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UAE ministry of health questions from my exam:

1-Patient complains of high intraocular pressure & optic disk cupping (chronic g
laucoma).Also, he has DM & COPD, appropriate management:
A-Timolol. B- Oral acetazolamide(?). C-Steroids.
2- Glaucoma is due to:
A-Iris & pupilary muscle narrowing the trabecular formation of the aqueous duct(
B- Microscopical changes of the trabecular formation of the aqueous duct.
C-Vitreous abscess.
3-A man with DM & HTN sustained a motor traffic accident complains of floaters a
nd a curtain falling over his vision. On examination, he has loss of the lower f
ield of vision. DM & HTN are well controlled, what is the diagnosis:
A-Diabetic retinopathy.
B-Hypertensive retinopathy.
C-Retinal detachment(?).
4-A man returned from a trip where he used a tub bath developed a pustular rash,
what is the causative organism?
A-Syphilis. B-Pseudomonas aeroginosa(?). C- Herpes.
5-A child complains of vesicular rash around his mouth, some of which has ruptur
ed and formed a yellow crust. What is the diagnosis?
A-Impetigo(?). B-Erysipelas. C-Herpes.
6-A man with Psoriasis (they gave a picture), What could provoke an attack:
A-Sun exposure. B-Trauma (?)
7-A 4 year child with hearing deficit. On otoscopic examination he has decreased
mobility and opacity of the tympanic membrane, what is the diagnosis?
A-Acute Otitis Media. B-otitis Externa. C-Serous Otitis Media.
8-Indication of antibiotic prophylaxis for ear infection:
A-Otitis media 3 times in 6 months.
B-Tympanostomy tube. C-Hearing loss.
9-A lady complaining of hearing loss but when she talks her speech is too loud i
n the affected ear, what I the diagnosis:
A-Otitis media. B- Otitis externa. C-Furuncle of the external ear canal.
10-A man complains of severe epigastric pain with past history of recurrent mild
er pain with vomiting. X-ray showed air under the diaphragm. What is the diagnos
A-Perforated peptic ulcer(?). B-Acute cholecystitis. C-Pancreatitis.
11-A lady with obstructive jaundice & acute cholecystitis which resolved complet
ely. U/S showedlarge gall bladder with multiple stones, management:
A-Sphincterotomy. B-cholecystectomy. C-Cholecystostomy.
12-A man was kicked in the chest , two hours later he developed chest pain and S
OB. On examination His BP:100/60,PR: 110, Reduced breath sounds. X-ray showed le
ft side white shadow covering the middle and lower lobes of the left lung (hemot
horax), management:
A-Thoracotomy. B-Needle thoracocentesis. C-Chest tube.
13-Diabetic with a foot ulcer not responding to antibiotics with normal peripher
al pulses and angiogram, treatment:
A-Amputation. B-Debridement. C-Tight fitting shoes.
14-Recently diagnosed diabetic 6 weeks ago treated with life style modification
now came for follow-up with no complain and normal examination. Investigation 6
weeks ago and now( it showed a long list of parameters all of which showed impro
vement, HbA1C:8.0to7.5, HDL: 30to35. LDL: 195to140, Triglycerides: 180to170), wh
at is the next step in management?
A-Add insulin for 6 weeks then oral treatment.
B-Start monotherapy. C-Continue life style treatment. D-stop treatment he doesn'
t need it.
15-A man on amiodarone complained of fatigue, constipation and dry skin. What to
16- A man on amiodarone complained of fatigue, constipation, dry skin and enlarg
ed thyroid. What to give?
A-Levothyroxine. B-Carbimazole. C-Flovothyroxine. D-Iodine.
17-A man with swollen, painfull and erythematous knee, what is the appropriate i
A-CBC. B-Blood culture. C-Arthrocentesis analysis.
18-A man with heart failure what would reduce mortality?
A-ACE. B-CA channel blocker. C-Digoxin.
19- A man planned for cystescopy, examination showed mitral prolapsed. Investiga
tion showed hematuria but no infection,what is the appropriate management?
A-1g Amoxicillin. B-Nothing. C-Vancomycin.
