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Reflective Memo

The course
This course teaches writing strategies and tactics that I, as an engineer, will need in
order to write successfully on the job. Learning in technical writing develops a range
of writing processes appropriate to various writing tasks; Arrange material to raise and
satisfy readers expectations, using both conventional and rhetorical patterns of
organization; And Evaluate my documents to be sure that the documents fulfill my
purpose and to ensure that they can be revised if necessary. Job application package is
very useful for me in order to evaluate my upcoming career life and find a proper job
after graduation. At that part, I learned the format of a qualified resume and cover
letter. I understand what I should contain in the resume and cover letter and what I
should not. Also, it pushed me to further improve myself to fulfill my academic goals.

I include the work on my EE 310 class which is the electronic circuit design class,
because I want to show my academic skills based on my major in the e-portfolio. I
also want to present my solving, executing, and analyzing ability by showing this
sample work. I evaluated myself by doing this assignment since this is a reflection
status report about the progress our team made at that time. I hope the visitor not only
learned some professional knowledge, but also my creative characteristic and
leadership after reading my report.

After learning this course, I understand how to make a basic rhetorical analysis, how
to use internet resource to make a guide, what I should list and present in resume and
cover letter, how to define an object and describe a progress, how to make an
instruction set, and finally how to present myself online. The technical writing skills I
learned in this course will assist me a lot in the workplace in the future, which makes
me become professional and knowledgeable. The first assignment basic rhetorical
analysis played pivotal roles when I composed the status report in EE 310 lab. I
rationally analyze my teams progress at that time and made some significant
suggestion about completing the tasks better and fast during the following lab time.

The Portfolio
My e-portfolio presents my academic skills and learning abilities. I decided to design
the e-portfolio in order to show different perspectives from interests and hobbies to
professional work and knowledge. The audience for my e-portfolio includes
perspectives employers and graduate school. I briefly introduced my major, where I
come from, my interests and hobbies, and my lifetime goals on the home page. On the
About me page, I tell a story to visitor about who I am, what brought me here, and
how I came to be interested in what I do. I detailed present myself to show my
personalities and characteristics on the about me page, which makes visitor further
know me besides the homepage. After learning from ENGL202C course, I clearly
understand that catching audiences attentions and attractions is pivotal since I want to
maximize my advantages through the technical terms and fancy designs. Also, the
e-portfolio is the best way to show myself online when people want to get familiar
with me. Thus, making a well-organized and high-advanced e-portfolio would both
add credits on the career life and enlarge the circle of friends.