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Findings beyond the Gates:

a recounting of one of the mysteries of Hell

This short work is of the experiential exploration of the audio project named 'Kore Shades'.
It exists to provide a detailed chronology of the underworld circumference that was definitely
engaged and what communication could be relayed, along with my own intention for that
First, let me state that my methods are unorthodox. Having no stock in any particular Order
or Brotherhood, nor even propensity to claim Lodge of White, Black, or any more specific affiliation.
I enjoy a history of being 'unkept', and have tried relinquishing that feature of myself to some great
loss and disaster. Who or what I could say than as a bridge that should be necessary to the flow of
this introduction, is a moot point. I am anything at all insofar as my need or willingness to do that
which I engage. To take that any further my lead to some bias in the findings, perhaps. My desire is
one take the records as that which they are and sublimates them according to where and who they are,
which for the purpose of this exercise, at least, is of little circumstance to me or these findings.
Having returned to creating music after an absence of some significance enough to again use
the title musician for occupational reasons (long known as a visual artist of some merit) I have
enjoyed expressing myself in all available dimensions, as far as my mind can branch inwardly and by
reflection be involved with the greater cosmos. This is crucial to stress exactly this way, since I refer to
especially my sound in relation to the 'Music of the Spheres'. There ought be no need to bridge an
introduction to expand the full meanings of that term, as used here. Both sight and sound are an
exploration into the unknown, or fashioning into patterns we might find pleasing to interact with
from the Knower we all are involved with, regardless of particular name or form associations.
Assuming that the Knower is capable in universal matters to the extent that even if not external deity,
we can say 'True Self', a mind unhinged, as it were, would produce melody that would be purely
chaotic and wholly absurd, to melt the same mind into a liquified pulp rejoining either pure mind or
any lower bardo existence just to get away from the glaring Brilliance.
Perhaps then, mistaken for 'Hell Itself', that was the road we would begin to wander, and as I
associate to no singular lodge with brand loyalty to its currents, I cannot and would not bother to say
even that that road is Black, White, or any more specific shade. I will say though, that the shade[s] of
particularity under examination, or of the Kore to exploit the abyssal 'tormenting ov thee metals', as
it is long called and not for the first time nor a fraction of greatest degree known, in my own case.
This being written Monday of June 30
at 1 a.m., I need to make known that the project was
underway on Tuesday the 24
, but really focused by intention for a straight, unbroken period of
taking true quintessence in effects by Thursday night of the 26
and into the following hours of
Friday, to take up my weekend with peak sepulchritude. To finally go online at Sunday morning 3
a.m. - this simply gives an idea of how I invested myself into the project. Those who know my visual
approach have seen firsthand my drive, which is excruciatingly hermetic devotion, as to have
frustrated all ability in normal social human-to-human contact of any depth where a person outside
my subject can maintain my sincerest interest in who they are or what they do.
The following pertains especially to the thought/knowledge body I myself grokked with
intensity and unmistakable 'xenomorphic resonance' seeking the vessel of my talent, to 'build a nest'
or an environment presenting the greatest familiarity that the party of my own seeking might agree
with and feel most amiable therein to participate with me. However, in writing that, I simultaneously
have to defer to operating in realms of lesser distinction to say that as a thing, this came from 'outer
space' that denoted a time line separate from my experience of Self capable of speaking a reality form
of many selves not being externalized voices, it would be a misfortune of clinical assumption to
jump to a schizophrenic episode conclusion. Hopefully by the very composition being read, it would
at least be agreed that the writer is a professional ability to conduct & compose? Good.
Of the communication itself, of great concern is the nature and state of Light, of lights, and
the failings in it of the people of lights. While this could be anybody at large, since to not have any
light at all is to have ones consciousness leave their body, - and then what Light they are!
Exactly who are which groups are indicated, are the people of Light Singular Light Being,
and that 'ruler'. To us, this has long been termed especially as 'monotheism', the 'One True God' and
all representatives; messianic, apostolic, priestly, or servitor, on to the slave of the inner sanctum and
slave who struggles n or just outside the fringe, so often by daring to question.
