !isks fo! o'e! "on*i'ions a!e 'e same as %ene!al $o$+la'ion
Pa'ien's )i' Mallo!y.Weis & )o a!e no' a"'i/ely blee*in%0 "an be obse!/e*4 1ia'al 1e!nia is 'e
kno)n "om$li"a'ion in 'ese $a'ien's
Massi/e PEs & "an "a+se P+lmona!y 1y$e!'ension an* "an lea* 'o Ri%' #en'!i"+la! Dysf+n"'ion
an* A"+'e T!i"+s$i* Re%+!%i'a'ion
Limi'e* Si%moi*os"o$y & is 'e S'+*y of Coi"e in Pa'ien's )i' C4Diff Coli'is
Menie!e7s Disease & $!esen's )i' T!ia* of Pe!io*i" #e!'i%o0 Unila'e!al 1ea!in% Loss an* Tinni'+s
Se$'a'e U'e!+s & *oesn7' in'e!fe!e )i' inabili'y 'o "on"ei/e0 b+' m+s' be S+!%i"ally Co!!e"'e* 'o
A/oi* 'e Risk of Mis"a!!ia%es
A"+'e Go+' & is Dia%nose* )i' A!'!o"en'esis by Demons'!a'in% Ne%a'i/ely Bi!ef!in%en' C!ys'als0
Se!+m U!i" A"i* "an be No!mal in 'e A"+'e A''a"k0 T!ea'men' is In*ome'a"in
Im$lan'able Le/ono!%es'!el an* De$o' & a!e 'e Mos' Effe"'i/e an* a/e 'e Lo)es' Ra'e of
P!e%nan"ies amon% Non Pe!manen' Ty$es of S'e!ili,a'ion
A"+'e Pe!i"a!*i'is & "an o""+! *ays af'e! MI an* m+s' be '!ea'e* )i' 1i% Dose As$i!in
Infan' Bo'+lism & )ill $!esen' )i' Absen' Ga% Refle8 an* may !es+l' in As$i!a'ion
Li"en Plan+s & is asso"ia'e* )i' 1e$a'i'is C
Sil*enafil an* Al$a Blo"ke!s & s+" as Te!a,osin m+s' be %i/en ; o+!s a$a!' 'o !e*+"e 'e Risk
of 1y$o'ension
1I# P!o$yla8is & "onsis's of T)o N+"leosi*e Re/e!se T!ans"!i$'ase Inibi'o!s fo! ; )eeks 2If
1I# #i!al Loa* is 1i%0 'en a** P!o'ease Inibi'o!3
Pa'ien's )i' S+lfonyl+!ea O/e!*ose & m+s' be %i/en O"'!eo'i*e )i" *e"!eases Ins+lin
6a' Embolism & "an be $!e/en'e* by Ea!ly Immobili,a'ion an* O$e!a'i/e 6i8a'ion
Imi$enem & is "on'!ain*i"a'e* in Pa'ien's )i' Sei,+!e Diso!*e!s
I%A Ne$!o$a'y & $!esen's )i' G!oss 1ema'+!ia0 follo)in% A"+'e URI0 )e!e in
Pos'!s'!e$'o"o""al Glome!+lone$!osis G!oss 1ema'+!ia is Un"ommon
Absen' C!emas'e!i" Refle8 & is 1i%ly S+s$i"io+s fo! To!sion
G!o+$ A S'!e$ & GAS is 'e "a+sa'i/e A%en' fo! Ne"!o'i,in% 6as"ii'is an* Ra$i*ly S$!ea*in%
Ne"!o'i,in% 6as"ii'is & is '!ea'e* )i' I# Peni"illin0 Clin*amy"in an* S+!%i"al Deb!i*emen'
Di/e!'i"+la! Blee*in% & is mos' "ommonly "a+se* by E!osion of 'e A!'e!y
Asym$'oma'i" Pa'ien's )i' B# & )o a!e P!e%nan' a!e no' 'o be '!ea'e*0 as i' *oesn7' so)
im$!o/al in $!e/en'ion of PTL
Pa'ien's )i' 1i% P!e'es' P!obabili'y fo! C4Diff & a!e 'o be Re$ea'e* 'e Ra$i* C4 Diff0 e/en if 'e
Ini'ial is Ne%a'i/e
Pa'ien's )i' Re"+!!en' C4Diff & af'e! - !ela$se m+s' be s'ill '!ea'e* )i' 6la%yl
TB in P!e%nan"y & is '!ea'e* )i' Isonia,i*0 Rifam$in an* E'amb+'ol 2Py!a,inimi*e is 'o+%' 'o
