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Dear Children, especially my Famous Five Club Members, Here is he !eny"
#irs advenure o# he Famous Five$ %he same characers appear in i, o# course&
'ulian, Dic(, )eor*ina +called )eor*e #or shor,, -nne&and %immy he do*$ .i(e all
he oher Five boo(s his one is /uie complee in isel#$ 0 hope you !ill #ind i as
e1ciin* as he ohers$ 2o many o# you !roe and be**ed me o pu %in(er, and
Mischie#, his mon(ey, ino his boo(, and o le he Five *o o 3irrin 0sland a*ain, ha
0 have #el 0 really mus do so4
%he names o# he oher !eny boo(s are5
Five on a Treasure Island
Five Go Adventuring Again
Five Run Away Together
Five Go to Smuggler's Top
Five Go Off in a Caravan
Five on Kirrin Island Again
Five Go Off to Camp
Five Get Into Troule
Five Fall Into Adventure
Five on a !i"e Together
Five !ave a #onderful Time
Five Go $own to the Sea
Five Go to %ystery %oor
Five !ave &lenty of Fun
Five on a Se'ret Trail
Five Go to (illy'o'" !ill
Five Get Into a Fi)
Five on Finniston Farm
Five Go to $emon's Ro'"s
Five !ave a %ystery to Solve
6ne more hin*4 %he lovers o# he Famous Five boo(s have #ormed a Club,
called he Famous Five Club$ 0 hope you !ill belon* o i$ For pariculars o# he Club,
urn o he pa*e a he end o# he boo($
)ood luc( o you all,
F089 -:9
%6)9%H9: -)-0;
Illustrated y *ileen Safer
Chapter One
>)eor*e, can? you si sill #or even a minue4? said
'ulian$ >0?s bad enou*h o have he rain roc(in* abou
all over he place, !ihou you #allin* over my #ee all
he ime, *oin* o loo( ou o# #irs one !indo! and hen
he oher$?
>@ell, !e?re nearly a 3irrin " almos home4? said
)eor*e$ >0 can? help #eelin* e1cied$ 0?ve missed old
%immy so much his erm, and 0 Aus can? !ai o see
him4 0 love o loo( ou o# he !indo! and see ho!
much nearer !e are o 3irrin$ Do you hin( %immy !ill
be on he saion o mee us, bar(in* madlyB?
>Don? be an ass,? said Dic($ >He?s a clever do*, bu
no clever enou*h o read rail!ay ime"ables$?
>He doesn? need o,? said )eor*e$ >He al!ays
(no!s !hen 0?m comin* home$?
>0 really believe he does,? said -nne, seriously$
>Cour moher al!ays says ho! e1cied he is on he day
you are arrivin* home #rom school " can? (eep sill "
(eeps *oin* o he #ron *ae and loo(in* do!n he
>Dear, dear %immy4? said )eor*e, #allin* over
'ulian?s #ee a*ain, as she scrambled once more o he
!indo!$ >@e?re nearly here$ .oo(, here?s he si*nal"
bo1, and he si*nal is do!n$ HD::-H4?
Her hree cousins loo(ed a her in amusemen$
)eor*e !as al!ays li(e his on he !ay home #rom
school$ Her hou*hs !ere #ull o# very lile else bu her
beloved %immy all he !ay home$ 'ulian hou*h ho!
much she loo(ed li(e a resless boy Aus hen, !ih her
shor, curly hair, and her deermined e1pression$ )eor*e
had al!ays lon*ed o be a boy, bu as she !asn?, she
made up #or i by ryin* o spea( and ac li(e one, and
!ould never ans!er o her #ull name o# )eor*ina$
>@e?re comin* ino 3irrin saion4? yelled )eor*e,
almos #allin* ou o# he !indo!$ >0 can see our porer$
Hey, Eeers " !e?re bac( a*ain$ @9?:9 F-C3
%he rain slid ino 3irrin saion, and Eeers !aved
and *rinned$ He had (no!n )eor*e since she !as a
baby$ )eor*e opened he door and leap ou o# he
>Home a*ain4 Fac( a 3irrin4 6h, 0 do hope %immy
!ill be a he saion4? she said$
Fu here !as no %immy here$ >He mus have
#or*oen you !ere comin*,? said Dic(, !ih a *rin, and
a once *o a sco!l #rom )eor*e$ Eeers came up,
smilin* all over his #ace, and *ave hem his usual
!elcome$ 9veryone in 3irrin 8illa*e (ne! he Five "
!hich, o# course, included %immy he do*$
Eeers soon had he children?s lu**a*e ou, and
!heeled i do!n he pla#orm on his rolley$ >0?ll send i
alon* o 3irrin Coa*e as soon as he van comes,? he
said$ >Had a *ood ermB?
>2mashin*4? said Dic($ >Fu i seemed very lon*,
as 9aser is so lae his year$ My !ord " loo( a he
primroses on he rail!ay ban(s$?
Fu )eor*e had no eyes #or anyhin* Aus hen$ 2he
!as sill loo(in* ou #or %immy$ @here !as heB @HC
hadn? he come o he saion o mee hemB He came
las ime and he ime be#ore4 2he urned a roubled #ace
o Dic($
>Do you hin( he?s illB? she as(ed$ >6r has he
#or*oen meB 6r$$$?
>6h, don? be an ass, )eor*e,? said Dic($ >He is
probably in he house some!here and can? *e ou$
.oo( ou " he rolley nearly ran you over hen$?
)eor*e s(ipped ou o# he !ay, *larin*$ @H9:9
!as %immyB 2he !as sure he !as ill " or had had an
acciden " or !as ied up and couldn? *e a!ay$ Eerhaps
'oan, he coo(, had #or*oen o le him loose$
>0?m *oin* o a(e a a1i home, i# 0?ve enou*h
money,? she said, a(in* ou her purse$ >Cou ohers can
!al($ 0 mus see i# anyhin*?s happened o %immy " he?s
never missed meein* our rain be#ore$?
>Fu )eor*e, i?s such a lovely !al( o 3irrin
Coa*e4? said -nne$ >Cou (no! ho! you love o see
your island " dear old 3irrin 0sland " as !e !al( o your
moher?s house " and he bay " and hear he !aves
crashin* on he roc(s$?
>0?m a(in* he saion a1i,? said )eor*e,
obsinaely, counin* he money in her purse$ >0# you?d
li(e o come !ih me, you can$ 0?s %immy 0 !an o
see, no islands and !aves and hin*s4 0?m sure he?s ill
or has had an acciden or somehin*4?
>-ll ri*h, )eor*e, do as you please,? said 'ulian$
>Hope you #ind dear old %immy is per#ecly !ell " and
has only #or*oen he ime o# he rain$ 2ee you laer$?
%he !o brohers, and heir siser -nne, se o##
o*eher, loo(in* #or!ard o he !al( o 3irrin Coa*e$
Ho! lovely o see 3irrin Fay a*ain, and )eor*e?s
>0sn? she luc(y o have a real island o# her very
o!n4? said -nne$ >Fancy i belon*in* o her #amily #or
years and years " and hen one day her moher suddenly
*ives i o )eor*e4 0 be she !orried and !orried dear
-un Fanny unil she *ave in o old )eor*e$ 0 do so
hope %immy is all ri*hG !e shan? enAoy our holidays
!ih )eor*e?s moher i# here?s anyhin* !ron* !ih
>6h, )eor*e !ill probably *o and live in %immy?s
(ennel !ih him,? said Dic(, !ih a chuc(le$ >Ha " loo(4
%he sea " and 3irrin Fay " -;D he lile old island as
lovely as ever4?
>@ih is *ulls circlin* round, and me!in* li(e cas,?
said 'ulian$ >-nd he old ruined casle here, Aus e1acly
he same as usual$ ;o a sin*le sone #allen ou o# i, as
#ar as 0 can see$?
>Cou can? possibly see ha a his disance,? said
-nne, scre!in* up her eyes$ >6h, isn? he #irs day o#
he hols heavenlyB @e seem o have all he ime in he
!orld in #ron o# us4?
>Ces$ -nd hen, alas, a#er a #e! days, he holidays
rush by,? said 'ulian$ >0 !onder i# )eor*e is home by
>@ell, her a1i passed us *oin* a a remendous
pace4? said Dic($ >0 be old )eor*e !as shouin* a he
driver o *o as #as as possible4?
>.oo( " here?s 3irrin Coa*e " 0 can Aus see he
chimneys in he disance,? said Dic($ >2mo(e is comin*
#rom one o# hem$?
>Funny " !hy only oneB? said 'ulian$ >%hey usually
have he (ichen #ire *oin*, and a #ire in Dncle Huenin?s
sudy$ He?s such a cold moral !hen he?s !or(in* ou all
his !onder#ul #i*ures #or his invenions$?
>Eerhaps he?s a!ay,? said -nne, hope#ully$ 2he !as
raher a#raid o# )eor*e?s hasy"empered #aher$ >0 should
hin( Dncle Huenin could do !ih a holiday a imes "
he?s al!ays buried in ro!s and ro!s o# #i*ures$?
>@ell, le?s hope !e don? disurb him oo much,? said
'ulian$ >0?s hard on -un Fanny i# he (eeps yellin* a
everyone$ @e?ll ry and be ou o# doors mos o# he ime$?
%hey !ere nearly a 3irrin Coa*e no!$ -s hey
came near o he #ron *ae, hey sa! )eor*e come
runnin* do!n he *arden"pah$ %o 'ulian?s horror, she
!as cryin* bierly$
>0 say " i does loo( as i# somehin* has happened o
old %immy,? he said, scared$ >0?s no li(e )eor*e o cry "
she never cries4 @ha can have happenedB?
0n *rea alarm hey be*an o run, and -nne shoued as
she ran, >)eor*e4 )eor*e, !ha?s he maerB 0s
somehin* !ron* !ih %immyB @ha?s happenedB?
>@e can? say a home,? !ep )eor*e$ >@e?ve *o o
*o a!ay some!here$ 2omehin* a!#ul?s happened4?
>@ha is iB %ell us, you idio4? said Dic(, in alarm$
>For *oodness? sa(e, !ha?s happenedB 0s %immy run
over, or somehin*B?
>;o " i isn? %immy,? said )eor*e, !ipin* her eyes
!ih her hand, because, as usual, she had no
hand(erchie#$ >0?s 'oan " 'oan, our dear, darlin* coo(4?
>@ha?s he maer !ih herB? as(ed 'ulian, hin(in*
o# all (inds o# dread#ul hin*s$ >)96:)9, !ill you
please %9.. D24?
>'oan?s *o scarle #ever,? said )eor*e, sni##in*
dole#ully$ >2o !e can? be a 3irrin Coa*e$?
>@hy noB? demanded Dic($ >'oan !ill have o *o o a
#ever hospial " and !e can all say a 3irrin Coa*e and
help your moher$ Eoor old 'oan4 Fu cheer up, )eor*e,
scarle #ever isn? much o# a hin* o have no!adays$
Come on " le?s *o in and see i# !e can com#or your
moher$ Eoor old -un Fanny, she !ill be in a se! " !ih
all o# us #our cousins a 3irrin Coa*e oo4 ;ever mind,
!e can$$$?
>2op Aabberin*, Dic(,? said )eor*e, e1asperaed$ >@e
can? say a 3irrin Coa*e$ Moher !ouldn? even le me
*o in a he #ron door4 2he shooed me a!ay, and said 0
!as o !ai in he *arden, he docor !as comin* in a
minue or !o$?
2omeone called o hem #rom a !indo! o# 3irrin
Coa*e$ >-re you all here, childrenB 'ulian, come here,
!ill youB?
%hey all !en ino he *arden, and sa! heir -un
Fanny, )eor*e?s moher, leanin* ou o# a bedroom
>.isen, dears,? she said$ >'oan has scarle #ever, and
is !aiin* #or an ambulance o a(e her o he
hospial, and$$$?
>-un Fanny " don? !orry$ @e?ll all urn o and
help,? called bac( 'ulian, cheer#ully$
>Dear 'ulian " you sill don? undersand,? said his
aun$ >Cou see, neiher your uncle nor 0 have had scarle
#ever " so !e are in /uaranine, and musn? have
anyone near us, in case !e *e i, and *ive i o hem "
and ha mi*h mean !e?d *ive i o all you #our$?
>@ould %immy *e iB? as(ed )eor*e, sill sni##in*
>;o, o# course no$ Don? be silly, )eor*e,? said her
moher$ >Did you ever hear o# do*s *ein* measles or
!hoopin*"cou*h or any o# our illnessesB %immy isn? in
/uaranine$ Cou can *e him ou o# his (ennel as soon as
you li(e$?
)eor*e?s #ace li*hed up immediaely, and she sho
round he bac( o# he house, yellin* %immy?s name$ -
once here came a volley o# bar(s4
>-un Fanny " !ha do you !an us o doB? as(ed
'ulian$ >@e can? *o o my home, because my people
are sill in )ermany$ 2hould !e *o o a hoelB?
>;o, dear, 0?ll hin( o# some!here you can all *o,?
said his aun$ >)ood *racious, !ha a ro! %immy is
ma(in*4 Eoor 'oan " she has such a spliin* headache$?
>Here?s he ambulance,? cried -nne, as a bi* hospial
van dre! up ouside he *ae$ Mrs 3irrin disappeared
#rom he !indo! a once o ell 'oan$ %he ambulance
man !en up o he #ron door, his mae behind him
carryin* a srecher$ %he #our children !ached in
surprise$ >He?s *one o #ech dear old 'oan,? said 'ulian$
-nd sure enou*h he srecher !as soon carried ou !ih
'oan lyin* on i, !rapped round in blan(es$ 2he !aved
o he children as he men carried her ou$
>2oon be bac(4? she said, in raher a croa(y voice$
>Help Mrs 3irrin i# you can$ 2o sorry abou his4?
>Eoor 'oan,? said -nne, !ih ears in her eyes$ >)e
beer /uic(ly, 'oan$ @e shall miss you so4?
%he ambulance door closed and he van !en o##
very smoohly and /uiely$
>@haever shall !e doB? said Dic(, urnin* o 'ulian$
>Can? *o home " can? say here4 6h, here?s %0MMC4
Ho! are you, %im, old hin*B %han( *oodness
you can? *e scarle #ever$ Don? (noc( me over, old
boy$ Do!n4 )osh, !ha a lic(y do* you are4?
%immy !as he only one in hi*h spiris$ %he ohers
#el really do!n in he dumps$ 6h dear " !ha !as o be
doneB @here could hey *oB @ha a horrid be*innin* o
a holiday4 Do!n, %immy, D6@;4 @ha a do*4
-nyone !ould hin( he had never even heard o# scarle
#ever4 @0.. you *e do!n, %immy4
Chapter Two
)eor*e !as sill loo(in* upse$ @ha !ih her #ears
ha %immy mi*h be ill or hur, and no! her disress a
'oan bein* carried o## in he ambulance, she !asn? much
help o anyone$
>Do sop$ sni##in*, )eor*e,? said -nne$ >@e?ve Aus
*o o be sensible and hin( o# some !ay ou o# his$?
>0?m *oin* o #ind Moher,? said )eor*e$ >0 don? care
i# she?s in /uaranine or no$I
>6h no you?re no,? said 'ulian, a(in* her #irmly by
he arm$ >Cou Aolly !ell (no! !ha /uaranine means$
@hen you had !hoopin*"cou*h you !eren? allo!ed o
come near any o# us, in case !e cau*h i oo$ Cou !ere
in#ecious, and ha mean ha you didn? have close
conac !ih anybody #or a leas a #e! !ee(s$ 0 hin( i?s
only !o !ee(s #or scarle #ever, so i !on? be oo bad$?
)eor*e !en on sni##in*, ryin* o pull a!ay #rom
'ulian?s hand$ 'ulian !in(ed a Dic(, and said somehin*
ha made )eor*e pull hersel# o*eher a once$
>@ell, :9-..C, )eor*e4? he said$ >Cou?re acin*
Aus li(e a !eepy *irl$ Eoor )eor*ina4 Eoor lile old
)eor*e sopped sni##in* immediaely and *lared a
'ulian in #ury$ 0# here !as one hin* she really haed
i !as o be old she !as acin* li(e a silly *irl4 -nd ho!
a!#ul o be called by her real name, )eor*ina4 2he *ave
'ulian a he#y punch, and he *rinned a her, !ardin* her
>%ha?s beer,? he said$ >Cheer up4 'us loo( a %immy
sarin* a you in amaJemen$ He?s hardly ever heard you
cryin* be#ore$?
>0?m ;6% cryin*4? said )eor*e$ >0?m " !ell, 0?m upse
abou 'oan$ -nd i?s a!#ul o have no!here o *o$?
>0 can hear -un Fanny elephonin*,? said -nne, !ho
had very sharp ears$ 2he #ondled %immy?s head, and he
lic(ed her hand$ He had already *iven everyone a
!onder#ul !elcome, !hinin* !ih pleasure, and lic(in*
lavishly$ He had been mad !ih Aoy o see )eor*e a*ain,
and !as surprised and sad o #ind her loo(in* so
miserable no!$ Dear %immy " he cerainly belon*ed o
he Five4
>.e?s si do!n and !ai #or -un Fanny,? said 'ulian,
selin* himsel# on he *rass$ >@e loo( a bi silly sandin*
sarin* a 3irrin Coa*e li(e his$ -un Fanny !ill come
o he !indo! in a minue$ 2he is sure o have hou*h o#
a *ood idea #or us$ %0MMC4 0 shan? say siin* do!n #or
lon* i# you (eep lic(in* my nec( li(e ha$ 0 shall send
you #or a o!el in a minue, so ha 0 can !ipe i dry4?
%he lile Ao(e made everyone #eel beer$ %hey !ere
all siin* on he *rass no!, and %immy !en lovin*ly
#rom one o he oher$ -ll his #amily bac( a*ain " i !as
oo *ood o be rue4 He seled do!n a las, his
head on )eor*e?s (nee, )eor*e?s hand caressin* his
>-un Fanny?s pu do!n he elephone,? said -nne$
>;o! she?ll come o he !indo!$?
>Cou?ve *o ears li(e a do* " Aus as *ood as
%immy?s,? said Dic($ >0 couldn? hear a hin*4?
>Here?s Moher4? said )eor*e, and leap o her #ee as
Mrs 3irrin came o he !indo! and leaned ou$
>0?s all ri*h, dears,? she called$ >0?ve been able o
arran*e somehin* #or you$ 0 have been elephonin* he
scienis ha your #aher has been !or(in* !ih, )eor*e "
Ero#essor Haylin*$ He !as comin* here #or a day or !o,
and !hen 0 old him he couldn? because !e?re in
/uaranine, he a once said ha you mus all *o here "
and ha %in(er, his son " you remember him, don? you "
!ould be deli*hed o have your company4?
>%in(er4 )oodness, yes, 0 shall never #or*e him " or
his mon(ey eiher4? said 'ulian$ >He?s he boy !ho o!ns
ha old li*hhouse a Demon?s :oc(s, isn? heB @e !en
o say here !ih him, and had a marvellous ime$?
>@ell " you?re no sayin* a he li*hhouse, 0?m
a#raid,? said his aun, #rom he !indo!$ >-pparenly a
sorm ble! up one ni*h and dama*ed i, and i?s no sa#e
o live in any more$?
)roans #rom all he Five, o# course, %immy Aoinin* in
as usual4 >@here are !e o *o henB %o %in(er?s homeB?
as(ed Dic($
>Ces$ Cou can *e a bus #rom here, a .ile Hollo!,
ha !ill a(e you almos o Fi* Hollo!, !here Ero#essor
Haylin* lives,? said -un Fanny$ >Cou?re o *o oday$
0?m so very sorry abou his, dears, bu i?s Aus one o#
hose hin*s !e have o pu up !ih$ 0?m sure you?ll have
a *ood ime !ih %in(er, and ha mon(ey o# his$ @ha
!as i called no!B?
>Mischie#,? said everyone o*eher, and -nne smiled
in deli*h o hin( o# bein* !ih he nau*hy lile
creaure, and !achin* is !ic(ed !ays$
>%he bus !ill pass in en minues,? said her aun$
>'ulian, i# you can? mana*e o *e your hin*s on he bus,
as( he *ardener over he !ay o help you$ -nd have a
*ood ime, dears, and send me a card or !o$ 0?ll le you
(no! ho! !e *e on " bu 0 really don? hin( ha eiher
your uncle or 0 !ill cach scarle #ever, so don? !orry$
-nd 0?ll send you some money o spend$ Cou?d beer run
#or he bus no!$?
>:i*h, -un Fanny, and han( you4? called 'ulian$
>0?ll loo( a#er everyone and (eep hem in order "
especially old )eor*e$ Don? !orry a all " and 0 D6 hope
you or uncle don? *o do!n !ih he #ever$ )ood"bye$?
%hey all !en o he #ron *ae !here he lu**a*e sill
sood$ >-nne, *o ou ino he road and sop he bus !hen
i comes,? ordered 'ulian$ >%hen Dic( and 0 !ill heave our
ba*s aboard$ )osh, 0 !onder !ha i !ill be li(e !ih old
%in(er a Fi* Hollo!$ 0?ve a #eelin* i mi*h be raher
>0 don? hin( so,? said )eor*e, mourn#ully$ >0 li(e
%in(er all ri*h " he?s #unny " and ha lile mon(ey is a
darlin* " such a nau*hy lile hin* oo$ Fu oh dear,
don? you remember !ha i !as li(e !hen %in(er?s
#aher came o say !ih usB 0 !as a!#ul4 He never
remembered o come o meals, and !as al!ays losin*
his coa or his han(y or his money, and losin* his emper
oo$ 0 *o very ired o# him$?
>@ell, he?ll probably *e very ired o# us4? said 'ulian$
>He !on? #ind i very #unny o have #our (ids par(ed on
him, especially i# he?s in he middle o# di##icul !or( " o
say nohin* o# a raher lar*e, lic(y do* leapin* round he
house as !ell$?
>%immy isn? li(ely o lic( him,? said )eor*e, a once,
and pu on one o# her sco!ls$ >0 didn? li(e %in(er?s
#aher a all$?
>@ell, don? loo( li(e a hundersorm,? said 'ulian$ >0
don? e1pec he?ll li(e any o# us eiher$ Fu i?s decen o#
him o *ive us an inviaion o say a Fi* Hollo!, and
!e?re Aolly !ell *oin* o behave ourselves, seeB %here?s
o be no bac("cha #rom you, )eor*e " even i# he dares o
disapprove o# %immy4?
>He?d beer no,? said )eor*e$ >0n #ac, 0?ve a *ood
mind no o *o$ 0 hin( 0?ll live in he summer"house !ih
%immy, a he boom o# he *arden4?
>Cou !ill ;6%4? said 'ulian, a(in* #irm hold o# her
arm$ >Cou?ll play #air, come !ih us, and behave
properly4 .isen, here?s he bus$ Come on, !e?ll all
!ave, and hope he driver has a #e! empy seas$?
-nne had already sopped he bus, and run round o
he bac( o# i o as( he conducor i# he could help !ih
he ba*s$ He (ne! he children very !ell, and leap do!n
a once$
>Cou?re *oin* bac( o school prey /uic(4? he said$ >0
hou*h he schools had only Aus bro(en up$?
>%hey have,? said 'ulian, >bu !e?re o## o say a Fi*
Hollo!$ %he bus *oes here, doesn? iB?
>Ces, !e *o ri*h hrou*h he villa*e o# Fi* Hollo!,?
said he conducor, carryin* hree ba*s a once, much o
'ulian?s envy$ >@hereabous are you sayin* hereB?
>- Ero#essor Haylin*?s house,? said 'ulian$ >0 hin(
ha?s called Fi* Hollo! oo, li(e he villa*e$?
>-h, !e pass i,? said he conducor, >0?ll sop he bus
Aus ouside and *ive you a hand !ih your hin*s a*ain$
My !ord " you?ll have o mind your p?s and /?s here "
old Ero#essor Haylin*?s a bi peculiar, you (no!$ )oes
o## he handle properly i# hin*s don? *o his !ay4 6nce a
horse *o ino his *arden and believe i or no he chased
ha horse #or !o miles, shouin* a i all he !ay$ -nd
bless me, !hen he *o bac( home, ired ou, here !as
ha horse, che!in* up his *arden a*ain$ %he horse !as
cue " he?d a(en a shor cu bac($ Ces " you be care#ul
ho! you behave a Fi* Hollo!$ %he old man mi*h *e
cross and pop you ino one o# his /ueer machines and
*rind you up ino lile pieces4?
%he #our children lau*hed$ >6h, he old Ero#essor is
all ri*h,? said 'ulian$ >- bi #or*e#ul, li(e mos people
!ho !or( !ih heir brains all he ime$ My brain *oes
#airly slo!ly " bu my Dncle Huenin?s *oes abou a
hundred miles an hour, and 0 be he Ero#essor?s does oo4
@e?ll be all ri*h4?
-!ay !en he bus, bumpin* over he road #rom
3irrin and .ile Hollo!, and on o Fi* Hollo!$ %he #our
children *aJed ou o# he !indo!s as hey passed
alon*side he shore, !here he sea shone as blue as
corn#lo!ers, and once more sa! 3irrin 0sland ou in he
bi* bay$
>@ish !e !ere *oin* here4? si*hed )eor*e$ >@e?ll
have o a(e a picnic meal here someime, and enAoy
ourselves$ 0?d li(e old %in(er o visi my island$ He may
have a li*hhouse o# his o!n, bu havin* an island is
MDCH beer4?
>0 hin( 0 a*ree !ih you,? said 'ulian$ >%in(er?s
li*hhouse is cerainly lovely and all on is o!n, and he
vie! #rom i is amaJin* " bu here?s somehin* abou
3irrin 0sland ha 0 love$ 0slands are /uie di##eren #rom
anyhin* else4?
>Ces$ %hey are,? said -nne$ >0?d li(e one oo$ - very
lile one, so ha 0 could see all round i a one *lance$
-nd 0?d li(e one lile cave o sleep in " Aus bi* enou*h
#or me$?
>Cou?d soon be lonely, -nne,? said Dic(, *ivin* his
siser a #riendly pa$ >Cou love o have people round you,
you li(e o be #riendly4?
>2o does %immy4? said 'ulian, as %immy le# his place
by )eor*e?s (nee and !en o sni## a a ne"ba* held by
an old man, !ho a once #ondled he bi* do*, and
#umbled #or a biscui ou o# a paper ba*$ >%immy doesn?
mind ho! many people here are around, so lon* as one
or !o o# hem has a biscui or a bone o hand ou4?
>Come o heel, %immy,? said )eor*e$ >Cou?re no o
*o round be**in*, ellin* people you are hal#"sarved4 0
should hin( you ea more han any oher do* in 3irrin$
@ho eas he ca?s dinner !henever he can, 0 should li(e
o (no!B?
%immy *ave )eor*e a lovin* lic( and seled do!n
beside her, his head on her shoes$ He *o up poliely
every ime someone enered or le# he bus$ %he
conducor !as mos impressed$
>0 !ish all do*s !ere as *ood on my bus as yours,? he
old )eor*e$ >Cou?d beer *e ready o Aump ou$ 6ur
ne1 sop is supposed o be a lile !ay beyond Fi*
Hollo!, bu 0?ll rin* my bell, and he driver !ill sop #or
a momen, and you can *e ou$?
>%han(s a!#ully,? said 'ulian, *rae#ully, and !hen
he bus sopped !ih a Aer( a minue laer, all he Five
!ere ready o Aump ou$
%he bus !en on, and le# hem sandin* ouside a
lar*e !ooden *ae$ %he drive #rom i led seeply
do!n!ards, and a lar*e house could Aus be seen
hidden in a hollo! by *rea rees$
>Fi* Hollo!4? said 'ulian$ >@ell " here !e are$ @ha a
/ueer place " sor o# myserious and broodin*$ ;o! o
#ind old %in(er4 0 be he?ll be pleased o see us all,
especially %immy4 Help me !ih he ba*s, Dic(4?
Chapter Three
%he #our children and %immy !en hrou*h he bi*,
heavy *ae, !hich *roaned loudly$ %immy !as very
sarled o hear he mourn#ul crea(, and bar(ed sharply$
>2h4? said )eor*e$ >Cou?ll *e ino rouble !ih he
Ero#essor, %immy, i# you raise your voice li(e ha$ 0
e1pec !e?ll have o al( in !hispers, so as no o disurb
he Ero#essor " so Aus see i# you can !hisper oo$?
%immy *ave a small !hine$ He (ne! he couldn?
!hisper4 He roed a )eor*e?s heel as hey all !en
do!n he seep drive o he house$ 0 !as a /ueer house,
buil side!ays o he drive, and had asonishin*ly #e!
>0 e1pec Ero#essor Haylin* is a#raid o# people peerin*
in a his !or(,? said -nne$ >0?s very, very secre, isn? iB?
>0 (no! he uses miles and miles o# #i*ures,? said Dic($
>%in(er old me one day ha his mon(ey Mischie# once
che!ed up a pa*e o# #i*ures !hen he !as very small "
and Ero#essor Haylin* chased him #or a !hole hour,
hopin* o cach him and #ind even a #e! bis o# paper sill
in his mouh, so ha he could rescue a leas par o# his
#i*ures$ Fu Mischie# #led do!n a
rabbi"hole and didn? come up #or !o days, so i
!asn? any *ood$?
9veryone smiled a he hou*h o# poor Mischie#
hidin* do!n a rabbi"hole$ >Cou couldn? do ha, %immy
old hin*4? said 'ulian$ >2o Aus be care#ul o# any paper
you ea$?
>He !ouldn? be so silly,? said )eor*e, a once$ >He
(no!s per#ecly !ell !ha?s eaable and !ha?s no$?
>Ha4 Does he4? said -nne$ >@ell, 0?d Aus li(e o (no!
!ha (ind o# #ood he hou*h my blue slipper !as ha he
che!ed up las hols4?
>Don? ell ales o# him,? said )eor*e$ >He only
che!ed i because someone shu him in your bedroom
and he hadn? anyhin* else o do$?
>@oo#,? said %immy, /uie a*reein*$ He *ave -nne?s
hand a lile lic(, as i# o say, >8ery sorry, -nne " bu 0
!as so bored4?
>Dear %immy4 0 !ouldn? mind i# you che!ed up all
my slippers4? said -nne$ >Fu i !ould be nice i# you
chose he very oldes ones4?
