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Accelerate Innovation

Get a 360 view of customers

Finacle CRM Solution
The ultimate goal for any business is to attract and retain delighted customers.
Transformation of customer lifestyles, the needs of newly created middle
classes, and shifts in consumer behavior - like the rapid adoption of mobile
phones and social media - have created new opportunities to reach customers,
improve their banking experience, and grow revenues. However, these shifts
Delight customers today,
retain them tomorrow
have brought with them additional pressures for businesses to keep pace with
steadily heightening customer demand.
Traditional account management is quickly evolving to become more holistic
and nurturing. A comprehensive solution that provides a unified, real time,
and consistent view of the customer, across all channels of interaction, can
help banks reach that ultimate goal of building profitable relationships with
delighted, loyal customers.
Finacle CRM, integrated with the powerful Finacle core banking engine, has
everything a financial institution needs to address the complete cycle of marketing,
sales, and service for banking products. Finacle helps deliver better customer
experience across channels and creates an effective platform for right-selling and
deepening customer relationships by presenting a unified view of the customer.
the solution also arms banks with the tools to increase their reach through effective
product-push campaigns.
Key modules of Finacle CRM can be implemented all at once or activated over time
as needed. The solutions proven scalability ensures that it can meet the needs of
growing banks and established firms alike.
Finacle CRM
Start with complete and accurate customer information
Finacle CRM provides a single customer truth with a complete and unified
relationship view of the portfolio held across the bank and multiple host systems.
Market the right products to each customer
targeted right-selling involves offering the best suited product, for every customer,
based on their individual needs and preferences. With Finacle CRM, sales and
marketing programs become more effective because they are guided by customer
Manage customer
relationships effectively
Originate and process online
Automated product origination and processing makes it possible for customers to get
quicker responses to their requests.
Improve sales results
Finacle CRM contains an automated and configurable quota management system to
help banks measure the relative performance of each sales staff member.
Functional architecture
Service Centers
Call Center
(CTI, IVR, Soft phone)
Channel Integrator
Interaction Management
Target List
Quota, Incentive
Enterprise Customer Information
360 Degree View
O ers
Marketing Platform
Debt Service
Ratio (DSR)
Income Multiplier
Loan Modeler
Credit Filter &
Sales Platform
Service Platform
Service Request
Knowledge Base
Credit Bureau
SLA Management
Skills Master
Blacklist Master
DSA Master
Product Catalog
Load Balancing
Straight Through
Processing (STP)
Deviation Matrix
Escalation Engine
Work ow Engine
Routing Engine
Audit Trail
Access Manager
Deduplication Engine
Key modules
Enterprise customer information
When more is known about customers
- their demographics, psychographics,
financials, preferences, and the relationship
they already have with a bank banks are
in a position to offer them the right choices
increasing chances for successful sales.
In addition to supporting enterprise view
of customers across multiple host systems,
this module also supports a global view
of customers across multiple legal entities
and countries for a multi-national bank.
this helps manage the various lifecycle
stages in a relationship with the customer,
and access comprehensive segmentation
information, all through a unified view.
Flexible and user-definable templates
support KYc and AMl compliance
generate attractive marketing offers to
promote product sales.
Process automation, for appraisal of
product applications and creation of such
accounts, can save valuable staff time.
Using the modules standardized processes
also significantly minimizes operational
and credit risks. Integrated with Finacle
core banking, this module gives banks all
the advantages of an automated end-to-
end solution.
Improve the sales effectiveness of direct
selling agents and bank executives with
automated and configurable application
processing, quota management, and
incentive distribution based
on sales targets. Banks can also leverage
the offers module of Finacle CRM to
Finacle CRM automates service processes
to power faster response time for customer
requests. A sophisticated routing and
escalation engine routes customer requests
to specialist bank executives for prompt
action. For banks with a multi-channel
strategy, the service module is deployed
with computer telephony Interface (ctI)
and Interactive voice response (Ivr) in a
call center environment to improve the
efficiency of service representatives.
Call center
With built-in interfaces to Ivr and ctI
middleware, the call center module
increases the efficiency of call handling.
Auto-authentication in Ivr through tPIn
helps customers transact through tele-
banking. the ctI screen displays pre-
populated customer data, personalizing
the customer experience and empowering
the service representative with a 360 view
of the customer. the soft phone, equipped
with typical telephone features, helps
marketing executives make outbound calls
with the right information, increasing the
response to a telemarketing campaign.
The marketing module not only generates
demand through multi-channel and
multi-wave campaigns, but can manage
campaigns that maximize roI on every
marketing dollar. the list manager helps
target campaigns to the most suitable
prospects, while the template editor
designs and personalizes marketing