be no' safe3
1y$e!fle8ion of 'e W!is' & m+s' be *one in 'e Pa'ien' s+s$e"'e* 'o a/e Ca!$al T+nnel as i'
Com$!esses 'e Me*ian Ne!/e0 an* 'o be Confi!me* )i' Ne!/e Con*+"'ion S'+*ies
E$i*+!al 1ema'oma o! T!ans/e!se Myelo$a'y & 'e 6i!s' S'e$ is MRIIIII
S$+'+m S'+*y & is 'e Tes' 'o Confi!m 'e P!esen"e of TB0 )e!e PPD :+s' so)s 'e E8$os+!e
'o TB in 'e Pas'
S'4 Hon7s Wa!' & is +se* in 'e T!ea'men' fo! De$!ession 2SE is GI Dis'!ess3
>a/a & is +se* fo! An8ie'y an* Insomnia4 2Si*e Effe"' is 1e$a'o'o8i"i'y3
Ga!li" & is +se* fo! 1y$e!"oles'e!olemia 2SE is Blee*in% an* Pla'ele' Dysf+n"'ion0 )i" is also
seen in Gin%ko Biloba3
Sa) Palme''o & is +se* in Beni%n P!os'a'i" 1y$e!$lasia 2SE is 1y$e!'ension3
Con%eni'al To8o$lasmosis & "an $!esen' as Mi"!o"e$aly an* is +s+ally *+e 'o Un*e!"ooke*
Lamb Mea' Con+sm$'ion *+!in% P!e%nan"y
A*+l's )o "anno' 'ole!a'e Rifam$in & fo! Menin%i'is P!o$yla8is m+s' !e"ei/e Ci$!oflo8a"in
C!oni" Al"ooli"s & )o a!e '!ea'e* )i' I# 6l+i*s an* Tiamine0 if $!esen' )i' M+s"le
Weakness 'e Ne8' *ay 'a' is *+e 'o 1y$o$so$a'emia
CML & is 'o be '!ea'e* )i' Ty!osine >inase Inibi'o! s+" as Infli8imab
M+l'i$le S"le!osis & is *ia%nose* )i' MRI0 an* 'en on"e "onfi!me* 'o be s'a!'e* on
Me'yl$!e*nisolone4 On"e s'abili,e* 'en S'a!' In'e!fe!on an* Re$ea' MRI in 3 mon's
In ARDS & af'e! Se$sis0 P+lmona!y We*%e P!ess+!e is less 'an -F mm1% an* $!esen's )i'
*iff+se bila'e!al infil'!a'es on Ces' ?.Ray
A"+'e O'i'is Me*ia & +s+ally $!esen's )i' M+"osal Res$onse of Mas'oi* Ai! Cells4
In En* S'a%e Renal Disease & Anemia is +s+ally *+e 'o *efi"ien"y of E!y'!o$oie'in
Mi'!al S'enosis & +s+ally $!esen's )i' R+mblin% Dias'oli" M+!m+!0 an* "an !es+l' in 1emo$'ysis0
"an a/e P!ominen' P+lmona!y A!'e!ies
Amio*a!one . "a+ses a *e"!ease in "on/e!sion of T; 'o T3 an* '+s "a+sin% an in"!ease in T;
an* De"!ease in T3 Le/els4
Res'less Le% Syn*!ome & "an be an in*i"a'o! of I!on Defi"ien"y Anemia
Li"o!i"e & "an a%%!a/a'e 1y$e!'ension in Pa'ien's
In $a'ien's )i' AAA & 'e %!ea'es' effe"' of !e*+"in% 'e !isk is Smokin% Cessa'ion
Dia%nosis of Diabe'es & "an be ma*e )en 1%bA-C is mo!e 'an C4<0 6as'in% Bloo* Gl+"ose is
o/e! -9C o! a Ran*om Gl+"ose of mo!e 'an 9== )i' Sym$'oms of 1y$e!%ly"emia
Women on OCPs & if )an' 'o %e' $!e%nan'0 m+s' s'o$ OCPs an* s'a!' 6oli" A"i* S+$$lemen'a'ion
- mon' $!io! 'o "on"e$'ion
Pa'ien's )i' Ba!!e'7s Eso$a%+s & m+s' a/e an ann+al s+!/eillan"e )i' En*os"o$y4