20-Cholera prophylaxis:
A-Erythromycin. B-Tetracyclin. C-penicillin.
21-A man who is receiving clindamycin for dental infection for 1 week. Now, he d
eveloped diarrhea and abdominal pain, examination showed generalized mild tender
ness, no rigidity, empty rectum + occult blood on the gloves , what is the diagn
A-Clostridium difficile toxin. B-compylobacter jejeni.
22-A man with pallor , yellow nails, fatigue, vomiting and restless legs. Invest
igation showed protein and glucose in urine and normal blood glucose. What is th
e diagnosis?
A-Chronic renal failure. B-DM.
23-A 22 year old girl with history of anorexia and doesn't go out of her house c
omplains of fatigue and anemia for 3 months. On examination: pale, wasted, thora
cic cage tenderness, deformed hips, history of multiple fractures. Investigation
:low CA, low PO4, high ALP, low VIT A(vitamin D and PTH are not mentioned), X-ra
y evidence of osteoporosis and osteomalacia, what is the diagnosis?
A-Abuse. B-Paget's disease. C-Multiple hypovitaminosis.
24-A mother with gestational diabetes, 32 weeks pregnant, with past history of f
ull term fetal demise, what is the appropriate management?
A-Immediate delivery. B-C/S at 38 weeks. C-Induce labour at 36 weeks.
25-What is the best modality for pain relief in the 1st stage of labour?
A-I.m morphine. B-Epidural anesthesia. C- General anesthesia.
26-A woman complains of bilateral clear breast discharge, on examination: no mas
s. Head CT scan showed a pituitary mass, what is the cause of the discharge?
A-high TSH.B-high FSH.C-high Prolactin. D-ACTH.
27-Lactating women with a tender breast nodule, what is the most probable causat
ive agent?
A-Staphylococcus aureus. B-Pneumococcus. C-Hemophillus.
28-A 67 year old lady with yellowish vaginal discharge, itching and urethral ten
derness. On examination there is yellow discharge. Investigation: KOH examinatio
n negative whiff test, no bodies, wbcs present. What is the diagnosis?
A-Chlamydia. B-Trichomonas vaginalis. C-Bacterial vaginosis.
30-40 year old woman complains of 3 months menorrhagia and intermenstrual bleedi
ng. In the past she had a normal cycle. Normal examination. What is the most pro
bable diagnosis?
A-Endometrial cancer. B-Anovulation.
Side effect of Ethambutol....( vision lose+ night blindness....)
Pap test--- 2 sampling collecting edocervical nd ectocervical
Pap test...cell changes....wht next step.....
HTN patient BMI 30...what recommend...
acute glaucoma
3- 50 or 55 Y.O patient present with unilateral shoulder, upper & lower limp pai
n with morning stiffness of more intensity after wake up ,there is mild fever &
the patient is depressed :
B- Polymyalgia rheumatica.
4- Male patient known case of DM II come with Hb A1C : 8% ,he is taking metformi
n & glibenclamid, to regulate the blood sugar need :
A- ............insulin
C- metformin & acarbose .
5- case scenario patient present with constipation ......Dx : hypothyroidism
To confirm that the patient has hypothyroidism:
C-free T4
6- Case scenario (patient present with symptoms of hyperthyroidism, tender neck
swelling :
subacute thyroiditis
7- mother bring her baby to you when she complain of diaper rash , she went to d
ifferent drug before she come to you , she used 3 different corticosteroid drug
prescribed by different physician, ..........
the rash is well demarcated & scaly :
A-seborrheic dermatitis
B-contact dermatitis
7- The treatment:
8- female patient manger since short time , become depressed , she said she can'
t manage the conflicts that happen in the work between the employees.
B-Generalized anxiety disorder.
C-Adjustment Disorders
9- Case scenario (female patient present with excessive fear in her children ...
.... ...) my opinion it is a case generalized anxiety disorder.
10- Patient before menstruation by 2-3 days present with depressed mood that dis
appear by 2-3 day after the beginning of menstruation...
A-Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (or premenstrual syndrome ?).
