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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Volume 97; Number 23


A community newspaper serving Browerville, MN and surrounding areas. USPS 067-560

Council of the items that are dangerous
were the exposed knob & tube New owners breathe life back into
wiring throughout the structure,
follows rotted rim joists and rotted foun-
dation. He also found rotted Whoopee Inn
windows as well as other prob-
legal lems in the house and out build-
ings, including garbage accumu-
process lation in all buildings is
extreme. Ostrowski’s recommen-
dation is that the cost of repair
regarding outweighs the potential value of
the property and that all struc-
tures should be removed.
nuisance Council members then approved
having the city attorney prepare
property an “order of removal” and have it
delivered. This order must
include a reasonable time frame
By Venus King for removal. The owner then has
Browerville City Council 20 days to respond. If the owner
meeting was called to order files an answer within 20 days
Thursday, November 12 by the case is considered contested
Mayor Mike Aksamit. After and must go to trial.
approval of the Agenda, minutes Because the Browerville
and payment of claims, a build- Community Center is not being
ing permit was approved for Mel used on a daily basis, there is
and Lois Johnson to build a very little water being used,
32X38 one story garage. which has created an issue with
Lynn Fabro gave the council rusty water when the Center is
members an update on the nui- rented out. Lynn spoke with
sance property located on the Chuck Buhl, who believes the
east end of town. The city is issue would be resolved with the
closely following the legal Fire Department flushing their
process concerning this property. big lines and installing a water
They had Duane Ostrowski do softener. The softener that is at
an inspection of the house and Dennis and Rose Marie Schahn, both originally from the area, reopened the Whoopee Inn on
out buildings last week. Some Continued on page 16. October 30th.
By Nancy Leasman ture and transportation of alco- Business continued for a cou-

Paying tribute to One of Todd County’s sea-

soned establishments is back.
hol for consumption. The
Volstead Act spelled out the par-
ple of decades and then Vernon
Wieshalla took over the farm. He
Whoopee Inn, a dozen miles east ticulars but did little to enforce bought some property on Big

our Veterans of Browerville on County Road

16, reopened under new owner-
it. Bootlegging, illegally making
and selling alcohol, became ram-
Lake and decided to move
Whoopee Inn to the south shore
ship on October 30. Dennis and pant and though the government of the lake. “They jacked it up
Rose Marie Schahn, both origi- tried, it didn’t have the manpow- and put in on a couple of hay
nally from the area, took over er to search and destroy every racks,” says Jim of the move of
the bar, restaurant, cabin and still in the country nor to put the round roofed quonset-style
campground on Big Lake. The every speakeasy, as establish- building. That was in the sum-
Schahns, who farmed west of ments that illegally sold alcohol mer of 1948.
Long Prairie for a few years, were called, out of business. Nothing remains of the origi-
have lived in the southeastern As Jim remembers the family nal site. Jim says his family had
part of the state for the last 22 tales, Whoopee Inn “officially” a garden on the plot where the
years. They’re excited about the sold only pop. If patrons wanted building had stood. He said they
opportunity of owning and oper- a drink they had to go to the found lots of bottle caps and even
ating Whoopee Inn and coming house. But a trap door in the some beer mugs. “Guys with
back to home territory. floor concealed the stash of metal detectors have found some
Whoopee Inn has been a liquor; at least the good stuff. coins,” he says.
favorite gathering place for near- Other bottles were hidden in the Over the years, the building,
ly 80 years. According to Jim wood pile. “There were a couple at its new location, has been
Wieshalla, grand nephew of the of stills out in the swamp,” says remodeled, added onto and
original owners, Frank and Jim. “They kept moving,” and changed with successive owners.
Annie Wieshalla, it opened in managed to outsmart the rev- After the Wieshallas, Ray
the late 1920s. Whoopee Annie, enuers or government agents Williams owned the business fol-
as many folks called Annie responsible for stopping bootleg- lowed by Kermit and Maude
Wieshalla, played the accordion ging. (Babe) Jacobs. Lloyd and Sylvia
and operated the bar and dance Frank and Annie had no chil- Biermeier took over next fol-
hall. Prohibition could have put dren of their own but took in lowed briefly by Daryl O’Donald
a kink in the business but Annie Jim’s dad, Vernon, when he was and then the Biermeiers got it
found a simple solution. “Auntie just a baby and Vernon’s sister back. Jim and Betty Fytec were
Bernice Desotell and Marvel Bartylla listened attentively bootlegged,” says Jim, for the Mabel. They farmed and ran next in line and then Frank and
as Mitchell Gmyrek played Amazing Grace on piano while Friday and Saturday night Whoopee Inn which was origi- Deb Strom along with Suzy
Flanders Field was read by Larry Krog during the crowds. nally about five miles west of the Blais.
Browerville School’s Veteran’s Day Program held on Prohibition, in effect from current location. “It was just off Popular bands making music
November 12th. See the video and hear the January of 1920 until March of Highway 16, on what is now on Friday and Saturday nights
music at: www.bladepublishing.net 1933, banned the sale, manufac- Lake View Drive,” says Jim. Continued on page 16.


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