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The "Enterprise" and where man has been "Before"!

A long time ago, even 1954, a number of top-ranking military-personnel travelled

to the stars! Eisenhour and other Members of the union talked "freely" to Es, to
ambassadors from !uadrants of infinite-spa"e and time! #sy"hi"s from the hule
and $ril so"ietys "shared" their kno%ledge of interplanetary-agen"ies& 'itler, though
parry to "some" of his (""ult-sponsored desighns, never really kne% the truth! (f
"ourse the )ritish o""ult-fa"tor kne% of 'itlers "interra"tion" %ith "*ark-for"es", but
let him alone, hoping 'E+ might one day ",!uire" that %hi"h 'itler "ould not!
his long--,. %as /( about politi"s about *omination0agression& /(, it "learly
%as more sinister more (""ultist attuned! , female-member of the $ril or $'ril
supposedly had "ommuni"ation %ith beings from the "onstellation of ,1*E),.,/&
, signifi"ant find %hi"h funnily is "lose to a pla"e "alled the seven-sisters or
#1E2*2E3! 4hiefly the 53 and )ritain have been "orresponding for many years
%ith a number of 3tar-.a"es! .ussia oo, but %ith a different kind! *id you
kno% that the 3iberian-"rash in the 5/6537, region nr 3iberia brought about
the E8isten"e of -E.E-(19: /o: ;look up unguska-Mystery< he 3pa"e"raft
/( ,steroid as #,2* s"ientists dispel, "amedo%n in a virgin-forest e8ploded and
devastated many s!uare-miles of natural timber& oday one might still find
"radioa"tive" areas pertaining to the freak "a""ident": 1isten "arefully as 2 unfold
= , E 2nterplanetary-spa"e"raft avoids "ertain remote-villages >ig->agging its
"ourse a%ay from inhabitants& 2t "e8plodes", and the fragments and */, #arti"les
of its "o""upants" are blo%n into the trade-%inds a"ross 3iberia& hese */,-
#arti"les0dust are inhaled prematurely by un%illing0unkno%ing men and %omen of
the outlying villages& 3ome of these %omen are in "early-pregnan"y" and this "
stardust" penetrates and manipulates its inner-host, the 9oetus of the unborn
"hild& ,fter some years these "metamorphosis-"hildren" a!uire "ertain abilities
from their former dual-fathers, po%ers to ""hange" under a full-moon! 3ome are
%iped-out by the ,uthorities, and the villagers are told to keep a still mouth& )ut
some es"ape into the forest-regions s"avenging food from the beasts therein&
heir hunger for -omen ho%ever is inbred and so a number of /e%born
%ere%olves share the same light as Man! ? -hy " "hange" under the 9ull-moon:
)e"ause their forefathers ;star-people< "ome from a part of spa"e %hi"h has a
similar planetary body as our o%n moon! ,nd their moon "asts forth "shado%s",
voodoo type rays& ;transforming-rays<& he interbred human-alien hybrid ;%ere%olf<
retaining the "transforming-genes"& (h sorry did 2 say something 2 should not,
tut,tut& ?
,s said in previous notes, the #hiladelphia-e8periment opened up a "pandoras-
bo8" of /e%-%orlds! 3ome good, some /( so good! -hat a progressive-time
from then on: 4omputer-physi"s, ime-@umping, M2)s, various geometri" 59(
shapes 0"igars0spheri"al0pyramidi"al0triangular e"t& ( '( ( ',/*1E %as no
doubt the militarys status! 6od, they the Elite of this %orld "annot let normal
humans 7/(- 'E .5'& -hat %ould be"ome of their-ri"hes their po%er
their di"tatorship: )est to start a 4($E.-5#! , fe% E3 %ould assist in this
"over-up, in return for human-flesh, for "their" o%n s"ientifi"-amusement! 3o it
began, and 3211 goes on! ;belo% ground in "ertain *5M) establishments!<
,nyone %hom thinks there are /( hybrid-humans are rather afraid! 3o %here
ne8t: o the stars of "ourse, little trips at first, s%apping humans for aliens at
some distant-planet! hen more e8travagant-e8peditions, hidden by 9alse-red-
herring s"enarios, beautifully played out by /,3,! .hompson&

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