11- Female patient breast feeding present with mastitis in upper outer quadrant:

A-stope breast feeding & evacuate the milk by the breast pump.
B- Give.....antibiotic to the mother & antibiotic to the baby.
12- case scenario , baby present with unilateral deformity in the foot appear wh
en it is become the weight bearing is in the other foot but when it is the weigh
t bearing the deformity disappear ,the patient has defect in dorsiflexion of tha
t foot .......I think they are taking about ( club foot )
treatment :
A-orthopedic correction ...?
B-shoe.... C-surgery ....
13- case scenario ( ....patient present planter fascitis)
A-Corticosteroid injection.
14- Patient present with retinal artery occlusion, which is wrong:
A- Painful loss of vision.
B-- Painless loss of vision.
15- Patient present with corneal abrasion:
A-Cover the eye with a dressing.
B-Antibiotic ointment put it in the home without covering the eye?
16- Patient present with epistaxis:
The best management:
- the patient leaning forward ,make pressure in the lower side of the nose .
26) A 24 yr old lady with past h/o salpingitis, now has left iliac ache.O/e left
adnexa and cervix tender, uterus midly tender with no enlargement.The next test
should be?
a) Urine dip test b) X-ray Pelvis c) Pregnancy test d) Progesterone challenge
27) The mechanism of metabolic derange in Diabetic keto acidosis is?
a) blood glucose very high with increased urine output,with less fatty acid brea
k down
b) blood glucose very high with decreased urine output,with excess fatty acid br
eak down
c) blood glucose very high with decreased urine output,with less fatty acid brea
k down
d) blood glucose very high with increased urine output,with excess fattyacid bre
28) A lady with gestational diabetes mellitus on insulin.Which is the neonatal/p
ost-partum likely picture ?
a) Hyperglycaemic mother + Hyperglycaemic baby
b) Hypoglycaemic mother + Hypoglycaemic baby
c) Hypoglycaemic mother + Hyperglycaemic baby
d) Hyperglycaemic mother + Hypoglycaemic baby
29) Which exercise is good to control aging of muscles and increase bone density
a) Increased repitation , Decreased conditioning
b) Decreased repitation, Increased conditioning
c) Increased repitation, Increased conditioning
d) Decreased repitation, Decreased conditioning
30) A lady , 18 months post-partum, with hirsuitistic features came to you with
a blood report of increased testosterone and increased blood sugar. .Most probab
le underlying cause?
a) Adrenal/ovarian cause
b) Hypothalamic
c) pituitary adenoma
d ) steroid abuse
31) A person was diagnosed to have Guillain-Barre' syndrome , foll: a RTI and th
ereby developing weakness of limbs.Your prescription will contain which of the f
a) I/v corticosteroids
b) I/v Immunoglobins
c) I/v Augmentin
d) I/v Adrenaline
32) A 5 yr old child was on Albuterol ,taken two doses per week, for bronchial a
sthma , with which she gets relieved since one year.Since two days she showed ex
acerbation of her symptoms. Rx of choice now ?
a) Monteleukast oral
b) corticosteriod inhalers
c) Theophylline oral
d) Oral coricosteroid
33) Which of the following drugs commonly cause postural hypotension ?
a) Frusemide
b) Nitrates
c) ACE inhibitors
d) Beta blockers
Q-1: 60 Yrs old man came with complain of weakness in Rt. Hand and leg, having v
omiting in morning on exertion pepiloedema is seen on rt. Eye. Whts your diagnos
Ans: Brain Tumor.
Q-2: Pt. came with complain of headach, fever, 38oC on C.S.F slows. Polymorph 58
%, lymphocyte 28. Whts your diagnoses?
Ans: Bacterial meningitis.
Q-3: Man came with complain of sudden onset of weakness of arm and leg. Past his
tory of blurring of vision that subsided spontaneously. Whts your diagnoses?
Ans: Multiple Sclerosis.
Q-4: Pt. came with complain of loss of sensation on face which nerve is involved
Ans: Trigeminal nerve.