%immy suddenly sopped and loo(ed ino he bushes$
He *ave a lo! *ro!l4 )eor*e pu her hand on his collar
a once$ 2he !as al!ays a#raid o# sna(es in he sprin*
>0 mi*h be an adder4? she said$ >%he do* ne1 door
rod on one las year, so 0 heard, and his le* s!elled up
erribly, and he !as in *rea pain$ Come a!ay no!,
%immy " i?s an adder, !ih poison in is #an*s4?
Fu %immy !en on *ro!lin*$ %hen he suddenly
sood sill and sni##ed hard$ He *ave an e1cied !himper
and pulled a!ay #rom )eor*e, Aumpin* ino he
bushes " and ou came, no a sna(e, bu Mischie#,
%in(er?s bri*h"eyed lile mon(ey4
He a once leap on o he do*?s broad bac(, pu his
lile mon(ey #in*ers under %immy?s collar, and chaered
in deli*h$ %immy nearly dislocaed his nec( ryin* o
!is his head round o lic( him4
>Mischie#4? cried everyone a once, in real deli*h$
>Cou?ve come o !elcome us4?
-nd he lile mon(ey, Aabberin* a!ay e1ciedly in
mon(ey"lan*ua*e, leap #irs on o )eor*e?s shoulder,
and hen on o 'ulian?s$ He pulled 'ulian?s hair, !ised
his ri*h ear round, and hen leap #rom him o Dic(, and
on o -nne?s shoulder$ He cuddled ino her nec(, his eyes
bri*h and bro!n, loo(in* very happy$
>6h4 0sn? he pleased o see us a*ain4? said -nne,
deli*hed$ >Mischie#, !here?s %in(erB?
Mischie# Aumped o## -nne?s shoulder and scampered
do!n he drive as i# he /uie undersood all ha -nne had
said$ %he children raced a#er him " and hen a senorian
voice suddenly roared a hem #rom one side o# he drive$
>@ha are you doin* hereB Clear ou4 %his is privae
*round$ 0?ll #ech he police$ Clear 6D%4?
%he Five sopped sill in #ri*h " and hen 'ulian sa!
!ho i !as " Ero#essor Haylin*4 He sepped #or!ard a
once$ >)ood a#ernoon, sir,? he said$ >0 hope !e didn?
disurb you, bu you did ell my aun !e could come
>Cour aunB @ho?s your aunB 0 don? (no! any
aun4? roared he Ero#essor$ >Cou?re si*h"seers, ha?s
!ha you are4 Come o pry ino my !or(, Aus because
here !as a piece abou i in some silly paper4 Cou?re he
hird lo oday$ Clear ou, 0 ell you " and a(e ha do*
oo$ Ho! D-:9 you4?
>Fu sir " don? you really (no! usB? said 'ulian, very
sarled$ >Cou came o say a our house, you (no!,
>2u## and nonsense4 0 haven? been a!ay #or years4?
shoued he Ero#essor$ Mischie#, he mon(ey, !as so
#ri*hened ha he leap a!ay ino he bushes, ma(in* a
#unny lile cryin* noise$
>0 hope he #eches %in(er,? said 'ulian, in a lo! voice
o Dic($ >%he Ero#essor has #or*oen !ho !e are, and
!hy !e?ve come$ .e?s rerea a bi$?
Fu as hey !en cauiously bac( up he seep pah,
#ollo!ed by he an*ry Ero#essor, a loud voice hailed
hem, and %in(er came racin* up !ih Mischie# on his
shoulder, clin*in* o his hair$ 2o he lile mon(ey had
*one o #ech him$ >)ood #or him4? hou*h 'ulian,
>Dad4 Don? yell a our #riends li(e ha4? cried %in(er,
dancin* abou in #ron o# his an*ry #aher$ >Cou as(ed
hem here yoursel#, you (no! you did4?
>0 D0D ;6%4? said he Ero#essor$ >@ho are heyB?
>@ell, )eor*e, ha *irl, is he dau*her o# Mr 3irrin,
and he ohers are his niece and nephe!s$ -nd ha?s heir
do*, %immy$ -nd you as(ed hem all here because Mr
and Mrs 3irrin are in /uaranine #or scarle #ever,?
shoued %in(er, sill dancin* abou in #ron o# his #aher$
>2op Ai**in* abou li(e ha,? said he Ero#essor,
crossly$ >0 don? remember as(in* hem$ 0 !ould have
old 'enny he maid, i# 0 had$?
>Cou did ell her4? shoued %in(er, sill Ai**in* abou,
!ih Mischie# he mon(ey Ai**in* oo in deli*h$ >2he?s
already made up he beds$ 0 helped her$ 2he?s an*ry
because you le# your brea(#as and no! i?s almos
dinner"ime$ 2he?s cleared i a!ay$?
>Fless us all " so ha?s !hy 0 #eel so hun*ry and
cross4? said Ero#essor Haylin*, and he be*an o lau*h$ He
had a remendous lau*h, and he children couldn? help
lau*hin* oo$ @ha an odd #ello! " so brainy, such a #ine
scienis " !ih he mos enormous amoun o# (no!led*e
in his head " and ye no memory #or such ordinary hin*s
as brea(#as and visiors and elephone calls$
>0 !as Aus a misundersandin*, sir,? said 'ulian,
poliely$ >0 !as very, very (ind o# you o invie us here
!hen !e can? be a home because o# he scarle #ever$
@e?ll ry no o be a nuisance, and i# here?s anyhin* !e
can do o help you, please as( us$ @e?ll ma(e as lile
noise as possible, and (eep ou o# your !ay, o# course$?
>Cou hear ha, %in(erB? said Ero#essor Haylin*,
suddenly s!in*in* round on he sarled %in(er$ >@hy
can? you do he same " ma(e a very lile noise, and (eep
ou o# my !ayB Cou (no! 0?m very busy no! " on a
M62% 0ME6:%-;% proAec$? He urned o 'ulian$
>Cou?ll be very !elcome i# you (eep %in(er ou o# my
!ay$ -nd ;6F6DC " absoluely ;6F6DC " is o *o up
ino ha o!er$ DndersandB?
%hey all loo(ed up o !here he !as poinin*, and sa!
a all, slender o!er risin* up amid he rees$ 0 had
curious enacle"li(e rods sic(in* ou a he op, and
hese shoo( sli*hly in he breeJe$
>-nd don? as( me /uesions abou i,? !en on he
Ero#essor, loo(in* #iercely a )eor*e$ >Cour #aher?s he
only oher man !ho (no!s !ha i?s #or, and he (no!s
ho! o (eep his mouh shu$?
>;one o# us !ould dream o# pryin*, sir,? said 'ulian$
>0?s very, very (ind o# you o o##er o have us here, and
do believe me !hen 0 say !e shan? be any rouble o you
a all " bu a help i# you?ll allo! us$?
>-h !ell, you sound a sensible #ello!, 0 mus say,?
said he Ero#essor, !ho had no! calmed do!n, and
loo(ed /uie peaceable$ >@ell, 0?ll say *ood"bye #or no!
and *o and have my brea(#as$ 0 hope i?s #ried e**s and
bacon$ 0?m very hun*ry$?
>Dad " 'enny?s cleared your brea(#as -@-C4 0 old
you ha be#ore4? said %in(er in despair$ >0?s almos
dinner"ime, no!$?
>-h *ood " *ood4? said he Ero#essor$ >0?ll come a
-nd he led he !ay indoors, #ollo!ed by he #ive
children, !ih %immy and Mischie#, all loo(in* raher
!orried$ :eally, nobody ever (ne! !ha he Ero#essor
!as *oin* o do or say ne14
'enny cerainly had a *ood dinner #or hem all$ %here
!as a lar*e and delicious se! !ih carros, onions and
peas s!immin* in he *ravy, and pleny o# poaoes$
9veryone uc(ed in !ell, and Mischie#, !ho
loved he peas, oo( /uie a #e! #rom %in(er?s plae,
his lile pa! creepin* up, and nealy snachin* a pea
#rom he *ravy$
%he *irls !en ou o help brin* in he ne1 course,
!hich !as a bi* seamed puddin* !ih pleny o# raisins
in i$ Mischie# a once Ai**ed up and do!n in deli*h, #or
he loved raisins$ He leap on o he able, and received a
sharp smac( #rom he Ero#essor, !ho un#orunaely
smac(ed he puddin* dish a he same ime, ma(in* he
puddin* Aump in he air$
>)ood *racious, Dad " !e nearly los he puddin*4?
cried %in(er$ >-nd i?s my #avourie$ 6h, don? *ive us
such small pieces4 Mischie#, *e o## he able$ Cou are
;6% o pu your pa! ino he !hie sauce4?
2o Mischie# disappeared under he able, !here he
received /uie a lo o# raisins #rom various (indly hands,
unseen by he Ero#essor$ %immy #el raher le# ou$ He
!as under he able oo, havin* been raher scared by he
Ero#essor?s an*ry voice, bu as he didn? very much li(e
raisins, he !asn? as luc(y as Mischie#$
>Ha " 0 enAoyed ha4? said he Ero#essor, havin*
cleaned his plae horou*hly$ >;ohin* li(e a *ood
>0 !as midday dinner, Dad4? said %in(er$ >Cou don?
have puddin* a brea(#as$?
>Dear me, o# course " ha !as puddin*4? said his
#aher, and lau*hed his *rea lau*h$ >;o! you can all do
e1acly !ha you li(e, so lon* as you do ;6% *o ino my
sudy, 6: my !or(room 6: ha o!er$ -;D D6;?%
M9DD.9 @0%H -;C%H0;)4 Mischie#, *e o##
he !aer"Au*, you?ll upse i$ Can? you each ha
mon(ey some able"manners, %in(erB?
-nd !ih ha he marched ou o# he room, and
disappeared ino some myserious passa*e ha apparenly
led o his sudy or !or(room$ 9veryone heaved a si*h o#
>@e?ll clear a!ay and hen 0?ll sho! you your rooms,?
said %in(er$ >0 do hope you !on? be oo dull here$?
Dull, %in(er4 Cou needn? !orry4 %here is #ar oo
much e1ciemen !aiin* #or he Five " and you oo4 'us
!ai a bi, and see4
Chapter Fo$r
%in(er raced ou o he (ichen o #ech a ray or !o$
He made a mos peculiar noise as he !en, and #or a
momen %immy loo(ed e1remely sarled$
>)oodness " don? say ha %in(er sill has ha a!#ul
habi o# preendin* o be some (ind o# car4? *roaned
'ulian$ >Ho! on earh does his #aher pu up !ih iB
@ha?s he hin( he is no!B - moor"bicycle, by he
sound o# i$?
%here !as a sudden crash and a loud yell$ %he Five
raced do!n he (ichen passa*e o #ind ou !ha had
happened, %immy a he #ron$
>-cciden4? bello!ed %in(er, scramblin* up #rom he
#loor$ >0 oo( he bend oo /uic(ly, and my #ron !heel
s(idded, and 0 !en ban* ino a !all4 0?ve ben my
>%in(er " do you mean o say you?re sill bein*
#aheaded enou*h o preend o be cars and bicycles and
racors and lorries,? demanded 'ulian$ >Cou nearly drove
us all mad, drivin* abou all over he house, !hen you
sayed !ih us$ Have you *o o be a machine o# some
>Ces,? said %in(er, rubbin* one o# his arms$ >0 sor o#
comes over me, and a!ay 0 *o$ Cou should have heard
me bein* a lorry absoluely loaded !ih ne! cars
#or delivery yeserday$ Dad really hou*h i !as a
*rea lorry and he rushed ou ino he drive o send i
a!ay$ Fu i !as only me$ 0 hooed oo " li(e his4?
-nd he sound o# a loud and deep hooer immediaely
#illed he passa*e4 'ulian shoved %in(er ino he (ichen
and shu he door$
>0 should have hou*h ha your #aher !ould have
been driven compleely mad by no!4? he said$ >;o! you
Aus shu up$ Can? you *ro! up a biB?
>;o,? said %in(er, sullenly$ >0 don? !an o *ro! up$ 0
mi*h be li(e my #aher and #or*e o ea my meals, and
*o ou !ih one soc( on and one o##$ -nd 0?d hae o
#or*e my meals$ 'us hin( ho! a!#ul i !ould be4 0?d
al!ays be hun*ry$?
'ulian couldn? help lau*hin*$ >Eic( up your ray, and
help o clear a!ay4? he said$ >-nd i# you simply can?
H9.E bein* a car someimes, #or *oodness sa(e *o
ouside4 0 sounds #ri*h#ul in he house$ Cou?re much oo
*ood a a!#ul noises$?
>6h, am 0 really *oodB? said %in(er, pleased$ >0
suppose you !ouldn? li(e o hear me bein* one o# hose
ne! planes ha *o over here someimes, ma(in* a /ueer,
dronin* noiseB?
>;o$ 0 @6D.D ;6%4? said 'ulian, #irmly$ >;o! !ill
you E.9-29 *e ha ray, %in(er$ -nd ell Mischie# o
*e o## my ri*h #oo$ He seems o hin( i?s a chair$?
Fu Mischie# clun* o 'ulian?s an(le and re#used o
move$ >-ll ri*h, all ri*h,? said 'ulian$ >0 shall Aus have
o !al( abou all day !ih you ridin* on my #oo$?
>0# you samp as you !al(, he soon *es o##,?
remar(ed %in(er$
>@hy didn? you ell me ha Aus no!B? as(ed 'ulian,
and samped a #e! seps round he room$ Mischie# leap
o## his #oo a once, and sa on a able, ma(in* an an*ry
>He sis on Dad?s #oo #or a*es, even !hen he !al(s
abou,? said %in(er$ >Fu Dad doesn? even noice him
here4 He even sa on Dad?s head once, and Dad hou*h
he !as !earin* his ha indoors and ried o a(e i o##$ Fu
i !as only Mischie# here4?
%ha made everyone lau*h$ >;o! come on,? said
'ulian, bris(ly$ >@e really mus clear a!ay he dinner
hin*s$ @e hree boys !ill carry ou he loaded rays and
you *irls can !ash up$ -nd D6;?% le Mischie# hin( he
can carry eapos or mil("Au*s$?
'enny !as very pleased !ih heir help$ 2he !as shor
and #a, and !addled raher han !al(ed, bu mana*ed o
*e here and here remar(ably /uic(ly$
>0?ll sho! your visiors heir bedrooms a#er !e?ve
cleared,? she said$ >Fu, you (no!, %in(er, hose
maresses !e sen o be remade haven? come bac( ye$
0?ve old your #aher a doJen imes o elephone abou
hem, bu 0?m sure he hasn? remembered$?
>6h, '9;;C4? said %in(er, in dismay$ >%ha means
ha he !o beds #or visiors can? be slep in4 @ha ever
are !e o doB?
>@ell, your Dad !ill have o rin* up #or ne!
maresses o be sen oday,? said 'enny$ >Maybe hey
!ould send hem ou by van$?
%in(er immediaely became a #urniure van and
rushed do!n he passa*e, ino he dinin*"room and
bac( a*ain, Mischie# #ollo!in* him in deli*h$ He made a
noise e1acly li(e a slo!"movin* van, and he children
couldn? help lau*hin*$
%he Ero#essor sho ou o# his sudy, his hands o his
ears$ >%0;39:4 C6M9 H9:94?
>;o han(s,? said %in(er, !arily$ >2orry, Faher$ 0 !as
a van brin*in* he maresses you #or*o o order #or he
beds #or visiors$?
Fu he Ero#essor didn? seem o hear$ He advanced on
%in(er, !ho #led upsairs !ih Mischie# leapin* a#er him$
Ero#essor Haylin* urned on 'enny$
>Can? you (eep he children /uieB @ha do 0 pay you
>Cleanin*, coo(in* and !ashin*,? she said, bris(ly$
>Fu 0?m no a nurse #or children, sir$ %ha %in(er o#
yours could do !ih hal# a doJen nurses, and he?d sill be
a nuisance o you !hile he !as in he house$ @hy don?
you le him a(e his en and camp ou in he #ield !ih
his #riendsB 0?s ho !eaher and hose ne! maresses
haven? come, and hey?d all love i$ 0 can coo( #or he
children and a(e hem ou meals " or hey could come
and #ech hem$?
%he Ero#essor loo(ed as i# he could *ive 'enny a bi*
hu*$ %he children !aied ea*erly o see !ha he !ould
say$ Campin* ou " ha !ould be #un in his !eaher "
and honesly, livin* in he same house as he Ero#essor
!asn? *oin* o be much #un$ %immy *ave a lile !hine
as i# o say, >Fine idea4 .e?s *o a once4?
>)ood idea, 'enny$ 89:C *ood idea4? said Ero#essor
Haylin*$ >Fu ha mon(ey?s o camp ou oo$ %hen
perhaps he !on? Aump in a my !or(room !indo! and
#iddle abou !ih my models4?
He marched bac( ino his sudy and slammed he door
so hard ha he !hole house shoo($ %immy !as sarled
and *ave a yelp$ Mischie# he mon(ey leap up he sairs,
ho!lin* in #ri*h$ %in(er be*an o dance round in Aoy,
and very #irmly 'enny oo( hold o# him and propelled
him ino her bi*, clean (ichen$
>@ai, 'enny, 0?ve remembered somehin*$ @e?ve
only one en, and ha?s mine, a small one$ 0?ll have o
as( Dad i# 0 can *e !o bi* ones4? -nd be#ore anyone
could sop him he !as ban*in* a he Ero#essor?s door,
hen #lun* i open, and shoued ou his re/ues$
>@9 @-;% %@6 M6:9 %9;%2, D-D$ C-; 0
>For *oodness sa(e, %in(er, clear ou and leave me
alone4? shoued his #aher$ >Fuy si1 ens i# you !an
hem, bu )9% 6D%4?
>6oh, han(s, Dad4? said %in(er, and !as Aus slippin*
ou o# he door !hen his #aher yelled a*ain$
>Fu !ha on earh do you !an %9;%2 #orB?
%in(er slammed he door and *rinned a he ohers$
>0?d beer buy Dad a ne! memory$ He?s only Aus old us
!e can camp ou, and he (no!s here?s only my very
small en " almos a oy one$?
>0?m *lad !e shan? be in he house,? said -nne$ >0
(no! !ha a nuisance i is o )eor*e?s #aher o have us
around, playin* abou$ @e?ll be beer ou o# he !ay$?
>Campin* ou a*ain4? said )eor*e, very pleased$
>.e?s cach he bus bac( home and *e our o!n ens$
0?ve *o hem all sored a!ay in he *arden shed$ @e
can as( 'im he Carrier o #ech hem, !hen !e?ve
#ound hem$?
>He?s callin* here oday " 0?ll *ive him he messa*e
#or you, i# you li(e,? said 'enny$ >%he sooner you *e he
ens, he beer$ 0 !as a (ind hou*h o# he maser?s o
as( you all here, bu 0 Aus (ne! i !ouldn? !or(4 Cou?ll
be all ri*h ou in he #ields a he bac( o# he house " he
!on? hear a hin*, no even i# you all yell o*eher4 2o
you *e your ens and pu hem up, and 0?ll see !ha 0
can #ind in he !ay o# *round"shees and ru*s$?
>Don? boher, 'enny,? said 'ulian$ >@e?ve *o all
hose hin*s " !e?ve o#en camped ou be#ore$?
>0 only hope here aren? any co!s in he #ields,? said
-nne$ >.as ime !e camped, a co! pu is head ino my
en openin*, and mooed$ 0 !o(e up !ih such a Aump,
and 0 !as oo scared o move$?
>0 don? hin(, here are any co!s,? said 'enny,
lau*hin*$ >;o! 0 am o *e on !ih he !ashin*"up, so
!ill you brin* ou he dinner hin*s please " bu don? le
ha mon(ey carry anyhin* brea(able, #or *oodness sa(e4
He ried o balance he eapo on his head las !ee( " and
ha !as he end o# he eapo4?
2oon everyone !as cleanin* a!ay !ih a !ill, and he
!o *irls helped 'enny !ih he !ashin*"up$
>0 shall li(e campin* ou,? -nne old her$ >0?d be
scared o# sayin* here in he house$ Ero#essor Haylin* is a
bi li(e my Dncle Huenin, you (no! " #or*e#ul, and
/uic("empered and a bi shouy$?
>6h, you don? !an o be scared o# him,? said 'enny,
handin* -nne a dish o dry$ >He?s (ind, #or all
his crossness, !hen he?s upse$ @hy, !hen my moher
!as ill, he paid #or her o *o ino a really *ood nursin*"
home " and believe i or no, he *ave me money o buy her
#rui and #lo!ers4?
>6h *oodness " ha reminds me " !e MD2% send our
coo(, 'oan, some #lo!ers,? said )eor*e$ >2he has scarle
#ever, you (no!$ %ha?s !hy !e?re here$?
>@ell, you *o and elephone he #loris,? said 'enny$
>0?ll #inish his Aob$?
Fu )eor*e !as raher a#raid ha Ero#essor Haylin*
mi*h rush ou o see !ho !as usin* he elephone4
>0?m sure !e can buy #lo!ers in 3irrin 8illa*e, and
have hem sen,? she said$ >@e?ve *o o *o and *e our
hin*s ready #or he carrier, and 0 can order he #lo!ers
hen$ @e mi*h as !ell come bac( on our bicycles " hey?d
be use#ul here$?
>@ell, you?d beer *o no!,? said 'enny, >or you !on?
be bac( in ime #or ea, and hen here?d be rouble$?
>0?ll brin* bac( -nne?s bicycle,? said 'ulian$ >0 can
easily mana*e i beside mine, as 0 ride bac($?
>.oo( )eor*e,? said Dic(, >you needn? come$ 0?ll order
he #lo!ers and 0 can brin* your bi(e bac( oo$ 2o you say
!ih -nne$? :elucanly )eor*e a*reed$
6## !en 'ulian and Dic(, leavin* %in(er and he *irls
o help 'enny$ Fu 'enny soon sen %in(er o## a#raid ha he
!ould drop hin*s and brea( hem$
>Cou *o and be a nice, /uie, purrin* :olls :oyce a he
boom o# he *arden,? she said$>-nd !hen you hin(
you?ve done hiry miles or so, come bac( #or perol$?
>.emonade, you mean4? said %in(er, !ih a *rin$ >-ll
ri*h$ 0 haven? been a :olls :oyce #or a lon* ime$ Dad
!on? hear me ri*h a he boom o# he *arden4?
6## he !en, and 'enny and he *irls #inished he
!ashin*"up$ Mischie# !as a nuisance and !en o## !ih he
easpoons$ He leap o he op o# a hi*h cupboard, and
dropped hem here$
%in(er suddenly pu his head in a he !indo!$ >Come
on ou in he #ield, !here !e?re *oin* o pu up our ens,?
he called o -nne and )eor*e$ >@e?ll choose a nice
shelered spo$ Fuc( up4 Cou mus have #inished !ashin*"
up by no!$ 0?m ired o# bein* a :olls :oyce4?
>Cou *o !ih him, -nne,? said )eor*e$ >0 don? #eel
li(e i Aus no!$?
2o do!n he *arden !en he !o children and ou
hrou*h a *ae a he boom ino a bi* #ield$
>)ood *racious4? said %in(er, sarin*$ >.oo( a all hose
caravans comin* in a he *ae he oher end o#
he #ield$ 0?ll soon send hem o##$ 0?s 6D: #ield4? -nd
a!ay he marched o he *ae in he disance$
>Come F-C3, %in(er,? shoued -nne$ >Cou?ll *e
ino rouble i# you iner#ere$ C6M9 F-C34?
Fu %in(er marched on, his head held hi*h$ Ha " he?d
soon ell he caravan"#ol( i !as H02 #ield4
Chapter F&'e
-nne !ached an1iously as %in(er !en on and on
over he #ield$ %here !ere no! #our caravans rundlin* in,
a he #ar *ae, and behind hem, in he lane, !ere vans "
enormous vans " all !ih enormously lar*e !ords pained
on hem$
%-EE9:?2 %:-89..0;) C0:CD2
>Hoo4 0?ll ell Mr %apper !ha 0 hin( o# him, comin*
ino my #ield4? said %in(er o himsel#$ Mischie# he
mon(ey !as on his shoulder, Ao**in* up and do!n as
%in(er marched alon*, muerin* #uriously$
Four or #ive children #rom he caravans loo(ed a him
curiously as he marched alon*$ 6ne small boy rushed up
o him, shouin* in deli*h o see he mon(ey$
>- mon(ey, loo(, a mon(ey4? he cried$ >Much smaller
han our chimp$ @ha?s he called, boyB?
>Mind your o!n business,? said %in(er$ >@here?s Mr
>Mr %apperB 6h, you mean our )randad4? said he
boy$ >He?s over here, loo(, beside ha bi* van$ Feer
no al( o him no!, boy$ He?s ha busy4?
%in(er !al(ed over o he van and addressed he man
here$ He !as raher #ierce"loo(in* and had a lon*,
bushy beard, enormous eye"bro!s ha hun* do!n
over his eyes, a raher small nose, and only one ear$ He
loo(ed in/uirin*ly do!n a %in(er, and pu ou his hand
o Mischie#$
>My mon(ey mi*h bie you,? said %in(er, a once$
>He doesn? li(e sran*ers$?
>0?m no sran*er o any mon(ey,? said he man in a
deep"do!n voice$ >%here isn? a mon(ey in he !orld, nor
a chimp eiher ha !ouldn? come o me i# 0 called i$ ;or
a *orilla, seeB?
>@ell, my mon(ey !on? come o you,? said %in(er,
an*rily$ >Fu !ha 0?ve come o say is$$$?
Fe#ore he could #inish his senence, he man made a
curious noise in his hroa " raher li(e Mischie# did !hen
he !as pleased abou anyhin*$ Mischie# loo(ed a he
man in surprised deli*h " and hen leap srai*h #rom
%in(er?s shoulder o his, nuJJlin* a*ains his nec(,
ma(in* lile croonin* noises$ %in(er !as so amaJed ha
he sared !ihou sayin* a !ord$
>2eeB? said he man$ >He?s my lile #riend already$
Don? *a!p so, lile #ello!$ 0?ve rained he mon(ey
#amily all my li#e$ Cou lend me his lile chap and 0?ll
each him o ride a small ricycle in !o days4?
>Come here, Mischie#4? said %in(er, amaJed and
an*ry a he mon(ey?s behaviour$ Fu Mischie# cuddled
do!n sill #arher ino he bi* man?s nec($ %he man
hauled him ou and handed him o %in(er$
>%here you are,? he said$ >;ice lile #ello! he is$
@ha is i you !aned o say o meB?
>0?ve come o say ha his #ield belon*s o my #aher,
Ero#essor Haylin*,? said %in(er$ >-nd you?ve no ri*h
o brin* your caravans here$ 2o please a(e hem all
ou$ 0 and my #riends are plannin* o camp ou here$?
>@ell, 0?ve no obAecion o ha,? said he bi* man,
*ood"emperedly$ >Cou choose your o!n corner, youn*
sir$ 0# you don? iner#ere !ih us, !e shan? iner#ere !ih
- boy o# abou %in(er?s a*e came sidlin* up, and
loo(ed a %in(er and Mischie# !ih ineres$ >0s he sellin*
you ha mon(ey, )randadB? he as(ed$
>;o, 0?M ;6%4? almos shoued %in(er$ >0 came o ell
you and your caravans o clear ou$ %his #ield belon*s o
my #amily$?
>-h, bu !e?ve an old licence o come here every en
years, and sho! our circus,? said he bearded man$ >-nd
believe i or no, here?s been a %apper?s circus in his
#ield every en years since he year 1647$ 2o you Aus run
home and ma(e no silly #uss, youn* man$?
>Cou?re a #ibber4? cried %in(er, losin* his emper$ >0?ll
ell he police4 0?ll ell my #aher4 0?ll$$$?
>Don? you al( o my old )randad li(e ha4? shoued
he boy, sandin* beside he old man$ >0?ll hi you i# you
>0?ll say !ha 0 li(e4? shoued %in(er, his emper no!
/uie los$ >-nd Aus you shu up4?
%he very ne1 momen %in(er #ound himsel# #la on
his bac( on he *rass$ %he boy had sho ou his #is and hi
%in(er hard in he ches4 He sru**led o his #ee, red in
he #ace, /uie #urious$
%he old man #ended him a!ay$ >Don? you be silly
no!, boy,? he said$ >%his youn*ser is a %apper, li(e me,
and he?ll never *ive in$ Cou *o home and be sensible$
@e ain? *oin* o a(e noice o# a ho"headed lile (id
li(e you$ 6ur circus is comin* in his here #ield, Aus li(e
i has #or years and years4?
He urned and !al(ed o he neares caravan$ 0 !as
dra!n by horses, and he clic(ed o hem$ %hey srained
#or!ard and he caravan #ollo!ed$ 6hers behind be*an
o move oo$ %he circus boy pu his on*ue ou a %in(er$
>2uc(s o you4? he said$ >;obody *es he beer o# my
)randad " or o# me eiher4 2ill " i !as pluc(y o# you o
*o #or him$ 0 enAoyed i$?
>2hu up4? said %in(er, alarmed o #ind himsel# very
near o ears$ >Cou Aus !ai ill my Dad ells he police4
Cou?ll all *o ou much /uic(er han you came in " and
one o# hese days 0?ll (noc( you do!n4?
He urned and ran bac( o he *ae$ He !ondered !ha
o do$ He had so o#en heard his #aher say ha he #ield
behind heir house belon*ed o him, and ha he had le
his or ha #armer have he *raJin* ri*hs #or his horses
or cale$ Ho! D-:9 he %ravellin* Circus come ino his
#aher?s #ieldB
>0?ll ell Dad,? he said o -nne, !ho !as !aiin* a he
*ae$ >He ou*h o urn hem ou4 0?s our #ield and 0 love
i, especially Aus no! !hen i?s so *reen and beaui#ul,
and he hed*es are Aus *oin* o be covered in !hie may$
0?ll ell Dad ha boy (noc(ed me do!n " sho ou his #is
Aus li(e ha " and do!n 0 !en$ 0?d li(e o do he same o
He !en ino he house, #ollo!ed by a puJJled -nne$
He loo(ed ino he siin*"room and sa! )eor*e here$
>%in(er4 %ha boy (noc(ed you do!n4? said -nne, in
a horri#ied voice$ >@hy did he do haB?
>6h " Aus because 0 old his )randad o a(e his
caravans a!ay,? said %in(er, #eelin* raher *rand$ >He
didn? hur me a all " Aus punched me on he ches$ 2ill "
0 said !ha 0 had *one o say$?
>Fu !ill hey a(e he caravans a!ay ou o# he
#ieldB? as(ed -nne$
>0 old hem 0?d ell he police,? said %in(er$ >2o 0 be
hey?ll s(edaddle$ %hey haven? any ri*h o be here$ 0?s
our #ield4?