messages with an attractive display of
product information for prospects.
Additional features
Direct banking
Finacle supports direct banking - financial
services delivery solely over the Internet.
rich functionality enables managing
product enhancement, bundling, loan and
overdraft account origination, and setting
of pre-eligibility criteria for a direct bank.
All information about the direct banking
customers can be viewed from one unified
and comprehensive source of information.
360 view customer dashboard
Finacle CRM enables the banker to analyze
data made available through a 360 view
of the customer. this provides invaluable
information about the customers
relationship with the bank through easy-
to-understand graphical representations
such as charts and graphs. the account
aggregation view makes it easier for a
credit officer to analyze assets, liabilities,
and investments of the customer at a
representative can stay abreast of the
customers changing needs and adjust the
interaction accordingly.
Template management
With Finacle CRM, users can add dynamic
variables when creating a template and
even edit activated templates.
Adding additional content and including
more functionality to provide values
at runtime is automated and easy to
accomplish. Users can do this based on
configuration set for templates when an
email is being generated.
Workflow management
Users can outline different workflows
for various business processes, allowing
banks to define processes best suited for
service request management, origination,
customer creation or maintenance, in
accordance with their needs.
Interaction management
Customer interactions with the bank,
irrespective of channels, are managed
by the interaction management module.
With the complete interaction history
of the customer in view, the service
Single Sign On (SSO)
SSo helps users log on to multiple
applications with a single user ID and
password eliminating the need to
memorize multiple user IDs and passwords
for different systems. this saves time and
enables easier adherence to application
security policies at the bank.
of data formats. the translation toolkit is a
distinct value addition for banks looking to
expand their global footprint.
add conversational tacit intelligence to
customer interactions.
Enterprise alerts
Analytics and reports
The solutions reporting infrastructure
allows report templates to be created
in Jasper, an industry standard report
generator. reports can be generated at
scheduled intervals with data collected
from across Finacle solutions including
Finacle CRM. Finacle also provides out-
of-the-box intelligence for customer
analytics. the reports encompass analysis
of customer profitability, sales, campaigns,
and services.
Finacle enterprise alerts provide
multichannel (SMS, MMS, and e-mail)
system notifications. Finacle supports the
generation of event-based alerts, from
any of the banks transaction processing
systems, keeping customers abreast of
relevant information and change.
Standards based architecture
Finacle CRM has a true n-tier architecture
with distinct presentation, business logic,
and database layers that allow the solution
to scale to the requirements of large and
regional banks alike. the solution also
provides robust interfaces to a variety of
backend systems. Seamless integration
to Finacle core banking and e-banking
solutions is available.
Knowledge base management
Business users at the bank can refer to
the Finacle knowledge repository for
frequently sought information about
processes, service queries, and standard
Multilingual deployment
Finacle CRM supports bi-directional
language scripts and internationalization
Finacle CRM is integrated with a real-time
intelligent conversation and interaction
management engine called clari5 to
Business benefits
Acquire customers aggressively
creating personalized, targeted marketing
campaigns that generate demand and
executing sophisticated multi-channel
marketing strategies is streamlined with
Finacle CRM. this optimizes marketing
efforts and results in greater conversion of
analytics to deliver true relationship
banking and create a pipeline of
opportunities for right-selling. Finacle CRM
can integrate with other white-labeled
solutions to develop the right message for
each customer.
single repository of information enables
remotely located bankers to collaborate
and transact seamlessly.
Lower the total cost of ownership
Finacle CRM is future-ready because it is
Web-based and built on open technologies
that can be seamlessly integrated with
other enterprise applications. the
solutions robust architecture and proven
scalability protects the banks technology
Increase operational efficiency
Finacle CRM supports business automation
for processes and business activities,
eliminating manual tasks and reducing
process time. Straight-through-Processing
(StP) abilities speed up turnaround and
allow for speedy completion of tedious
tasks. And the multilingual Web-based
Enable targeted right-selling
A comprehensive, 360 and single-source
view into all the relationships customers
have with the bank also enables banks to
understand what else they might need.
Finacle CRM supports robust customer
Finacle from Infosys partners with banks, the world over, to
accelerate innovation and unlock the value levers of their
business. creating and launching new offerings faster than the
competition, increasing right-sell efficiencies and customer
delight, while optimizing processes to support agile and cost
efficient operations has never been easier.
Bring customers to tomorrows bank with finacle CRM.
Finacle helps build
tomorrows bank

About Infosys Finacle
Infosys Finacle partners with banks to transform process, product and customer experience, arm-
ing them with accelerated innovation that is key to building tomorrows bank.
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