Q-5: 60 Yrs old man he fell from camel and loss consciousness, brought to emerge
ncy where he regained consciousness and after 15 mins. He again loss consciousne
ss and remain unconscious. Which investigation is indicated?
Ans: Non contrast C.T head.
Q-6: 30 Yrs. Old female came with episodic headache start from back of neck ,she
takes OCP, headache occurs mostly when she came to home after study in the even
ing feels like band around the head. Whts your diagnosis?
Ans: Tensional headache.
Q-7: Pt. came with seizure with fever, diagnosis as febrile fits. What are the c
omplications of this disease?
Ans: Pt. will not develop any neurological problem.
Q-8: Diagnosis as Multiple Sclerosis, what next steps to diagnose?
Ans: MRI
Q-9: Pt came with complain of bradykinesia, resting tremer,moon like face, shuff
ling gate What is the diagnosis?
Ans: Extra pyramidal symptoms.
Q-10: Lady came with complain of dyspnoea,she had same attack 1 week back and ,r
esolved spontaneously and she has lip smacking. What is diagnosis?
Ans: Hyperventilation Syndrome.
Q-11: 2 weeks child have pansystolie murmurs left lower sternal border. What is
your diagnosis?
Ans: VSD
Q-12: Pt. came with V.S.D 6 months old, why its murmur did not heard now?
Ans: Pulmonary Hypertension.
Q-13: 16 months old child came with complain of noisy breathing and strider, wha
ts your diagnosis?
Ans: Croup.
Q-14: Pt. at four weeks of age came with projectile nobilious, vomiting, Whats y
our diagnosis?
Ans: Pyloris stenosis.
Q-15: 2 years old child came with complain of Dyspnea, respiratory rate 60 chest.
Q-16: Child has swallowed 50 fills coin, on X-ray fills is present in stomach. W
hat is next option?
Ans: Observe stool for fills.
moh---cute painful red eye
retinal detachment
HBs antigen and antibodies
otitis media wiout effu.
COCAINE or marjuana
METFOMINe high dose >> lactic acido..
ppd within 72 hr in child with active parents dis > 15 mlm ind. strong +
mastectomy /// complication nerve inj long thoracic nerve!!!
kwasherkor >>> PICa
HOCM :sudden death in footballer
chronic fatigue synd.
1)acute sinusitis
2)otitis media
3)otitis externa
5)acute pancreatitis
5)alzhiemers disease
6)STD........gonorrhea/ chlamydia
7)cervical cancer invstigatn ///pap smear positive next what will u do.........c
8)generalised anxiety
9)mania / treatment
DHA GP exam NOV 5th 2012
1. Aneuploidy 45 and associated disease
2. Entaemeba Histolitica water treatment- a. iodine tablets, b. cholorine tablet
3. Given 4 Phrases to choose which group is used for Hearing acuity: spondee wor
ds...Audiology- word with 2 syllablesdisyllabic, that is pronounced with equal em
phasis the 1st and 2nd syllableseg, baseball, toothbrush; SWs are used to test fo
r auditory acuity in Pts with suspected hearing loss, and evaluate baseline hear
4. Chlamydia Rx - a. azithromycin, b. doxycycline,c. cipro
5. Stats with bar charts- simple analysis question
6. What causes flash of light with eyes closed and coughing...a. vitreous pathol
ogy, b. retinopathy, c. retinal mechanical disruption
7. Choose from a list of food combinations the Diet best for a young child after
5 days of gastroenteritis - v&d.
8. Diagram of a CT scan of an old person that fell down - subdural haematoma
9. Dermatology: Picture of a tinea versicolor and the question asked whats the be
st treatment option.
10. Old Patient with Osteoarthritis Pain, what is the initial therapeutic manage
ment- a. opiods, b. paracetamol, c. tramadol, d. ibuprofen
11. HenochSchnlein purpura disease- given a hand drawing of vascular system and as
ked which part is affected by this disease. eg. venules, capillaries, veins, art
12. Dietary advice for patient with renal calculi, a. red meat, b. dairy product
s ...