>-re you *oin* o he policeB? as(ed )eor*e,
disbelievin*ly$ >0 really don? see !hy you have o ma(e
such a #uss abou i all, %in(er$ %hey mi*h ma(e i
di##icul #or us o *o campin* here$?
>Fu 0 ell you i?s my #ield " Dad?s al!ays said so4?
said %in(er$ >He said i !asn? any use o him, so 0 could
consider i my o!n$ -nd 0 do$ -;D !e?re *oin* o camp
in i, !haever anyone says4 0?s a ravellin* circus ha?s
comin* here, so he old man said$?
>6h %0;39:4 Ho! marvellous o have a circus a he
boom o# he *arden4? said )eor*e, her eyes shinin*, and
-nne nodded oo$ %in(er *lared a hem$
>'D2% li(e *irls o say a hin* li(e ha4? he said$
>@ould you !an people respassin* all over a #ield ha
belon*ed o you, !ih horses nei*hin* and i*ers and
lions roarin*, and bears *runin*, and chimpanJees
sealin* hin*s " and nasy lile circus boys bein* rude all
he ime, ready o (noc( you do!n$?
>6h %in(er4 Cou do ma(e i sound so e1ciin*4? said
)eor*e$ >@ill here really be lions and i*ersB 2uppose
one escaped " !ha a hrill4?
>@ell " 0 shouldn? li(e ha,? said -nne, a once$ >0
don? paricularly !an a lion peerin* in a my !indo!, or
a bear clompin* round my bedroom4?
>;eiher do 0,? said %in(er, in a mos decided voice$
>%ha?s !hy 0?m *oin* o ell Dad abou i$ He?s *o he
old documens ha se ou our ri*hs o ha #ield$ He
sho!ed me hem one day$ 0?ll as( him abou hem, and i#
he?ll le me see hem, 0?ll a(e hem srai*h o he police
and le hem urn ou ha rude old man and his horrible
>Ho! do you (no! i?s horribleB? as(ed )eor*e$ >0
mi*h be a!#ully *ood$ 0?m sure hey?d le us camp in he
corner neares he *arden, and !e?d *e an a!#ully *ood
vie! o# !ha?s *oin* on all he ime$ .oo( " here?s your
#aher srollin* do!n he pah, smo(in* a pipe$ He never
does ha i# he?s busy$ 0 !ould be a *ood ime o *o and
as( him abou he documen$ He mi*h even sho! i o
>-ll ri*h,? said %in(er, raher sul(ily$ >Fu you?ll see
0?m ri*h$ Come on$?
Ho!ever, %in(er proved o be /uie, /uie !ron*4 His
#aher !en o #ech he old, yello!ed piece o# parchmen
a once$ >Ha4 Here i is4? he said$ >0?s prey valuable oo,
because i?s so old$ 0 daes bac( /uie a #e! cenuries$?
He undid he raher diry piece o# ribbon round i and
unrolled i$ ;eiher he *irls nor %in(er could read he
old"#ashioned leerin*$
>@ha does i all sayB? as(ed -nne, !ih *rea
>0 says ha he #ield (no!n as KCrom!ell?s CornerL
is o be held by he Haylin* Family #or al!ays,? said
Ero#essor Haylin*$ >0 !as *iven o hem by Crom!ell
because our #amily allo!ed hem o camp in ha #ield
!hen hey sorely needed a res a#er bale$ 0?s been ours
ever since$?
>2o ;6F6DC else is allo!ed o camp in i, or use i
#or *raJin* or anyhin*, unless !e say so4? said %in(er,
>Huie ri*h,? said his #aher$ >Fu !ai a minue " 0
seem o remember an odd clause ha said somehin*
abou a ravellin* sho! " a sho! ha had ri*hs o camp
in he #ield since abou 1=66$ ;o even Crom!ell
could aler ha " i !as in he ori*inal deeds, lon*
be#ore Crom!ell baled in ha disric$ ;o! le?s see "
ha piece !ould come abou he end, 0 e1pec$?
%he !o *irls and %in(er !aied !hile he Ero#essor
pored over he old and beaui#ul leerin*$ He Aabbed his
#in*er on o hree lines o!ards he end$
>Ces$ %here i is$ 0?ll /uoe i$ .isen4 K-nd le i be
(no!n ha Ce %ravellin* 2ho! so"named >%apper?s
%ravellin* 2ho!?, !hich has al!ays had campin* ri*hs,
shall sill have he ri*h o claim hese once every en
years so lon* as he sho! ravels he counry !ays "
)iven under my hand$$$L and so on and so on$ @ell " 0
don? e1pec ha %apper?s %ravellin* 2ho! is *oin* no!,
all hese years and years a#er he documen !as dra!n
up and si*ned in he year 1647$ 2ee " here?s he dae " i#
you can read he old #i*ures4?
%he children sared a he dae, and hen *lanced up a
%in(er$ He loo(ed an*ry and very red in he #ace$ >Cou
mi*h have old me all ha be#ore, Dad,? he said$
>@hyB? as(ed his #aher, asonished$ >@ha possible
ineres can i have #or you childrenB?
>6nly ha here?s a circus called %apper?s %ravellin*
Circus in ha #ield his very minue,? said -nne$ >-nd he
old man !ih i is called %apper " and he said i !as his
ri*h o be here, and$$$?
>He !as rude o me and 0 !an you o urn ou his
circus his very day4? said %in(er$ >@e !an o camp
>0?m sure Mr %apper !ould have no obAecion o you
campin* here,? said his #aher$ >-ren? you bein*
raher silly, %in(erB Cou !eren? rude o any o# he
circus #ol(, !ere youB?
%in(er !en very red, urned his bac( and sal(ed ou
o# he room, Mischie# clin*in* o his nec($ He rubbed his
ches !here he circus boy had punched him$ >'us you
!ai4? he said in a !hisper$ >0?ll punch you one day4?
>-nne, i# you and he ohers !an o camp in he #ield,
0?ll *o and spea( o Mr %apper,? said he Ero#essor,
puJJled by %in(er?s behaviour$
>6h no " i?s all ri*h,? said -nne, hasily$ >He has
already said ha i didn? maer i# !e camped here$ 6h "
here are he boys bac( a*ain$ 0?ll Aus *o and see i# hey
have brou*h bac( all our bicycles sa#ely$ %han( you #or
sho!in* us ha marvellous old documen, Ero#essor4?
-nd a!ay she !en loo(in* raher ho and bohered4
Chapter S&(
Dic( and 'ulian !ere mos ineresed o hear abou
%in(er and he %ravellin* Circus " and he old, old
>Cou made a bi o# a #ool o# yoursel#,? said 'ulian,
loo(in* a %in(er$ >2ill, here?s no harm done,
apparenly$ 0 voe !e *o and see !here !e can pu up our
ens$ Eersonally, 0 shall be hrilled o see a bi o# circus
li#e so close o me4 0 !onder ho! hey?ll mana*e o pu
on a sho!$ 0 suppose hey?ve everyhin* !ih hem, and
can pu up a circus rin* and a mar/uee and anyhin* else
>%here are a lo o# bi* vans,? said -nne$ >0 !en do!n
o have a loo( abou hal# an hour a*o$ %he #ield is almos
#ull no!, e1cep #or one corner near our hed*e ha 0
suppose hey have le# #or our ens$?
>0 sa! he posers abou he circus as !e cycled bac(,?
said Dic($ >Dead"2ho Dic( " ChimpanJee ha plays
Cric(e " he Foneless Man " Madelon and her Feaui#ul
Horses " Mony and @in(s he clo!ns " he Dancin*
Don(ey " Mr @ooh, he @onder @iJard " *osh, i
sounded /uie a circus$ 0?m *lad !e can camp in he same
#ield " !e shall really see behind he scenes, hen$?
>Don? #or*e here !as Charlie he Chimp, and he
FonJo Fand,? said 'ulian$ >@ha #un i# he chimp *o
loose and peeped in a he (ichen !indo!4?
>0 !ouldn? be a all #unny,? said -nne$ >'enny !ould
run #or miles4 2o !ould %in(er?s mon(ey4?
>@ha abou puin* up our o!n ens a#er eaB? said
Dic($ >%he carrier said he?d have hem here by ea"ime$
0?s hoer han ever oday$ 0 don? #eel 0 can do much a
he momen$ 0 Aus !an o laJe$?
>@oo#,? said %immy, !ho !as lyin* do!n !ih his
head on his pa!s, panin*$
>Cou #eel he same, old chap, don? youB? said 'ulian,
po(in* him !ih his oe$ >Cou?re ired ou !ih your lon*
run o 3irrin and bac( a*ain, aren? youB?
>%he roads !ere so dusy4? said Dic($ >He (ep
sneeJin* !henever a car passed us, because he dus *o
up his nose$ Eoor old %im$ Cou really are ired ou !ih
ha lon*, lon* run4?
>@oo#4? said %im, suddenly siin* up srai*h and
pa!in* vi*orously a )eor*e$ 9veryone lau*hed$
>He says he?s no a all ired, he !ans a !al(,?
chuc(led Dic($
>@ell, i# he?s no ired, 0 am,? said 'ulian$ >0 really
!as a Aob sorin* ou all our hin*s a 3irrin " and cyclin*
here and bac($ ;o, %immy " 0 am ;6% *oin* o a(e you
#or a !al(4?
%immy !hined, and a once Mischie# he mon(ey
leap do!n #rom %in(er?s shoulder and !en o cuddle
a*ains he bi* do*, ma(in* small com#orin* noises$ He
even pu his hin lile arms round %immy?s nec(4
>Cou?re Aus bein* a lile bi soppy, Mischie#,? said
%in(er, bu Mischie# didn? care$ His bi* #riend !as
sad abou somehin*, or he !ouldn? have !hined$
%immy pu ou a bi* red on*ue and lic(ed he lile
creaure delicaely on his nose$ %hen he suddenly pric(ed
up his ears, and sa srai*h up, He had heard a noise #rom
some!here$ 2o had all he ohers$
>0?s music o# some (ind,? said -nne$ >6h " 0 believe 0
(no! !ha i is4?
>@haB? said he ohers$
>0 mus be %apper?s %ravellin* Circus Fand
pracisin* #or openin* ni*h,? said -nne$
>@ell, ha?s omorro!,? ya!ned )eor*e$ >Ces " i
does sound li(e a band$ Maybe !e shall see he bandsmen
a#er ea, !hen !e pu up our ens$ 0?d li(e o see he
Foneless Man, !ouldn? youB?
>;64? said -nne$ >He?d be all limp and !ri**ly and
horrid " li(e a !orm or a Aelly#ish4 0 shan? *o and see
him$ Fu 0?d love o see he horses and he Dancin*
Don(ey$ Does he dance o he band, do you hin(B?
>@e?ll #ind ou !hen !e *o,? said Dic(, >as i opens
omorro!$ 0# Mr %apper isn? annoyed abou %in(er
ryin* o urn hem ou, he mi*h le us !ander round$?
>0 don? hin( 0 !an o come,? said %in(er$ >Mr
%apper !as rude " and ha boy (noc(ed me #la$?
>@ell, 0 e1pec 0?d do he same i# 0 hou*h you !ere
bein* rude o my )randad,? said 'ulian, laJily >;o! " i?s
seled, is i, ha !e *o do!n !ih our hin*s o he #ield
a#er ea, and see i# !e can pu up our ens in some
shelered cornerB?
>Ces,? said everyone$ Dic( idly ic(led Mischie#?s
nose !ih a hin blade o# *rass$ %he mon(ey sneeJed a
once, and hen a*ain$ He rubbed his lile pa! across
his nose and sared disapprovin*ly a Dic($ %hen he
sneeJed once more$
>Forro! a han(y, old hin*,? said 'ulian$ -nd, o
everyone?s inense amusemen, Mischie# leap across o
Dic( and nealy pulled his hand(erchie# ou o# his poc(e4
%hen he preended o blo! his nose$
9veryone roared !ih lau*her, and Mischie# !as
deli*hed$ >Cou?ll be solen o ac in a circus one day, i#
you behave li(e ha4? said Dic(, snachin* bac( his
han(y$ >%he Eic("poc(e Mon(ey4?
>He?d be very *ood in a circus,? said 'ulian$
>0?d never le him Aoin a circus4? said %in(er a once$
>He mi*h have a dread#ul li#e$?
>;o$ 0 don? hin( he !ould,? said 'ulian$ >Circus"#ol(
love heir animals and are proud o# hem$ -nd a#er all, i#
hey reaed hem un(indly, he animals !ouldn? be
happy or healhy, and couldn? enAoy heir acs$ Mos
circus people rea heir animals li(e one o# he #amily$?
>@ha4 9ven a chimpanJee4? said -nne, in horror$
>%hey?re nice creaures " and very clever,? said 'ulian$
>Mischie#, do no remove my hand(erchie#, please$ 0 !as
#unny he #irs ime, bu no a second ime$ .oo( a him
no!, ryin* o undo %immy?s collar$?
>Come and si /uiely by me, Mischie#,? ordered
%in(er, and he lile creaure obedienly !en o him and
cuddled on o his (nee, ma(in* a so#, croonin* noise$
>Cou?re a humbu*,? said %in(er, #ondlin* him$
>Cou be care#ul 0 don? *ive you a!ay o he circus,
and *e an elephan in e1chan*e4?
>0dio4? said Dic(, and everyone lau*hed a he
hou*h o# %in(er and an elephan$ @ha in he !orld
!ould he do !ih iB
- voice called #rom he house$ >%in(er4 %he carrier?s
come !ih all he campin* hin*s$ He?s pu hem in he
hall, Aus !here your #aher !ill #all over hem$ Cou?d
beer come and see o hem no!$?
>0n a #e! minues, 'enny4? called bac( %in(er$ >@e?re
>Cou?re a real #ibber, %in(er,? said Dic($ >@e are no
busy$ Cou could easily *o o #ind ou !here he hin*s
are, and see i# hey?re all here$ %here are /uie a lo$?
>@e?ll *o in !eny minues or so,? said -nne,
ya!nin*$ >0 be %in(er?s #aher is asleep his ho
a#ernoon$ He !on? sir ou o# his sudy$?
Fu she !as !ron*$ Ero#essor Haylin* !as !ide
a!a(e, and !hen he had #inished his !or(, he !aned a
drin( o# very cold !aer$ He hre! open his sudy door,
srode ou o!ards he (ichen " and #ell over a pile o# all
(inds o# campin* *ear, brin*in* hem do!n !ih a
remendous noise$
'enny rushed ou o# he (ichen !ih loud screams o#
#ri*h, and he Ero#essor bello!ed in an*er as he oo( a
*round"shee o## his head, and a en"pole o## his bac($
>@H-% -:9 %H929 %H0;)2B 0 @0.. ;6% H-89
%H9M 0; %H9 H-..4 '9;;C4 '9;;C4 %a(e hem
do!n o he bon#ire and burn he lo4?
>6ur campin* hin*s4? cried )eor*e, lisenin* in
horror$ >Huic(4 @e mus *e hem4 6h, 0 do hope
%in(er?s #aher hasn? hur himsel#$ Flo!, blo!, blo!4?
@hile 'ulian and Dic( de#ly removed everyhin* ha
had #allen on o he an*ry Ero#essor and oo( hem do!n
he *arden, -nne and )eor*e com#ored him, and made
such a #uss o# him ha he be*an o #eel decidedly less
an*ry$ He sa do!n in a chair and !iped his #orehead$ >0
hope you?ve a(en all hose hin*s do!n o he boom o#
he *ardenB? he as(ed, a#er a !hile$
>Ces,? said %in(er, ruh#ully$ >9r " hey?re all by he
bon#ire, bu i?s no li*hed ye$?
>0?ll li*h i mysel# omorro!,? said his #aher, and
%in(er heaved a si*h o# relie#$ His #aher !ould #or*e, o#
course " and anyho!, everyhin* !as *oin* o be a(en
ino he campin* #ield a#er ea$
>Have a cup o# nice ho ea, sir,? said 'enny, appearin*
!ih a ray o# ea"hin*s$ >2i you do!n and drin( his$
0?s ne!ly made$ Fes hin* o have a#er a #all and a
2he urned and !hispered crossly o %in(er$ >Didn? 0
call o you and ell you he Ero#essor !ould rip over
hose hin*s, he poor manB ;o! you Aus *e your o!n
ea, !hile 0 a(e him ino he dinin*"room and com#or
him !ih a nice ho scone, and a cup o# ea4?
>0?ll *e our ea,? said -nne$ >%hen !e?ll se up he
ens do!n in he #ield, and enAoy ourselves$ -nd %in(er,
don? you *e ino any more rouble !ih he circus #ol($?
>0?ll see he doesn?,? said )eor*e, #irmly$ >Come on
" le?s *o do!n o he #ield !hile -nne *es he ea$ 0
could do !ih a bun or !o4?
Fe!een hem, Dic( and 'ulian had lu**ed all he
hin*s do!n he *arden " !o ens, *round"shees,
blan(es, en"pe*s and all he res$ %immy ran !ih hem
in e1ciemen, !onderin* !ha all he #uss !as abou$
Mischie#, o# course, leap o he op o# !haever !as bein*
carried, and chaered e1ciedly all he !ay do!n he
He *o ino rouble !hen he ran o## !ih a enpe*, bu
%immy mana*ed o cach him and ma(e him drop i$ %hen,
very solemnly, %immy carried he en"pe* o 'ulian$
>)ood do*4? said 'ulian$ >'us (eep an eye on ha
!ic(ed lile mon(ey, %im, !ill youB %here are all sors o#
hin*s he mi*h run o## !ih4?
2o %immy (ep an eye on Mischie#, nosin* him a!ay
!henever he hou*h he mon(ey !as *oin* o pic( up
somehin* he shouldn?$ Finally Mischie# became ired o#
%immy?s nose and leap on his bac(, !here, clin*in* o he
do*?s collar, he rode Aus as i# he !ere on horsebac($ >6nly
i?s do*bac(, no horsebac(,? said -nne, !ih a lau*h$
>%hey !ould ma(e /uie a *ood pair #or he circus,?
said Dic($ >0 be Mischie# could hold on o reins, i# %immy
had any4?
>@ell, he?s no *oin* o have any,? said )eor*e$ >%he
ne1 hin* !ould be a !hip4 @he!4 @ha a lo o# hin*s
!e?ve *o " is ha he loB?
0 !as, han( *oodness$ - bell ran* ou #rom he house
a ha momen, and everyone heaved a si*h o# relie#$
>%ea a las4? said Dic($ >0 could drin( a !hole po#ul$
Come on " !e?ve #inished pilin* up all he hin*s$ @e?ll
*e busy a#er ea !ih hem, 0 can? do a hin* more$
Don? you a*ree, %immyB?
>@66F4? said %immy, hearily, and *alloped up he
*arden pah a op speed, !ih Mischie# scamperin* a#er
>%al( abou a circus4? said Dic($ >@e?ve a ready"made
one here4 -ll ri*h, -nne " !e?re comin*4 @e?re
Chapter Se'en
;obody !aned o spend a lon* ime over ea$ %hey
all lon*ed o *o do!n o he #ield and se up heir lile
>@e shall have a !onder#ul loo("in a !ha *oes on in
a circus camp,? said Dic($ >@e shall be livin* so near he
circus #ol(4 0 do hope Mischie# !on? *e oo #riendly
!ih he people here$ %hey mi*h a(e him a!ay !ih
hem !hen hey leave$?
>0ndeed hey !on?4? said %in(er, #iercely$ >@ha a
hin* o say4 -s i# Mischie# !ould *o !ih hem,
anyho!4 0 don? e1pec he?ll mi1 !ih he circus cro!d a
>Cou !ai and see4? *rinned Dic($ >;o! buc( up !ih
your ea " 0?m lon*in* o *o and se our camp in he #ield,
and see !ha?s *oin* on here$?
0 !asn? lon* be#ore hey !ere ready$ %hey !ere
soon do!n by he #ence, and *aJed over i in amaJemen$
)rea vans !ere in he #ield, all !ih Mr %apper?s name
on and all pained in *ay colours$ %here !ere caravans
oo, much smaller han he *rea vans, and hese had
!indo!s, each !ih nea lace curains$ %he circus #ol(
lived in he caravans, o# course, and )eor*e #ound hersel#
!ishin* ha she hersel# could *o abou
in one, insead o# livin* in a house ha couldn? move
>.oo( a he horses4? cried Dic(, as a bunch o# hem
appeared !ih ossin* heads and beaui#ul lon* hic( ails$
%he boy !ho had (noc(ed %in(er do!n !as !ih hem,
!hislin*$ %hey !ere all comin* #rom a bi* horse"van,
and !ere deli*hed o be in a #ield !ih lush *reen *rass$
>0s ha #ield *ae properly shuB? yelled an enormous
voice, and he boy yelled bac(, >Ces, )randad$ 0 shu i$
%here?s no!here he horses can *e ou$ My !ord " don?
hey li(e his *rass4?
%hen he sa! 'ulian and he ohers all loo(in* over he
#ence, and !aved o hem$ >2ee our horsesB -ren? hey a
*rand loB?
-nd, Aus o sho! o## a lile, he leap on o he bac( o#
he neares one, and !en all round he ed*e o# he #ield
!ih i$ )eor*e !ached him enviously$ 0# only she could
have a horse li(e ha4
>@ell, le?s a(e our camp hin*s ino he #ield,? said
%in(er$ >%he nearer !e are o he circus he beer$ @e
ou*h o have some #un$?
He climbed over he #ence and Dic( #ollo!ed$ >0?ll
hand everyhin* over,? said 'ulian$ >)eor*e can help me "
she?s as *ood as a boy any day4?
)eor*e *rinned$ 2he loved o hear anyone say ha4 0
!as /uie a Aob *ein* some o# he hin*s over he #ence$
%he ens, nealy !rapped hou*h hey !ere, !ere heavy,
a!(!ard hin*s o handle, bu a las everyhin* !as
sa#ely over, lyin* on he *rass$
%hen 'ulian, -nne and )eor*e climbed over he
#ence oo, and sood in he #ield, loo(in* round #or a
*ood corner o se up heir hin*s$
>@ha abou near hose bushes over hereB? said
'ulian$ >%here?s ha bi* ree behind as !ell o proec us
#rom he !ind " and !e aren? oo near he circus #ol( "
hey mi*h no li(e us ri*h on op o# hem " and ye !e?re
near enou*h o see !ha?s *oin* on$?
>6h, i?s *oin* o be FD;4? said -nne, her eyes
>0 hin( 0?d beer *o and #ind he old )randad " Mr
%apper,? said 'ulian$ >'us o ell him !e?re here, in case
he hin(s !e?re inruders and have no ri*h o be here$?
>Cou haven? *o o as( his permission #or us o be in
MC #ield4? said %in(er, a once$
>;o! don? (eep #lyin* o## he handle li(e ha,
%in(er,? said 'ulian$ >%his is merely a /uesion o# *ood
manners " somehin* you don? seem o (no! much
abou4 Ho! do !e (no! ha he circus #ol( !on? resen
us campin* so near hemB Much beer o sho! ourselves
#riendly #rom he sar$?
>-ll ri*h, all ri*h,? said %in(er, sul(ily$ >Fu i is my
#ield, a#er all4 Cou?ll be ellin* me o be #riends !ih ha
nasy lile circus"boy ne14?
>@ell, you?d beer be " else he mi*h (noc( you #la
a*ain4? said )eor*e$ >-ny!ay, be sensible, %in(er " i?s
no o#en people have a circus Aus a he boom o# heir
*arden, and can pop over he #ence, and mi1 !ih he
circus #ol($?
'ulian !al(ed over o he neares caravan$ 0 !as
empy, and no one ans!ered his (noc($
>@ha you !an, miserB? called a hi*h lile voice,
and a small *irl !ih an*led, unidy hair came runnin*
>@here?s Mr %apperB? as(ed 'ulian, smilin* a he
unidy, bri*h"eyed lile hin*$
>He?s !ih one o# he horses,? said he small *irl$
>@ho are youB?
>@e?re your nei*hbours,? said 'ulian$ >@ill you a(e
us o Mr %apperB?
>6ld )randad?s his !ay,? said he child, and slipped a
diry lile hand ino 'ulian?s$ >0?ll sho! you$ 0 li(e you,
2he led he children o he middle o# he camp$ -
mourn#ul ho!l came #rom some!here behind hem and
)eor*e sopped suddenly$ >%ha?s %immy4 He mus have
#ound ou ha !e?ve *o ou o# he *arden$ 0?ll *o bac(
#or him$?
>Feer no,? said 'ulian$ >%here mi*h be rucions i# he
me he chimpanJee$ - bi* chimp !ould ma(e
mincemea o# him4?
>0 !ouldn?4? said )eor*e, bu all he same she didn?
*o bac( o #ech %immy$ 'ulian hoped ha he do*
!ouldn? Aump over he #ence, and come o #ind hem$
>%here?s old )randdad %apper on hem seps,? said he
lile *irl, smilin* up a 'ulian, !hose hand she sill held$
>0 li(e you, miser$ Cour hand smells nice$?
>@ell, ha?s because 0 !ash i !ih soap and !aer
#our or #ive imes a day,? said 'ulian$ >Cours !ould smell
nice oo, i# you did he same$?
%he lile *irl sni##ed a 'ulian?s hand$ %hen she
shoued loudly o he old #ello! siin* on he seps
o# a nearby caravan$ >)randad4 Here?s #ol(s o see
)randad !as loo(in* a a beaui#ul chesnu"bro!n
horse, ehered close o him$ He had one o# he horse?s
hooves in his hand$ %he children sood and *aJed a him "
blac( beard, #ro!nin* eye"bro!s " and, oh dear4 hou*h
-nne, only one ear, poor man$ @ha could have
happened o he missin* oneB
>):-;D-D4? called he *irl a*ain$ F6.32 %6 299
Mr %apper loo(ed round, his eyes very bri*h under
his blac( eye"bro!s$ He se he horse?s hoo# do!n, and
*ave he lovely creaure a pa$ >Cou don? need o limp
any more, my beauy,? he said$ >0?ve a(en ou he sone
ha !as in your hoo#$ Cou can dance a*ain4?
%he horse li#ed up is ma*ni#icen head and nei*hed
as i# i !ere sayin* han( you$ %in(er almos Aumped ou
o# his s(in, and Mischie# slipped #rom his shoulder and
cuddled under his arm in error$
>;o!, no!, lile mon(ey, don? you (no! a horse?s
voice !hen you hear oneB? said )randad, and Mischie#
po(ed his head ou #rom under %in(er?s arm o lisen$
>Does ha horse really danceB? said -nne, lon*in* o
sro(e is lon*, smooh nose$
>Dance4 0?s one o# he #ines horse"dancers in he
!orld4? said )randad, and be*an o !hisle a *ay lile
une$ %he horse pric(ed up is ears, *aJed a )randad, and
hen be*an o dance4 %he children !ached in
%here i !en, round and round, noddin* is head
o he une, is #ee appin* he *rass in per#ec ime o
)randad?s !hislin*$
>6h, he lovely hin*4? said )eor*e$ >Do all your
horses dance as !ell as his oneB?
>Ces$ 2ome a *ood deal beer,? said )randad$ >%his
one has a #air ear #or music, bu no as *ood an ear as
some$ Cou !ai ill you see hem dressed up !ih #eahery
plumes noddin* on heir heads$ Horses " here?s nohin*
in he !orld as beaui#ul as a *ood horse$?
>Mr %apper " !e come #rom he house over he #ence
here,? said 'ulian, #eelin* ha i !as ime o e1plain heir
visi$ >-s you probably (no!, %in(er?s #aher o!ns his
#ield, and$$$?
>Ces, yes " bu !e have an old ri*h o come every so
o#en,? said he old man, raisin* his voice$ >;o! don?
you sar ar*$$$?
>0 haven? come o ar*ue !ih you,? said 'ulian,
poliely$ >0?ve only Aus come o say ha !e " ha is my
#riends here and 0 " !ould li(e o come and camp in his
#ield, bu !e shouldn? annoy you in any !ay, and$$$?
>6h !ell " i# ha?s !ha you !an, you?re more han
!elcome4? said he old man$ >More han !elcome4 0
hou*h maybe you?d hin( you could urn us ou " li(e
ha youn*ser here !ould li(e o do4? -nd he nodded a
%in(er !en red and said nohin*$ %he old man
lau*hed$ >Ha4 My *randson didn? hin( much o# ha
idea, did he, youn*serB He hi ou, and do!n you !en
on your bac($ He?s *o a emper, he has, youn* 'eremy$
Fu anoher ime maybe he?ll #ind himsel# on his
bac(, ehB?
>Ces$ He !ill,? said %in(er, a once$
>:i*h$ @ell, you?ll be even !ih one anoher hen,
and you can sha(e hands li(e *enlemen,? said he old
man, his eyes !in(lin*$ >;o! " !ha abou you brin*in*
your *ear ri*h ino he #ield, and sein* up your ensB
0?ll *e old Charlie he Chimp o help you$ He?s as sron*
as en men4?
>%he chimpanJee4 0s he ame enou*h o help us o pu
up our ensB? said -nne, disbelievin*ly$
>6ld Charlie is cleverer han all o# you pu o*eher,
and as ame as you are4? said )randad$ >-nd he could
bea you hree boys a cric(e any day4 Cou brin* your
ba alon* one mornin*, and !ach him$ 0?ll call him o
help you$ CH-:.094 CH-:.094 @here are youB
2nooJin* 0 suppose4?
Fu no Charlie came$ >Cou *o and #ech him,? said he
old man, poinin* o a corner o# he #ield !here sood a
bi*, sron* ca*e, !ih a arpaulin roo# o (eep ou he
rain$ >He?ll do anyhin* you !an him o do, so lon* as
you *ive him a !ord o# praise no! and a*ain4?
>.e?s *e him, 'u,? said Dic(, ea*erly$ >My !ord "
#ancy havin* a chimpanJee o help us4?