Pe!i$e!al E*ema & is a >no)n Si*e Effe"' of Cal"i+m Cannel Blo"ke!0 )e!e ACE Inibi'o!s
"a+se An%ioe*ema
Ben,o*ia,e$ines & a!e 'e fi!s' line of Mana%emen' in Pa'ien's )i' S'a'+s E$ile$'i"+s0 )o )e!e
s'abili,e* ini'ially
6emo!al Ne!/e In:+!y & $!esen's )i' 'e loss of >nee He!k Refle80 Inabili'y 'o E8'en* 'e >nee0
Senso!y Loss of An'e!io! an* Me*ial As$e"'s of 'e Ti%0 Me*ial As$e"' of 'e Sin an* A!" of
'e 6oo'
Ob'+!a'o! Ne!/e In:+!y & $!esen's )i' Inabili'y 'o A**+"' 'e Ti%
Common Pe!oneal Ne!/e In:+!y & )ill $!esen' )i' 6oo' D!o$ an* Weakness in 6oo' Do!sifle8ion
an* E/e!sion
Pa'ien's )i' D>A & )o a!e %e''in% be''e!0 m+s' a/e S+b"+'aneo+s Ins+lin s'a!'e* an* a/e I#
Ins+lin %oin% fo! a' leas' 9 o+!s befo!e *is"on'in+a'ion of I# Ins+lin
?.Ray of 'e S$ine & is 'e fi!s' s'e$ in $a'ien's )i' S$on*yloa!'!o$a'y
Pa'ien's )i' Rei'e!7s Syn*!ome & m+s' a/e An'ibio'i"s0 E8e!"ise an* Me'o'!e8a'e fo!
6l+$ena,ine & is 'e '!ea'men' of Coi"e fo! 6a"ial Ti"s0 in $a'ien's )i' To+!e''e7s Syn*!ome
#a!eni"i"line & is a $a!'ial A%onis' of Ni"o'ini" A"e'yl"oline Re"e$'o! an* is +se* in Smokin%
Cessa'ion Te!a$y4 Si*e Effe"' is Ma:o! De$!ession
Ba"'e!ial Con:+n"'i/i'is & is '!ea'e* )i' E!y'!omy"in D!o$s0 'e $a'ien' "an %o 'o s"ool af'e! 9;
o+!s of An'ibio'i" Te!a$y
Co!'i"os'e!oi*s & m+s' be ini'ia'e* in 'e se''in% of Com$li"a'e* Infe"'io+s Monon+"leosis
GCPD & +s+ally $!esen's )i' Ha+n*i"e )i'in 'e 6i!s' 9; o+!s of Bi!'
Li'i+m & as a kno)n In'e!a"'ion )i' Tia,i*e Di+!e'i"s0 )i" *e"!ease i's E8"!e'ion
Cloni*ine & is 'e D!+% of Coi"e in Pa'ien's )i' O$ioi* Wi'*!a)al 1y$e!'ension
Ineffe"'i/e E!y'!o$oiesis & is a kno)n manifes'a'ion in $a'ien's )i' B-9 Defi"ien"y
TB T!ea'men' & in Infan's an* Cil*!en )i' TB Menin%i'is0 Milia!y TB an* TB Os'eomyeli'is
"onsis's of -9 mon'sIII
Cime'i*ine & "an "a+se a De"!ease* T+b+la! Se"!e'ion of C!ea'inine
C+'aneo+s C!y$'o"o""+s & is Dia%nose* )i' Skin Lesion Bio$sy
1y$e!'ension Con'!ol & is 'e mos' Effe"'i/e in $!e/en'ion of S'!oke
S"mi*'7s Syn*!ome & is A**ison7s *isease 'a' $!esen's )i' Ty$e I Diabe'es
Alloan'ibo*ies & is 'e iss+e in $a'ien's )i' $!e/io+s bloo* '!ansf+sions 'a' )ill make i' *iffi"+l'
'o ma'" 'e bloo*4
I# 1e$a!in & m+s' be s'a!'e* on"e D#T is *ia%nose* "lini"ally an* by is'o!y0 s+" as "ol* le%
)i' no $+lse
A"+'e Pan"!ea'i'is & "an be "a+se* by Tia,i*e an* 6+!osemi*e
T!e'inoin & is an e8"ellen' "oi"e fo! '!ea'in% y$e!$i%men'a'ion in smoke!s
Pa'ien's 'akin% SSRIs & if $!esen' )i' Se8+al Dysf+n"'ion0 m+s' a/e 'e me*i"a'ion ei'e!