13. Treatment of ED - list of therapeutics
14. Treatment of stable angina
15. Use of saw palmetto for BPH
16. What type of pain is acupuncture used to treat... choose from ...chronic/acu
te/longterm/shorterm combinations
17. Dermatology, clinical Description of a portwine stain on a childs face
18. ENT: Ear discomfort and description of a cholesteatoma vs. otosclerosis
19. Ear swelling on the pinna 2cm, non tender, numbness around skin... choices i
ncluded the following... infection/abscess/leprosy
20. Drug interactions with clonidine
21. Endocrine: Hashimotos thyroiditis- hyperthyroid symptioms with thyroid peroxi
dase antibodies
22. Primary Bilary Cirrhosis description...clinical picture with labs- positive
for antimitochondrial antiboidies
.fever ,cough, conjunctivitis , 10days later developed maculopapular rash on the
a. Rubella
b. herpse
2. flavivirus, preventive measure
b.water Rx
3.man going to visit an endemic place of onchocerosis for 1week, the risk of inf
ection to him
a.not evidet
4.a group of people after taking same food, 6hrs later developed nausea, vomitin
g, abd cramps & diarrhoea
a, staph toxin
b. enterotoxin
5.young man c/o sore throat after oral sex. wht you do next
a.blood culture
b. hroat swab
c. long acting pencillin
d.nothing required
6.fever 102F , abd rash, abd pain, hepatospleenomegay
a.kala azar
b. malaria
7.rash, paraesthesia, nerve thickening, deformities,, type of leprousy
b. lepromatous
c. borderline
8.agent tramissted by cat scratch that cause pneumonia
9.lesion in oral cavity(Photograph) plaque like in floor of mouth, h/o tobacco c
hewing, next step
b.wide excision. c.observation
10.New case definition of HIV except
a.kaposi sarcoma
b. TB
c. eosophageal candidiasis
d. dermatitis herpitiformis
11. RX calcium oxalate stones
a. high dilute urine
b. avoid dietary ca
c. allopurinol
12. anti HTN in gout scenario
a. thiazide
13. anti HTN in pregnant woman
14. RX of Ac mania in liver ds pt
15. cardiomegaly, pleural effusion, fluid showing protein <30gm, LDH <200
a. TB
b. HF
C. bronchopneumonia
16.trauma pt, tachycardia 110, decreased breath sounds, CXR showing pericardial
a. chest drain
b. pericardiocentesis
c. thorocostomy
d. needle aspiration
17. syncope pt, no lab findings, xm noral 7 after discharge again an episode of
syncope next
a. holltons ecg
18.holosystoli murmur, HTN, ecg normal, carotid upsroke, chest pain
a. ecg repeat
b. echo
19. MR due to RF, dilatation of
a,RA b. RV c. LA d. LV
20. chrons ds vit fistula in analcanal
a.medical Rx chrons later fistulectomy
b. botulin inj- fistulectomy
c. antibiotics & stiz bath
d. anti-inflamatory
21. Bilateral red eyes , grity sensation. discharge, follicles, normal vision &p
a. Ac.conjunctivitis b. iritis c.