-nd o## hey all !en o he *rea ca*e$ CH-:.094
CH-:.094 @a(e up, you?re !aned4 CH-:.094
Chapter E&)ht
%in(er came o he bi* ca*e #irs$ He peered inside$
Charlie he Chimp !as here all ri*h, siin* a he bac(
o# his ca*e, his bro!n eyes loo(in* a he children !ih
curiosiy$ He *o up and !en over o !here %in(er !as
peerin* in, and pressed his nose a*ains he sron* !ire,
almos a*ains %in(er?s$ %hen he ble! hard, and %in(er
bac(ed a!ay, surprised and cross$
>He ble! a me4? he said o he ohers, !ho !ere
lau*hin* a %in(er?s dis*us$ %he chimp made a #unny
noise ha Mischie# he mon(ey immediaely ried o
imiae$ %he chimpanJee sared a Mischie#, hen he *re!
very e1cied$ He raled his ca*e, Aumped up and do!n,
and made some very /ueer noises indeed$
- boy came runnin* up a once$ 0 !as he boy !ho
had (noc(ed %in(er do!n$ >Hey " !ha are you doin* o
he chimpB? he called$ >6h " aren? you he boy !ho
shoued a my )randad " he one 0 (noc(ed do!nB?
>Ces$ -nd don? you dare ry ha on a*ain, or you?ll
be sorry4? said %in(er, in a #ierce voice$
>2hu up, %in(er,? said 'ulian$ He urned o he boy$
>Cour name?s 'eremy, isn? iB? he said$ >@ell, !e?ve Aus
been al(in* o your )randad over here, and he
said !e could *e he chimpanJee o help us !ih our
campin* *ear$ 0?s all ri*h #or him o come ou o# his
ca*e, isn? iB?
>6h yes " 0 a(e him ou !o or hree imes a day,?
said 'eremy$ >He *es bored in his ca*e$ He?d love o help
pu up your ens " he?s al!ays helpin* us circus #ol( !ih
hin*s li(e ha$ He?s as sron* as a lion$?
>0s he " er " is he sa#eB? as(ed Dic(, eyein* he bi*
animal doub#ully$
>2a#eB @ha do you mean " sa#eB? as(ed 'eremy,
surprised$ >He?s as sa#e as 0 am4 Charlie, come on ou4 )o
on, you can undo your ca*e per#ecly !ell, you (no! you
%he chimpanJee made a #unny lile chuc(lin* noise,
pu his hand hrou*h he !ire, reached he bol, pulled i,
oo( his hand bac( " and pushed open he ca*e door$
>2eeB 9asy, isn? iB? said 'eremy, *rinnin*$ >Charlie
boy, come alon*$ Cour help?s !aned4?
Charlie lumbered ou o# his ca*e, and !en !ih he
children o !here hey had le# heir ens and *round"
shees and he res$ He !al(ed !ih his #iss on he
*round in a mos inele*an manner, ma(in* a #unny lile
*roanin* noise all he ime$ Mischie# !as raher a#raid o#
him, and (ep !ell o he bac( " bu he chimpanJee
suddenly urned round, cau*h hold o# Mischie#, and sa
him up on his shoulder4 Mischie# held on, no (no!in*
!heher o be scared or Aubilan4
>0 !ish 0 had my camera here,? said -nne o )eor*e$
>'us loo( a hem " Mischie# is as pleased as can be4?
%hey arrived a he pile o# campin* *ear$ >Carry his,
Charlie, and #ollo! us,? ordered 'eremy$ %he
chimp *rabbed a his, ha and he oher, and, !ih his
*rea arms #ull, #ollo!ed he children o !here hey
hou*h hey could camp, !ih he *rea hed*e o sheler
hem #rom he !ind$
>Drop hose hin*s, Charlie,? said 'eremy, >and *o
bac( #or he res$ Fuc( up$ Don? sand here sarin*4
Cou?ve *o !or( o do4?
Fu Charlie sill crouched here, sarin* srai*h a
Mischie#$ >6h4 He !ans Mischie# he mon(ey o *o !ih
him4? cried )eor*e$ >)o on, Mischie#, have a ride a*ain4?
Mischie# leap up on o he chimpanJee?s shoulders$
Charlie pu up a *rea pa! o seady him and hen
lumbered o## o #ech he res o# he hin*s$ 6ne o# he
*round"shees came undone, and slihered over his head
li(e a en, so ha he couldn? see !here he !as *oin*$ 0n
a ra*e he leap on i and be*an o Aump up and do!n, up
and do!n, *ro!lin* mos erri#yin*ly$ %he children #el
raher scared$
>Charlie, don? be an ass4? said 'eremy, and pulled i
a!ay #rom him, rollin* i up s!i#ly$ %he chimpanJee
could mana*e i hen, and his *ood emper immediaely
came bac( a*ain$
9veryhin* !as soon piled up in one place, and 'ulian
and Dic( be*an o pu up he ens$ Charlie !ached hem
!ih he *reaes ineres, and helped mos inelli*enly
!hen he sa! ha he could$
>He?s a *ood sor, isn? heB? said 'eremy, proud ha
his #riend he chimpanJee could sho! o## li(e his$ >Did
you see him pu ha en"pole in e1acly he ri*h placeB
-nd you ou*h o see him #ech he pails
o# !aer #or he horses each day$ He carries a #ull pail
in each hand4?
>He ou*h o *e !a*es,? said %in(er$
>He does4? said 'eremy$ >He *es ei*h bananas a day
and as many oran*es as he li(es$ -nd he .6892 s!ees4?
>6h4 0 hin( 0?ve *o some4? said %in(er and delved
ino one o# his poc(es$ He brou*h up a peculiar mi1ure
o# hin*s, amon* !hich !as a scre!ed"up s!ee ba*$
0nside !as a mess o# hal#"meled boiled s!ees$
>Cou can? *ive him hose4? said -nne$ >%hey?re old
and sic(y and messy4?
Fu Charlie hou*h di##erenly$ He oo( he paper ba*
srai*h ou o# %in(er?s hand, sni##ed i " and hen pu he
!hole hin* ino his mouh a once4
>He?ll cho(e4? said 'ulian$
>;o Charlie4? said 'eremy$ >.e him be$ He?ll *o
srai*h bac( o his ca*e, *e in, shoo he bol and si
here suc(in* s!ees ill hey?re *one$ He?ll be as happy
as can be$?
>@ell " he cerainly deserved a re!ard,? said )eor*e$
>He did all he heavy !or(4 Come on, le?s #inish puin*
everyhin* srai*h$ 0 say " !on? i be #un sleepin* ou in
ens oni*h4 @e?d beer have supper #irs$?
>Cou can come and Aoin us, i# you li(e,? said 'eremy$
>@e don? have posh #ood li(e you, o# course " bu i?s
*ood #ood, all he same$ 6ld )randma coo(s i in her po$
2he?s !o hundred years old$?
%he children lau*hed in disbelie#$ >%!o hundred4
;obody lives as lon* as ha4? said )eor*e$
>@ell, ha?s !ha she ells everyone,? said 'eremy$
>-nd she loo(s i, oo4 Fu her eyes are as sharp as
needles sill4 2hall 0 ell her you?ll be here o supperB?
>@ell " !ould here be enou*h #or so many e1raB?
said 'ulian$ >@e mean o brin* our o!n meal$ 2hould !e
brin* ha and share everyhin* !ih youB @e?ve more
han enou*h$ 6ur coo( 'enny said she !ould have i all
ready #or us o brin* do!n oni*h " a mea"pie " cold
sausa*es " and apples and bananas$?
>2h4 Don? say bananas in #ron o# Charlie,? said
'eremy$ >He?ll !orry you #or hem all he ime$ -ll ri*h "
you brin* your #ood and !e?ll share !ih you round our
camp"#ire$ 0?ll ell old )randma$ @e?re havin* a sin*"
son* oni*h, and Fred he Fiddler?s playin* his #iddle$
-h, ha #iddle4 0s unes *e ino your #ee and a!ay you
%his all sounded very e1ciin*$ 'ulian hou*h hey
ou*h o *o bac( home be#ore anyone be*an o be
!orried abou heir complee disappearance, and pac( up
he #ood #or supper ha ni*h$
>@e?ll be bac( as soon as !e can,? said he$ >-nd
han(s a!#ully #or all your help$ Come on, Mischie#$ 2ay
*ood"bye o Charlie #or he momen, and don? loo( so
*loomy$ @e?re comin* bac( here oni*h4?
%hey all !en bac( over he #ence, #eelin* a lile ired
no!, bu #ull o# heir plans #or he evenin*$ >0?s almos
li(e belon*in* o he circus, *oin* bac( o si round a
camp"#ire and ea supper #rom ha old blac( se!po on
he #ire,? said %in(er$ >0 be he supper !ill ase delicious$
0 say " 0 hope Dad !on? mind us poppin* o## o he
circus camp$?
>0 don? e1pec he?ll even noice ha !e?ve *one,?
said )eor*e$ >My #aher never noices hin*s li(e ha$
2omeimes he doesn? even noice !hen people are here,
in #ron o# his nose4?
>@ell, ha mus be use#ul a imes i# hey?re people he
doesn? li(e,? said %in(er$ >;o! " le?s see !ha 'enny?s
*o ha !e can a(e bac( !ih us$?
'enny lisened !ide"eyed o all hey had o say$ >@ell,
!ell, !ell4? she said$ >Campin* ou !ih he circus"#ol(4
@haever ne1B 0?d li(e o (no! !ha your parens !ould
hin( o# ha, Maser 'ulian4?
>@e?ll as( hem, ne1 ime !e see hem,? said 'ulian,
!ih a *rin$ >@ha do you have #or our supperB @e?re
a(in* i do!n o our camp$?
>0 hou*h maybe you?d do ha,? said 'enny$ >0?s all
cold$ - mea pie " cold sausa*es " a cucumber and leuce
hears and omaoes, rolls " and apples and bananas$ @ill
ha be enou*hB?
>)osh, yes,? said %in(er, hrilled$ >@ha abou
somehin* o drin(B?
>Cou can a(e lemonade or oran*eade !ih you,
!hichever you please,? said 'enny$ >Fu lisen no! "
don? *o bursin* ino your #aher?s !or(room$ He?s
!or(ed hard all day, and he?s ired$?
>-nd cross, 0 e1pec,? said %in(er$ >Eeople are al!ays
cross !hen hey?re ired$ 91cep you, dear, dear 'enny$?
>Ha4 Cou !an somehin* else ou o# my cupboard,
callin* me your dear, dear 'enny,? she said !ih a
>Could !e have some su*ar"lumpsB? as(ed %in(er$
>6h, 'enny, here are he lovelies horses you ever sa!
do!n in he circus #ield$ 0 !an o *ive hem a su*ar lump
>-nd yoursel# a #e! as !ell4? said 'enny$ >-ll ri*h$
0?ll pac( up everyhin* #or you, and *ive you a #e!
enamel plaes and mu*s and (nives$ @ha abou %immyB
Doesn? he !an a meal ooB?
>@u##4? said %immy, *lad ha someone had
remembered him$ 'enny paed his bi* head$ >0?s all
ready in he larder #or you,? she said$ >)eor*e, you *o and
*e i$ He mus be hun*ry$?
)eor*e #eched a plae o# mea and biscuis #rom he
larder and %immy #ell on i !ih happy lile bar(s$ Ces "
he !as very, 89:C hun*ry4
- las all he #ood !as ready"pac(ed o a(e do!n he
*arden o he #ield$ @ha a lo here seemed4 @ell, hey
!ould cerainly have pleny o spare #or heir circus
#riends$ %hey said *ood ni*h o 'enny, and se o## do!n
he *arden a*ain$ %hey hou*h hey had beer no disurb
Ero#essor Haylin*$
>He mi*h be cross and #orbid us o *o and #eed !ih
he circus"#ol(,? said %in(er$ >Mischie#, come o## ha
bas(e, and don? preend you !eren? #ishin* in i #or a
banana$ -nd please pu on your bes able"manners
oni*h, or Charlie he Chimp !ill be ashamed o# you4?
0 !as #un *oin* bac( do!n he *arden and over he
#ence ino he #ield a*ain$ %he sun !as sin(in* #as and
soon he shado!s !ould #all$ Ho! lovely o si round a
#ire and ea supper !ih he (indly circus"#ol( " and
perhaps o sin* old son*s !ih hem " and hear Fred he
Fiddler #iddle his old, old unes4 @ha #un o creep ino a
en, and sleep !ih he cries o# o!ls around, and sars
shinin* in a he en openin*4
%here hey *o, over he #ence, handin* he #ood one o
anoher$ %a(e your pa! ou o# ha bas(e, Mischie#4
%ha?s ri*h, %immy, nibble his ear i# he?s as mischievous
as his name4 Cou?re all *oin* o have some #un oni*h4
Chapter N&ne
-s soon as 'eremy sa! he visiors climbin* over he
#ence, he ran o help hem$ He !as very e1cied a he
hou*h o# havin* *uess$ He oo( hem over o old
)randad #irs, o be !elcomed$
>;o! 0 e1pec your #riends !ill li(e o see round a
bi,? said )randad$ >Charlie he Chimp can *o !ih you$
@e?ve a rehearsal on oni*h, so he rin* has been se up$
Cou can !ach some o# he sho!$?
%his !as *rand ne!s$ %he children sa! ha curved
pieces o# pained !ood had been se o*eher o ma(e a
*rea rin* in he #ield, and as hey !en across he *rass,
he Musical Horses be*an o roop ino he rin*, he
leadin* one ridden by Madelon, a lovely *irl, dressed in
shimmerin* *old$
>Ho! beaui#ul hey are4? hou*h -nne, as she
!ached$ >.oo( a heir *rea #eahery plumes, noddin*
on heir ma*ni#icen heads$?
%he FonJo Fand sruc( up Aus hen, and he horses a
once roed in per#ec ime o he music$ %he band loo(ed
a lile peculiar as he bandsmen had no pu on heir
smar uni#orms$ %hey !ere savin* hose #or he openin*
%he horses roed preily ou o# he rin* a#er !o or
hree rounds, he beaui#ul Madelon on he leadin* horse$
%hen in came Fred he Fiddler and played his violin
#or a #e! minues$ Firs he music !as slo! and solemn,
hen Fred be*an o play /uic(ly, and he children #ound
hemselves Ai**lin* abou, up and do!n and round abou$
>0 can? (eep sill4? paned -nne$ >%he une?s *o ino my
Charlie he Chimp came up Aus hen, !al(in* on hind
le*s, and loo(in* une1pecedly all$ He usually !al(ed on
all #ours$ He be*an o Ai* abou oo, loo(in* very #unny$
He ran ri*h ino he rin* and pu his arms round Fred he
Fiddler?s le*s$ >He loves Fred,? said 'eremy$ >;o! he?s
*oin* o rehearse his cric(e ac$ 0 mus *o and bo!l o
-nd o## !en 'eremy ino he rin*$ %he chimpanJee
rushed over o him and hu**ed him$ - ba !as hro!n
ino he rin*, and Charlie pic(ed i up, and made a #e!
s!ipes ino he air !ih i, ma(in* deli*hed noises all he
%hen a cric(e ball !as hro!n o 'eremy, !ho cau*h
i de#ly$ - small *irl appeared #rom some!here and se
up hree sumps #or a !ic(e$ >Can? #ind he bails,
Aeremy4? she called$ >Have you *o hem in your poc(eB?
>;o,? said 'eremy$ >;ever mind, 0?ll (noc( he sumps
ri*h over4?
Fu ha !asn? so easy !ih Charlie he Chimp a he
!ic(e4 He oo( a erri#ic s!ipe a he ball, and i !en
ri*h over 'eremy?s head, oo hi*h o cach$
%he chimp los his balance and sa do!n on he
!ic(e, (noc(in* he sumps ou o# he *round$
>6D%4? yelled 'eremy, bu he chimp !asn? havin*
ha$ He care#ully pu up he sumps a*ain, and hen se
himsel# in #ron once more, !a**lin* he ba$
0 !as he #unnies cric(e ha he children had ever
seen4 %he chimpanJee !as very, very clever !ih he ba,
and sen poor 'eremy runnin* all over he place$ %hen
#inally he chased he boy all round he rin* !ih he ba
ma(in* curious chorlin* noises$ %he children didn?
(no! i# he !as amused or an*ry4 Finally he hre! he ba
a 'eremy and !al(ed o##, scrachin* himsel# under one
%he children roared !ih lau*her a him$ >He?s as
*ood as any clo!n4? said Dic($ >'eremy, does he do his
cric(e ac every ni*h !hen he circus is openB?
>6h yes " and someimes he his he ball ino he
audience,? said 'eremy$ >%here?s *rea e1ciemen hen$
2omeimes, #or a rea, !e le one o# he boys in he
audience come do!n and bo!l o Charlie$ 6ne bo!led
him ri*h ou once, and Charlie !as so cross ha he
chased him all round he rin* hree imes " Aus as he
chased me Aus no!$ %he boy didn? li(e i much4?
Charlie came up o 'eremy, and pu his *rea arms
round him, ryin* o s!in* him o## he *round$
>2op ha, Charlie,? said 'eremy, !ri**lin* #ree$
>.oo( ou " here comes he Dancin* Don(ey4 Feer *e
ou o# he rin* " *oodness (no!s !ha anics he?ll be up
0n came he Dancin* Don(ey$ He !as dar( *rey, and
ossed his head as he came *allopin* in$ He sood and
loo(ed round a everyone$ %hen he sa do!n, li#ed up a
le* and scrached his nose$ %he children sared in
asonishmen$ %hey had never in heir lives seen a don(ey
do ha be#ore4 %hen, !hen he band suddenly be*an o
play, he don(ey sood up and lisened, #lappin* his ears
#irs one !ay and hen anoher, and noddin* his head in
ime o he music$
%he band chan*ed is une o a march$ %he don(ey
lisened a*ain, and hen be*an o march round he rin* in
per#ec ime " clip"clop"clip"clop"clip"clop$ %hen i
apparenly #el ired, and sa do!n heavily on is bac(
le*s$ %he children couldn? help lau*hin*$ %he don(ey
*o up, and someho! is bac( le*s became enan*led !ih
is #ron ones, and i #ell do!n, loo(in* mos ridiculous$
>Has i hur isel#B? as(ed -nne, an1iously$ >6h dear "
i !ill brea( one o# is le*s i# i *oes on li(e his$ .oo(, i
can? unan*le hem, 'eremy$?
%he don(ey *ave a mourn#ul bray, ried o *e up, and
#lopped do!n a*ain$ %he band chan*ed is une, and he
don(ey leap up a once, and be*an o do
a (ind o# ap"dance " clic(ey"clic(, clic(ey"clic(,
clic(ey"clic( " i !as marvellous4
>0 shouldn? have hou*h ha a don(ey could possibly
have been au*h o ap"dance,? said )eor*e$
2oon he don(ey seemed o #eel ired a*ain$ 0 sopped
dancin*, bu he band sill !en on playin*$ %he don(ey
ran o!ards i and samped is #oo$
- !eird voice suddenly came #rom i$ >%oo #as4 %66
F-2%4? Fu he band oo( no noice and !en on playin*$
%he don(ey ben do!n, !ri**led hard " and is head #ell
o## on o he *rass in he rin*4 -nne *ave a shrie( o#
>Don? be an ass, -nne,? said Dic($ >Cou didn? hin(
he don(ey !as a real one, did youB?
>0sn? iB? said -nne, relieved$ >0 loo(s Aus li(e ha
don(ey ha used o *ive rides o children on 3irrin
%he don(ey no! spli in hal#, and a small man
climbed ou o# each hal#, a(in* heir le*s care#ully ou o#
he don(ey?s le*s$ %he don(ey"s(in #ell o he *round,
and lay here, #la and collapsed$
>@ish 0 had a don(ey"s(in li(e ha,? said %in(er$
>0?ve *o a #riend a school !ho could be he bac( le*s
and 0?d be he #ron le*s$ %he hin*s !e?d do4?
>@ell, 0 mus say you?d ma(e a #irs"class don(ey, he
!ay you behave someimes,? said )eor*e$ >.oo(, his
mus be Dead"2ho Dic( comin* on$?
Fu be#ore Dead"2ho Dic( could do any o# his
shooin* ric(s, he !o don(ey"men had run o he band
and be*un a loud ar*umen !ih hem$
>@hy play so #asB Cou (no! !e can? do our
ric(s a op speed$ -re you ryin* o mess up our
%he band leader shoued somehin* bac($ 0 mus have
been rude, because one o# he don(ey"men shoo( his #is
and be*an o run o!ards he band$
- loud voice crashed in on he ar*umen, and made
everyone Aump$ 0 !as Mr %apper, old )randad, *ivin*
his orders in an enormous voice$
>9;6D)H4 Cou, Ea, and you, 'im, *e ou o# he
rin*$ 0 *ive he orders, no you$ 9;6D)H, 0 2-C4?
%he !o don(ey"men *lared a him, bu did no dare
o say a !ord more$ %hey sal(ed ou o# he rin*, a(in*
he don(ey"s(in !ih hem$
Dead"2ho Dic( loo(ed very ordinary, dressed in a
raher unidy #lannel sui$ >He?s no *oin* o *o all
hrou*h his ac,? said 'eremy$ >Cou?ll see him anoher
ni*h, !hen he sho!?s on #or he public " he shoos a all
(inds o# hin*s " even a si1penny bi dan*lin* on a lon*
srin* #rom he roo# " and never misses4 He?s *o a
smashin* ri*"ou oo " se/uins se!n all over his rousers
and Aersey " and his lile horse is a !onder " *oes round
and round he rin* and never urns a hair !hen Dead"2ho
Dic( #ires his *un4 .oo( " here he is, peepin* in o see i#
Dic(?s comin* bac( o him$?
- small !hie horse !as loo(in* an1iously a he rin*,
is eyes #i1ed on Dead"2ho Dic($ 0 pa!ed he *round as
i# o say, >Fuc( up4 0?m !aiin* #or you4 -m 0 o come on
or noB?
>-ll ri*h, Dic( " you can *o o## no!,? shoued
)randad$ >0 hear your horse has hur a #oo " *ive him a
*ood res oni*h$ @e?ll !an him on omorro!$?
>:i*h, sir4? said Dead"2ho Dic($ He salued smarly,
and ran o## o his lile horse$
>@ha?s ne1, 'eremyB? as(ed )eor*e, !ho !as
enAoyin* everyhin* very much$
>Don? (no!$ .e?s see " here?s he acrobas " bu he
rapeJe"s!in*s aren? pu up ye, so hey !on? come on
oni*h$ -nd here?s he Foneless Man " loo(, here he is$
)ood old Foney4 0 li(e him$ He?s #ree !ih his money, he
is, no li(e some o# he oher #ol(4?
%he Foneless Man loo(ed very peculiar$ He !as
remar(ably hin, and remar(ably all$ He !al(ed in,
loo(in* /uie e1raordinary$ >He can? be boneless4? said
Dic($ >He couldn? !al( i# he !as4?
Fu he Foneless Man soon be*an o seem absoluely
boneless$ His le*s *ave !ay a he (nees, and his an(les
urned over so ha he san( do!n o he *round, unable o
!al($ He could bend his arms all (inds o# di##eren !ays,
and urned his head almos compleely round on his nec($
He did a #e! peculiar hin*s !ih his apparenly boneless
body, and #inally !ri**led alon* he *round e1acly li(e a
>He?ll be dressed in a sor o# sna(e"s(in !hen he does
his ac properly,? said 'eremy$ >Hueer, isn? heB?
>Ho! on earh does he do iB? !ondered 'ulian,
amaJed$ >He bends his arms and le*s all he !ron* !ays4
Mine !ould brea( i# 0 did ha4?
>6h, i?s easy #or him4? said 'eremy$ >0?s Aus ha he?s
compleely double"Aoined " he can bend his arms boh
!ays, and his le*s boh !ays, and ma(e hem seem so
loose ha i loo(s as i# he really is boneless$ He?s a nice
chap$ Cou?d li(e him$?
-nne #el a bi doub#ul$ @ha /ueer people made up a
circus4 0 !as a !orld o# is o!n$ 2he Aumped suddenly as
here came he sound o# a rumpe blo!in* loudly$
>%ha?s #or supper,? said 'eremy *lee#ully$ >Come on "
le?s *o o old )randma and her po4 Fuc( up, all o# you4?
Chapter Ten
'eremy led he !ay ou o# he circus"rin*$ 0 had been
!ell"li*hed, and he ni*h seemed very dar( ouside he
rin*$ %hey !en over he #ield o !here a lar*e #ire !as
burnin*, cleverly se abou !ih sones$ -n enormous
coo(in*"po !as hun* over i, and a very, very nice smell
came o heir noses as hey !en near$
6ld )randma !as here, o# course, and she be*an
sirrin* he po !hen she sa! hem$ >Cou?ve been a lon*
ime in he rin*,? she *rumbled o )randad$ >-nyhin*
*one !ron*B?
>;o,? said )randad, and sni##ed he air$ >0?m hun*ry$
%ha smells *ood$ 'eremy, help your )randma$?
>Ces, )randad,? said 'eremy, and oo( a pile o# plaes
o he old lady, !ho a once be*an ladlin* ou pieces o#
mea and poaoes and ve*eables #rom he seamin* po$
6ld )randad urned o 'ulian$
>@ell " did you li(e our lile rehearsalB? he as(ed$
>6h yes4? said 'ulian$ >0?m only sorry you didn?
rehearse all he urns$ 0 badly !aned o see he acrobas
and he clo!ns$ -re hey hereB 0 can? see hem$?
>6h yes " here?s one clo!n over here " loo( " !ih
Madelon, !ho had he horses,? said )randad$
%he children loo(ed " and !ere very disappoined$ >0s
he a clo!nB? said Dic(, disbelievin*ly$ >He doesn? loo( a
bi #unny$ He loo(s miserable$?
>%ha?s Mony all ri*h,? said )randad$ >He al!ays
loo(s li(e ha ou o# he rin*$ He?ll ma(e you double up
!ih lau*her !hen he circus is on, he?s a born clo!n "
bu a lo o# clo!ns are li(e Mony !hen hey?re no
per#ormin* " no much o say #or hemselves, and loo(in*
miserable$ @in(s is a bi livelier " ha?s him, pullin*
Madelon?s hair$ He?ll *e a smac(ed #ace in a minue,
he?s a real ease$ %here " 0 (ne! he?d *e a clip on he
@in(s !en ho!lin* over o he children, boo"hooin*
mos realisically$ >2he smac(ed me4? he said$ >-nd she?s
*o such p"p"p"prey hair4?
%he children couldn? help lau*hin*$ Mischie# ran o
he clo!n, Aumped up on his shoulder and chaered
com#orin* mon(ey"!ords ino his ear$ Charlie he
Chimp le himsel# ou o# his ca*e, and came o pu his
*rea pa! ino @in(s?s hand$ %hey boh hou*h ha
@in(s really !as hur$
>%ha?s enou*h, @in(s,? said )randad$ >Cou?ll have
he horses com#orin* you ne14 Cou do ha in he rin*
omorro! !hen !e open, and you?ll brin* he house
do!n$ 2i do!n, and have your supper$?
>Mr %apper,? said 'ulian$ >%here?s one member o#
your circus !e didn? see a he rehearsal " and ha?s Mr
@ooh, he @onder Ma*ician$ @hy !asn? he hereB?
>6h, he never rehearses,? said Mr %apper$ >He (eeps
himsel# o himsel#, does Mr @ooh$ He may come
and Aoin us #or supper, and he may no$ -s !e?re
openin* he circus omorro! ni*h, maybe he?ll urn up
oni*h$ 0?m a bi scared o# him, o ell you he ruh$?
>Fu he?s no a real !iJard, is heB? as(ed %in(er$
>@ell, !hen 0 al( o Mr @ooh 0 #eel as i# he is,? said
Mr %apper$ >%here isn? a hin* he doesn? (no! abou
#i*ures, here isn? a hin* he can? do !ih hem$ -s( him
o muliply any number by any oher number, runnin*
ino doJens o# #i*ures, and he?ll ell you in a second$ He
shouldn? be in a circus$ He should be an invenor o#
some sor " an invenor !hose invenion needs pa*es and
pa*es o# #i*ures$ He?d be happy hen$?
>He sounds a bi li(e my #aher,? said %in(er$ >He?s
an invenor, you (no!, and someimes !hen 0 creep
ino his sudy 0 see papers FD.. o# millions o# iny
#i*ures and plans and dia*rams !ih iny #i*ures all over
hem oo$?
>8ery ineresin*,? said )randad$ >Cour #aher and Mr
@ooh ou*h o mee$ %hey !ould probably al( #i*ures
all day lon*4 My !ord " !ha?s ha you?re handin*
round, youn* ladyB?
>2ome o# he #ood !e brou*h,? said -nne$ >Have a
sausa*e or !o, Mr %apper " and a roll " and a omao$?
>@ell, han(s,? said Mr %apper, pleased$ >8ery (ind o#
you$ ;ice o have me you all$ Cou mi*h be able o each
'eremy a #e! manners4?
>)randad " here?s Mr @ooh4? said 'eremy, suddenly,
and *o up$ 9veryone urned round$ 2o his !as Mr @ooh
he @onder Ma*ician$ @ell, he cerainly loo(ed he par$
He sood here, !ih a hal#"smile on his #ace, all,
commandin* and handsome$ His hair !as hic(, and
blac( as soo, his eyes *leamed in he #ire"li*h, hal#
hidden by *rea eye"bro!s, and he !ore a hin, poined
beard$ He had a curiously deep voice, and spo(e li(e a
>2o !e have visiors his ni*hB? he said, and sho!ed
a ro! o# *leamin* !hie eeh in a /uic( smile$ >May 0
Aoin youB?
>6h do, Mr @ooh,? said -nne, deli*hed o have he
chance o# al(in* o a @onder Ma*ician$ >@e?ve brou*h
pleny o# #ood$ Do you li(e cold sausa*e " and omao "
and a rollB?
>Mos deelicious4? said he ma*ician, and sa do!n
cross"le**ed o Aoin he *roup$
>@e !ere disappoined no o see you a he
rehearsal,? said Dic($ >0?d have li(ed o hear you doin* all
(inds o# !iJard sums in your head, as /uic( as li*hnin*4?
>My #aher can do ha oo,? said %in(er proudly$
>He?s a !iJard a #i*ures as !ell$ He?s an invenor$?
>Ha4 -n invenorB -nd !ha does he invenB? as(ed
Mr @ooh, eain* his roll$
%ha !as enou*h o se %in(er describin* a once ho!
!onder#ul his #aher !as$ >He can inven anyhin* he?s
as(ed #or,? said he boy, proudly$ >He invened a
!onder#ul hin* #or (eepin* aeroplanes dead srai*h in
he ri*h direcion " beer han any idea be#ore$ He
invened he s(o"!heel, i# you (no! !ha ha is " and he
elecric rosymon, i# you?ve ever heard o# ha$ 0 don?
suppose you have, hou*h$ %hey?re oo$$$?
