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Rob, Dec 2, 2011 #1

/bin/rm: Argument list too long (find's delete flag!)

Discussion in 'Command Line' started by Rob, Dec 2, 2011.
AL some poInL In your Inux IIIe you'II come ucross u dIrecLory oI
sessIon IIIes (or someLIIng sImIIur) LIuL you wunL Lo remove. BUT,
wIen you Lry Lo remove LIe IIIes wILI IInux's rm commund you're
meL wILI LIe error messuge:
[bin[rm: Argoment list too long
reL noL.. use IInd Lo remove LIese sessIon IIIes wILI IL's -deIeLe
eL's suy we're IookIng Lo deIeLe IIIes numed sessIon_8q8q8,
sessIon_qqqqq, sessIon_qqqq, eLc.. und LIey IIve In JpuLIJLo
|xcode=busI|IInd JpuLIJLoJIIIesJ -nume "sessIon_"
BeIore Iound ouL ubouL IInd's cooI -deIeLe IIug 'd puIr up IInd
wILI exec or xurgs..
|xcode=busI|IInd JpuLIJLoJIIIesJ -nume "sessIon_" -exec rm {] \;
IInd JpuLIJLoJIIIesJ -nume "sessIon_" -prInLo ] xurgs -o
Now, Iowever.. I'II use LIe -deIeLe IIug.
Does unyone know Iow Iong IL's been uround?
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don'L know Iow Iong IL's been uround, buL on my UbunLu 8.1o LIe
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deIeLe IIug Is IIsLed In LIe mun puge, buL IL doesn'L work. geL LIIs
IInd: InvuIId predIcuLe `-deIeLe'
8.1o Is IuIrIy oId. UbunLu 1z.1o wIII be ouL In u Iew monLIs. 8.1o Is
neurIy q yeurs oId. Huve you consIdered upgrudIng?
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