22.postpartum woman vit 3months child, c/o of checking for snake in babies cloth
es 50 times daily, she knew its nt in real but cant stop in doing, going crazy,
affecting her married life
a. obsession
b.postpartum psychosis
23.chr pain if not treated then develops
a. conversion ds
b. anxiety
c. personality disorder
24.pt c/o decreased hearing in rt ear bt hears his own voice clearly in rt ear
a.ottitis media b. furuncle in ear canal c.ottitis externa d. presbyacusis
25. picture showing BC<ACi 17yr man
a. presbyacusis
b. otosclerosis
c. ossicular chain disruptn
d. ottitis media
26. woman underwent mastectomy, uable to lift arm above head,, damage of
a. serratus ant muscle
b. long thorasic.n
c. thoracodorsal nerve
27. After 5days following GE-diarrhoea &vomitings. pt c/o of anorexia,, dietary
a.chopped pears, yougurt, cereals
b.banana, rice,
c.broth, pasta
28.spleenomegaly, increased HB 19gm, inc pack cell vol, vision blurring, headach
a. PCV
b. hemolysis
29.woman 3days after abortion, presented vit excessive bleeding frm injection si
a.FDP b.globulin eletrophorosis
30.trauma vit hemarthrosis h/o similsr episode vit minimal trauma
a. platelet ds b. coagulation defect c. vit c deficiency
31.22kg child admitted fr elective Sx, how much maintainence fluid shld be given

a.30ml b.60ml c.190ml d.150ml
32.relative CI of methergine in pph pt
a.asthma b. DM c. HTN
33. SOB, mild wheeze, decreased BS
a. short acting B agonist
b. oral steriods
34. pt planned fr cystoscopy,,HTN 150/90 on thiazide & B blockers, found to have
carotid bruit, AV nicking, carotid upstrke,, next
a.vascular surgeon consultation
b.proceed cystoscop
c. trasfer to emergency
d. urologist opinion fr stone confirmation
35. primary hypothyroidism & U/L thyriod nodule
a.hormone replacement b.lobectomy c. B blocker d.PTU
36. HBC levels to be maintained by DM1
a.0.06 b. 0.09 c. 0.08 d. 0.11
37. pt suspected drug toxicity, dizziness, dilated pupils, strabismus, rigidity
a. TCA b. SSRI C.Phenylephedrine
38. drug nt useful in opiod dependency
a.methadone b.nalproxone c. buprinorphine d.clonidine
39. 50yrs old woman, 8ths amenorrhoea, decreased estrogen, also measured FSH & L
H, mostly likely show
a.decFSH & LH
b.inc FSH& LH
c. inc FSH & dec LH
d.Inc LH & dec FSH
40. 14yr girl , attained menarche 9mnths ago, presented vit 3weeks to 2months la
pse of cycles
a. if pregnancy is negative then assure that this is not to be worried
41.child vit stunted gowth, pot belly, yellow hair, edema
a. PEM
42.child vit muscle wasting, dec body mass, no edema
a.primary muscle wasting b.marasmus
43. woma planning to conceive, advice
a.Ca & folate
b. Ca & Zn
c. vit c
d. vitD
44. most economical NSAID
a.indomethacin b.ibuprofen
45.h/o aneuploidy in prvious pregnancy, wht is the risk in next prgancy
a. 2% b. 8% c. 10% d.20%
46.DM2 pt obese BMI 32,, failed vit execise & diet managemnt, ketones +, glucose
7.5mmol, fasting 140mg
a. thioglitazones b. insulin c. biguanides d.alpha glcosidase inhibitors
47. man after syncope gained consiousness after 4min , Xm showed no findings, ex
cept for similar episode of syncope in past
a. TIA b.fainting
48. photograph showing small multiple erythamaotous lesion over forearm, c/o itc
hy papules on foot, hand & forearms,H/O hospital admission for 5days recently (s
a. permithine 5% creme applied for 12hr before bath
b. malathion 0.5% lotion applied fpr 12hr before bath
c. 5% hydrocortisone
49.scaly itchy lesions on scalp, eyebrows & nasal folds
a.atopic dermatitis b. seborrhic dermatitis
50. Extensive inflammatory lesions of acne over face, arms & chest, Rx is to
a. decrease primary simple scarring
b. prevent systemic infection
c. decrease spread to other parts of body
51. scenario of eye infection vit dendritic ulcer
a. Top. Acyclovir
b. Top. Antihistamines
c. Top. anti inflammatory
d. Top. antibiotics
52. Fever, neck rigidity, Epidemic of Bacterial infectn, how to pevent contacts
a. rifampicin
53.HTN, odema, hematuria , chromosome 16 inheritnc
b. medullary cystic kidney (juvinile)
54. athelet c/o ain in knee frequently, able to flex hip, leg raising normal, mo
vements are normal