>@ai, boy4? said Mr @ooh, soundin* mos ineresed$
>%hese hin*s 0 have heard o#, yes$ 0 do no (no! hem,
bu 0 have cerainly heard o# hem$ Cour #aher mus be a
very, very clever man, !ih a mos unusual brain$?
%in(er s!elled !ih pride$ >2omehin* *o ino he
papers abou his invenions a lile !hile a*o,? he said,
>and reporers came do!n o see Dad, and his name !as
in he papers " bu Dad !as a!#ully cross abou i$ Cou
see, he?s in he middle o# he bi**es idea he?s ever
hou*h o# and i messed up his !or( o have people
comin* o inervie! him " some o# hem even
peered hrou*h he !indo!, and !en o see his
!onder#ul o!er, !ih is$$$?
>%o!erB He has a o!erB? said Mr @ooh, #ull o#
surprise$ Fe#ore %in(er could ans!er, he received a hard
po(e #rom 'ulian?s #in*er$ He urned crossly, o see 'ulian
#ro!nin* #iercely a him$ 2o !as )eor*e$ He !en
suddenly red in he #ace$ 6# course " he had been old
never o al( abou his #aher?s !or($ 0 !as secre !or(,
very secre$
He preended o cho(e over a piece o# mea, hopin*
ha 'ulian !ould a(e he chance o# chan*in* he subAec
" and 'ulian did, o#I course4
>Mr @ooh, could you do a bi o# ma*ic rec(onin*
!ih #i*uresB? he as(ed$ >0?ve heard ha you can *ive he
ans!ers o any sum as /uic( as li*hnin*$?
>%ha is rue,? said Mr @ooh$ >%here is nohin* ha 0
canno do !ih #i*ures$ -s( me anyhin* you li(e, and 0
!ill *ive you he ans!er a once4?
>@ell, Mr @ooh, ans!er his hen,? cried %in(er$
>Muliply si1y"hree housand, hree hundred and #ory"
!o by ei*hy housand, nine hundred and #i#y"hree4 Ha
" you can? do ha in a hurry4?
>%he ans!er is, in #i*ures, 5127724<26,? said Mr
@ooh a once, !ih a sli*h bo!$ >%ha is an easy
/uesion, my boy$?
>Crumbs4? said %in(er, asounded$ He urned o
'ulian$ >0s ha ri*h, 'uB?
'ulian !or(ed ou he sum on paper$ >Ces$ -bsoluely
correc$ @he!4? he said$ >Cou said ha as /uic( as
>.e me *ive him a sum o do4? cried )eor*e$ >@ha
do you *e i# you muliply 6=24<1 by 352, Mr
>0 *e he #i*ures 2"1"2"="7"6"7"3"2,? said Mr @ooh,
immediaely$ -nd once more 'ulian !or(ed ou he sum
on paper$ He raised his head and *rinned$ >Ces " correc$
Ho! do you do i so /uic(lyB?
>Ma*ic " Aus a lile elemenary ma*ic4? ans!ered Mr
@ooh$ >%ry i someime yoursel#$ 0 am sure ha his
boy?s #aher !ould be as /uic( as 0 am4? He loo(ed a
%in(er$ >0 should much li(e o mee your clever #aher,
my boy,? he said in his deep, #orei*n"soundin* voice$
>@e !ould have much, so much o al( abou$ 0 have
heard abou his !onder#ul o!er$ - monumen o his
*enius4 -h, you see, even !e #orei*ners (no! o# your
#aher?s *rea !or($ 2urely he is a#raid o# havin* his
secres solenB?
>6h, 0 don? hin( so,? said %in(er$ >%he o!er is a
prey *ood hidin*"place, and$$$? He sopped suddenly,
and !en red a*ain as he received an even harder (ic(
#rom 'ulian$ Ho! could he be such an ass as o *ive a!ay
he #ac ha his #aher?s secre plans and models !ere
hidden in he o!erB
'ulian hou*h i !as ime o a(e %in(er #irmly a!ay
#rom Mr @ooh and *ive him a *ood lecure on (eepin*
his mouh shu$ He loo(ed a his !ach, and preended o
be horri#ied a he ime$ >)ood *racious"do you (no!
!ha he ime isB 'enny !ill be rin*in* up he police i# !e
don? *e bac( srai*h a!ay$ Come on, %in(er, and you
ohers, !e mus *o$ %han(s mos a!#ully, )randad, #or
lein* us share your supper$?

>Fu !e haven? ye #inished4? said )randad$ >Cou
haven? had enou*h o ea$?
>@e really couldn? ea any more,? said Dic(,
#ollo!in* 'ulian?s deermined lead$ >2ee you omorro!,
)randad$ )ood ni*h, )randma$ %han(s very much
>@e?ve sill *o bananas and apples o ea,? said
%in(er, #eelin* obsinae$
>6h, !e brou*h hose #or Charlie he Chimp,? said
Dic(, no /uie ruh#ully$ He could have bo1ed %in(er?s
ears4 2illy lile #ahead, couldn? he realiJe ha 'ulian
!aned o *e him a!ay #rom his cunnin* Mr @oohB
@ai ill he *o %in(er by himsel#4
%in(er #ound himsel# husled on all sides, and #el a
bi scared$ 'ulian sounded raher #ierce, he hou*h$ 6ld
)randad !as mos asonished a he sudden deparure o#
his *uess " bu Charlie he Chimp didn? mind4 %he
*uess had le# behind a mos *enerous supply o# #rui4
6ver he #ence hey all !en, !ih 'ulian huslin*
%in(er in #ron o# him$ 6nce over he #ence and ou o# Mr
@ooh?s hearin*, 'ulian and )eor*e rounded on he boy
>-re you mad, %in(erB? demanded 'ulian$ >Didn? you
*uess ha ha #orei*n #ello! !as ryin* o pump you
abou your #aher?s hush"hush AobB?
>He !asn?,? said %in(er, almos in ears$ >Cou?re Aus
>@ell, 0 hope 0 never ry o *ive a!ay my #aher?s
secre !or(4? said )eor*e, in a one o# such dis*us ha
%in(er could have ho!led$
>0 !asn? ryin* o4? he said$ >Mr @ooh?s all ri*h$
@hy should you hin( he isn?B?
>0 don? li(e him and 0 don? rus him,? said 'ulian,
soundin* suddenly very *ro!n up$ >Fu here you sa
lappin* up everyhin* he said, ready o pour ou all he
!aned o (no!$ 0?m ashamed o# you$ Cou?d *e a Aolly
*ood hrashin* i# your #aher had heard you$ 0 only hope
you haven? already said oo much$ Cou (no! ho! an*ry
your #aher !as !hen a repor o# his laes ideas *o ino
he papers, and s!arms o# people came pryin* round he
%in(er could sand i no lon*er$ He *ave a #orlorn
ho!l ha made Mischie# Aump, and #led up he *arden o
he house, he lile mon(ey runnin* s!i#ly behind him$
He !aned o com#or %in(er$ @ha !as he maerB Eoor
lile Mischie# #el be!ildered, and ried his bes o cach
up he sobbin* %in(er$ He cau*h him up a las, leap o
he boy?s shoulder and pu his lile #urry arms round
%in(er?s nec(, ma(in* a /ueer com#orin* noise$
>6h, Mischie#,? said %in(er$ >0?m *lad you?re sill my
#riend$ %he ohers !on? be no!, 0 (no!$ -ren? 0 an
idio, Mischie#B Fu 0 !as only bein* proud o# my #aher,
0 !as, really4?
Mischie# clun* o %in(er, puJJled and upse$ %in(er
sopped ouside he all o!er$ %here !as a li*h a he
op$ His #aher mus sill be !or(in* here$ - #ain
hummin* noise came o his ears$ He !ondered i# i !as
hose /ueer, spindly enacles ri*h a he very op o# he
o!er, ha made he noise$ 2uddenly he li*h a he op
o# he o!er !en ou$

>Dad mus have #inished his !or( #or oni*h,?
hou*h %in(er$ >He?ll be comin* o he house$ 0?d beer
*o$ He mi*h !onder !hy 0?m all upse$ )osh, 0 never
heard 'ulian be so an*ry be#ore$ He sounded as i# he
absoluely despised me4?
He crep up he pah ha led o he house, and in a he
*arden door$ Feer no *o and see 'enny$ 2he mi*h
!orm everyhin* ou o# him, and be as dis*used !ih
him as 'ulian !as$ 2he !ould !onder !hy he !asn?
campin* ou !ih hem$ He?d *o upsairs and sleep in his
o!n bed oni*h4
>Come on, Mischie#,? he said, in a mourn#ul voice$
>@e?ll *o o bed, and you can cuddle do!n !ih me$
Cou?d never be mean o me, !ould youB Cou?d al!ays
be my #riend$?
Mischie# Aabbered a!ay, and he #unny lile mon(ey
voice com#ored %in(er all he ime he undressed$ He
#lun* himsel# ino bed, and Mischie# lay a he boom, on
his #ee$ >0 shall never be able o *e o sleep oni*h,? said
%in(er, sill miserable$ >;ever4?
Fu he #ell asleep a once " !hich !as a *rea piy,
really$ He mi*h have shared in /uie a bi o# e1ciemen,
i# he hadn? slep so soundly4 Eoor %in(er4
Chapter E*e'en
'ulian and he ohers made no aemp o #ollo!
%in(er$ >.e him *o, he lile ass4? said 'ulian$ >Come
ino one o# he ens and have a lo! po!"!o! be#ore !e
*e undressed and *o o sleep$?
>0?m sorry poor old %in(er isn? *oin* o camp ou
!ih us, our #irs ni*h in he #ield,? said -nne$ >0 don?
hin( he mean o *ive anyhin* a!ay$?
>%ha?s no e1cuse, -nne,? said )eor*e$ >He can be an
a!#ul lile #ahead a imes, and he?s *o o learn no o
be$ .e?s *o o our en$ 0 #eel /uie ired$ Come alon*,
2he ya!ned and Dic( ya!ned oo$ %hen 'ulian #ound
himsel# ya!nin*$ >-!#ully cachin*, his ya!nin*
business4? he said$ >@ell, i?s urned ou o be a lovely
ni*h as re*ards !eaher " !arm and dry " and here?s a
nice lile hal#"moon o loo( a$ )ood ni*h, *irls, sleep
i*h4 -nd don? scream i# a spider !a(es you, because 0
!arn you, 0 am ;6% *oin* o *e up o deal !ih a
harmless spider4?
>Cou !ai ill one runs all over your #ace4? said -nne,
>and sars ma(in* a !eb #rom your nose o your chin and
caches #lies in i4?
>Don?, -nne,? said )eor*e$ >0?m no a bi scared o#
spiders, bu ha?s a horrible idea o# yours4 %immy,
please !ach ou #or spiders, and *ive me !arnin* o#
9veryone lau*hed$ >@ell, *ood ni*h, *irls,? said
Dic($ >Eiy abou youn* %in(er$ 2ill, he?s *o o learn a
#e! hin*s, and (eepin* his mouh shu is one o# hem$?
%hey !ere all /uie ired, and i !asn? lon* be#ore
everyone?s orch !as ou, and peace and /uie descended
on he lile camp$ Much #arher up he #ield he circus
!as also peace#ul and /uie, hou*h here !ere sill li*hs
here and here in he ens$ 2omeone belon*in* o he
circus band !as srummin* a banAo, bu no loudly, and
he sound !as pleasan o hear " srum"a"srum " srum"a"
srum " srummmm$$$
- #e! clouds ble! up and slid across he moon$ 6ne
by one he li*hs !en ou in he circus ens$ %he !ind
ble! so#ly hrou*h he rees, and an o!l hooed$
-nne !as sill a!a(e$ 2he lay lisenin* o he !ind,
and o he o!l?s >%oo"!hoo"oo"!hi?, and hen she oo
#ell asleep$ ;obody heard someone sirrin* in he circus
camp$ ;obody sa! a shado!y #i*ure creep ou !hen he
moon !as sa#ely behind a cloud$ 0 !as lae, very lae,
and he !o camps !ere los in dreams$
%immy !as #as asleep oo " bu in his sleep he heard
a #ain sound, and a once he !as a!a(e$ He didn? move,
e1cep #or his ears, !hich s!iched hemselves up o
lisen$ He *ave a lile *ro!l, bu no enou*h o !a(e
)eor*e$ 2o lon* as he person !ho !as movin* abou in
he circus camp did no come near o )eor*e?s en, or he
boys? en, %immy did no mean o bar($ He heard a iny
*run, and reco*niJed i a once$
Charlie he Chimp4 @ell, ha !as all ri*h4 %immy
#ell asleep a*ain$
%in(er, oo, !as #as asleep in his bed up a he house,
Mischie# a his #ee$ He had hou*h he !ould be oo
miserable o sleep, bu #ound himsel# hal#"dreamin* in no
ime$ He didn? hear a small noise ouside, a very small
noise indeed " a lile scrape, as i# someone?s #oo had
cau*h a*ains a sone$ %hen here came oher very small
noises " and a !hisper o# a voice " and more noises a*ain$
;obody heard anyhin* a all unil 'enny !o(e up
hirsy, and sreched ou her hand o *e a *lass o# !aer
#rom her bed"able$ 2he didn? s!ich her li*h on, and
!as abou o lie do!n a*ain !hen her /uic( ears cau*h a
lile sound$
2he sa up$ >%ha can? be he children,? she hou*h$
>%hey?re campin* do!n in he #ield$ 6h my *oodness me,
0 hope i?s no a bur*lar " or someone ryin* o seal he
Ero#essor?s secres$ He?s *o papers all over he place$
%han( *oodness he (eeps mos o# hem in ha o!er o#
2he lisened and hen lay do!n a*ain$ Fu soon she
heard anoher lile noise, and sa up, scared$ >0 sounds as
i# i comes #rom he o!er,? she hou*h, and *o ou o#
bed$ ;o " here !as no li*h in he o!er " no li*h
any!here, ha she could see$ %he moon !as behind a
cloud$ 2he?d Aus !ai ill i slid ou and li*hed up he
couryard belo!, and he o!er$ %here4 %ha !as anoher
lile noise$ Could i be he !indB ;o, i couldn?$ -nd
no!, !ha !as haB 0 sounded Aus li(e someone
!hisperin* do!n here in he couryard$
'enny #el really #ri*hened, and be*an o sha(e$ 2he
mus *o and !a(e he Ero#essor4 2uppose i !as someone
a#er his precious papersB 6r his !onder#ul ne!
%he moon s!un* ou #rom behind he cloud and 'enny
peered cauiously ou o# he !indo! a*ain$ 2he *ave a
loud scream, and sa**ered bac( ino her room, sill
screamin*$ >%here?s a man4 Help4 Help4 He?s climbin* up
he !all o# he o!er4 Ero#essor4 E:6F9226:
H-C.0;)4 Come /uic(ly4 %hieves, robbers, help, help4
)e he police4?
%here came a lon* sliherin* sound, and be#ore 'enny
dared o loo( ou a*ain, he moon had *one behind
anoher cloud, and she could no see a hin* in he sudden
dar(ness$ %here !as a deep silence a#er he sliherin*
noise, and 'enny couldn? bear i$ 2he rushed ou o# her
bedroom, yellin* a he op o# her voice$ >%H098924
:6FF9:24 20:, C6M9 HD0C3.C4?
%he Ero#essor !o(e !ih a Aump, hre! o## his
bedclohes and rushed ou ino he passa*e, almos
collidin* !ih 'enny$ He cluched a her, hin(in* she !as
he hie#, and she screamed a*ain, sure ha one o# he
inruders had *o hold o# her$ %hey sru**led o*eher,
and hen he Ero#essor realiJed ha he !asn? holdin* a
hie#, he !as holdin* poor, plump 'enny4
>'9;;C4 @ha on earh are you doin*, !a(in* up he
!hole household4? said he Ero#essor, s!ichin* on he
passa*e li*h$ >Have you had a bad dream " a ni*hmareB?
>;o, sir, no sir,? paned 'enny, ou o# breah !ih her
sru**le$ >2ir, here?s robbers abou$ 0 sa! one
climbin* up he o!er !all " and here mus have been
ohers belo!$ 0 heard hem !hisperin*, sir$ 6h, 0?m ha
scared4 @ha shall !e doB Can you elephone #or he
police, sirB?
>@ell,? said he Ero#essor, doub#ully$ >-re you /uie
sure, 'enny, ha you didn? have a ni*hmareB 0 mean " i#
here really are robbers, 0?ll cerainly elephone " bu i?s
raher a lon* !ay #or he police o come ou here, and$$$?
>6h, sir " hen !on? you Aus a(e a orch and loo(
round he placeB? be**ed 'enny$ >Cou (no! here?s your
precious papers in ha o!er, sir$ -nd isn? here ha ne!
invenion o# yoursB 6h yes, 0 (no! 0?m no supposed o
(no! anyhin* abou i, sir, bu 0 do dus your rooms
horou*hly, you (no!, and 0 see /uie a lo, hou*h 0 (eep
my mouh shu, and$$$?
>Ces, yes, 'enny, 0 (no!,? said poor Ero#essor
Haylin*, ryin* o sop 'enny?s sream o# al($ >Fu
honesly, everyhin* seems /uie no!$ 0?ve loo(ed ou
ino he couryard$ %here?s no one here$ -nd you (no!
as !ell as 0 do ha nobody can *e ino my o!er$ 0 has
hree di##eren (eys " one o unloc( he boom door " one
#or he middle door, hal#"!ay up " and one #or he op
door$ 'enny, be sensible$ ;obody could have used my
hree (eys$ .oo(, here hey are on my dressin*"able$?
'enny be*an o calm do!n, bu she sill !asn?
sais#ied$ >0 did hear !hisperin*, and 0 did see someone
hal#"!ay up he !all o# he o!er, sir$ Elease do come
do!n !ih me, sir, and le?s loo( around$ 0 daren? *o on
my o!n$ Fu 0 shan? sleep a*ain oni*h ill 0 (no!
nobody?s #orced he o!er door, or a(en a ladder o
*o up he o!er$?
>-ll ri*h, 'enny,? said he Ero#essor, !ih a si*h$ >Eu
on your dressin*"*o!n, and 0?ll pu mine on oo " !e?ll
ry he doors, and !e?ll loo( #or a ladder " hou*h, mind
you, i !ould have o be an absoluely colossal one o
reach he op o# ha o!er$ ;obody could possibly brin*
one ha siJe and len*h ino our small couryard4 -ll
ri*h, all ri*h " !e?ll *o$?
-nd so, a #e! minues laer, 'enny and he Ero#essor
!ere do!n in he couryard$ %here !as no si*n o# any
ladder a all " no si*n o# anyone climbin* up he !all"and
he do!nsairs o!er door !as sa#ely loc(ed4 >Cou
unloc( he door, sir, and *o up o he op room and see i#
ha door?s loc(ed oo,? be**ed 'enny$
>0 hin( you?re bein* raher silly no!, 'enny,? said he
Ero#essor impaienly$ >Here, a(e he (eys yoursel#$ %his
one?s loc(ed, o# course " and i# he middle door is sill
loc(ed, you?ll (no! nobody could have *o ino my op
room$ Hurry, 'enny$?
2o 'enny, sill remblin*, slid a (ey ino he boom
loc(, opened he door, and be*an o climb he spiral sair
ha led up!ards$ Hal#"!ay !as anoher door, also sa#ely
loc(ed$ 2he unloc(ed his oo$ 2he be*an o #eel raher
silly$ ;obody could have *one hrou*h loc(ed doors$ -nd
here no! " he op one !as !ell and ruly loc(ed also4
2he *ave a si*h o# relie# and ran do!n he spiral sair!ay,
loc(in* he middle door, and hen he boom one$ 2he
*ave he (eys o he Ero#essor, !ho by no! !as #eelin*
raher chilly4
>-ll loc(ed, sir,? said 'enny$ >Fu 0?m sill sure
someone !as abou$ 0 could have s!orn 0 sa!
someone up ha o!er"!all, and heard somebody else
!hisperin* belo!$?
>0 e1pec you !ere so scared ha you ima*ined hin*s,
'enny,? said he Ero#essor, ya!nin*$ >0 hin( you?ll a*ree
!ih me ha he !all is #ar oo seep #or anyone o climb "
and 0?m prey cerain 0?d have heard i i# a ladder had
been dra**ed abou he couryard4?
>@ell, 0?m sure 0?m very sorry, sir,? said poor 'enny$
>0?s a *ood hin* !e didn? !a(e %in(er " hou*h 0?m
surprised Mischie# didn? hear somehin* and come
runnin* do!n he sairs$?
>Fu Mischie# is surely !ih %in(er, campin* ou in
he #ield4? said he Ero#essor in surprise$
>;o " %in(er and Mischie# are bac(, sir$ 0 #ound hem
asleep in bed " bu no he ohers4? said 'enny$ >Maybe
%in(er has /uarrelled !ih hem$ Funny ha Mischie#
didn? come runnin* ou o see !ha !as up " he mus
have heard us4?
>Mischie# is clever " bu no clever enou*h o open
%in(er?s bedroom door,? said he Ero#essor, ya!nin*
a*ain$ >)ood ni*h, 'enny$ Don? !orry$ Cou?ll #eel all
ri*h in he mornin*, and ha !ill be ha4?
%he Ero#essor !en sleepily o his room$ He loo(ed
ou o# he !indo! do!n ino he couryard and hen
across a he o!er, and smiled$ Dear 'enny4 2he did
raher le her ima*inaion run a!ay !ih her4 -s i#
anyone in he !orld could *e up ino ha o!er room
!ihou a ladder4 -nd no! could a lon*, lon* ladder be
brou*h ino ha small couryard !ihou eiher
bein* seen or heardB %he Ero#essor ya!ned once
more and climbed ino bed$
Fu someone had been in he o!er room4 2omeone
very clever, someone very li*h"#in*ered4 @ha a shoc(
#or poor Ero#essor Haylin* ne1 mornin*, !hen he
crossed he couryard, unloc(ed he boom door o# he
o!er " !al(ed up he spiral sair!ay " unloc(ed he
middle door, and !en on up he sair!ay a*ain " and
#inally unloc(ed he op door and opened i !ide$
He sood and sared in horror$ %he place !as upside
do!n4 -ll his papers !ere scaered every!here$ He
crouched do!n a once o see i# any !ere missin*$ Ces "
/uie a lo4 Fu hey seemed o have been a(en /uie
haphaJardly " a #e! pa*es #rom his noe"
boo( " a #e! pa*es #rom ha " some leers he had
!rien and le# on his des( o pos " and *ood *racious,
he in( !as spil all over he place " and he lile cloc(
!as *one #rom he manelpiece$ 2o 'enny !as ri*h " a
hie# had been abou las ni*h$ - hie# ha could
apparenly *e hrou*h hree loc(ed doors " or else could
climb up a lon*, lon* ladder ha he had pu ouside
!ihou bein* seen " and a(en a!ay a*ain4
>0?ll have o rin* he police,? he hou*h$ >Fu 0 mus
say i?s a mysery4 0 !onder i# %in(er heard anyhin* in
he ni*hB ;o, he couldn? have, or he !ould have run o
#ech me$ 0?s a mysery " a real puJJle o# a MC2%9:C4?
Chapter Twe*'e
%in(er !as horri#ied !hen 'enny old him he ne1
mornin* !ha had happened$ >Cour #aher?s in a rare old
sae,? she said$ >He came do!n early his mornin*,
because he !aned o #inish some !or( up in he o!er "
and as soon as he unloc(ed he op door ino he o!er
room, he sa! he !hole room upside do!n and some o#
his precious papers *one, and$$$?
>'9;;C4 Ho! a!#ul4? said %in(er$ >Dad (ep his
mos precious papers here " !ih all he #i*ures #or ha
ne! elecric hin* o# his$ 0?s a !onder#ul hin*, oo
marvellous #or !ords, 'enny, i?s #or$$$?
>;o! don? you *ive a!ay any o# your #aher?s plans,
no even o me,? said 'enny$ >Cou?ve been old ha
be#ore$ Maybe you?ve been al(in* oo much already, and
somebody?s ears oo( i all in4?
%in(er suddenly #el /uie sic($ @as i because o#
somehin* he had been silly enou*h o say in publicB 0n
he bus, perhapsB 6r in he circus"#ieldB @ha !ould he
ohers say " especially 'ulian " !hen hey heard ha
someone had come in he ni*h and solen precious
papers, conainin* #i*ures and dia*rams #or some o# his
#aher?s invenionsB 'ulian !ould be sure o say ha i
!as his #aul #or no (eepin* his mouh shu4 6h dear "
!ould his be in he papers " and !ould hordes o# people
come visiin* he place a*ain, sarin* and !hisperin* and
e1claimin* in a!e a his #aher?s curious o!er, !ih is
!avin* enaclesB
He dressed /uic(ly and ran do!nsairs$ 'enny had old
him ha she !as sure she had heard !hisperin* do!n in
he couryard he ni*h be#ore, and had seen someone
climbin* up he o!er$ >Cour #aher says nobody could
have brou*h a lon* ladder ino ha couryard,? she said$
>;o !ihou us seein* i, any!ay, or hearin* some (ind
o# noise !hen i !as dra**ed in$ Fu i mi*h have been a
slidin* ladder, mi*hn? iB %ha !ould be a smallish
hin*, !ih ropes o pull ou he slidin* par$?
>Ces$ .i(e he !indo!"cleaner uses,? said %in(er$
>0 say " could i have been he !indo!"cleaner, do you
>;o$ He?s a real decen #ello!,? said 'enny$ >0?ve
(no!n him #or !eny years$ 2o pu ha ou o# your head$
Fu he ladder could cerainly have been he sor ha
!indo!"cleaners use$ @e?ll *o ou ino he couryard as
soon as 0?ve #inished !ashin*"up, and see i# !e can #ind
he mar(s !here he ladder !as dra**ed over he
couryard$ %hou*h 0 mus say 0 didn? hear any dra**in*
noises$ 0 heard !hisperin* " and a (ind o# slihery noise "
bu ha?s all$?
>%he slihery noise mi*h have been made by he
ladder !hen i !as dra**ed alon*4? said %in(er$ >0 say "
loo( a old Mischie#$ He?s lisenin* as i# he undersood
every !ord$ Mischie#, !hy didn? you !a(e me up las
ni*h !hen all his !as *oin* onB Cou usually !a(e i#
anyhin* unusual happens, or you hear a sran*e noise$?
Mischie# leap ino %in(er?s arms and cuddled here$
He didn? li(e i !hen %in(er !as upse abou anyhin*G
he (ne! by he boy?s voice ha he !as !orried$ He made
small com#orin* noises, and rubbed his mon(ey nose
a*ains he boy?s chin$
>Cou?d beer *o o your #aher,? said 'enny$ >Cou
mi*h be able o com#or him a lile$ He?s very upse
indeed$ He?s up in he o!er room, ryin* o sor ou his
papers$ My !ord, hey !ere le# in a sae " scaered all
over he room4?
%in(er sood up o *o, and !as asonished o #ind ha
he !as sha(y a he (nees$ @ould his #aher as( him i# he
had been al(in* abou he !or( he !as doin*B
6h dear " he had even boased abou i Aus he day
be#ore, and al(ed abou his #aher?s s(o"!heel, and he
!onder#ul ne! machine, he elecric rosymon4 %in(er?s
(nees became sha(ier han ever$
Fu #orunaely his #aher !as #ar oo upse abou his
muddled room and missin* papers o !orry abou
anyhin* %in(er had said or done$ He !as up in he o!er
room, ryin* o discover !hich o# his papers !ere
>-h, %in(er,? he said, !hen he boy came ino he
o!er room$ >'us *ive me a hand, !ill youB %he hie#
!ho came las ni*h mus have (noc(ed he !hole bunch
o# papers o## he able, do!n on he #loor " and
#orunaely he seems no o have seen some ha !en
under he able$ 2o 0 doub very much i# he papers he did
a(e a!ay !ih him !ill be o# any use$ He?d need o be
/uie a scienis o undersand hem, !ihou havin* he
ones he le# behind$?
>@ill he come bac( #or he ohers, henB? as(ed
>Erobably,? said his #aher$ >Fu 0 shall hide hem
some!here$ Can you hin( o# a *ood hidin*"place,
>Dad " don? you hide hem,? be**ed %in(er$ >;o
unless you ell me !here hey are4 Cou (no! ho! you
#or*e hin*s4 Cou mi*h #or*e !here you?d pu his
bunch o# papers, and hen you !ouldn? be able o *o on
!ih your invenions$ Have you copies o# he solen
shees o# #i*ures and dia*ramsB?
>;o$ Fu hey?re all in my head as !ell as on paper,?
said his #aher$ >0 !ill a(e me a bi o# ime o !or(
hem all ou a*ain, bu i can be done$ 0?s a nuisance"
especially as 0?m !or(in* o a dae$ ;o! run alon*,
%in(er, please$ 0?ve !or( o do$?
%in(er !en do!n he spiral saircase o# he o!er$
He?d have o ma(e sure ha his #aher did hide a!ay
hose papers very care#ully indeed " in some really *ood
place$ >6h dear " 0 hope he !on? do !ha he did !ih he
las lo o# papers he !aned o hide,? he hou*h$ >He
su##ed hem up he chimney " and hey nearly !en up in
#lames because 'enny hou*h she?d li*h he #ire he ne1
ni*h, i !as une1pecedly so cold$ )ood hin* hey #ell
do!n !hen she laid he #ire, and she rescued hem be#ore
hey *o burn4 @hy are brainy people li(e Dad so silly
abou ordinary hin*sB 0 say he?ll eiher #or*e !here he
pus hem " or *o and hide hem in some easy place !here
anyone could #ind hem4?
He !en o al( o 'enny$ >'enny " Dad says ha he
hie# only oo( some o# his papers " and ha he can?
ma(e much use o# he ones he oo(, unless he has he
!hole lo$ -nd Dad says he hin(s ha !hen he hie#
#inds his ou, he?ll ry o seal he res o# he papers$?
>@ell, le him ry4? said 'enny$ >0 could hide hem in a
place !here no hie# !ould #ind hem " i# your Dad !ould
le me have hem$ 0 shan? ell you !here4?
>0?m a#raid he mi*h hide hem up a chimney a*ain, or
some silly place li(e ha,? said %in(er, loo(in* so
!orried ha 'enny #el really !orried oo4 >%hey?ve *o o
be hidden some!here ;6F6DC !ould hin( o# loo(in*$
-nd i# Dad #inds a place li(e ha he?ll promply #or*e all
abou i, and never be able o
#ind hem a*ain4 Fu a hie# mi*h #ind hem " he?d
(no! -.. he places o loo( in$?