*e"!ease* o! s)i'"e* 'o ano'e! 2Mi!'a,a$ine o! B+$!o$ion3
Pa'ien's )i' PMS & if )e!e s'a!'e* on 6l+o8e'ine an* see no Relief0 'en m+s' be s)i'"e* 'o
PMS $a'ien's & a/e a i% $!e*is$osi'ion 'o Psy"ia'!i" Con*i'ions an* De$!ession
Pa'ien's )i' Sno!in% & m+s' be a*/ise* 'o s'o$ *!inkin% Al"ool befo!e be*'ime
1y$e!a"'i/e DTRs & a!e $!esen' in $a'ien's )i' 1y$o"al"emia0 es$e"ially )o +n*e!)en' a
ma:o! s+!%e!y0 )i' Bloo* T!ansf+sion
Me'ima,ole & is "on'!ain*i"a'e* fo! +se in 'e 6i!s' T!imes'e! as i' "a+ses S"al$ Defe"'s0 b+'
on"e in 9n* o! 3!* T!imes'e! may be s)i'"e* ba"k f!om PTU0 as PTU "a!!ies a Risk of Li/e!
All Pos'.Meno$a+sal & m+s' be 'akin% Cal"i+m an* #i'amin D S+$$lemen's
Neona'al Poly"y'emia & is *efine* as 1"' mo!e 'an C<A0 an* 'e sam$le f!om 1eel P!i"k m+s'
be !e"e"ke* )i' Pe!i$e!al #eno+s Sam$le
Pe$'il Ul"e! Pe!fo!a'ion & m+s' be mana%e* )i' La$a!o'omy )i' S+!%i"al Re$ai! of Pe!fo!a'ion
Pi'+i'a!y Enla!%emen' & af'e! Bila'e!al A*!enale"'omy0 is "alle* Nelson7s Syn*!ome an* is *+e 'o
'e Loss of Ne%a'i/e 6ee*ba"k Me"anism4
Obsession & in Obsessi/e Com$+lsi/e Syn*!ome0 is 'e Re"+!!en' To+%' o! Ima%e 'a' "a+se
Se/e!e Dis'!ess4 S+" as Mo'e! al)ays %e''in% i*eas )an'in% 'o kill e! "il*!en4
Pa'ien's )i' Pa$illa!y Ty!oi* Can"e! & m+s' a/e a Nea! To'al Ty!oi*e"'omy
Risk of B.Cell Lym$ona & is <A fo! S:o%!en7s Syn*!ome Pa'ien's
6amilial A*enoma'o+s Poly$osis & on"e *ia%nose* on Colonos"o$y0 'en 'e $a'ien' m+s' a/e
an En*os"o$y 'o !+le o+' Gas'!i" an* D+o*enal In/ol/emen'
Sli$$e* Ca$i'al 6emo!al E$i$ysis & m+s' be mana%e* )i' In'e!nal 6i8a'ion an* 'e S"!e)
Pla"emen'4 Te!e is a s'!on% asso"ia'e* )i' Obesi'y in 'ese Cil*!en
Pa'ien's )i' 1y$e!li$i*emia & m+s' be s'a!'e* on S'a'ins0 an* if 'a' *oesn7' im$!o/e
1y$e!'!%ly"e!i*imea0 'en m+s' be s'a!'e* on Gemfib!o,il
S$leni" #ein T!ombosis & m+s' be s+s$e"'e* in $a'ien's )i' Re"+!!en' C!oni" Pan"!ea'i'is
an* Isola'e* Gas'!i" #a!i"es
Co.O8ime'!y & is +se* 'o Dia%nose Ca!bon Mono8i*e Poisonin%
S'!ess & in"!eases Ins+lin Resis'an"e0 an* may be Res$onsible fo! 1y$e!%ly"emia in a Pa'ien'
)i' Re"en' A"+'e A''a"k of Go+'0 an* no' S'e!oi*s 'a' )e!e %i/en 'o 'e $a'ien' 'o '!ea'
Tinea Pe*is & is '!ea'e* )i' To$i"al An'if+n%al C!eam
Lob+la! Ca!"inoma in Si'+ & is a Non Mali%nan' Lesion an* 'e T!ea'men' is E8"isional Bio$sy
Pa'ien's )i' Un*es"en*e* Tes'es & a!e 'o be !efe!!e* fo! s+!%e!y a' C Mon's of A%e
