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Rewari(Haryana): Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who

was on Friday named the BJP's prime ministerial candidate for

the 2014 national elections, has addressed a massive rally in
Rewari,( Haryana) .organised by BJP unit of ESM.
No doubts the speech was heart throbbing, well said,well
articulated, HI-FI words in praise of ESM/Serving Defence
personnel, a speech which did generate a momentary heat in the
blood of the listeners.
We only hope that the speech is taken in letter and spirit if BJP
comes into power and not with a view of giving speech with
a preconceived idea of FIRST Impression is LAST Impression.
The speech was a maiden speech from PM in waiting candidate
of BJP.
Mr Narinder Modi did not leave any aspect which he did not
touch upon, in order to incite Indian soldiers feelings from core
of his heart ,whether one was present at the rally or watching
Live on TV .
It was indeed heartening to hear Mr Modi say that the demand
by Ex-Servicemen for grant of One Rank One Pension is a
legitimate one; and One Rank One Pension must be granted. He
asked the present Govt. to put out a White Paper on grant of One
Rank One Pension. He also touched upon to pay homage to
the martyrs at war memorial
Further Delivering his first speech he targeted the ruling
Party (Congress) over the killings of Indian soldiers at the
LoC. Hitting at Defence Minister A.K. Antony for his 'terrorist
wearing Pakistan Army uniforms' remark, he said the leaders
should refrain from insulting the soldiers. Modi also pointed
fingers at the JD (U) for the insensitive remarks made by its
leaders about the Indian Army( FAUJ MAE LOG MARNE KE LIYE JATTE HAI).
We wish him luck and pray to GOD to ensure that Mr Modi will
recollect all he said todat if he sits on the saddle of PM in future.

Here are highlights of his speech:

Our voice must reach those who are deployed on the
Today I have the privilege of coming here and being
amongst you
Is dharti ne har yuddh mein shahadat ka shatak
lagaya hain(This is the land of a 100 martyrs in
every war in this country)
As a small soldier of India, I salute the brave soldiers
gather here
To die for the country, to desire martyrdom is no less
pious that rishis of India
I salute all the ex-servicemen across India, not just
those gathered here
Today morning I got some news. India is a country
that has been starved for good news for a decade
We have been getting news of defeat and
disappointment. I congratulate the scientists who
have successfully test-fired the Agni-V ballistic
missile today
Two days ago, I was given a great responsibility by
the BJP. The elation I have today being here, I did
not have when my name was announced
I was in Class 6 and belonged to a poor family. I had
not seen 2 rupees together. I saw an advertisement
in the newspaper for a sainik school
I saved Rs. 2 , and went to the post office for the first
time. I got the prospectus from the school. Serving
the country meant joining the Army
I asked my father for money to travel to the sainik
school, but my father said we did not have the
And this is the same school in Jamnagar where
Haryana Chief Minister Hoodaji went - unhone
Gujarat ka namak bahut khaya hain (LAUGHTER)
In 1965, when I found out soldiers were going to the
border through Mehsana, I went there without
telling my father
I served them tea, food... and that went on for many
Wherever I worked for the BJP, I visited cantonments
and interacted with soldiers. They became my
extended family
This must be a divine signal. This rally was planned
months earlier. How was I to know on September 13
such a huge announcement would take place?
There isn't a family in Haryana that hasn't been
touched by Swami Dayanand Saraswati and his Arya
Samaj movement
During the emergency, Morarji Desai was interned in
Haryana and that is a connection Haryana has with
Sri Krishna was from Dwaraka in Gujarat but he is
connected to Haryana through Kurukshetra where
he delivered the sermon of Bhagwad Gita
When Gujarat was struck by the earthquake at Bhuj,
the soldiers of the Indian Army arrived as saviours
In Uttarakhand, our soldiers worked relentlessly to
save people and some of them were killed in serving
the pilgrims
I salute them and am proud of their sacrifices
When the country was commemorating such
sacrifices, Pakistani soldiers were killing our soldiers
along the border
And unfortunately, our Defence Minister said in
Parliament there were some people in Pakistani
Army uniforms
How painful that must be for the thousands of
Indians? But the govt in Delhi doesn't seem to care
And it is shameful that a member of the ruling party
says people join the army to die
If you can't weep for the martyrs don't, but do not
insult the memory of the soldiers who died for the
Whenever I get the opportunity to celebrate Diwali, I
go and spend it with soldiers on the border
I have laid 700 km of pipeline to get drinking water to
the last border outpost when I saw camels were
deployed to fetch water
We have made a Shaheed Smarak (memorial) on the
border for those who laid down their lives in the
wars with Pakistan
Pakistan doesn't let up in its antics, China is going
eyeball to eyeball threatening to stop the flow of
Are our neighbours troubling us because our Army is
weak? No. The problem is not at our borders, it is in
Till we have a capable government in Delhi which is
nationalistic and committed to protecting every
citizen, we can't guarantee security
The threat of internal security: India has lost more
jawans to bullets from terrorists than enemies from
across the border
The nature of war has changed. Many more countries
and people are affected by proxy war or terrorism as
compared to those in the two World Wars
There should be a global consensus on tackling
terrorism, Maoism and that is not difficulty if India
has capable leadership
You can't selectively deal with terrorism. All humanist
forces should come together for world peace and
progress in the developing world
Pakistan has a newly elected government, there was
hope that they would try and improve relations. But
the way our soldiers were killed shows their
intentions are not good
To Pakistan's rulers I say fight against poverty.
Weapons and warfare have done you no good in 60
years. Try not allowing terrorists to use your
territory for 10 years and you'll see your progress
will be manifold
When the Indian Army could not be defeated at the
border, innocent citizens were targeted by terrorists
Cross-border terrorism can't benefit India, Pakistan or
To Pakistan, I say you may have been born out of
anti-India politics but that can't contribute to your
Vote-bank politics has eaten way at foundations of
this country. If politicians have to learn secularism,
look at the Indian Army. There is no greater example
of Indian secularism
Through the Sacchar Committee they conducted a
headcount of Hindus and Muslims in the Army. They
have committed the sin of trying to communally
colour the Indian Army
I salute the officers who stood against it and refused
the census within the Armed Forces on communal
I appeal to my soldiers - don't forgive these people
who tried to divide you
Strong Army, Strong Leadership, Strong Country -
these are the dreams we must achieve
We must have the educated youth in the Armed
Forces - more than borders wars will be fought with
We must create an atmosphere where joining the
Army becomes a matter of pride
When our solders with severed limbs go from door-to-
door with appeals, that's not acceptable
We must ensure our ex-servicemen live with dignity
and honour
Demand that the govt of India bring out a 'white
paper' on the status on One-Rank-One-Pension
We can use the skills of ex-servicemen in many areas
- if you use them in fire brigades, there will be no
fire in this country
(Mentions Rajyavardhan Rathore) who brought glory
to the country with his Olympic medal.. can't more
soldiers do it?
Appointing 1000 ex-servicemen had such a moral
impact that the power thefts stopped
Most of the budget of the Army goes towards
importing cheap munitions
We are a country of 1.2 billion with the capability of
launching its own missiles, but we import the
smallest of things
The people in Delhi don't know how its soldiers are
but do know when the next tender is coming out
We should dream that we will have the capability of
developing our defense industries and become
We must become self-reliant in meeting the needs of
our Armed Forces. If the supply of weaponry stops
during war, due to the foreign policy of a third
nation, imagine what our plight will be
Casting your vote is also a way of serving the nation.
When we get the right to vote, many of us don't
appreciate the gift of our constitution
If you want a strong India, ensure that people are
I want your help with another endeavour. Sardar
Patel united this country but for many years his
contribution has been forgotten
He was a farmer, he was the iron-man of India. We
want to make a memorial for Sardar Patel - a statue
of unity that will be twice as tall as the Statue of
We want to make the tallest statue in the world and
we want to involve the whole country in this
I want a piece of iron from every village - iron that is
used to till the land.