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Philosophy on GOD and Spiritual Beliefs

[ Boundaries of knowledge? Part one ]

From the onset, from the establishment of Various beliefs in
religeous Icons, and their Manifestation of spiritualism in the human form,
Mankind has been "manipulated" and misguided by "Archetypal-forces"! The
"Fallen-Angels", the concept of nkno!n-!inged-forms setting foot " as it !ere"
upon our tiny I""#$#VA%T &lanet! A 'ack!ater (phere !hich in itself played
"no-importance" in the #)olution of planetary federations* +ere upon this
green,blue sphere a primate-species, a hairy-co)ered animal e-isted only because
of its fore-bearers its Masters! A .arden then full of produce intitiated by the
.reat-/ld-/nes, the 'uilders of the .ates of Time of the 01 &ylons !hich
e-ist throughout the MA%2 ni)ersal-Trees* They !hom came from the "other-side"
of time, from the Infinite "egions of Abyssmal-space* (ome are !ith M# e)en
The 3emi-gods, the "ulers of nseen-spaces !hom !atch o)er
the #lementals and their kingdoms* 4hom nlike "aphael,riel,Michael and
.abriel 5%/T#, they all end in #$67 8annot be called-forth by Mans Inade9uacy
in Angelic-speech, for Angles is a Form of angels and in such is "hidden-
secrets"! The four-elemental-kings, their sub-ordinate $egions* The (e)en-princes
of hell, and their (ub-ordinate legions! The $I(T goes on, part manufactured
part %/T! Manipulation of elemental-forces and their Interaction !ith human-!ill,
is /%$2 achie)able if !e do not !aste )aluable time on "eligeous bunkum! 2ou
and you alone must "ask yourself" one important 9uestion6 Are you sub-ordinate
to A%2 religeon6 I personally AM %/T! My 'eliefs ho!e)er !hich it may be
said: are &ercie)ed and ;ustified by my o!n &ersonal encounters,#-periences
!ith 4+AT I(, " not !hich is !ritten do!n by some Ancient-priest !hom could
not fully comprehend the unseen and natural forces !hich !ork !ith us and
against us"!
I find churches "$acking" in A%2 spiritual-truth, they preach ancient
dogmas, they accept nothing beyond their biblical-teachings! 2es I am a +eretic
a 'lasphemer and all the rest of the religeous crap gi)en out! 3oes that !orry
me %/! 4hy, because I kno! more than any "eligeous cult, I do not bo! do!n
to "eligeous fe)er! (o, these .reat /ld /nes, did they lea)e us any clues to
(piritual-attainment6 2es, and their "follo!ers" left signs in .reat monuments, in
the pyramid, in the (cripts of the dead, in papyrus filled !ith incarnations and
rituals* #)en in the "emnants of "those left behind", the 3aemons, the Incubi
and (uccubi* 3arkness has F/"#V#" tried to #ducate Man,4oman, tried to
A!aken the truth !ithin our species! (piritualism or for a better !ord A(T"A$
"#'I"T+, is there but V#I$#3 o)er by Modern doctrines by Ancient-practices
!hich !aste time calling to a being , "4hom resides 8/%T$##( Aeons a!ay!
/pen your hearts rather, to the 'eings of here and no!, !hom seek to
con)erse, to ha)e intercourse !ith your being, to sho! the true 4A2! Meditate
on %atures !onders, Meditate on their 8reators forget 3ar!inian-theories! All
around us lay !aiting a host of unseen-!orlds, !orlds !hich ha)e been $/(T to
our !ill our inner-perception because of the stigma of MAT#"IA$I(M* The
'rain!ashing bull gi)en out by the 8A'A$ the %4/! 58ontinued7
T" Thompson*