Dan*!+ff & is a Sebo!!ei" De!ma'i'is an* 'e T!ea'men' is Seleni+m Sam$oo
Pe!is'alsi" Wa/es & "an be seen in 'e $a'ien's )i' Pylo!i" S'enosis
Lef' #en'!i"+la! Dysf+n"'ion & m+s' be '!ea'e* )i' ACE Inibi'o! 2Mos' Im$o!'an'3 an* Be'a
A+'oimm+ne 1e$a'i'is & m+s' be 'es'e* fo! P!esen"e fo! An'i.Smoo' M+s"le An'ibo*ies an*
An'in+"lea! An'ibo*ies
In*ina/i! & as been fo+n* 'o "a+se C!ys'al.In*+"e* Ne$!o$a'y
P!ola"'inomas & a!e 'o be '!ea'e* )i' O!al Do$amine!%i" Re"e$'o! A%onis's0 S+!%e!y is !a!ely
*one fo! P!ola"'inomas
Ele/a'e* 6e!!i'in Le/els & a!e fo+n* in A"+'e Se''in% of De!ma'omyosi'is an* Inflamma'o!y
M+s"+la! Con*i'ions0 )e!e CP> Le/els )ill be Ele/a'e*
Ra*ia'ion & is 'e '!ea'men' of "oi"e fo! Pa'ien's )i' Me'as'a'i" P!os'a'e Can"e! )i' Bony
Pa'ien's '!ea'e* )i' Pe!ni"io+s Anemia & '!ea'e* )i' #i'amin B-90 )ill a/e lo) le/els of
Po'assi+m0 *+e 'o Ra$i* U$'ake of Po'assi+m by ne)ly fo!me* "ells4
A"+'e Pa!yn%i'is '!ea'e* )i' Ab8 & is 'o $!e/en' *e/elo$men' of Re+ma'i" 6e/e!
Pa'ien's 'a' a!e 1i% Risk fo! Colon Can"e! & m+s' be offe!e* "olonos"o$y a' 'e a%e of ;= o!
-= yea!s befo!e 'e *ia%nosis in 'e !ela'i/e0 )i"e/e! "omes fi!s'
Ba"'e!ial Rinosin+si'is & 'a' is las'in% mo!e 'an -= *ays0 m+s' be '!ea'e* )i' Ab8 an* no nee*
fo! 'es'in%
Ben,o*ia,e$ines & m+s' be *is"on'in+e* in el*e!ly $a'ien's )i' f!eB+en' falls
Ca!*ia" Tam$ona*e & )ill so) as Dias'oli" Colla$se of Bo' Ri%' A'!i+m an* #en'!i"le *+!in%
In A"+'e As'ma E8a"e!ba'ion & a** O!al Co!'i"os'e!oi*s
In Ca!$al T+nnel Syn*!ome & 6o!"e* an* P!olon%e* 6le8ion of 'e W!is' )ill !e$!o*+"e 'e
Pa'ien' *esi!in% 1e!bal Me*i"a'ion & m+s' si%n 'e )!i''en a%!eemen' b+' s'ill be 'ol* 'o follo) +$
Pa'ien's )i' TB & 'a' is Resis'an' 'o IN10 m+s' be '!ea'e* )i' Rifam$in fo! C mon's
E8'e!nal O'i'is & m+s' be ini'ially '!ea'e* )i' Ce!+men Wi!e Look o! Co''on S)ab 'o Clean o+'
'e Ea! Canal
Pa'ien's )i' G!a/e7s Disease & m+s' be '!ea'e* )i' Ra*ioa"'i/e Io*ine Abla'ion an*
Pa'ien's )i' Clea! E/i*en"e of Pain & m+s' be %i/en 'e R8 b+' m+s' si%n 'e a%!eemen' 'a'
'ey )ill seek f+!'e! '!ea'men' )i' ano'e! s$e"ialis'4
Pa'ien's )i' Pse+*o'+mo! Ce!eb!i & m+s' a/e an O$'almi" E8amina'ion 'o e/al+a'e fo!
P!olon%e* Te!a$y )i' Amio*a!one & "an "a+se P+lmona!y 6ib!osis
A Ne)bo!n & m+s' be fe* e/e!y 9.3 o+!s
Diale"'i"al Bea/io! Te!a$y & is a s+""essf+lly )ay of '!ea'in% a Bo!*e!line Pe!sonali'y Diso!*e!
