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The New World Order. [ The CABAL! ] TRThompson.

NWO=131. 13 the tarot for death for !"han#e! for renewal! 31=the 31 $e% paths
of the tree the $a&&alah. 131 The p'llars of 'mpre#nat'on e'ther s'de of the tr'ad
and the half(formed worlds of 'nner(spa"e. 1)3)1=* the #e&+rah ,mars- stren#th.
One 's also the !ma#'"'an! he whom "ontrols the fo+r elements and e.+ates w'th
transm+tat'on. Three 's also the !/mpress! 0he whom "on"eals the !Ch'ld %et to
"ome!! The Ca&al short for se"ret $nowled#e *1 'ts n+m&er *)1=2 3esod the
moon the "+rrents of +nseen 4a#'"al(wor$'n#s! * #e&+rah ,stren#th- o5er 1
"hesed ,mer"%- and 1 'ts d'mens'onal(planes. 6+ll of o""+lt(do"tr'nes th's NWO
pla%s 'ts part 'n the 7R/AT 8LAN! A de"ept'5e adm'n'strat'on o+tlawed &% the
7erman Ba5ar'an(o""+lt'sts the !9ll+m'nat'! the sold'ers of the NWO! The &la"$(
flame 'n't'ators and hosts to dar$ male5olent for"es! The 6a"t 0O4/ 9ll+m'nat'(
pr'ests ha5e power &e%ond earths threshold sho+ld not &e d'sm'ssed w'th fe'nt
heart. [ The 4a:est'" 1; now !<! heralds a N/W t%pe of !"ommand! 'ndeed
0tar(8lanetar%!! =o NOT &e de"e'5ed &% Rept'l'an masters nor the m'n'ons
whom are 0er5'tors to them! 3es the Astral(l'#ht of /arth 's &e"om'n# d'mmer
=ar$ness 's pre5a'l'n# and destro%'n# the l'#ht of sp'r't+al't% , or sp'r't 'n d+al't%-
for sp'r't has two(forms. There 's a pro#ress'on of s'n'ster portent a f'eld +nseen
"ross'n# slowl% l'$e two(loops 'n "on:+nt'on a"ross %o+r /arthl% world. 8lans to
erad'"ate the o>%#enated(a'r and 'ts 9on'sat'on(f'elds are well +nder wa%! 8lans to
poll+te %o+r seas and depleate %o+r w'ldl'fe %o+r mammals *?@ "onf'rmed!
Wh% WAR0A A &l'nd alle% to "onf+se to st'r hatred to p+t man a#a'nst manA To
shed &lood! 3/0 to shed &lood. what !f+mes ! there are 'n Blood how 't !attra"ts!
=aemon'"(attent'on! Are there B3BR9=0 amon#st +sA Well of "o+rse and also a
t%pe of !"han#el'n#! a form wh'"h "an 'ntera"t w'th !other(forms! loo$ l'$e them
and ha5e the'r personal't%. 0ometh'n# l'$e remo5'n# ones 0o+l 'nto another
form! ,Well Coo=oo 's e>tan"t 'n s+"h matters! And 'ts de5elopment alon# w'th
other s'n'ster pra"t'"es !allows for !:+mpers! or !Leapers!! An%wa% &a"$ to &as'"s!
- Lets not #et to "arr'ed awa%! Are the 49Bs h%&r'd or B+mano'dA Well one old(
lad% whom was 5's'ted &% a man 'n &la"$ sa'd he !$'nd(of! :+mped alon# the
pa5ement o+ts'de after 'mmed'atel% lea5'n# her ho+se as tho+#h she was
o&ser5'n# st'll('ma#es of a "amera 'n slow mot'onA O&5'o+sl% here at least what
was reall% happen'n# was T94/ 'tself had &een !man'p+lated!! Remem&er the
!8h'ladelph'a(/>per'mentA! well there has &een 'nf'n'te !:+mps! 'n $nowled#e
s'n"e then! ] 9m not a !Wh'stle&lower! :+st a ps%"h'" a 'nd'5'd+al whom has
"ome a"ross Lem+r'ansDAn+&'s and others! Whom has en"o+ntered Al'en"raft and
e>per'en"ed A&d+"t'on! And man% man% other 8aranormalDs+pernat+ral 'n"'dents
wh'"h wo+ld p+t a normall% 0ane man 'nto a 'nst't+t'on! 9 ha5e had R/AL
daemon'"(en"o+nter therefore NOT fearf+l of En$nown th'n#s!
The 8ro#ress'5e state of the Ca&al ,NWO- 's worr%'n# altho+#h not !de"'s'5e! 'n
'ts ena"tment. 9 ha5e !0een! an e>plos'on on the =ar$ s'de of the moon a
h+#e e>plos'on wh'"h w'll Berald the forth"om'n# o+ter(spa"e 'n5as'on &% al'ens!
Bowe5er these ra"es whom shall &e here for o+r &enef't w'll &e Bene5olent NOT
male5olent. =o not &e fooled &% the C9ADO00 h%pe wh'"h &% d's('nformat'on tr%s
to portra% 5's't'n# E6Os as 4ale5olent! [ The R/AL male5olen"e l'5es &elow 'n
the =E4B0! ] A #ame plan 's &e'n# prepared we are 'ne5'ta&l% &e'n# !wat"hed!
&% n+mero+s /T so+r"es and the amer'"an Bla"$("o5ert(ops are well aware of
th's! As 9 ha5e sa'd 9 a'nt no ord'nar% "hap and m% l'fe has &een f+ll of dar$(
m'shaps 9m a "atal%st to paranormal phenomena. 9n other words 9 4an'fest an%
!A#en"%! An% +nseen(forms! that m'#ht &e l+r$'n# near&%! On a f'nal note ! 9
tr+l% &el'e5e the Ca&alDNWO and the'r O""+lt(Ba"$ed(9ll+m'nat' ! are 'ndeed
man'p+lat'n# man% world(leaders e'ther &% 6ear or +n$nown for"es. The world 9m
afra'd 's reall% an 'll+s'on! TRThompson.

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