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The Spiritual Teaching of Ramana Maharshi

This book is by far the best introductory book on Sri Ramana's teachings. The contents are in
Question and Answer format. After reading this book, most readers would want a practical book which
puts Sri Ramana's teachings together in a logical and practical format and also would want to start
practicing self-enquiry. For them I recommend the book 'Path of Sri Ramana, Part I' by Sri Sadhu Om.
(Sri Sadhu Om is a direct disciple of Sri Ramana and also the closest associate of Sri Ramana's
foremost disciple, Sri Muruganar). 'Path of Sri Ramana, part one' is by far the best practical book on
Ramana's teachings. It walks you through the logic behind self-enquiry step-by-step and then, in the
final chapter, describes the technique of self-enquiry. You should be able to start practicing after
reading this book.

Part 6: Desire arises (6:13): Do not have a conflict with it neither do you yield to it (else the life of
getting and losing begins). To control is to suppress it it will arise again. Just observe. Let it flower
the very flowering of it is the end of it. Just watch it be fully aware of whats happening very
sensitive, choice less watch. It naturally weathers away you dont have to do something about it.
The moment you control there is conflict.
Choice less observation (without judging it). Let it flower and disappear. You will be free from it!

Part 7: The Controller is the Controlled. It is like going round in circles.

What is meditation: 15:20 - When you are angry, when you are greedy observe it AS IT IS. Not to
condemn it, not to judge it but to watch it and let it flower and disappear.
Observe it without the past. So that anger flowers and disappears. If you do that then you will never
be angry again.
To allow, through observation, in which there is no choice, just to observe your greed, your envy, your
jealousy whatever it be and in the very observation of it, it is flowering and undergoing a radical
The very observation, without the background, brings about a change. If there is no
background, it there is no observer who is the background.
To be aware of oneself, without any choice and to see what is actually happening in the now is to
allow the whole movement of the self for me to flower.
(TM: 32:30 mins)
In Total Silence: 25:30

Khetwadi 10