6o!ei%n Ob:e"'s & 'a' a/e ma*e 'ei! )ay 'o 'e s'oma"0 )ill $ass on i's o)n in (=A of 'e
Cons'i$a'ion in Cil*!en & so+l* be '!ea'e* )i' Die'a!y Mo*ifi"a'ions an* if 'a' *oesn7' )o!k0
'en Ma%nesi+m 1y*!o8i*e
6E# & !emains 'e sin%le mos' im$o!'an' fa"'o! in $!o%nosis fo! COPD $a'ien's
A+'oimm+ne Me'a$las'i" A'!o$i" Gas'!i'is & $!esen's )i' Pe!ni"io+s Anemia an* Absen' R+%ae
in 'e 6+n*+s
If E8$ose* 'o 'e Ba's & a*minis'e! Rabies Imm+no%lob+line an* Rabies #a""ine
U!e'!al Di/e!'i"+l+m & m+s' be s+s$e"'e* in )omen )i' Pos' #oi*al D!ibblin%0 Dys+!ia an*
Dys$a!e+nia an* i'7s Dia%nose* by T!ans/a%inal Ul'!aso+n*
Pa'ien's )i' P!os'a'e Can"e! & "5o M+s"+loskele'al Pain an* Ele/a'e* PSA0 m+s' a/e a
Ra*ioiso'o$e Bone S"an
I# D!+% Ab+se!s & "ommonly a/e Ri%' Si*e* En*o"a!*i'is0 )e!e Re+ma'i" 6e/e! *ama%es
'e Lef' Si*e
Cys'os"o$y & is 'e Gol* S'an*a!* in Dia%nosin% Bla**e! Mali%nan"y0 )en 'e $a'ien's
$!esen's )i' Painless 1ema'+!ia
Pa'ien's )i' Po!"elain Gallbla**e! & m+s' a/e an Ele"'i/e Cole"ys'e"'omy0 as i' in"!eases 'e
Risk of Mali%nan"y
S'a$ A+!e+s & is 'e mos' "ommon Isola'e* O!%anism f!om 'e Co!nea
Infan' bo!n 'o 1e$ BE mo'e! & m+s' a/e a Se!olo%y Re$ea' a' ( mon's of a%e
I# Pen'ami*ine & is asso"ia'e* )i' m+l'i$le Ele"'!oly'e Abno!mali'ies s+" as 1y$e!%ly"emia0
1y$o an* 1y$e!kalemia0 1y$o%ly"emia an* 1y$o"al"emia
S+$e!io! #ena Ca/a Syn*!ome & m+s' be e/al+a'e* in $a'ien's )i' CT of 'e 1ea* an* Ne"k0
)o a!e "om$lainin% of Dys$nea0 Ne"k Pain an* S)ellin% an* #eno+s Dila'a'ion of Ce!/i"al an*
U$$e! E8'!emi'ies
RBC Colines'e!ase & 'e Tes' 'o Confi!m O!%ano$os$a'e Poisonin%
Dis$la"e* Cla/i"+la! S'!+"'+!es & m+s' a/e O$en Re*+"'ion an* In'e!nal 6i8a'ion0 )e!e Non
Dis$la"e*0 a!e mana%e* )i' Conse!/a'i/e Te!a$y
R+bella & $!esen's )i' Ras 'a' s'a!'s on 'e 6a"e an* S$!ea*s Do)n)a!*0 $a'ien' )ill a/e
6e/e!0 Pos'e!io! Ce!/i"al an* A+!i"+la! Lym$a*eno$a'y
Ro"ky Mo+n'ain 6e/e! & s'a!'s in 'e Lo)e! E8'!emi'ies an* s$!ea*s +$)a!*
Renal S'ones & less 'an < mm )ill $ass on i's o)n0 mo!e 'an < b+' less 'an -=0 )ill nee*
E8'!a"o!$o!eal Li'o'!i$sy0 an* mo!e 'an -=mm )ill nee* S'one Remo/al
#i!al A!'!i'is & so+l* be s+s$e"'e* in a $a'ien' )i' a !e"en' URI an* no) sym$'oms )i' less
'an C )eeks in *+!a'ion0 'e '!ea'men' is s+$$o!'i/e
Dose of Le/o'y!o8ine & m+s' be In"!ease* as soon as yo+ fin* o+' 'a' 'e $a'ien' is $!e%nan'
Pa'ien's )i' Ba"k Pain & if less 'an C )eeks0 ESR m+s' be *!a)n an* if 'e sym$'oms $e!sis'