a. osgood sch
55.Pt vit SLE c/o rashes, advice
a. avoid sunlight
b. avoid flight journeys
56.70yr woman, nocturia, passing urine befr reaching toilet
a. urge incontinence
b. detrusor contractility
c.overflow incontinenc
d.stress incontinence
57.GFR=12 in CRF pt, wht is the stage of renal failure
a. 0 b.3 c.5 d.7
osteoporosis T score
2. Male / female infertility
3. Glaucoma
4. Diabetes
5. hypertension
6. Drug interactions
8. CT images of some conditions like acute pancreatitis
7. Skin infections like impetigo
8. Genitourinary tract infections particularly related to pregnancy and post op
10. One ques was about pruritic folliculitis of pregnancy
11. One ques was about infant botulism VS hypothyroidism
Generalized anxiety disorder
Major depression
. Randomize clinical trial scenario
2. Which drug cases GI bleeding a Acetomehin, b. brufen , c. Tramal
3. Result of lab test .. TSH high .. T3 &T4 low , rest normal a .Hypothyroi
4. Child is having Asthama attacks.. he is on Beta agonist ..syptom persist
.. next step .. a. Oral steroids b. Inhaled steroids c. Theophyline
5. Side effect of Oxytocin in labour ?? a. hypernatremia b Hypo perfusion o
f uterine muscle
6. Slidnifil (Viagra) contraindicated in patient taking .. a Amytriptline b
7. Sign & symptoms of Coartaction of Aorta
8. Several hours after ingestion of iron tablest.. a Charcoal b Lavage c de
9. Sign & Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism Treatment a Propylthouricil b Propron
10. Women with Thin hair and history of ingestion .. a. Tricotilomenia
11. Patient hearing voices .. a schizophrenia
12. Mass at cerobropotine angle with hearing problem. a Accoustic neoruma ,
b glioblastoma
13. Thick cheesy white Vaginal discharge a. Candida b bacterial Vaginosis
14. After flu like symptoms child develop unilateral watery eye discharge
15. Pilonidal Sinus .. initial treatment a oral antibiotic b I&D
16. Child bite sibling, laceration had booster 6 month ago a tetanus b sutur
ing c Augmentin
17. Patient bring unconscious suspected suicide.. low oxygen carrying capaci
ty a Carbon Monooxide b Cynide
18. Women having history of many abortion ..a Antiphospholipid syndrome
19. Long term adverse effect of steroids ?
20. Scenario of Atopic dermatitis
21. H/o of Reflux .. histologic changes Barret esophagus
22. Raynuads disease history of pain in fingers in cold weather
23. Urinary tract infection in sexually active female a. Sanitory Napkin b.
Diaphargm contraceptive c. cotton dress
24. Long S wave in lead V1-4 ??? a Right bundle branch block c Left bundle b
ranch block ??
25. Case control study
26. Which pneumonia patient can be treated out patient a 80 year BP 88/60 te
mp 101 RR 30 b 80 year BP 180/100 temp 104 RR 32 c 60 year temp 104 BP 160/
27. Morbidly obese adolescent girl come with her mother for weight reduction
, which is the best option a Drink plenty of water b Low Calorie diet c Low fat
28. A child with 2 year history of foul smelling discharge from left year co
mes with cranial nerve palsy which is the best treatment option a antibiotics b
Mastoidectomy c tympanoplasty tube
29. 27 yr old man developed epidydimytis , smear show diplococci a, syphilis
b Gonorrhea c Chalmydia
30. Patient taken antiphysiatric medicine what advise will u given a discont
inue when feel Ok b take only when needed c long term continuous use
31. 55 yr old Women had breast surgery 10 year ago, two year ago her CA-125
was 20 now 37 (normal upto 35) a normally increase after Breast ca b Ovarian ca
ncer c age related
. acute glaucoma
2. pseudomembranous colitis
3. male gynecomastia
4. acute gastroenteritis in children
5. lyme disease
6. tuberculosis
7. std's
8. cardiac diseases
10. major depressive disorder
11. phobic reaction
12.osteoporosis in athletes
13. respiridone
14. dvt- they ask i think 5 questions with this
1.diet restrictions for a patient recently had a heart attack.
2.temporal arterits.
3.polymyalgia rheumatica.
4.calculation of sensitivity and specificity.
5.few questions from dermatology regarding skin cancers and other skin lesions.
6.how to prevent eye infections in a day care teacher.
