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I bow my head before almighty Allah with gratatitude. My indebt ness

and salute to many individuals who have helped shape this report
cannot adequately be conveyed in a few sentences. However, I must
once again recall my indebt ness to lot of former fellows and
contemporary colleagues who took the time and trouble during the last
few days to speak to me about the ways this text could be further
improved. It is most appropriate to mention the ingenuity of respected
teacher Sir, who provide me an opportunity to enhance the
management skills from a well established organization It is my privilege
and honors to my express my deep gratitude and in calculating thanks
to Clean Water Group Lahore especially to Dr. Mohammad Riaz (CEO)
who provided me an opportunity to work in the environment where
quality is everything. I bow my special thanks to Mr. Numan Ali
Chaudary (Public Relations Officer) who was very kind to me during my
internship period.



Increase in the Water Contamination and expansion of large industries
has been impressive in Pakistan since 1947. Due to which
undersurface water has been contaminated very much due to which
mineral water usage has been increased a great deal from the early
80s. Many companies started their operations in Pakistan as mineral
water companies. CWG is one of the pioneers of mineral water industry
in Pakistan.

Pakistan has witnessed a great growth in mineral water industry as
many organizations have started their mineral water products for the
Pakistani market. This expansion in mineral water is due to many
reasons. Some of the main reasons are explained hereunder.
The main reason is the presence of multinational organizations who use
mineral water in their businesses and dealings second the well
established corporate businesses have also started using mineral

Due to increased consumption of mineral water there was a need to
fulfill this demand by providing more mineral water services so many
new organizations came into market to capture the market segments.
CWG is very prominent name among those mineral water industries
being the pioneer of the mineral water industry in Pakistan.

However, in 1998, CWG gained the No.2 position, leaving others
behind In the case of Mineral Water production, a number of
Companies have been emerging in the Pakistani market to compete
with existing organizations like CWG.

These Companies are Nestle Pure Life, Gourmet Water, Heaven and
Brook, Springley, CWG Fresh, Pharmagin, Sufi Mineral Water etc. The
latest available date on overall production performance of Pakistan
comported with some other companies is tremendous.

The above-mentioned presentation in the context of Pakistani scenario
highlights the emerging position of Pakistans Mineral Water industry
when is likely to continue further following the full implementation of
WTO agreement from 2005 onwards when an era of free trade will start

The Mineral Water sector, traditionally the core of the industry, is
already in the expansion with many organizations are coming in the
market to fulfill the market demand and also to capture the high market
share. Competition is very high or head on competition with many rivalry
organizations due to a great deal market demand.

Every organization is trying to capture the high market share by
providing better mineral water services to market segments that vary in
their behavior. Some of the customers are quality and brand conscious
whereas some are price or accessibility conscious. But still, this sector
will be hit by the projected expansion of its major markets in the big
cities in the coming years.