mo!e 'an -9 )eeks 'en MRI m+s' be o!*e!e*
Pa'ien's )i' L+$+s an* Renal In/ol/emen' & m+s' a/e a Renal Bio$sy 'o e/al+a'e 'e se/e!i'y
of 'e Disease4
Se!+m Com$lemen' an* An'i.*sDNA & m+s' be moni'o!e* in Pa'ien's )i' SLE fo! Disease
Com$a!'men' Syn*!ome & m+s' be s+s$e"'e* in $a'ien's )i' Pain on Passi/e Mo/emen'
Tenosyno/i'is & )i" is a $ain alon% 'e 'en*ons an* ankle :oin's is "a!a"'e!is'i" of Gono"o""al
Plasma 9<.1y*!o8y/i'amin D & m+s' be meas+!e* 'o Assess fo! #i'amin Defi"ien"y in $a'ien's
)o +n*e!)en' Gas'!i" By$ass
Li*o"aine & is 'e D!+% of Coi"e fo! TCA In*+"e* A!!y'mia0 an* So*i+m Bi"a!bona'e is %i/en
fo! Ca!*ia" Effe"'s of TCA O/e!*ose
A'!ial 6ib!illa'ion & )i' 1i% #en'!i"+la! Ra'e m+s' be mana%e* )i' Dil'ia,em
Is"emi" S'!oke & in $a'ien's )i' D#Ts0 'e!e nee*s 'o ben E"o"a!*io%!am *one 'o e/al+a'e
Do% Bi'e In:+!ies & a!e no' 'o be "lose* an* m+s' be lef' o$en 'o *!ain0 as 'o no' %e' infe"'e*
D+m$in% Syn*!ome & is 'o be '!ea'e* )i' 1i% P!o'ein0 Lo) Ca!boy*!a'es an* Smalle! an*
Mo!e 6!eB+en' Meals
6ail+!e To T!i/e & babies a!e 'o a/e a Die' Mo*ifi"a'ion
Painless Tes'i"+la! Mass & s+s$e"'e* fo! Mali%nan"y0 m+s' be e/al+a'e* )i' Ul'!aso+n*
Le/o'y!o8ine & m+s' be 'aken on an em$'y s'oma"0 as me*i"a'ions s+" as I!on an* Cal"i+m
"an im$ai! i's abso!$'ion
An'e!io! U/ei'is & is 'e mos' "ommon Eye In/ol/emen' in Sa!"oi*osis
In P!e%nan"y & 1y$e!'y!oi*ism is '!ea'e* )i' PTU in 'e -s' '!imes'e! an* 'en 'o be s)i'"e*
'o Me'ima,ole in 9n* an* 3!*
Pa'ien's )i' Ce!eb!al Palsy & m+s' +n*e!%o e/al+a'ion )i' MRI fo! abno!mali'ies
Pa'ien's !eB+es'in% 'o +se Cinese 1e!bs & m+s' be 'ol* no' 'o +se i'0 be"a+se of 'e la"k of
1e$a'i'is & is 'e mos' Common Si*e Effe"' of Isonia,i*
Befo!e "onsi*e!in% Pe!i'oneal Dialysis & a $a'ien' m+s' a/e a To'al Colonos"o$y0 'o !+le o+'
Any Sa!$ Ob:e"' in 'e Eso$a%+s & m+s' be !emo/e* )i' En*os"o$y
Tia,i*e Di+!e'i"s & a/e been kno)n 'o "a+se Po'osensi'i/e Ras
In S+ba"+'e Ty!oi*i'is & 'e!e is a De"!ease* Ra*ioa"'i/e Io*ine U$'ake an* Ty!o'o8i"osis0 'e
'!ea'men' is NSAIDs an* Be'a Blo"ke!s
Co!'i"os'e!oi*s & %i/en fo! less 'an 3 )eeks0 *o no' nee* 'o be 'a$e!e*
Pan"!ea'i" Cys' & is bes' e/al+a'e* )i' Ul'!aso+n* an* Cys' As$i!a'ion
La"'a'in% )omen )i' T!i"omonas & a!e 'o be '!ea'e* )i' 9% Me'!oni*a,ole an* m+s'
*is"on'in+e B!eas'fee*in% fo! 9; o+!s
Tension 1ea*a"es & a!e +s+ally Non T!obbin% an* Bila'e!al