The knowledge conferred on entering this infernal sphere, took part in some stages that I was
subject to. The physical health one being least important to me, which I realize sounds strange, but if
I had the time and energy to turn this affair into memoirs (I am trying to be brief without much
pretense), you would understand the reasons why. To throw a hint, I'm no stranger to the territory, as
they say, It ain't my first rodeo, cowboy. Please, bear in mind that other more famous saying, I Am
Another You. Yes, there definitely was a list of temporary physical repercussion, as much as other
dimensions, for engaging the deed. None so revelatory or far out of fathoming, though, that I feel it's
crucial to plot points. It would be like describing the past few decades of why I feel or think the way I
do, or even better, trying to describe how time and sensation in the hours of my Art is different from
time and sensation watching the actual clock on the wall while doing the most boring day to day task.
Continuing onward:
Of interest and worth noting up front; the idea that if 40 coins were spun at 40 angles, I still
operate in heads or tails fatalistic duality, and in setting up a corridor of lucid, sentient mirrors
(Samsara works in this scenario), I have a great endless corridor visionary story of how Heads beats
Tails or Light defeats the Dark, and when the moral right wins at epic scale, Infinity starts over again
in purity and suffering/death free. In this fable, you are half at the mercy of chance, tricksters, and
Chaos into the Order..your very likely false order. You see, even in 'winning' a coin toss call, your
model of the Infinite relies on something falling over and stopping as dead weight, just to prove what
you saw in one reflection of one mirror might be right. Such is the ultimate harm in the Great
Jealousy of the Singular Ruling Being of Light. This was clearly condensed into my conscious mind in
a way I could interpret here, as part of the full spectrum of empathizing and filtering through the
frequencies of the 'Kore Shades' project.
To the outside speculator simply receiving an end product and not on the journey, and then
not really knowing me and my depth of character with even bothering to engage this sort of creative
function, I am to the naked eye or ear untrained and so gullible toward accepting face values based in
the most tip-of-iceberg conclusions drawn, simply a screwball trying to open gates of hell and unleash
demons on the world, simply because he can...or thinks so. Nothing good can come of that activity,
that is so plain what all it entails. My wrong, aimed cocked and loaded as a threat at their right. Is it
so? Or, is it 40 coins spinning 40 angles, and they called Heads to my Tails, thinking their Singular
Light Being set in motion a coin with heads on both sides? Really, just a glimpse in a sentient
mirror...quick flash of a shiny copper with a promise attached that could never be kept, to get you to
do what you are needed to do and give away what is required of you.
A new article of theories were revisited upon me, and ones so tested and a part of my natural
way of living and doing my work, that it is both eternally an aspect of my being, and all the way into
an instinct I thrive by, as well as a sort of philosophical tenet where the two meet not a formulaic
success gamble... Orders and Brotherhoods of all variety will tell you how dangerous it is. Why? It can
get you into a bind of struggling on the fringe, and the reasons for that is you might have guessed
because you dared question. You dared to be different. All adaptation begins so greater evolution,
too with one who stood up do be different with new creative solutions. 'Kore Shades' on the whole,
embodies that, if anything does. It is a risk taking venture, all in real-time, not a formula for success
in gambling away frivolously and without meaning that which otherwise could potentially bring great
meanings and strength previously unfathomed. And, yes I'll take a swipe at the penny your god set
in motion, while I'm at it.
Here we go try not to wet yourselves.
Almost all banishing is the result of hostile feelings by similar forces or intelligent entities
keeping a servitor or priest, or so thought. Let's expand upon that; to say that the 'urge to purge'
comes by another Will (a light source designated as 'Soul') feeling threatened working in shared
forces/entities as another Will converting those forces through stronger, more clearly focused
intention. Not just that, but better or preferred Will of acquired taste meaning converted palettes -
to these more dimensionally pronounced prototype characters invisible to most.
Let's explore for one, the priestly caste, in their communions of gaining favor. Priests are not
born with auras that stretch farther than anyone else, though, we all know they love to project such
mystique as it coaxes others to believe they are getting a higher vibration passed on through them to
what they were not born with the faculties to interact in. So, what is it that's going on, to make
others feel the need to placate them, to placate the Ones they are intermediaries for? Think on this
thing; if you seek a lover or business partner, which do you choose: the one who decides to devote
themselves to you as the very occupation they are in constant love and focus with, or do you settle for
someone who settles for you as an option when they get some spare time to maybe have their leftovers
try and fulfill needs they are getting around to as you are part of a list of priorities that doesn't
compliment you at all, fitting you in finally as part of their ability top brag about how good they are
at multitasking. Doesn't take much then, to see why someone (here, still spirits of favoring), would
choose a guarantee of spaghetti for the 100
time in a row than wait on you to do that one-day-
gourmet surprise feast gift..if you ever get around to it bear in mind, they have access to how little
you actually give a damn about following through. If you think they are potent in nothing else, know
these intelligent field-beings are aware of your priorities long before you concretely are full on
dedicated and making it all manifest.