I.e?s *o up o he o!er room, and clear up he mess
ha he spil in( made, and see i# your #aher has a(en
his precious papers, and hidden hem some!here here,?
said 'enny$ >0 !ould be Aus li(e him o hide hem in he
very room ha he hie# !en o las ni*h4 Dp he ladder,
in a he !indo! " le# !ide open, 0?ve no doub "
snached up every paper he could see, he ro*ue, and hen
raced do!n he ladder a*ain4?
>Come on up o he o!er, hen,? said %in(er$ >0 only
hope Dad isn? here4?
>He?s Aus crossin* he couryard, loo(,? said 'enny,
leanin* ou o# he !indo!$ >2ee, here he is " carryin*
somehin* under his arm$?
>His mornin* ne!spapers,? said %in(er$ >0 loo(s as i#
he?s *oin* o have a Aolly *ood read, doesn? iB 6h dear,
0 do hope all his !on? be prined in he ne!spapers " i
!ould brin* hordes o# people do!n here a*ain$ Do you
remember ho! a!#ul i !as las ime, 'enny " people
even !al(ed over he #lo!er"beds4?
>Hoo " some people li(e o po(e heir noses ino
everyhin*4? said 'enny$ >0 don? mind ellin* you ha 0
empied my diry !ashin*"!aer ou o# he !indo! on o
a #e! o# hem " /uie by misa(e, o# course " ho! !as 0 o
(no! hey !ere ou here, sarin* up and do!nB?
%in(er *ave a shou o# lau*her$ >0 !ish 0?d seen ha4?
he said$ >6h 'enny " i# people come po(in* heir noses
ino Dad?s business a*ain, D6 le?s empy !aer
on heir silly heads4 Come on, 'enny " le?s *o up o
he o!er room no! Dad?s ou o# he !ay$ Huic(4?
%hey !ere soon ou in he couryard, and as hey
crossed i, 'enny sopped and loo(ed hard a he *round$
>@ha are you loo(in* #orB? as(ed %in(er$
>'us o see i# here are any mar(s ha mi*h have
been made by someone dra**in* a ladder across,? said
'enny$ >0 heard a #unny sliherin* sound, you (no! " bu
i didn? sound li(e a ladder bein* dra**ed across$?
%he !o o# hem loo(ed all over he couryard, bu
could see no mar(s here ha could possibly have been
made by a ladder$
>Funny,? said 'enny$ >0 !orries me, ha slihery
sound$? 2he loo(ed up a he all, seep !all o# he o!er$
0 !as made o# #lin"sones o# all shapes and siJes, he
(ind #ound in he counry"side round abou 3irrin and Fi*
>@ell, 0 suppose a ca mi*h climb up,? said 'enny,
doub#ully$ >Fu no a man$ He?d slip sooner or laer$ 0
!ould be #ar oo dan*erous$ 0 doub i# even a ca !ould
*e #ar$?
>-nd ye you say you hou*h you sa! someone up
he o!er"!all4? said %in(er$ >)o on, 'enny " i mus have
been he shado! o# a passin* cloud ha you sa!4 .oo(
up his !all " no! can you ima*ine -;C6;9 climbin*
up i a ni*h, !hen i !as dar(B?
'enny sared up$ >;o " you?re ri*h$ 6nly a madman
!ould even ry$ @ell, my eyes mus have played me up,
hen, !hen 0 loo(ed ou las ni*h " bu 0 really did hin( 0
sa! a dar( shado! climbin* up he o!er"!all$ 2ill, i?s
easy o be misa(en a ni*h$ -nd 0
don? believe here !as a ladder, eiher4 %here !ould
be mar(s on he pavin*"sones o# he couryard i# here
had been a ladder$ 6h !ell " le?s hurry on up o he o!er
room be#ore your Dad decides o *o bac( o i a*ain4?
%hey !en up he spiral sair!ay$ -ll he doors !ere
unloc(ed, so i !as plain ha he Ero#essor !as *oin* o
come bac( a*ain a#er he had read his papers$
>-ll he same " he shouldn? leave he doors unloc(ed,
even #or a minue4? said 'enny$ >@ell, here !e are " Aus
loo( a he in("splashes every!here " and ha dear lile
cloc( ha (ep such *ood ime is *one$ ;o! !ha !ould
he hie# !an !ih a cloc(, 0?d li(e o (no!B?
>0 !ould be small and nea enou*h o pop ino his
poc(e,? said %in(er$ >0# he !as dishones enou*h o seal
Dad?s papers, he !ould cerainly no say no o a nice
lile cloc( li(e ha4 He?s probably a(en oher hin*s
%hey !en ri*h ino he room, and 'enny a once *ave
a loud e1clamaion$ .6634 -ren? hose some o# he
papers your #aher !as !or(in* on " on he able hereB
-ll covered !ih iny #i*uresB?
%in(er loo(ed closely a hem$ >Ces " hey?re his very
laes papers$ He sho!ed me hem he oher day$ 0
remember his dia*ram$ 'enny " ho! C6D.D he leave
hem on he able !ih he door unloc(ed his mornin* "
!hen only las ni*h he hie# !as here4 Ho! could heB
He said he !as *oin* o hide hem a!ay so care#ully,
because, i# he hie# #ound hem, he could use hem !ih
he oher papers ha !ere solen " bu as
lon* as he hie# only had hal# o# hem, hey !ouldn?
be much use " and no! he?s #or*oen all abou hidin*
hem, a#er all4?
>.oo( no!, %in(er " le?s hide hem a!ay ourselves,?
said 'enny, >and no ell him !here hey are$ %hese
hieves !ill have anoher ry #or hem, no doub abou
ha$ .e?s hin( o# some place !here hey?d be absoluely
>0 (no!4? said %in(er$ >@e could hide hem on 3irrin
0sland4 2ome!here in he old ruined casle4 ;6F6DC
!ould *uess hey !ere here$?
>;o! ha?s a #ine idea4? said 'enny$ >0?d be *lad o
hin( hey !ere ou o# he house$? 2he *ahered up he
papers /uic(ly$ >Here you are$ Cou?d beer ell 'ulian
and he ohers, and *o across o he island !ih hem as
soon as you can$ My, !ha a relie# o hin( hey?ll be !ell
a!ay #rom here$ 0?ll be able o sleep soundly in my bed a
ni*hs hen4?
%in(er su##ed he precious papers under his coa, and
he and 'enny ran a op speed do!n he spiral sair!ay$
%hey sa! he Ero#essor no #ar o##, and he urned and
hailed hem$ >%in(er4 'enny4 0 (no! !ha you?re *oin* o
as( me4 Cou !an o (no! !here 0?ve hidden hose
papers o# mine$ Come here and 0?ll !hisper4?
;o (no!in* /uie !ha o say, he !o !en raher
*uilily over o %in(er?s #aher$ He !hispered loudly,
>0?ve !rapped hem up, and pu hem under he coal a he
bac( o# he coal"cellar " ri*h a he very bac(4?
>-nd a #ine mess you?ve made o# your rousers, sir,?
said 'enny, dis*used$ >-nd *ood *racious " you mus
have sa do!n in he coal yoursel#4 Cou loo( a ri*h
mess$ Come alon* and le me brush you do!n$ ;o
indoors hou*h, or he place !ill be hic( !ih coal"dus4?
>Don? you hin( i !as a *ood hidin*"place, 'ennyB?
as(ed he Ero#essor$ >Ha " you hou*h 0?d #or*e o hide
hem, didn? youB?
He !en o##, loo(in* very pleased !ih himsel#$ 'enny
chuc(led in deli*h$ >Dear old Ero#essor4 He?s hidden all
his ne!spapers here, bu no a sin*le one o# his o!n
precious papers$ -nd no! !haever shall !e ell him
!hen he !ans he mornin* papersB %in(er, you cycle ou
o he paper"shop and *e anoher lo$ .and"sna(es " !ha
i is o have a brainy man in he houseB @haever !ill he
do ne14?
Chapter Th&rteen
-#er %in(er had #eched a ne! supply o# mornin*
papers, he decided o *o do!n o he camp in he #ield
and ell he ohers all ha had happened ha mornin*$ He
sill #el an*ry abou bein* ic(ed o## by 'ulian he ni*h
be#ore " bu he simply couldn? !ai o ell he ohers
abou he robbery " and abou he *rand idea he, %in(er,
had o# hidin* he res o# his #aher?s papers on 3irrin
2o o## he !en, !ih Mischie# happily on his shoulder,
holdin* i*hly o his hair$ %he ohers !ere all here in he
#ield$ %hey had Aus come bac( #rom a shoppin*
e1pediion, and %in(er?s eyes *leamed !hen he sa! he
various inned meas and inned #ruis, #resh rolls,
omaoes and apples and bananas ha had been brou*h
bac( #rom he shops a Fi* Hollo!$
'ulian !as *lad o see ha %in(er loo(ed bri*h and
cheer#ul$ He !as a#raid ha he boy mi*h have sul(ed,
and ha !ould have spoil hin*s #or he ohers$
>Hi4? said %in(er$ >0?ve *o ne!s4? -nd he proceeded
o ell he ohers all abou he happenin*s o# he ni*h
be#ore, endin* up !ih his #aher solemnly *oin* o## o
hide his mornin* ne!spapers under he coal a he bac(
o# he coal"cellar, under he impression ha he !as hidin*
he res o# his precious papers$
>Fu !hy on earh didn? you ell him he had le# his
valuable papers behind and hidden his ne!spapersB?
as(ed )eor*e$
>Fecause i# he (ne! ha, he?d *o and hide he
precious papers some!here, and #or*e !here he?d pu
hem " and hey mi*h be los #or ever4? said %in(er$
>@ell, !ha are you *oin* o do !ih hemB? as(ed
>0?ve had raher a brain"!ave,? said %in(er, as
modesly as he could$ >9r " 0 hou*h ha !e?d hide hem
a!ay ourselves, !here nobody could possibly #ind hem$?
>-nd !here is his !onder#ul hidin*"placeB? as(ed
>6n 3irrin 0sland4? said %in(er, riumphanly$ >@ho?d
hin( o# loo(in* hereB -nd as !e shall all (no!
he hidin*"place, !e can? possibly #or*e i$ %he
papers !ill be absoluely sa#e$ Dad can *e on !ih he
res o# his ideas !ihou !orryin* abou anyhin*$?
>Have you old him all hisB? as(ed 'ulian$
>@ell, no,? said %in(er$ >'enny hou*h !e?d beer
Aus (eep i o ourselves$ 2he?s prey cerain he hieves
!ill ry heir hand a brea(in* in o *e he res o# he
papers, hou*h$?
>Ha4 @ell, 0 voe !e scribble some papers ourselves,?
said Dic($ >Complee !ih !onder#ul dia*rams, and all
(inds o# peculiar #i*urin*s and numberin*s$ 0 #eel 0 could
do ha very !ell4 -nd !e?d leave hem up in he o!er
room #or he hieves o a(e " hey?d hin( hey !ere he
ones hey?d missed4?
9veryone chuc(led$ >-ss4? said 'ulian$ >2ill " i?s no
a bad idea o leave somehin* behind #or he hieves ha
isn? !orh a momen?s loo( " and hide he *enuine
#i*ures !here hey?d never dream o# #indin* hem " on
3irrin 0sland4?
>@hen shall !e *oB? as(ed )eor*e$ >0?s a*es since
0?ve visied my island " and !ill you believe i, las ime 0
ro!ed over, rippers had been here and le# heir beasly
mess every!here4 Eaper ba*s, bro(en *lass, leuce
leaves, oran*e peel, u*h4?
>@hy D6 people do haB? as(ed -nne$ >%hey?d hae
o have o si in he mids o# oher people?s mess " so !hy
in he !orld can? hey clear up heir o!nB?
>6h, hey?re probably Aus li(e ha in heir o!n
homes,? said Dic($ >-ll mess and lier " and ye i a(es
so lile ime o clear up a picnic mess, and leave he place
decen #or he ne1 comers$?
>@ha did you do !ih all he mess le# on 3irrin
0slandB? as(ed 'ulian$
>0 buried i deep in he sand a he bac( o# one o# he
beaches,? said )eor*e$ >@here he ide can? urn i all up
a*ain$ -nd !ih every di* o# my spade 0 said KFlo! you,
you a!#ul rippers !ihou manners, blo! you " and ne1
ime you *o any!here, may you #ind someone else?s lier
o ma(e you #eel sic($ Flo! you4L?
)eor*e loo(ed and sounded so very #ierce ha
everyone burs ou lau*hin*$ %immy sa here !ih his
on*ue lollin* ou, loo(in* as i# he !ere lau*hin* oo, and
Mischie# made a #unny lile noise raher li(e a *i**le$
>)ood old )eor*e$ 2he al!ays says srai*h ou !ha
she hin(s4? said 'ulian$
%hey sa and al(ed over heir plans #or some ime$
>Dic( and 'ulian had beer ma(e he #a(e plans and
#i*ures,? said )eor*e$ >%hey?d be beer a ha (ind o#
hin* han anyone else$ -nd %in(er can plan hem
some!here in his #aher?s o!er room #or he hie# o a(e
i# he *oes here a*ain " and 0 be he !ill$ He #ound i easy
enou*h las ni*h4?
>-nd )eor*e could a(e %in(er?s #aher?s papers !ih
he correc #i*ures and plans over o 3irrin 0sland,? said
>;o ill ni*h"ime, hou*h,? said Dic($ >0# anyone
!ere on he !ach, and sa! )eor*e ro!in* over here,
hey mi*h *uess she !as a(in* somehin* imporan o
hide$ %hey mi*h be !achin* her #aher oo$ Fy he !ay "
!here are hese papersB Cou did no leave hem behind a
home, did you, %in(erB?
>0 didn? dare o,? said %in(er$ >0 #el as i# here mi*h
be eyes peepin* a me, !achin* and hopin* 0?d *o ou
and leave he papers behind$ 0?ve *o hem under my
Aersey, Aus here4? -nd he paed he op o# his somach$
>6h " so ha?s !hy you loo( as i# you?ve had oo
much brea(#as4? said )eor*e$ >@ell " !ha shall our
plans beB?
>@e?d beer ma(e ou he #alse papers srai*h a!ay,
!ih #i*ures and dia*rams,? said 'ulian$ >'us in case he
hieves come sooner han !e hin($ %in(er, !e?d beer
*o ino your house o do hose$ 0# !e *o o )eor*e?s, her
#aher mi*h spo us, and !onder !ha on earh !e !ere
doin*$ @e?d probably be sen o##, any!ay, because o# he
scarle"#ever business$?
>@ell, !ha abou my #aherB? said %in(er$ >He mi*h
spo us oo$ -ny!ay, he?s no (een on my havin* anyone
here his !ee(, because he?s so busy !ih his ne!
invenion$ 0?s a!#ully *ood, and$$$?
>%in(er " don? sar spillin* beans a*ain4? said 'ulian,
!arnin*ly$ >0 say i !ould be bes o *o o your house$?
>@ha abou me *oin* indoors and brin*in* ou Dad?s
bi* dra!in*"board, and some o# his paper, and his
mappin* pens and in(, and doin* he dia*rams and hin*s
ou here in he enB? said %in(er$ >Honesly, 0 never
(no! !hen Dad is *oin* o come ino my room$ He?d
!onder !ha on earh !e !ere doin* i# he #ound us all
here4 @e can have a *ood loo( a he papers 0?ve *o
under my coa, and do a !hole lo in
he same syle " no he same #i*ures, naurally " and
!e could do some #ancy dia*rams oo$?
>-ll ri*h,? said 'ulian, *ivin* !ay, as he sa! ha
%in(er !as *enuinely a#raid ha his #aher mi*h see
hem ma(in* he #alse papers$ >)o and *e he dra!in*"
board and come bac( !ih i, and anyhin* else !e?ll
need$ Cou *o !ih him, )eor*e$?
>:i*h,? said )eor*e, and she and %in(er !en up
%in(er?s *arden o he house$ %in(er scoued round o see
i# his #aher !as any!here abou, bu couldn? see him$
He #ound a lar*e dra!in*"board, some bi* shees o# paper
used by his #aher #or !or(in* ou his #i*ures, and a boo(
o# odd, bu easy"o"copy dia*rams$ He also brou*h
mappin* pens, 0ndian in( and bloin* paper, and even
remembered dra!in*"pins o pin he shees o# paper o
he board$ )eor*e carried hal# he hin*s, and (ep a sharp
loo("ou #or %in(er?s #aher$
>0?s all ri*h$ He?s asleep some!here " can? you hear
ha noiseB? as(ed %in(erG and sure enou*h )eor*e could
" a *enle snorin* #rom some room no #ar o##4
%hey !en bac( do!n he *arden and over he #ence,
handin* everyhin* o he ohers be#ore hey climbed
over$ >)ood4? said 'ulian$ >;o! !e can produce some
beaui#ul chars o# #i*ures ha mean absoluely nohin* a
all " and dia*rams ha !ill loo( per#ec and no mean a
hin* eiher4?
>Feer come ino he en,? said )eor*e$ >0# anyone
!anders do!n #rom he circus camp, hey mi*h as( us
!ha !e?re doin*$?
2o hey all !en ino he boys? bi* en, !hich !as
he bi**er one, %immy oo, and Mischie#, !ho !as
deli*hed o be !ih he bi* do*$ 'ulian soon se o !or(,
hou*h he #ound he space raher cramped$ %hey !ere all
!achin* him in admiraion as he se ou ro!s o#
beaui#ul, meanin*less #i*ures !hen %immy suddenly
*ave a deep *ro!l, and all his hac(les rose up on his
'ulian urned he dra!in*"board over a once, and sa
on i$ %he canvas door!ay o# he en !as pulled aside
and in po(ed he *rinnin* #ace o# Charlie he Chimp4
>6h, i?s you, Charlie4? said 'ulian$ >@ell, !ell, !ell,
and ho! are you odayB?
%he chimpanJee *rinned even more !idely, and held
ou his hand$ 'ulian shoo( i solemnly, and he
chimpanJee !en care#ully all round he en, sha(in*
hands !ih everyone$
>2i do!n, Charlie,? said Dic($ >0 suppose you?ve le
yoursel# ou o# your ca*e as usual, and come o see !ha
!e?ve *o #or our dinner$ @ell, you?ll be *lad o hear
!e?ve *o enou*h #or you as !ell as ourselves$?
Charlie s/uashed himsel# be!een %immy and %in(er,
and !ih much ineres !ached 'ulian a !or( !ih his
pen and in($ >0 be ha chimp could dra!, i# you *ave
him a piece o# paper and a pencil,? said -nne$
2o, o (eep him /uie, he !as *iven a pencil, and a
noeboo($ He a once be*an o scribble in i very
>)oodness " he?s doin* a !hole lo o# #unny #i*ures,?
said -nne$ >He?s ryin* o copy you, 'u4?
>0# he?s no care#ul, 0?ll hand he !hole Aob over o
him4? said 'ulian, !ih a chuc(le$ >)eor*e, le?s al(
abou your plans #or oni*h$ 0 hin( i# you are *oin* over
o 3irrin 0sland o hide hose papers you?ve planned o
hide, you mus a(e %immy !ih you$?
>6h, 0 !ill4? said )eor*e$ >;o ha here !ill be a
sin*le soul on he island, bu 0?d li(e old %im Aus #or
company$ 0?ll a(e he papers srai*h o he island, land,
and hide hem$?
>@hereB? as(ed 'ulian$
>6h, 0?ll decide ha !hen 0?m here,? said )eor*e$
>2ome!here cunnin*4 0 (no! my o!n lile island #rom
op o boom$ -nd here hose papers !ill say unil all
dan*er is pas$ @e?ll le Ero#essor Haylin* hin( he has
hidden hem some!here himsel#, and #or*oen !here4 0
!ill be #un o ro! across o my island, a ni*h, !ih
>%he hieves can ma(e do !ih my #i*ures and
dia*rams i# hey come o he o!er room a*ain,? said
'ulian$ >Don? hey loo( pro#essionalB?
%hey cerainly did4 9veryone loo(ed a he nea
#i*ures and care#ully dra!n dia*rams !ih admiraion$
%immy suddenly sa up and *ave a deep *ro!l a*ain$
Charlie he Chimp paed him as i# o say, >@ha?s !ron*,
old boyB? bu %immy oo( no noice and !en on
*ro!lin*$ He suddenly sho ou o# he en, and here !as
a shou #rom someone ouside$ >)e o##4 )e do!n4 )9%
)eor*e s!un* bac( he en openin*$ Mr @ooh !as
here, loo(in* e1remely #ri*hened, as %immy *ro!led
menacin*ly round his an(les$ Charlie he chimp ran
up o him on all #ours, and, an*ry because %immy !as
snarlin* a his #riend, sho!ed his eeh suddenly a he bi*
do*$ )eor*e !as erri#ied$ >Don? le hem #i*h4? she
cried, a#raid ha %immy !ould *e decidedly he !ors o#
i$ Charlie !as Aumpin* up and do!n in a mos alarmin*
>Charleee4? said Mr @ooh in his deep voice$
-nd Charlie sopped Aumpin* up and do!n and
ma(in* horrible noises, and leap srai*h on o Mr
@ooh?s bac(, puin* his arms round his nec($
Mr @ooh bo!ed coureously o hem all$ >0 rus 0
have no disurbed you, my #riends,? he said, in his
#orei*n"soundin* voice$ >0 no! a(e a lile !al( !ih my
#riend Charleee$ Cou come a*ain o see our sho!, 0 hope$
CesB ;oB?
>Erobably,? said Dic(, noicin* ha he ma*ician had
a(en a /uic( and ineresed loo( a 'ulian?s #i*ures and
dia*rams$ 'ulian covered hem up immediaely, as i# he
didn? !an he ma*ician o see hem$ He had seen
somehin* in he man?s eyes ha puJJled him$ Could Mr
@ooh possibly have had anyhin* o do !ih he he# o#
he papers he ni*h be#oreB -#er all, he !as a !iJard a
#i*ures himsel# " he mi*h be able o read he Ero#essor?s
#i*ures and dia*rams and undersand hem per#ecly$ @ell
" he !ouldn? *aher much #rom he ones 'ulian !as no!
doin* " hey !ere more or less nonsense made up by
'ulian himsel# o deceive anyone ineresed in he real
>0 inerrup youB Eardon me4? said Mr @ooh, and
bo!ed himsel# poliely a!ay #rom he *roup in he en$
Charlie he Chimp #ollo!ed him, hopin* ha Mischie#
!ould oo, so ha hey could have a *ame$ Fu Mischie#
didn? !an o$ He didn? li(e Mr @ooh$
>@ell, 0 didn? realiJe ha anyone #rom he circus
!ould !al( do!n he #ield so /uiely, and be able o
hear !ha !e !ere sayin* inside he en,? said 'ulian,
!orried$ >0 didn? li(e he loo( in his eyes$ Dic( " you
don? suppose he heard anyhin* !e !ere sayin*, do
>@ould i maerB? said Dic($
>0 mi*h,? said 'ulian$ >Do you hin( he heard !ha
)eor*e said abou *oin* over o 3irrin 0sland !ih he
oher papers " he valuable ones ha he hieves didn?
see in he o!er room las ni*hB 0 !ouldn? le )eor*e
*o i# 0 hou*h he had heard$ 0n #ac, 0 hin( she?d beer
no *o$ 2he mi*h run ino dan*er$?
>Don? be silly, 'u,? said )eor*e$ >0 am *oin*$ -nd
%immy !ill be !ih me$?
>Cou heard !ha 0 said, )eor*e$ Cou are no o *o4?
said 'ulian$ >0?ll a(e he papers and hide hem on he
island$ 0?ll *e hem !hen i?s dar(, #airly lae$ 0?ll cycle
over o 3irrin and unie he boa you (eep here, and
ro! over o he island$?
>-ll ri*h, 'ulian,? said )eor*e, asonishin*ly
mee(ly$ >2hall !e have a meal no!B @e?ve only o
open he ins, and empy he omaoes and leuces ou
o# he bas(e here$ -nd he drin(s are in ha cool
corner over here$?
>:i*h,? said 'ulian, *lad ha )eor*e had *iven
!ay o him so easily$ He !ould *o across in )eor*e?s
boa and #ind a *ood hidin*"place$ 0# dan*er !as abou,
he could deal !ih i beer han )eor*e could$ -#er all,
she !as only a *irl4
Ces, 'ulian, she is " bu, as you?ve o#en said, she?s
Aus as brave as a boy$ Don? be oo sure abou oni*h4
Chapter Fo$rteen
%he children sared a#er Mr @ooh and he
chimpanJee$ %hey sa! Charlie pic( up !o empy
buc(es, one in each sron* pa!, and race o## o he ri*h
!ih hem$
>@here?s he *oin*B? said -nne, asonished a he rae
he !as runnin* alon*$
>0 be he?s *oin* o *e some !aer #rom he sream in
hose pails, and a(e hem o !hoever !ashes do!n
he horses,? said )eor*e$ 2he !as ri*h4 Charlie soon
came bac( a*ain, !al(in* his ime, holdin* a heavy pail
o# !aer in each hand4
>@ell, 0 mus say ha chimpanJee is Aolly use#ul4?
said Dic($ >.oo( " here?s Madelon !ho rains hose
beaui#ul horses ha paraded round he rin* las ni*h "
she?s !earin* old rousers his mornin*, she loo(s /uie
di##eren$ %here " Charlie has se he pails o# !aer do!n
beside her$ 0 be ha as soon as she !ans any more
!aer, he?ll be o## a*ain o he sream4?
>0 raher li(e old Charlie,? said -nne$ >0 didn? a #irs "
bu no! 0 do$ 0 !ish he didn? belon* o Mr @ooh$?
'ulian sood up, loo(in* do!n a he paper on !hich
he had so care#ully !rien lines o# small #i*ures and
dra!n many peculiar dia*rams$ >0 someho! #eel his isn?
much *ood no!,? he said$ >0 hin( Mr @ooh mus have
*uessed i !as all a ma(e"up as soon as he sa! i$ He
*ave himsel# a!ay a bi, hou*h"0 sa! him loo(in* a he
paper in a raher sarled !ay, as i# he?d seen somehin*
very li(e i very recenly indeed4?
>2o he had, he !rech, i# he?d sen someone up o *e
my Dad?s papers ou o# he o!er room4? said %in(er$ >0
say " !ha abou havin* a loo( round he circus, o see i#
!e can spo a ladder any!here " one all enou*h o reach
he o!er room4?
>)ood idea4? said Dic($ >Come on " !e?ll *o no!$
Chuc( ha dra!in*"board and dia*ram paper over our
#ence, 'u$ 0 hardly hin( i?s !orh your !hile o #inish i$?
%he Five, !ih %in(er and Mischie#, !andered do!n
he #ield o !here he circus !as encamped$ Dic(
spoed a ladder, lyin* in he *rass, and nud*ed 'ulian$
>'ulian4 2ee haB @ould i reach he o!erB? 'ulian
!al(ed over o i$ 0 cerainly !as very, very lon* " bu
!ould i be lon* enou*hB ;o " he didn? hin( i !ould$
2ill " he mi*h as !ell #ind ou !ho o!ned i$ - ha
momen up came he Foneless Man, !al(in* per#ecly$
He *rinned a he children " and hen suddenly pu all his
double"Aoins o !or(, ben his (nees ino peculiar
posiions, !ised his head round so ha he !as loo(in*
over his o!n bac(, and hen ben his double"Aoined arms
he !ron* !ay, so ha he loo(ed very peculiar indeed4
>Don?4 0 don? li(e i4? said -nne$ >Cou loo( so /ueer
and sran*e4 @hy are you called he Foneless @onderB
Cou aren? boneless " you Aus ma(e yoursel# loo( as i#
you !ere, !ih all hose /ueer double"Aoins o# yours4?
%he Foneless Man seemed suddenly o lose all his
bones, and crumpled up on he *rass in a #unny heap$ %he
children couldn? help lau*hin*$ He didn? loo( as i# he
had any bones a all hen4
>9r " can you climb ladders i# you?re double"AoinedB?
as(ed 'ulian, suddenly$
>6# course4? said he Foneless Man$ >:un up hem
bac(!ards, #or!ards, side!ays " any !ay you li(e$?
>0s ha your ladder, henB? as(ed Dic(, noddin* his
head o!ards he ladder in he *rass$
>@ell " 0 use i, bu so does everyone else4? said he
Foneless Man, urnin* his head he !ron* !ay round, so
ha i seemed as i# i !as pu on bac( o #ron$ 0
!as odd o spea( o someone !hose head did ha "
one minue hey !ere al(in* o his #ace, he ne1 o he
bac( o# his head4
>0 !ish you !ouldn? do ha,? said -nne$ >0 ma(es
me #eel *iddy$?
>Do you use ha ladder o pu he #la* on he op o#
he circus enB? as(ed Dic($ >0 doesn? loo( lon* enou*h
#or ha$?
>0 isn?,? said he Foneless Man, urnin* his head he
ri*h !ay round, much o -nne?s relie#$ >%here?s a much
lon*er one over here " i a(es hree men o carry i, i?s
so heavy " bu he cenre circus pole is very all, as you
see$ 6ne man couldn? possibly carry he lon* ladder$?
%he children loo(ed a one anoher$ %ha ruled ou he
very lon* ladder oo, hen$ 0# i needed hree men o carry
i, 'enny !ould cerainly have heard a lo more noise las
>-re here any more ladders in he circus campB?
>;o " Aus he !o$ @hyB %hin(in* o# buyin* oneB?
said he Foneless Man$ >0 mus *o$ %he Foss is bec(onin*
o me$? 6## he !en, !al(in* in a mos peculiar #ashion,
usin* his double Aoins #or all he !as !orh4
>@ha abou he acrobasB? said 'ulian$ >%hey mus be
used o climbin* and clamberin* every!here$ 0 !onder i#
any o# hem could have climbed he !allB?
>0 don? hin( so,? said %in(er$ >0 had a *ood loo( a i
his mornin* " and alhou*h here is a (ind o# creeper
climbin* up he !all, i sops hal#"!ay " and above ha
here?s Aus he sone !all$ 9ven an acroba !ould have o
have some help up he o!er !all4?
>Could he clo!ns have #ound a !ayB? said )eor*e$
>;o " 0 suppose hey?re no as *ood even as he acrobas
a climbin*$ 0 don? believe he hie# could have been
anyone #rom he circus a#er all$ .oo( " !ha?s ha on he
*round over here " ouside ha enB?
%hey all !en over o see$ 0 loo(ed li(e a pile o# dar("
*rey #ur$ )eor*e ouched i !ih her oe$ >6h " 0 (no!
!ha i is " he don(ey"s(in4?
