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Shopping Books at Flipkart

Sample Work Author: Sriharsha Kotamarthy

Before start buying books from the showcase of wide variety options ensure that you meet with the
following requirements:
1. Stable Internet Connection and web browser
2. Sufficient balance in bank to make Payment for the Shipment
3. Valid Delivery Address and Mobile Number
Steps to purchase Books from Flipkart:
1. Open web browser, and enter www.flipkart.com in the address bar, and then press Enter from
keyboard. Flipkart website appears in the following manner.

2. On the main menu, point to Books & Media and select required Category as per your area of
interest. Preview of books available under the selected category appears

Shopping Books at Flipkart
Sample Work Author: Sriharsha Kotamarthy

3. Click the required book preview, to view the complete details related to the book (such as
Actual price, Price after discount etc.) appears as mentioned in the following figure.

4. To buy the book, click BUY NOW. Shopping Cart dialogue box confirming the book added to cart
appears as mentioned in following figure

5. Click PLACE ORDER to provide basic details and delivery address and proceed for payment as
mentioned in the following screen.

Shopping Books at Flipkart
Sample Work Author: Sriharsha Kotamarthy

5.1. SIGN IN: Enter your Email, and click CONTINUE to receive the delivery status of the shipment.
You get an Account activation link with request to set password to the provided Email address.
5.2. Delivery Address:
Name Enter your name. Shipment delivers from Flipkart on this name
Pin Code Enter your delivery address area Pin Code. You cannot proceed further,
if the Pin Code you enter not available in Flipkart delivery radius
Address Type the complete address that shipment needs to be delivered
Landmark Enter famous landmark available near to the delivery address
City Enter the city name of delivery address (Example: Hyderabad)
State Enter the State name of delivery address (Example: Andhra Pradesh)
Country Appears automatically
Phone Enter your mobile number
+ Click Save and Continue to review the Order Summary
5.3. Order Summary: Shopping Cart appears. Review the items added in the cart. If you plan to
preset the book as a gift, then Choose Gift Wrap. Gift Wrapping charges automatically adds to
the total payment amount.
5.4. Payment Method: You can opt for variety of payment modes to receive your shipment.
5.4.1. Cash on Delivery: This method allows you to make payment when the delivery person
arrives at the delivery address and handover the shipment. To confirm order, enter the
letters in image and click CONFIRM ORDER.
5.4.2. Net Banking: Select your bank from Popular List or click All banks dropdown list, select your
bank, and then click MAKE PAYMENT. You are redirected to the bank login screen.
1. Enter your User name and Password in the provided textboxes
2. Review the Payment Details, and then click PAY/SUBMIT to pay amount for the book.
3. Enter the Security Code you receive to your mobile from your banker in Code textbox,
and then click PROCEED.
Shopping Books at Flipkart
Sample Work Author: Sriharsha Kotamarthy

CAUTION: Do not press BACKSPACE or refresh the browser until you get an Order Confirmation message
to your mobile.
5.4.3. Credit Card/ Debit Card: To make payment through your credit card, enter the details in the
following manner.

CARD NUMBER Enter the card number. The type of credit card you are using for
payment appears automatically
EXPIRY DATE Enter the expiry month and year mentioned on your card
CVV (Card Verification
Enter the CVV number available on the signature sticker at
magnetic strip side
NAME ON CARD Enter the name as mentioned on the card
1. Click PAY and Pay zippy appears whether to save the Card Details for future usage. Click
Yes to Save card details and No to continue payment.
2. Your bankers payment confirmation screen appears along with High Security Code to
your mobile.
3. Enter the received High Security Code, and click PAY/PROCEED to pay amount to for the
selected book.
5.4.4. EMI: As per current Flipkat rules, you cannot opt for this option if your book cost is less than
RS. 4000.
5.4.5. E-Gift Voucher: Enter Voucher Number, Voucher PIN and then click APPLY to apply gift

Note: You shipment will be delivered to the provided address within 7 working days. You can also track the shipment status by activating your
Flipkart account via. Activation Link sent to the provided Email ID. In case, if you have any queries or complaints feel free to approach us for
voice support on 1800 208 9898. For online support write us to cs@flipkart.com