7.several questions on psychiatry including anorexia nervosa,bulimia nervosa,sch
izophrenia,anxiety,depression.focus on their symptoms and drug treatment.
9.ischemic heart dis.
10.hypertension patient diet.
11.ECG showing bundle branch block.
some questions about PID,STD's.
*ectopic pregnancy.
*oral thrush.
*ulcers on tongue.
*pediatric infections.
repeat questions coming for moh
1)u/l mild tender gynaecomastia for 15yr boy-hopefully answer is reassurance.
2)deep S in lead 1 and V6,R in V1-RBBB(?)
3)7yr boy with tender erythematous pinna..-otitis externa
4)stimulus response based therapy model-sensitisation/desensitisation(?)
Drug for hypertension most commonly used during pregnancy alpha methyl DOPA
MVP patient required prophylaxis for endocarditis during dental procedure when a
ssoc with MR
Temporal Arteritis (case of a typical patient with s/s given) old lady with pain
over one side of head.
Temporal Arteritis diagnosed by ESR
Most common cause of pneumococcal Pneumonia and how to diagnose (patient with sh
aking chills, with signs of high fever and difficulty breathing)
Anaemia Anaemia of chronic diecease with RA TH ? treat underlying diseases.
Most common cause of travelers diarrhea E.Coli Management of Traveller's diarrhea
Appendicitis in elderly patients ??sc chances of perforation.
Case scenario of a typical case of Guillain Barrre Syndrome
Management of recurrent acne (papules & pustules)
Source of infection of Schistomiasis and how it infects.
In (gout pseudogout) how the diagnosis ? cynovial fluid, monosodium urate crysta
Vaginal Pruritus & discharge candidiasis, no itching Bact. Vaginosis.
Stahylococcal food poisoning.
Pseudomonas colitis due to toxins by clostridium difficile.
Metartarsal stress fracture
DIC ??platelet count, ?PT & PTT schistocytes
Benign Paroxysmal positional vertigo
Carcinoid syndrome diag urine for 5 HIAA
Migraine Diagnosis (patient with s/s)
Clinical Difference of Pleural effusion & pericardial tamponade
Cl. Diff. of pericarditis & Cardiac tamponade
PDA continuous machinery murmur
Glaucoma acute angle closure glaucoma management
Optic neuritis diagnosis
Orbital Cellulitis pH Diagnosis
Breast lumps Mammography findings
Medical ethics Autonomy, Veracity, Informed consent
Best for diagnosis of Iron deficiency Anaemia S. Ferritin.
Diagnosis of H.Pylori
Coarctation of aorta diagnosis ASD
Acute intermittent porphyria diagnosis.
Polycythemia Vera Diagnosis.
Roseola }
Erythema infectiosum }
Rubella } Diagnosis
Rubeola (Measles) }
Varicella }
Hep B Antigen & Antibody
After vaccination Ag & Ab
Panic disorder sign & symptoms
Therapy of psychotic disorder
Therapy of depression (antidepressants) drugs, side effects, SSRI, TCA, MAOI, Bu
Diff. bet Schizophrenia, Schizophreniform disorder, Brief psychotic disorder
Borderline personality disorder
ADHD m/m
Hypochondriasis, Malingering, Factitious disorder (diff)
Case control study, cohort study (diff)
Ectopic pregnancy (diagnosis)
PID & IUCD (Management)
Fibroid M/M
Developmental milestones
Parvovirus EB19 erythema infectiosum
Erb Palsy
Acute Otitismedia most common complication
Epiglotitis & Viral croup (Diff)
Developmental Dysplasia of hip (diagnosis)
Nocturnal enuresis (m/m)
Sleep walking, nightmares (m/m)
Breath holding spells (m/m)
Toxic shock syndrome (cause, symp diagnosis)
Inf. Mononucleosis cause
Osteosarcoma, Ewing Sarcoma, osteoid osteoma (diagnosis)
Cystic fibrosis
Strep throat in cause diagnosis TH
Impetigo cause, TH
Uterine atony
Mitral Stenosis
Klinefelters Syndrome
Polycystic ovary syndrome
Ankylosing spondylitis - Diagnosis