>)olly " so i is4? cried %in(er in deli*h, and pic(ed i
up " or ried o$ 0 !as much oo heavy #or him o hold up
all o# i$
0n a rice Dic( and )eor*e !ere inside ha don(ey"
s(in4 Dic( had he head, and #ound ha he could see /uie
!ell !here he !as *oin*, #or he don(ey"nec( had nea
eye"holes in i " he head isel# !as su##ed !ih paper$
)eor*e !as he bac( le*s, and (ic(ed up her #ee and
made he don(ey loo( e1remely lively$ %he ohers roared
!ih lau*her$
2omeone shoued loudly$ >Hey " you leave ha
don(ey"s(in alone4?
0 !as 'eremy$ He came runnin* up, loo(in* #urious$
He had a sic( in his hand, and hi ou a he don(ey?s
hind pars, *ivin* poor )eor*e a *ood old !hac(, and
ma(in* her yell$
>Hey4 2op ha, i hur4?
%in(er loo(ed #uriously a 'eremy$ >Ho! dare you do
haB? he shoued$ >Dic( and )eor*e are in he don(ey"
s(in$ Eu do!n ha sic(4?
Fu 'eremy *ave he don(ey?s hind le*s anoher
!hac( and )eor*e yelled a*ain$ %in(er *ave a shou oo,
and #lun* himsel# on 'eremy, ryin* o *e he
sic( ou o# his hand$ %he boy sru**led, holdin* on o
he sic(, bu %in(er *ave him a srai*h blo! on he
ches, and do!n he !en4
>Ha4 0 said 0?d (noc( you do!n someime, and 0
have4? yelled %in(er$ >)e up and #i*h$ 0?ll each you o
hi a *irl4?
>;o! sop i, %in(er,? said 'ulian$ >Ho! could he have
(no!n )eor*e !as insideB Come ou o# he s(in, you !o
idios, be#ore old )randad comes up$ He loo(s as i# he?s
on his !ay no!4?
'eremy !as up no!, and danced round %in(er !ih
doubled #iss$ Fe#ore eiher boy could e1chan*e a blo!,
)randad?s *rea voice came o hem$
>;6@ %H9;4 2%6E 0%4?
'eremy s!un* his #is a %in(er, !ho dod*ed, and
hen in his urn hi ou a 'eremy, !ho ran bac( " srai*h
ino old )randad, !ho a once cluched him$
Fy his ime )eor*e and Dic( !ere ou o# he don(ey"
s(in, loo(in* raher ashamed o# hemselves$ 6ld )randad
*rinned a hem, sill holdin* on o he #urious 'eremy$
>Fi*h?s o##,? said )randad o %in(er and 'eremy$ >0# you
!an o *o on, eiher o# you, you can #i*h me, no each
Ho!ever, neiher o# he boys !aned o a(e on old
)randad$ He mi*h be old, bu he could sill *ive some
mi*hy slaps, as 'eremy very !ell (ne!$ %hey sood
sarin* a one anoher, loo(in* raher sheepish$
>)o on " sha(e hands and be #riends,? said )randad$
>Huic(, no!, or 0?ll do a lile #i*hin* mysel#4?
%in(er held ou his hand Aus as 'eremy held ou his$
%hey shoo(, *rinnin* a one anoher$ >%ha?s ri*h4?
said old )randad$ >;o harm done$ ;o bones bro(en$
Cou?re /uis no!, so no more (noc(in* each oher
>:i*h, )randad,? said 'eremy, *ivin* him a #riendly
punch$ %he old man urned o Dic( and )eor*e$ >-nd i#
you !an o borro! ha don(ey"s(in, you?re !elcome,?
said old )randad$ >Fu i?s manners o as( he o!ner?s
permission #irs$?
>Ces, sir$ 2orry, sir,? said Dic(, *rinnin*$ He
!ondered !ha Ero#essor Haylin* and 'enny !ould say i#
he and )eor*e did borro! i, and *alloped ino Hollo!
House a op speed$ Fu no " he decided relucanly ha
'enny mi*h be scared si## and *ive noice, and ha
!ould never do$ 2he !ouldn? a all li(e bein* chased by
an apparenly mad don(ey, nor !ould Ero#essor Haylin*$
)randad !en o##, and 'ulian spo(e o 'eremy, !ho
!asn? /uie sure !heher o *o or o say$ >@e sa! old
Charlie carryin* pails o# !aer #or he horses,? he said$
>My !ord, isn? he sron*4?
'eremy *rinned, *lad o be #riends a*ain, and o be
able o say !ih he Five and %in(er$ %hey !andered all
round he #ield o*eher, loo(in* a he ma*ni#icen horses
and a Dead"2ho Dic( doin* a lile pracisin* a
shooin* and hen !ached one small acroba pracisin*
amaJin* Aumps and somersauls$
Mischie# he mon(ey came !ih hem$ He !as
absoluely a home !ih everyone in he circus no!, man,
!oman or animal$ He leap on o he horses? bac(s, and
hey didn? mind4 He preended o help Charlie he Chimp
o carry one o# he pails o# !aer " he ran o##
!ih Dead"2ho Dic(?s cap$ He !en ino he chimp?s
ca*e and cuddled up in he sra! !ih him, scrabblin*
abou as i# he ca*e belon*ed o him$ He even !en ino
)randad?s en and came ou !ih a small bole o#
lemonade4 He couldn? *e he op o##, and oo( i o
Charlie, !ho !as !achin* near by4 Charlie promply
#orced i o## !ih his sron* #ron pa!s " and hen, o
Mischie#?s dis*us, ipped up he bole, and dran( he lo4
Mischie# !as very an*ry indeed$ He ran o Charlie?s
ca*e, !hich !as open, and sen he sra! #lyin*
every!here$ Charlie sa ouside his ca*e, and enAoyed he
#un, *rinnin* happily$
>Come ou, Mischie#4? called %in(er$ >Cou?re ma(in*
a nuisance o# yoursel#4?
>.e him be,? said one o# he acrobas, !ho !as
sandin* near by$ >6ld Charlie enAoys a bi o# emper "
!hen i?s someone else?s4 .oo( a him siin* *rinnin*
%hey !ached #or a #e! seconds more, o ma(e sure
ha Mischie# !asn? annoyin* he bi* chimpanJee, and
hen urned o !ach Mony and @in(s, he clo!ns,
havin* an ar*umen, !hich ended in Mony hro!in*
!aer over @in(s, and @in(s empyin* a bas(e o#
rubbish over Mony$ @ha a pair4
@hen hey urned o see i# Mischie# !as sill
annoyin* Charlie, hey sa! ha he lile mon(ey had le#
he ca*e, and !as earin* do!n he #ield o he #ence$ He
leap up, and over, and disappeared$
>He mus hin( i?s dinner"ime,? said %in(er, loo(in*
a his !ach$ >-nd *olly, so i is$ Fuc( up everyone,
'enny !ill be in a #ine old #ury i# !e?re really lae " i?s
ho dinner oday$?
-!ay hey all !en in a hurry$ Ho dinner4 6ver he
#ence, hen, and up he *arden a op speed$ %hey musn?
(eep a ho dinner !aiin* " or 'enny eiher4
Chapter F&,teen
%in(er and he Five !ere !o minues lae #or heir
dinner$ 'enny !as Aus a(in* i in, loo(in* a lile *rim,
as she had no been able o #ind he children any!here$
>-h " here you are a las4? she said$ >0 loo(ed do!n he
*arden bu you !ere no!here o be seen$ 0?s a *ood hin*
you came in !hen you did " #ive minues more, and 0?d
have a(en he dinner bac( a*ain$?
>Dear 'enny, you (no! you !ouldn?,? said %in(er,
*ivin* her a sudden s/ueeJe ha made her s/ueal$ >6h,
ho! *ood i smells4 Mmmmm"Mmmmm4?
>Cou and your Mmmmms4? said 'enny, pushin*
%in(er a!ay$ >-nd 0?ve old you be#ore, ha 0 don? mind
a *enle hu*, bu hose s/ueeJes o# yours a(e all my
breah a!ay$ ;o, %in(er, (eep a!ay #rom me " anoher
s/ueeJe li(e ha and 0?ll #eel li(e a lemon4?
9veryone lau*hed a ha$ 'enny did say he mos
amusin* hin*s$ -nne #el sorry ha she hadn? o##ered o
say and help her !ih he dinner$ 6h dear " he ime !en
so remendously /uic(ly, once hey !ere all ou o*eher$
%he al( a dinner"ime !as very lively$ 2o !as
Mischie# he mon(ey4 He oo( bis #rom everyone?s plae
and handed some o# hem do!n o %immy, !ho
!as lyin* under he able as usual$ %immy
appreciaed hese ibis very much4
>@ell4 0 didn? see a sin*le ladder in he circus camp
ha !as all enou*h o reach up o he o!er room,? said
>;o$ 0# here !as one, i !as Aolly !ell hidden,? said
Dic($ >Eass he musard, someone4?
>0n #ron o# you, ass,? said 'ulian$ >0 mus say 0?m
be*innin* o !onder i# Mr @ooh had anyhin* o do
!ih he sealin* o# your #aher?s papers, %in(er$ 0 can?
someho! see him climbin* hi*h ladders " he?s so " so$$$?
>Eolie and proper,? said -nne$ >-cually, 0 can?
hin( o# anyone in he circus !ho !ould eiher !an he
papers, or is nasy enou*h o seal hem$ %hey?re all so
>0 sill hin( Mr @ooh is he mos li(ely one,? said
'ulian$ >He?s ineresed in complicaed #i*ures and
clever invenions$ Fu all he same, 0?m be*innin* o
hin( 0?m !ron*$ He could ;6% have *o up o he
o!er room, as here is no ladder lon* enou*h " and 0
really doub i# he?d dare o a(e a ladder ino he
couryard, and ris( puin* i up o he o!er$ He mi*h
so easily be cau*h$?
>:i*h$ @e?ll rule him ou,? said %in(er$ >Fu i#
nobody !en up he spiral sair!ay, because all he
doors !ere loc(ed, and nobody used a ladder, 0 don?
see ho! hose papers disappeared$?
>@ind oo( hem ou o# he !indo!, perhapsB?
su**esed -nne$ >@ould ha be possibleB?
>;o$ For !o reasons,? said 'ulian$ >6ne is ha he
!indo! !asn? !ide enou*h open #or he !ind o
blo! in !ih enou*h sren*h o blo! papers ou$ -nd
secondly, !e?d have been sure o have #ound some o#
hem do!n in he couryard i# hey?d been blo!n ou$ Fu
!e didn? #ind a sin*le one here$?
>@ell " i# nobody *o hrou*h he hree loc(ed doors,
and nobody *o hrou*h he !indo!, Ho! did hose
papers *e solenB? demanded )eor*e$ >0 !ould have
been a miracle #or hose papers o have hopped a!ay by
hemselves " and 0 don? believe in ha (ind o# miracle4?
%here !as a lon* silence$ @ha a mysery i !as4 >0
suppose %in(er?s #aher couldn? possibly have *one
!al(in* in his sleep, and a(en hem, could heB? as(ed
>@ell " 0 don? (no! i# a sleep"!al(er can unloc(
doors !ih he ri*h (eys, and seal his o!n papers,
leavin* some on he #loor, and hen !al( care#ully do!n
he spiral sair!ay sill #as asleep, loc(in* all he doors
behind him, and hen *o o his o!n bedroom, *e ino
bed, and hen !a(e up in he mornin* !ihou
rememberin* a sin*le momen o# he !hole hin*4? said
>;o$ 0 can? be possible,? said Dic($ >Have you ever
(no!n your #aher o !al( in his sleep, %in(erB?
%in(er considered$ >;o, 0 can? say 0 have,? he said$
>He?s a very li*h sleeper, usually$ ;o$ 0 don? believe
Dad did all ha in his sleep$ 0 !as somebody else$?
>0 mus have been some sor o# miracle man, hen,?
said )eor*e$ >;o ordinary person could do i$ -nd
!hoever planned i !aned hose papers very, very badly,
or he !ould never have ris(ed *ein* hem a*ains so
many odds$?
>-nd i# he !aned hem 26 89:C badly, he?ll
cerainly ma(e an e##or o *e he ones he le# behind
under he able,? said 'ulian$ >)ood hin* !e?ve *o
hose4 He !ill probably ry o *e up ino he o!er he
same !ay as he did be#ore " bu *oodness (no!s !ha i
>@ell " hose papers !ill be sa#ely ou o# his !ay,
oni*h4? said )eor*e$ >6n my island4?
>Ces,? said 'ulian$ >0?ll #ind a mos unli(ely hidin*"
place " some!here abou he ruined casle, 0 hin($ Fy he
!ay " 0 hope you haven? sill *o hem under your Aersey,
%in(er$ ;o " you don? loo( #a any more$ @ha have you
done !ih hemB?
>)eor*e said 0?d beer *ive hem o her o (eep, in
case hey slipped ou o# my Aersey,? said %in(er$ >Cou
oo( hem, didn? you, )eor*eB?
>Ces,? said )eor*e$ >Don? le?s al( abou i any
>@hy noB %he hie#?s no here$ He can? be lisenin*
o us4? said %in(er$ >0 believe you?re cross, )eor*e,
because 'ulian !on? le you a(e he papers yoursel#4?
>6h, do shu up, %in(er,? said )eor*e$ >0 shall be Aolly
cross !ih you in a minue, i# you le Mischie# upse your
*lass o# lemonade a*ain, all over my bread$ %a(e him o##
he able4 His manners are *ein* !orse4?
>%hey aren? " bu your emper is4? said %in(er and
promply received a (ic( under he able #rom 'ulian$ He
!as abou o (ic( bac( bu hou*h beer o# i$ 'ulian
could (ic( very much harder han he could4 He
decided o a(e Mischie# o## he able in case )eor*e
smac(ed him$ He pu he lile mon(ey under he able
!here %immy !as siin* /uiely$ Mischie# immediaely
cuddled up o him, puin* his lile #urry arms round he
bi* do*?s nec($ %immy sni##ed him all over, and hen
*ave him !o or hree lic(s$ He !as very #ond o# he
nau*hy lile mon(ey$
>@ha shall !e do his a#ernoonB? as(ed Dic(, !hen
hey had all helped 'enny o clear a!ay and !ash"up$
>@ha abou a bahe in he seaB 0s i !arm enou*hB?
>;o really$ Fu ha doesn? maer, !e al!ays #eel
Aolly !arm !hen !e come ou o# he !aer and run abou
and hen rub ourselves do!n,? said -nne$ >'enny " do you
#eel li(e a baheB?
>)ood *racious, no4? said 'enny, shiverin* a he
hou*h$ >0?m a cold moral, 0 am$ %he hou*h o# *oin*
ino ha cold sea ma(es me shudder$ 0# you !an your
o!els, hey are all in he airin* cupboard$ -nd don? you
be lae #or ea, i# you !an any, because 0?ve a lo o#
ironin* o do a#er!ards$?
>:i*h, 'enny,? said %in(er, abou o *ive her one o#
his >s/ueeJes? bu hin(in* beer o# i !hen he sa! her
!arnin* loo($ >'ulian, may 0 come !ih you o 3irrin
0sland oni*hB 0?d li(e a bi o# #un$?
>Cou may no,? said 'ulian$ >-ny!ay, here !on? be
any #un$?
>%here mi*h be i# Mr @ooh did hear )eor*e say she
!as a(in* hose papers over,? said %in(er$ >He?d be
!aiin* on he island " and you mi*h be *lad o have me
!ih you4?
>0 should no be *lad o have you !ih me,? said
'ulian$ >Cou?d Aus be in he !ay$ 0 !ould be much
easier o loo( a#er mysel# han o see !ha you !ere up
o all he ime$ 0 am *oin* by mysel#$ Elease don? sco!l
a me li(e ha, )eor*e$?
He *o up #rom he able and !en o loo( ou o# he
!indo!$ >@ind?s died do!n a bi,? he said$ >0 hin( 0?ll
have a bahe in an hour?s ime$ 0# any o# you ohers !an
o come, !e?ll *o do!n o*eher$?
%hey all !en do!n o he beach a#er a !hile and
bahed, e1cep Mischie#, !ho pu one small pa! ino he
!aer, *ave a ho!l and scampered bac( up he beach as
#as as ever he could, a#raid ha %in(er mi*h cach him
and ma(e him *o in4 %immy !en in, o# course$ He s!am
marvellously, and even *ave %in(er a ride
on his bac(, divin* do!n !hen he boy #el heavy, so
ha %in(er suddenly #ound himsel# spra!lin* in he
!aer4 >Cou !rech, %immy4? yelled he boy, >he !aer?s
*one up my nose$ @ai ill 0 cach you4 0?ll pu you
Fu he couldn? possibly cach old %immy, !ho really
enAoyed he Ao(e$ %he bi* do* *ave a Aoy#ul bar(, and
s!am a#er )eor*e$ Ho! he loved bein* !ih hem all4
%he res o# he day !en /uic(ly$ 'enny had a #ine ea
#or hem, !ih slices o# ham, and salad, and #rui o end
!ih, and said a#er!ards ha she had ime o play a *ame
o# 2crabble !ih hem i# hey li(ed$ Mischie# sa on he
able o !ach$
>0 don? mind you !achin*,? said -nne$ >Fu you are
;6% o scrabble, Mischie#$ Cou sen all my lile ivory
discs on he #loor las ime !e played, and 0 los he
%immy !ached *ravely, siin* on a chair beside
)eor*e$ He simply could ;6% undersand !ha made he
children play *ames li(e his !hen hey could *o #or a
nice lon* !al( !ih him$ %hey oo( piy on him !hen he
*ame !as over and !en ou #or a !o"mile !al( alon*
by he sea$ Ho! %immy loved ha4
>0 shall cycle o 3irrin 8illa*e as soon as i?s dar(,?
announced 'ulian$ >0 suppose your boa is ied up in he
usual place, )eor*eB 0?m sorry 0 can? a(e you !ih me,
bu here mi*h be a bi o# dan*er, as !e said$ Ho!ever 0
!on? run ino any i# 0 can help i$ 0 shan? #eel
com#orable unil hose secre papers are sa#ely ou o# he
!ay4 Cou can *ive hem o me Aus be#ore 0 *o, )eor*e$?
-nne suddenly ya!ned$ >Don? sar oo lae or 0 shall
#all asleep4? she said$ >0?s *ein* dar( already$ -ll ha
s!immin* has made me #eel ired4?
Dic( ya!ned oo$ >0?m Aolly sleepy as !ell,? he said$ >0
shall bed do!n in our en as soon as you?ve *one, 'u$ 0?ll
see you o## sa#ely #irs, papers and all4 Cou?d beer *o o
your en, oo, *irls " you loo( ired$?
>:i*h4? said -nne$ >Cou comin*, )eor*eB?
>@e?ll all *o,? said )eor*e$ >Come on, %in(er$ Fe
you 0 *e over he #ence and do!n o our ens #irs4 )ood
ni*h, 'enny$ @e?re o##4?
2he and -nne and %in(er, !ih %immy runnin*
behind, !en o## do!n he dar(enin* *arden$ Dic( and
'ulian helped 'enny o idy up, and o dra! all he
curains$ >@ell, *ood ni*h, 'enny,? said Dic($ >-ll you
have o do is o loc( he door behind us and *o sa#ely up
o bed$ @e?ll *o do!n o our ens no!$ 2leep !ell4?
>6h, 0 al!ays do,? said 'enny$ >.oo( a#er yourselves
no! and don? *e ino any mischie#4 Hide hose papers
!ell, !here nobody can #ind hem4?
'ulian and Dic( !en o## do!n he *arden, havin*
heard 'enny care#ully loc(in* he door behind hem$
%in(er and he *irls !ere already over he #ence,
Mischie# on %in(er?s shoulder$ -nne spo(e an1iously o
)eor*e$ >0 do hope 'ulian !ill be all ri*h *oin* over o
3irrin 0sland,? she said$ >0 !ish he?d a(e Dic( !ih him$?
>0# he oo( anyone i should be me4? burs ou )eor*e$
>0?s my island4?
>6h, don? be silly, )eor*e$ %he papers !ould be
much sa#er !ih 'ulian,? said -nne$ >0 !ould be an
a!#ul business #or you, cyclin* by yoursel# o 3irrin,
*ein* your boa ino he !aer, and ro!in* over in he
>0 !ould no4? said )eor*e$ >0# 'ulian can do i, hen
so could 0$ Cou *o ino our en, -nne, and *e ready #or
bed$ 0?ll come in a minue, a#er 0?ve a(en %immy #or a
2he !aied ill -nne had disappeared hrou*h he en
openin*$ %hen she !en /uiely o## by hersel# in he dar(,
%immy roin* beside her, raher surprised$
2oon here came he sound o# voices, as 'ulian and
Dic( reached he #ence and leap over i$ %hey !en o
heir en, and #ound %in(er here, ya!nin* and *ein*
ready #or bed$
2oon he hree boys !ere all rolled up in heir ru*s,
Mischie# cuddled up o %in(er$ -#er some ime 'ulian sa
up and loo(ed a his !ach, and hen peeped ou o# he
en openin*$ >Huie dar(4? he said$ >Fu he moon?s
comin* up, 0 see$ 0 hin( 0?ll *e he papers #rom )eor*e
no!, and se o## on my bicyde o 3irrin$ 0 can easily *e i
ou o# he shed$?
>Cou (no! !here )eor*e (eeps her boa,? said Dic($
>Cou !on? have any di##iculy in #indin* i$ )o your
orch, 'uB?
>Ces " and a ne! baery,? said 'ulian$ >.oo(4?
He s!iched on his orch$ 0 *ave a *ood, po!er#ul
beam$ >2han? miss he island i# 0 pu his on4? he said$
>;o! " 0?ll *e hose papers$ Hey, )eor*e " 0?m comin* o
your en #or he papers4?
He !en over o he *irls? en$ -nne !as here, only
hal# a!a(e$ 2he blin(ed as 'ulian?s orch shone ino
her eyes$
>)eor*e4? said 'ulian$ >)ive me hose papers no!,
please " hallo " 0 say, -nne " !here is )eor*eB?
-nne sared all round he en$ )eor*e?s ru*s !ere
here, piled in an unidy heapG bu here !as no )eor*e "
and no %immy eiher4
>6h, 'u4 Do you (no! !ha )eor*e has done " she?s
slipped ou !ih he precious papers " and a(en %immy
oo4 2he mus have *one o #ech her bi(e, and ridden o##
o 3irrin o *e her boa " and ro! over o 3irrin 0sland4
'ulian, !haever !ill happen i# she ro!s over and #inds
somebody !aiin* o *rab hose papers #rom her4? Eoor
-nne !as very near o ears$
>0 could sha(e her4? said 'ulian, very an*ry indeed$
>)oin* o## alone li(e ha in he dar( " cyclin* o 3irrin "
ro!in* over o he island " and bac(4 2he mus be mad4
2uppose Mr @ooh and his #riends are !aiin* here #or
her4 %he " silly " lile " idio4?
>6h, 'ulian, /uic(4 Cou and Dic( *e your cycles and
ry o cach her,? be**ed -nne$ >6h please do4 -nyhin*
mi*h happen o her4 Dear, silly old )eor*e4 %han(
*oodness %immy?s *one !ih her$?
>@ell, ha?s a blessin*, any!ay,? said 'ulian, sill
an*ry$ >He?ll loo( a#er her as much as he can$ My !ord,
0 could sha(e )eor*e ill her eeh raled4 0 hou*h she
!as raher /uie oni*h$ %hin(in* ou his plan, 0
He !en up o he house !ih Dic( and %in(er o ell
'enny abou )eor*e, and hen he and Dic( a once !en
o *e heir bicycles$ %his !as serious$ )eor*e had
no ri*h o be ou alone a ni*h li(e his " and *o
ro!in* over o 3irrin 0sland " 92E9C0-..C i# here !as
any chance o# someone lyin* in !ai #or her4
'enny !as very !orried indeed$ 2he !ached he !o
boys cyclin* o## in he dar($ %in(er be**ed her o le him
*o oo, bu she !ouldn?$ >Cou and Mischie# !ould Aus
be nuisances,? she said$ >6h my !ord, !on? 0 sha(e ha
rascal o# a )eor*e !hen she *es bac($ @ha a *irl4 @ell,
!ell " han( *oodness %immy?s !ih her$ %ha do*?s as
*ood as hal# a doJen policemen4?
Chapter S&(teen
0 !as cerainly very dar( !hen he hal#"moon !en
behind he clouds$ )eor*e !as *lad ha her bicycle lamp
shone so bri*hly$ %he shado!s in he hed*es !ere deep
and myserious " >as i# hey hid people ready o Aump ou
a us,? she said o %immy$ >Fu you?d *o #or hem a once,
!ouldn? you, %immy4?
%immy !as oo much ou o# breah o bar( an ans!er$
)eor*e !as *oin* prey #as, and he didn? mean o le
her *e ou o# si*h$ He !as sure she shouldn? be ou by
hersel# on a dar( ni*h li(e his$ He couldn? ima*ine !hy
she had suddenly a(en i ino her head o *o #or a lon*
ni*h"ride4 He raced alon*, panin*$
%hey me cars !ih daJJlin* head"lamps, and )eor*e
had o (eep pullin* o he side$ 2he !as erribly a#raid
ha %immy mi*h be hi by one o# he cars$ >6h dear " 0?d
never, never #or*ive mysel# i# anyhin* happened o
%immy,? she hou*h$ >0 hal# !ish 0 hadn? se ou no!$
Fu 0?m ;6% *oin* o le 'ulian hide anyhin* on my
island$ %ha?s my Aob, no his$ %immy darlin*, E.9-29
(eep on my le# side$ Cou?ll be sa#e hen$?
2o %immy (ep on her le#, sill mysi#ied by his
sudden Aourney ou ino he ni*h$ %hey came a las o
3irrin 8illa*e, !here !indo!s !ere sill li*hed here
and here$ %hrou*h he villa*e and on o 3irrin Fay "
ah, here !as he bay4 %he hal#"moon slid ou #rom
behind a cloud and )eor*e sa! he dar( sea, shinin* here
and here as he moonli*h cau*h he cress o# he !aves$
>%here?s my island, loo( %immy,? said )eor*e,
#eelin* a s!ellin* o# pride as she loo(ed over he dar(
heavin* sea o a dar(er srech, !hich she (ne! !as
3irrin 0sland$ >My very o!n island$ @aiin* #or me
>@oo#,? said %immy, raher /uiely, because he really
hadn? any breah o !ase$ ;o! !ha !as )eor*e *oin*
o doB @hy had she come ou on his lonely ride !ihou
he ohersB %immy !as puJJled$
%hey came o he srech o# beach !here boas !ere
(ep$ )eor*e rode do!n a ramp o he beach, Aumped
o## her bicycle, and pu i by a bahin*"hu in he deep
shado!s$ ;o one !ould see i here$ %hen she !en o
sare over he sea a her island$
2he had only loo(ed #or a momen or !o !hen she
cluched %immy?s collar, and *ave an e1clamaion$
%0MMC4 %here?s a li*h on my island4 .oo(, o he
ri*h here$ Can you see iB %immy, here?s somebody
campin* here$ Ho! D-:9 heyB 0?s my island and 0
don? allo! anyone on i unless hey have my
%immy loo(ed " and yes, he could see he li*h oo$
@as i made by a camp"#ire " or a lanernB He couldn?
ell$ -ll he (ne! !as ha he didn? !an )eor*e o *o
over here no!$ 2uppose here !ere *ypsies campin*
here, !ho !ould resen )eor*e comin* o urn hem o##B
6r a cro!d o# ill"mannered youn* boys !ho hadn?
bohered o #ind ou i# hey !ere allo!ed hereB %hey
mi*h ma(e hin*s very unpleasan #or )eor*e$ He pa!ed
a her, ryin* o ma(e her undersand ha he !aned her
o *o bac( home !ih him$
>;o, %immy$ 0?m no *oin* bac( ill 0?ve #ound ou
!ho?s here4? she said$ >0 !ould be co!ardly o urn bac(
no!$ -nd i# i?s somebody !aiin* #or me o urn up !ih
he papers, hey can hin( a*ain$ .oo( " 0?m hidin* hem
here under he arpaulin in his boa$ 0 !ould be idioic o
ry and hide hem on he island i# here?s someone here
!ho mi*h rob me o# anyhin* 0?ve *o " i mi*h be one
o# he hieves !ho climbed in o he o!er room, and le#
some o# he papers behind$ 0# he?s !aiin* #or me, he
!on? *e any papers4?
)eor*e su##ed he parcel o# papers under he
arpaulin as she spo(e$ >0?s Fisherman Connell?s boa,
called )ypsy,? she said, readin* he name on he boa by
he li*h o# her orch$ >Hc !on? mind me hidin*
somehin* in i4?
2he covered up he papers !ih he arpaulin, and hen
loo(ed over o he island a*ain$ Ces " ha li*h !as sill
here$ -n*er !elled up in )eor*e a*ain, and she !en o
loo( #or her o!n boa, !hich should be some!here near
!here hey !ere$
>Here i is,? she said o %immy, !ho leap in a once$
2he ordered him ou #or she had o pull he boa do!n o
he !aer$ Forunaely i !as a small, li*h boa and as he
ide !as almos #ully in, she didn? have very #ar o dra*
i$ %immy oo( hold o# he rope !ih his eeh and helped
oo$ - las i !as on he !aer, bobbin* *enly abou in
he dim li*h o# he hal#"moon$ %immy leap in, and soon
)eor*e !as in oo, hou*h !ih very !e #ee4
2he oo( he oars and be*an o pull a!ay #rom he
shore$ >%ide?s almos on he urn,? she old %immy$ >0
!on? be oo hard a ro!$ ;o! !e can #ind hose campers
and ell hem !ha !e hin( o# hem$ Cou?re o bar( your
very loudes and scare hem, %immy " in #ac, you can
chase hem o heir boa, i# you li(e$?
%immy ans!ered !ih a small bar($ He (ne! /uie
!ell ha )eor*e didn? !an him o ma(e much noise$ He
hou*h i very /ueer ha she !as *oin* over o her island
oni*h, all by hersel#$ @hy hadn? she a(en he ohersB
He !as sure ha 'ulian !ould be very cross4
>;o! don? bar( or !hine, %immy,? she said, in a
!hisper$ >@e?re almos a my landin*"place " bu 0?m
*oin* under hose rees here, no landin* here$ 0 !an o
hide my boa$?