Cl+s'e! 1ea*a"es & a!e +s+ally Unila'e!al an* Lo"ali,e in Pe!io!bi'al Re%ion
Wen s)i'"in% f!om SSRI 'o MOAI & yo+ m+s' )ai' a Mon'0 'o a/oi* Se!o'onin Syn*!ome
Cla/i"+la! 6!a"'+!e & 'e $a'ien's "an !e'+!n 'o a"'i/i'y in ;.C )eeks
Lo"al Anes'e'i"s & a!e no' +sef+l in mana%in% "ell+li'is0 *+e 'o 'e i!!e%+la! bo!*e!s an* sa$e
Aka'isia & )i" $!esen's as inabili'y 'o si' s'ill0 )i" is a "ommon si*e effe"' of an'i.$sy"o'i"
me*i"a'ions0 "an be '!ea'e* )i' Be'a Blo"ke!s
La"'ose B!ea' Tes' & is 'e *ia%nos'i" 'es' fo! La"'ose In'ole!an"e0 'e $a'ien' m+s' fas' fo! F
o+!s befo!e 'e 'es'
1I#E Women & )o fin* o+' 'a' 'ey7!e $!e%nan'0 m+s' "on'in+e 1AART Te!a$y0 if 'ey fo+n*
o+' in 'e ea!ly -s' '!imes'e!0 'en 'ey "an s'o$ an* "on'in+e in 'e 9n* '!imes'e!4
Ba''e!ies lo*%e* in Eso$a%+s & m+s' be !emo/e* en*os"o$i"ally0 'ose 'a' $asse* in'o 'e
s'oma"0 yo+ "an )a'" fo! s$on'aneo+s $assa%e
U$!i%' Table Til' Tes' & m+s' be *one 'o e/al+a'e fo! #aso/a%al Syn"o$e
Gene'i" Tes'in% Info!ma'ion & is $!oibi'e* by La)0 )en an Em$loye! asks fo! i'
Ne$!oli'iasis in P!e%nan"y & m+s' fi!s' be e/al+a'e* )i' Ab*ominal Ul'!aso+n*
U!e'!al Ca'e'e!i,a'ion & m+s' be +se* in any "ase of !e'en'ion0 on"e U!e'!al In:+!y is e8"l+*e*
Ao!'i" #al/e & is ea!* bes' a' 9n* an* 3!* In'e!"os'al S$a"e on 'e Ri%' S'e!nal Bo!*e!
P+lmoni" #al/e & is ea!* bes' a' 9n* an* 3!* In'e!"os'al S$a"e on 'e Lef'
T!i"+s$i* #al/e & is bes' ea!* in be')een <' an* C' S$a"e a' 'e Lef' S'e!nal Bo!*e!
Mi'!al #al/e & is bes' ea!* be')een <' an* C' In'e!"os'al S$a"e in 'e Lef' Mi* Cla/i"+la! Line
PPDE Pa'ien's )o )e!e '!eea'e* )i' IN1 & *o no' nee* 'o be '!ea'e* a%ain if 'ey s'ill 'es' E fo!
Wen Dia%nose* )i' Se!io+s 1e!e*i'a!y Disease & 'e $a'ien' if !ef+ses 'o 'ell 'e family0 'en
as 'o si%n a Ref+sal 6o!m an* i' m+s' be $la"e* in 'e "a!'
In No!mo"y'i"5No!mo"!omi" Anemia & Re'i"+lo"y'e Co+n' m+s' be ob'aine* 'o *e'e!mine 'e
Me*i"al Boa!* & m+s' be no'ifie* of Pysi"ian Mis"on*+"'
Ab*ominal Ul'!aso+n* & is 'e Tes' of Coi"e fo! Ab*ominal o! S+b$!eni" Abs"ess
Confi!ma'ion of 14Pylo!i C+!e & is 'e 6e"al An'i%en Tes' ; )eeks af'e! "om$le'ion of 'e Te!a$y
D#T & 'a' *e/elo$e* as a "om$li"a'ion of a 1os$i'al S'ay m+s' be '!ea'e* )i' Co+ma*in fo! a'
leas' 3 mon's0 b+' no mo!e 'an C mon's
Pa'ello.6emo!al Syn*!ome & mos' "ommon "a+se of knee $ain in $a'ien's yo+n%e! 'an ;<0
$!esen' )i' an'e!io! knee $ain +$on "limbin% 'e s'ai!s

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