2he *uided he boa o!ards some rees !hose
branches$ overhun* a iny cree( ha ran a lile !ay
inland$ 2he leap ou, and #lun* he moorin* rope round
he run( o# he neares ree, and made i #as$
>%here, lile boa,? she said$ >Cou?ll be sa#e here$ ;o
one !ill see you$ Come on, %im " !e?ll ac(le hose
campers no!$?
2he urned o *o, and hen sopped$ >0 !onder !here
heir boa is,? she said$ >.e?s have a loo( round, %immy$
0 mus be here some!here$?
2he soon #ound he boa lyin* on he sands, is rope
hro!n round a near"by roc($ %he ide !as almos up o
i$ 2he *rinned o hersel#$ >%immy4? she !hispered$ >0?m
*oin* o unie his boa and se i loose on he ide$ 0 !ill
soon be #ar a!ay$ Ha " !ha !ill hose a!#ul campers
-nd, o %immy?s amaJemen, she undid he rope #rom
he roc(, rolled i up, and hre! he coil inside he boa$
%hen she *ave he boa a push " bu i !as sill embedded
in he !e sand$
>;ever mind,? she said$ >-noher en minues and he
ide !ill be ri*h under i " and hen i !ill urn and a(e
he boa !ih i4?
2he be*an o ma(e her !ay up he beach, %immy
close o her side$ >;o! le?s *o a#er hose campers, !ho"
ever hey are,? she said$ >@here?s heir li*h *oneB 0 can?
see i no!$?
Fu in a minue or !o she sa! i a*ain$ >0?s no #rom a
camp"#ire " i?s #rom a lanern o# some sor,? she !hispered
o %immy$ >@e?ll have o be care#ul no!$ .e?s see i# !e
can creep up behind hem$?
%he !o o# hem made heir !ay silenly o!ards he
middle o# he lile island$ Here here !as an old ruined
casle " and here, in he couryard o# he casle, siin* in
he mids o# hic(, over*ro!n !eeds, !ere !o men$
)eor*e had her hand on %immy?s collar, and u**ed i
*enly$ He (ne! ha mean, >;o bar(in*, no *ro!lin*,
%im,? and he sood per#ecly sill, he hac(les on his nec(
risin* #as$
%he !o men !ere playin* cards by he li*h o# a #airly
po!er#ul lanern, !hich hey had se on a ruined sone
!all$ %immy couldn? help *ivin* a surprised *ro!l !hen
he sa! one o# hem, bu )eor*e hushed him a once$
Mr @ooh, he ma*ician #rom he circus, !as here,
dealin* ou he cards4 %he oher man she didn? (no!$ He
!as !ell"dressed, and seemed bored$ He #lun* do!n his
cards as %immy and )eor*e !ached #rom a dar( corner o#
he old casle, and spo(e o his companion in an irriaed
>@ell, !hoever i is you said !as brin*in* he res o#
hose papers here o he island doesn? seem o be urnin*
up$ %he papers you?ve *iven me are *ood " very *ood " bu
o# no use !ihou he ohers$ %his scienis #ello! you?ve
solen hem #rom is a *enius$ 0# !e *e he complee se o#
papers, hey !ill be !orh a remendous sum o# money,
!hich 0 can *e #or you " bu !ihou he oher papers, here
!ill be no money #or you " he #irs se !ould be useless4?
>0 ell you, someone !ill be here !ih hem$ 0 heard
hem say so,? said Mr @ooh, in his saely voice$
>@ho sole hem " youB? as(ed he oher man,
shu##lin* he cards /uic(ly$
>;o$ 0 did no seal hem,? said Mr @ooh$ >Me, 0 (eep
my hands clean " 0 do no seal$?
%he second man lau*hed$ >;o$ Cou le oher people
do your diry !or( #or you, don? you4 Mr @ooh, he
@orld?s Mos @onder#ul Ma*ician, does no soil his
hands4 He merely uses he hands o# ohers " and char*es
enormous prices #or he *oods hey seal$ Cou?re a
cunnin* one, Mr @ooh$ 0 !ouldn? li(e you #or an
enemy4 Ho! did you mana*e o *e he papersB?
>Fy usin* my eyes and my ears and my cunnin*,?
ans!ered Mr @ooh$ >%hey are beer han mos
people?s$ 2o many people are supid, my *ood #riend$?
>0?m no your *ood #riend,? said he oher man$ >0?ve
*o o do business !ih you, Mr @ooh, bu 0 !ouldn?
li(e o have you #or a #riend$ 0?d raher have ha
chimpanJee o# yours4 0 don? even li(e playin* cards !ih
you4 @HC doesn? his #ello! comeB?
)eor*e pu her mouh o one o# %immy?s ears$
>%immy, 0?m *oin* o ell hem o clear o## my island,?
she !hispered #uriously o he lisenin* do*$ >Fancy
#ello!s li(e ha darin* o se #oo here " rascals and
ro*ues4 Don? come !ih me " !ai ill 0 call you, hen i#
you have o rescue me, come a once4?
.eavin* a mos un!illin* %immy sandin* beside par
o# he old casle !all, she suddenly appeared be#ore he
!o asonished men by he li*h o# heir lanern$
%hey leap o heir #ee a once$ >0?s he *irl !ho?s
come " 0 shouldn? have hou*h ha he boys !ould have
le her,? said Mr @ooh, asonished$ >0 am$$$?
>@H-% -:9 C6D D60;) 6; MC 02.-;DB?
demanded )eor*e, an*rily$ >0 belon*s o me$ 0 sa! your
li*h and came over !ih my do*$ Fe care#ul o# him " he?s
bi* and sron* and #ierce$ Clear o## a once, or 0?ll repor
you o he police4?
>9asy, easy, no!4? said Mr @ooh, sandin* very
srai*h and loo(in* immensely all$ >2o he boys sen
you o hide he papers insead o# darin* o come
hemselves$ Ho! co!ardly o# hem4 @here are he
papersB )ive hem o me$?
>0?ve hidden hem,? said )eor*e$ >%hey?re no very #ar
a!ay$ Cou didn? hin( 0?d be silly enou*h o come
alon* o you !ih hem in my hands !hen 0 sa! your
li*h and (ne! ha people !ere here, did youB ;o " 0?ve
hidden hem some!here on he shore " !here you !on?
#ind hem$ ;o! you Aus clear o##, boh o# you4?
>- very brave and deermined youn* lady4? said Mr
@ooh, bo!in* solemnly o )eor*e$
>Do you mean o ell me ha?s a *irl4? said he oher
man, amaJed$ >@ell4 2he?s a pluc(y (id, 0 mus say4
.oo( here, (id, i# you?ve *o hose papers, hand hem
over, and 0?ll *ive you a !hole lo o# money !hich you
can *ive o Ero#essor Haylin* !ih my bes !ishes$?
>Come and *e hem,? said )eor*e, urnin* as i# o
*o$ %he !o men loo(ed a one anoher, eye"bro!s
raised$ Mr @ooh nodded, and hen !in(ed$ 0# )eor*e
had seen his #ace she !ould have (no!n !ha ha !in(
mean$ 0 mean, >.e?s humour his silly (id, #ollo! her
" see he hidin*"place, snach he papers and clear o## in
our boa !ihou payin* a penny4 Fu .663 6D% #or
he do*4?
)eor*e led he !ay, %immy !al(in* be!een her
and he !o men$ He !as *ro!lin* all he ime, deep
do!n in his hroa, as i# o say, >'us you lay a #in*er on
)eor*e and 0?ll bie i o##4? %he men oo( care no o *o
oo near him4 %hey shone he lanern on him all he
ime, ma(in* sure ha he !as no *oin* o leap a hem$
)eor*e led hem o he shore, o he place !here
hey had le# heir boa$ Mr @ooh *ave a cry$ >@here?s
our boaB 0 !as ied o ha roc(4?
>0s his i over his rid*eB? called )eor*e, climbin* up
a seep ban( ha overhun* he !aer, !hich !as no!
/uie deep !ih he sur*in* ide$
%he men !en o loo( " and hen )eor*e *ave hem
he surprise o# heir lives4 2he ran a Mr @ooh and *ave
him such a push ha he #ell ri*h over he hi*h ban( ino
he sea belo!, landin* !ih a yell and a erri#ic splash$
)eor*e shoued a command o %immy, !ho !as no!
very e1cied, and he bi* do* did he same o he oher
man, leapin* a him and pushin* him over$ He oo sho
over he rid*e and #ell ino he sea !ih a splash$ %immy
sood on he lile cli## and bar(ed madly, as e1cied as
>Cou?ll have o s!im o he shore o# he mainland i#
you !an o escape4? yelled )eor*e$ >%he ide has a(en
a!ay your boa " 0 se i loose4 Cou?d beer no *e bac(
on my island ye " %immy?s on he !ach #or you " and
he?ll #ly a eiher o# you i# you ry o se a #oo on i
Foh men could s!im, hou*h no very !ell, and boh
!ere e1ceedin*ly an*ry and very #ri*hened$ %hey !ere
sure hey could never s!im o he mainland " bu ho! o
*e on he island o sa#ey, hey didn? (no!$ %ha *rea,
#ierce do* !as here, bar(in* as i# he !aned o bie hem
ino small bis$ %heir boa had been se loose, here !as
no !ay o escape$ %hey s!am round in circles, no
(no!in* !ha o do4
>0?m *oin* bac( o he mainland no!4? yelled )eor*e,
climbin* ino her boa$ >0?ll send he police o rescue you
in he mornin*$ Cou can *e on my island no! " bu
you?re in #or a 89:C cold ni*h4 )oodbye4?
-nd o## !en )eor*e in her boa, !ih %immy
sandin* a he bac(, !achin* o ma(e sure hose men
didn? s!im a#er hem$ He *ave )eor*e an admirin* lic($
2he !asn? a#raid o# -;C%H0;)4 He?d raher belon* o
her han o anyone else in he !orld$
@66F, @66F, @"6"6"F4
Chapter Se'enteen
)eor*e couldn? help sin*in* loudly as she ro!ed
bac( o he shore in her boa$ %immy Aoined in !ih a
bar( no! and a*ain$ He !as *lad ha )eor*e !as so
happy$ He sood in he pro! o# he boa, !ishin* i !as
no ni*h"ime, so ha he could see clearly !here he !as
*oin*$ %he moon clouded over, and he sea loo(ed
endless in he dar($ 8ery #e! li*hs sho!ed on he
mainland a ha ime o# ni*h " Aus one or !o #rom
houses !here people !ere sill up$
@ai, hou*h " !ha !as ha bri*h li*h suddenly
shinin* ou #rom he mainlandB @as i someone ryin* o
pic( ou heir boaB %immy bar(ed a he li*h, and
)eor*e, !ho, o# course, !as ro!in* !ih her bac( o he
shore, shipped her oars #or a momen and loo(ed round$
>0?s someone on he /uay,? she said$ >Maybe a lae
#isherman$ )ood4 He?ll be able o help me dra* my boa
up ou o# he !ay o# he ide4?
Fu i !asn? a #isherman$ 0 !as 'ulian and Dic($
%hey had arrived abou #ive minues a*o, and had loo(ed
a once #or )eor*e?s boa, and hadn? #ound i$
>Flo!4 @e?re oo lae o sop her, hen$ 2he?s *one
over o he island4? said 'ulian and be*an o e1amine all
he oher ied"up boas o see i# he could #ind one ha
he could borro!, belon*in* o a #riend$ 2omeho!
hey mus *e over o 3irrin 0sland, and rescue )eor*e$
He #el sure she !ould be in dan*er o#Isome (ind$
%hen suddenly he !o boys heard he sounds o# oars
splashin* no #ar ou o sea$ @ell, i# ha !as a #isherman
comin* home, maybe 'ulian could as( him o lend him
his boa o *o o 3irrin 0sland in$ He could ell him ha
he !as a#raid his cousin mi*h be in need o# help$
%immy, in )eor*e?s boa, suddenly reco*nised he
!o boys !hen he moon s!am ou #rom a cloud, and
*ave a deli*hed volley o# bar(s$ )eor*e, !onderin* i# i
!as 'ulian and Dic(, ro!ed as /uic(ly as she could$ 2he
came ino shore, Aumped ou and be*an o dra* in her
boa$ %he boys !ere beside her a once, and he boa !as
soon in is usual place, care#ully made sa#e in case he
ide !as a hi*h one$
>)eor*e4? said 'ulian, so overAoyed o see his cousin
sa#e and sound ha he couldn? help *ivin* her a bear"
hu*$ >Cou !ic(ed *irl4 Cou !en o he island " Aus !ha
0 said you !eren? o do$ Cou mi*h have #ound he
hieves on he island, and hen you !ould have been in
>0 did #ind hem " bu i?s hey !ho are in rouble, no
me4? said )eor*e$ >0 sa! a li*h over here, oo( my boa
and !en over o he island " and here hey !ere " Mr
@ooh he Ma*ician and anoher man " 6; MC 02.-;D4
Did you ever hear such chee(B %hey as(ed me #or he
papers a once4?
>6h, )eor*e " did you *ive hem o he menB? as(ed
>6# course no4 0?d already hidden hem !here hose
men couldn? possibly #ind hem$ 0 !asn? idioic enou*h
o a(e hem over o hide on he island !hen 0 sa!
somebody !as here " probably !aiin* #or me " and #or
he papers4? said )eor*e$
>Fu, )eor*e " i# you (ne! somebody !as here, !hy
on earh did you ris( *oin* over o 3irrin 0sland henB?
as(ed 'ulian, puJJled$ >0 !as a very dan*erous hin* o
>0 !aned o urn o## !hoever i !as, o# course,? said
)eor*e$ >-s i# 0?d allo! Aus anyone on my island4 0?s
mine, my very o!n, and 0 only allo! people on i ha 0
li(e$ Cou (no! ha$?
>0 Aus ;989: (no! !ha you?ll do ne1, )eor*e,?
said 'ulian, pain* %immy on he head$ >Ho! did you
dare o *o and ac(le hose menB 6h, 0 (no! %immy !as
!ih you, bu even so$$$ and !hy in he !orld didn? he
men ro! a#er you, and ram your boaB?
>@ell, you see, hey couldn?,? said )eor*e$ >0 #ound
heir boa, unied i, and se i adri# on he ide$ 0?s
probably hal# a mile a!ay by no!4?
%he boys !ere so asonished ha hey couldn? even
lau*h a #irs$ Fu hen, !hen hey hou*h o# he !o men
marooned on 3irrin 0sland, heir boa *one *oodness
(no!s !here, hey lau*hed ill ears came ino heir eyes4
>)eor*e, 0 don? (no! ho! you can hin( o# doin*
such hin*s4? said 'ulian$ >@eren? he men #uriousB?
>0 don? (no!,? said )eor*e$ >0 didn? ell hem abou
heir boa$ 0 preended ha 0?d a(e hem o
!here 0?d hidden he papers " and hen !hen !e *o
on o a nice hi*h rid*e overloo(in* he sea, hey loo(ed
over i o see i# heir boa !as all ri*h, and 0 *ave Mr
@ooh a Aolly *ood push, and %immy leap a he man
!ih him " and in hey !en " 2E.-2H4 2E.-2H4?
'ulian really had o si do!n and have anoher bou o#
lau*hin* ill he sich in his side *re! so bad ha he !as
#orced o *e up and !al( abou$ )eor*e suddenly sa! he
#unny side o# i all oo, and she be*an o lau*h as hearily
as 'ulian$ Dic( Aoined in as !ell, and %immy bar(ed
madly, enAoyin* he #un$
>6h dear4? said 'ulian, #eelin* !ea( !ih lau*her,
>-nd hen 0 suppose you said a polie #are!ell and le#
hem o heir #aeB?
>@ell, acually 0 yelled ou o ell hem 0?d send he
police o rescue hem in he mornin*,? said )eor*e$ >0?m
a#raid hey?ll boh spend a very uncom#orable ni*h "
hey !ere soa(in* !e, you see4?
>)eor*e " 0?m be*innin* o hin( i !as a *ood hin*
you !en !ih he papers o he island, and no me, a#er
all,? said 'ulian$ >0 should never have hou*h o# doin* all
he hin*s you did " pushin* he men ino he sea " really,
ho! could you and %immy dare o do such hin*sB -nd
sein* heir boa loose4 @ha on earh !ill he police say
!hen !e ell hemB?
>0 don? hin( !e?d beer ell hem, had !eB? said
)eor*e$ >0 mean " hey mi*h hin( 0?d *one oo #ar$
-ny!ay, !hy no le he !o men (ic( heir heels on he
island all ni*h, and !e?ll decide !ha o do abou he
police in he mornin*$ 0?s #unny " 0 suddenly #eel a!#ully
>0 be you do4? said Dic($ >Come on, le?s *e our
bi(es$ 6h, and hose precious papers " !here are heyB?
>Dnder he arpaulin in Fisherman Connell?s boa,?
said )eor*e, and suddenly *ave he mos enormous
ya!n$ >0 hid hem here$?
>0?ll *e hem,? said 'ulian$ >%hen o## !e *o bac( o
Fi* Hollo! House$ %he ohers !ill be *ein* a!#ully
!orried by no!4?
He #ound he papers in he #ishin*"boa and hen he
hree o# hem rode o## /uic(ly alon* he road #rom 3irrin
o Fi* Hollo!, %immy runnin* behind hem, 'ulian (ep
lau*hin* o himsel#$ )eor*e should have been a boy no a
*irl " he hin*s she did4 Fancy ac(lin* hose !o #ello!s
li(e ha " pushin* hem ino he !aer, and sein* heir
boa adri#$ 'ulian !as sure he !ould never have hou*h
o# doin* such darin* hin*s himsel#4
- las hey !ere bac( a he ens, and he ohers
cro!ded round hem o hear !ha had happened$ -nne
loo(ed very !hie$ 'enny !as !ih her, com#orin* her "
she had Aus made up her mind o elephone he police,
and !as mos relieved o see )eor*e a*ain$
>@e?ll ell you all he deails in he mornin*,? said
'ulian$ >Fu all 0?ll say no! is ha he papers are sa#e all
ri*h, here in my poc(e " he hieves !ere probably Mr
@ooh and anoher man$ %hey !ere on he island oni*h,
!aiin* #or )eor*e$ %hey had overheard !ha she said in
he en4 Ho!ever, )eor*e and %immy pushed hem boh
ino he !aer and se heir boa adri#, so hin*s are
selin* do!n nicely4 %hey !ill
have o spend he ni*h on he island, cold and !e
>)eor*e did all ha4? said 'enny, amaJed$ >@ell4 0
never (ne! she !as so dan*erous4 )ood *racious4 0 #eel
ri*h do!n scared o# her4 2ele do!n o sleep in your
en, dear " you loo( ired ou4?
)eor*e !as *lad o #lop do!n on her ru*s$ ;o! ha
he e1ciemen !as all over, she #el oo sleepy #or !ords4
2he #ell asleep a once " bu 'ulian and Dic( didn?$ %hey
lay a!a(e #or some ime, chuc(lin* over )eor*e?s deeds
o# darin*$ @ha a cousin o have4
@hen hey !ere up a he house a brea(#as ne1
mornin*, 'eremy came up he *arden and pu his head in
a he dinin*"room !indo!$ >0 say4? he said$
>Mr @ooh?s no in his en his mornin*4 He?s
disappeared4 -nd poor old Charlie he Chimp is oo
miserable #or !ords$?
>-h " !e can ell you e1acly !here Mr @ooh is,? said
'ulian$ >Fu " !ai a bi, %in(er, !here are you *oin*B
Cou haven? #inished your$$$?
Fu %in(er had *one o## !ih 'eremy a op speed4 He
!as very #ond o# Charlie$ 6h dear, !ould he chimpanJee
!eep #or his maser and re#use o a(e his #oodB %in(er
called Mischie# and hey boh ran do!n o he #ence !ih
'eremy and climbed over i$ %in(er !en srai*h o
Charlie?s ca*e$ %he chimpanJee sa !ih his head in his
hands, roc(in* himsel# o and #ro, ma(in* sad, cryin*
>.e?s *e ino he ca*e !ih him,? said %in(er$ >He?ll
li(e o be com#ored$ He mus be missin* Mr @ooh very,
very much$?
%hey cra!led ino he ca*e and sa do!n in he sra!,
each puin* an arm round he sad chimpanJee$ 6ld
)randad !as very surprised o see hem boh here$
>Don? (no! !ha?s happened o Mr @ooh,? he said$
>Didn? come home las ni*h4 Here, 'eremy, you come
on ou$ 0 can? spare you o cry over Charlie all mornin*$
He?ll soon per( up$ Cou can say !ih him, %in(er, i# you
'eremy cra!led ou o# he ca*e and !en o## crossly$
%in(er sa !ih his arm round Charlie, !ishin* he didn?
loo( so erribly sad$ -s he sa here, he heard a #unny
lile noise *oin* on all he ime$ %ic( " ic( " ic( " ic(a "
ic(a " ic( " ic( " ic( " ic( " ic(a " ic(a " ic($ >2ounds
li(e a !ach or somehin*,? said %in(er, and scrabbled
abou in he sra!$ Eerhaps Mr @ooh?s bi* *old !ach
had #allen ino Charlie?s ca*eB
His hand #el somehin* small and round and smooh
a he boom o# he ca*e$ He ri#led a!ay he hic( sra!,
and dre! ou he obAec underneah i$ He sared and
sared a i in he umos surprise$ Charlie sa! him
loo(in* a i, snached i a!ay and hid i in he sra!
a*ain$ He made a #e! *ro!ly noises as i# he !ere an*ry$
>Charlie, !here did you *e ha lile cloc(B? said
%in(er$ >6h, CH-:.094 @ell, as you?re so sad his
mornin*, 0?ll *ive i o you #or your very o!n$ 'us o
cheer you up$ Fu oh, Charlie, 0 am surprised a you4?
He slid ou o# he ca*e and !en bac( over he #ence
and ino his o!n *arden$ Dp he pah he ran and burs
ino he dinin*"room, !here he ohers !ere sill
#inishin* heir brea(#as$
>@ha?s upB? said Dic($
>.isen4 0 (no! !ho he hie# !as !ho climbed in a
he o!er !indo!$$$ 0 3;6@ @H6 H9 @-24? cried
%in(er, almos shouin* in his e1ciemen$
>@H6B? said everyone, in amaJemen$
>0 !as CH-:.09 he CH0ME4? said %in(er$ >@hy
didn? !e hin( o# him be#oreB He can climb anyhin*4 0
!ould be /uie easy #or him o s!in* himsel# up ha
rou*h"soned o!er !all, han*in* on o he bis o# creeper
here and here " and o he uneven sones " and climb
hrou*h he !indo! ino he o!er room, collec all he
papers he could hold " and climb do!n a*ain " sliher
do!n a*ain, probably$$$?
>%H-% mus have been he sliherin* sound 0 heard4?
said 'enny$ >0 old you 0 heard a /ueer sliherin* noise4?
>-nd he !hisperin* you heard mus have been Mr
@ooh ryin* o ma(e him *o up he o!er !all and ino
he !indo!4? said 'ulian$ >)osh " 0 be poor old Charlie?s
been au*h o *e ino all sors o# !indo!s and a(e
!haever he sees$ Mr @ooh mus have (no!n %in(er?s
#aher !or(ed ou all his ideas up in he o!er$?
>@ooh could easily each him o a(e papers,? said
'ulian$ >Fu here !ere, o# course, oo many #or old
Charlie in he o!er room$ He !ouldn? be able o carry
hem all in his #ron pa!s, #or he needed all his pa!s o
climb do!n ha seep !all " so he mus have crammed as
many as he could ino his mouh
" and dropped he res under he able4 CH-:.09 he
CH0ME " !ell4 @ho !ould have hou*h he could be he
>@ai a bi " ho! on earh do you (no! i !as
CharlieB? said Dic($ >;obody sa! him$ 0 !as a ni*h$?
>@ell, 0 do (no! i !as Charlie,? said %in(er$ >Cou
remember ha dear lile cloc( on he o!er room
manelpieceB @ell, i disappeared on he ni*h !hen
hose papers !ere solen " and 0 #ound i hidden in he
sra! in Charlie?s ca*e his mornin*4 He snached i a!ay
#rom me, and almos cried " so 0 le him (eep i4 0 !as
ic(in* loudly Aus li(e i al!ays did$ 0 !as he loud
ic(in* ha old me i !as here in he ca*e4?
>@ho !ound i up a ni*hs, o (eep i *oin*B? said
'ulian, a once, mos asonished$
>Charlie, 0 suppose,? said %in(er$ >He?s very clever
!ih his pa!s4 %he cloc( !as /uie sa#e, hidden in his
ca*e$ ;obody !ould be li(ely o *e ino he chimp?s
ca*e and si here !ih him " bu 0 did his mornin*, and
ha?s ho! 0 #ound i$ 0 heard i ic(in*, you see$ 0 be old
Charlie !as clever enou*h o pop his precious cloc( ino
his mouh !hen he sa! any o# he men comin* o clean
ou his ca*e4?
>@ell, 0?m blessed4? said 'enny$ >Ho! !as i ha Mr
@ooh never sa! him brin*in* i alon* !ih he papers
ha ni*h, !hen he sole hemB?
>@ell, as %in(er old you " my *uess is ha old
Charlie mus have pu he lile cloc( in his mouh hen,
alon* !ih he papers,? said Dic($ >He needed all his #our
pa!s, climbin* " or raher sliherin* do!n
ha !all " and he?s *o a Aolly bi* mouh4 Cou should
see !ha a lo o# #ood he can su## ino i4?
>Ces$ -nd Mr @ooh !ould a(e he papers, o# course
" Charlie !ould Aus a(e hem #rom his mouh and hand
hem o him " bu he?d be ar#ul enou*h o (eep his
precious ne! oy hidden in his mouh4 Eoor old Charlie4
Can? you see him lisenin* o he cloc(, and cuddlin* i "
li(e a child !ih a ne! oy4? said )eor*e$
>He sounded e1acly as i# he !ere cryin* his
mornin*,? said %in(er$ >0 couldn? bear i$ Eoor old
Charlie4 He couldn? undersand !hy Mr @ooh didn? *o
and see him oday$ He !as so miserable4?
>0 hin( !e?ll have o *e he police alon* no!,? said
'ulian$ >;o only o cach Mr @ooh and his #riend, le# so
convenienly marooned by )eor*e on her island " bu also
because Mr @ooh should be char*ed !ih sealin* your
#aher?s irreplaceable chars and dia*rams, %in(er$
)oodness (no!s !ha else he has au*h poor old Charlie
o seal$ 0 be he?s sen he chimp ino a lo o# houses, and
up many !alls, and ino many !indo!s$?
>Ces$ %here?s probably been a rail o# robberies
!herever he circus !en,? said 'enny$ >-nd many
innocen people mus have been suspeced$?
>@ha a shame4? said -nne$ >Fu oh dear " i# Mr
@ooh *oes o prison, !haever !ill become o# poor old
Charlie he ChimpB?
>0 be 'eremy !ill a(e him,? said %in(er$ >He loves
him, and old Charlie adores 'eremy4 He?ll be all ri*h
!ih 'eremy and old )randad4?
>@ell, %in(er, 0 hin( you?d beer *o and ell your
#aher all his,? said 'enny$ >0 (no! he?s busy " he
al!ays is " bu his is a hin* he ou*h o deal !ih and
nobody else$ 0# you?d li(e o #ech him, )eor*e could ell
him he !hole sory " and hen 0 raher *uess he?ll rin* up
he police " and Mr @ooh !ill #ind himsel# in a !hole lo
o# rouble$?
2o here *oes %in(er, !ih Mischie# on his shoulder,
o #ind his #aher, do!n he hall " up he sairs " alon* he
landin* " ino his #aher?s bedroom$$$ r"r"r"r"r"r"r"r"r"r"r"r4
%in(er, you sound li(e a moor"scooer *oin* up a seep
hill4 E-:E "E-:E4 Don? hoo li(e ha, you?ll ma(e
your #aher so an*ry ha he !on? lisen o a !ord you
Fu he Ero#essor did lisen " and soon 'enny heard
him elephonin* he police$ %hey?re comin* srai*h
a!ay, and ha means ha Mr @ooh he Ma*ician is in
#or a mos unpleasan ime, and his ma*ic !on? help him
a all4 He?ll have o *ive bac( he papers ha he made
Charlie seal " and pleny o# oher hin*s, oo4 %here he is,
marooned on he island, /uie unable o escape, !aiin*
#ear#ully !ih his companion, #or he police4
>-noher advenure over4? said )eor*e, !ih a
re*re#ul si*h$ >-nd a Aolly e1ciin* one oo4 0?m *lad you
solved he mysery, %in(er " i !as clever o# you o #ind
he lile o!er room cloc($ 0 be Mr @ooh !ouldn? have
le Charlie (eep i, i# he?d (no!n he?d a(en i #rom he
o!er room4 Eoor old Charlie he Chimp4?
>0?m Aus !onderin* i# Dad !ould le me (eep Charlie
here, !hile Mr @ooh is in prison,? be*an
%in(er, and sopped as 'enny *ave a horri#ied shrie($
>%in(er4 0# you so much as menion ha idea o your
#aher, 0?ll !al( srai*h ou o# his house and ;989:
C6M9 F-C34? said 'enny$ >%ha chimp !ould be in my
(ichen all day lon* " oh yes, he !ould " and hin*s !ould
be disappearin* ou o# my larder, and my cupboards, and
my dra!ers, and he?d dance up and do!n and scream a
me i# 0 so much as said a !ord, and$$$?
>-ll ri*h, dear, dear 'enny, 0 !on? as( #or Charlie,
hones 0 !on?,? said %in(er$ >0 do love you a bi more
han 0?d love a chimp " bu hin( !ha a companion he
!ould be #or Mischie#4?
>0?m no hin(in* anyhin* o# he sor4? said 'enny$
>-nd !ha abou you a(in* a bi o# noice o# ha
mon(ey o# yours " bless us all i# he hasn? helped himsel#
o hal# ha Aar o# Aam " Aus loo( a his sic(y #ace4 6h,
!ha a !ee( his has been, !ha !ih chimps and
mon(eys and children and robberies, and )eor*e
disappearin*, and all4?
>Dear old 'enny,? said )eor*e, lau*hin* as she !en
o## ino he (ichen$ >@ha an e1ciin* ime !e?ve had4 0
really did enAoy every minue o# i4?
2o did !e, )eor*e$ Hurry up and #all ino anoher
advenure$ @e are lon*in* o hear !ha you and he
ohers !ill be up o ne1$ Ho! !e !ish !e could Aoin
you4 )ood"bye #or no! " and a(e care o# yourselves,
Five$ )ood luc(4
Enid Blyton

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