So it goes, the first things that a priest/pastor is learned in, are the mysteries & methodologies
of how to banish, and how not to banish, and how to work in greater numbers, together, for a single
cause the brand loyalty of their desire for world soul or collective consciousness, and no mater which
way the coin falls, to make for it is their One True God who is acknowledged as Creating, Sustaining,
and Destroying everything. This foundation is the least of things to be agreed upon, in order to get on
the same page about what forces to invoke/evoke, just like the above stated, the prerequisite
familiarities to make those entities/deities more amiable to their requests and demands. The very act
of banishing is similar to the standard 'clearing' of programmed and programmable crystals, as clear
quartz is known to hold incredible amounts of information in modern technology, the same principle
holds true with the memory life of any entity, be called a demon, daeva, angel, elemental, ghost and
so on.
In working together, under the auspice of serving the One True God, the desire to bring to
fruition the 'winning side of the Epic Universal Coin Face', the manipulation is in fact tending to
always sway toward the imparting of the belief the coin is ever at the very edges of losing its
momentum and cannot possibly spin forever infinitely, it has a certain window of lifespan and all
sides involved with the Light and their lights they confess allegiance to desperately need to prolong
that there is even a coin happening at all and it is only still spinning because of their good work
serving the One True God; the Singular Ruling Being of Light. The rest of us might catch glimpses in
one of the sentient mirrors, but only the Master their occupation is being in loving communion with
knows where the authentic 'Core Object' is spinning, and can smack it down on the face foretold of
since the beginning of their prophetic times, at any given second right around the corner. The
convenience is astounding.
In the communication I share now that was given to me, a new idea about world soul struggle
or collective consciousness requiring convenience of hierarchy or plutocracy emerges. Where two or
more gather and ask it in my name, my Father in Heaven will do it. So, this famous verse of sacred
text speaks of a collective consciousness world soul power harnessing vision, to certain ends. Which
leads into the next phase of the 'Who, What, Where, Why' and the evidence picked up from the
experimentation of Project 'Kore Shades'.
It would be fantastic if that condition of participating in reality had a central message of peace,
but by now we know it to be the lesson imparted of one bearing a sword sent forth to divide houses
over himself. We then have to apply it here in its original intent of usage, and ends, too. What we get
is a collective consciousness that roams in search of canceling out 'their gross animistic heathenism'
with their own sterilizing banishing magics, then also doing great injury upon light forms they
disapprove of...a chemically abrasive metaphysical agent that bleeds the full spectrum of diversity all
in the name of control, all in the name of manipulating - With Our Powers Combined - at the end
of strings anybody who does believe in their Ruler Form to the extent that it will not have an iota of
difference to stand against this tide among those who 'hold out' against the very essence of savage &
uncivilized 'heathen' activity. All this was grokked as the emanations of motives and concerns of the
realms of Hell at the Core, and doing service to us in between stuck in front lines and fringes of their
struggles between Hell, Heaven and Earth, and so likely no side would want to acknowledge what
they don't want to here, thinking themselves the Right alone.
What I am writing about, living with a group of perfect subjects the People of Light and One
Absolute Ruler Form all others subjugate to, Who controls the Cosmic Coin toss is none other than
magic of the witch burners. Fundamentalist extremist in automatically carried out, self denial of their
own sorcery. Fundamentalists, I got a real sense in this, when they even are aware of their doings, are
the most lethal sorcerers of all, capable of blindly rushing into spirit field battles and also deviously
scheming with elaborate plans, even if short-sighted and apathetic, disproving wishful thinking they
are mindless zombies, so easier to round up and simply Aim for the head, as the final solution. They
are elaborately brain-washed and intricately programmed servants to Cause At Large. Nazi Germany
was filled with highly intelligent, sanely functioning professional Germanic-folk.
In part, the biases one might be able to intuitively pick up on are both all the time of my own
experience created old leanings rarely even thought of dug up yet again as the logic body was formed
up, traces of that which passed through me, in thought sharing and taking on water, even a perfect
banishing exorcist has trace amounts and imprints of any given experience by memory, except to wipe
out memory as a droid or a quartz crystal, if you get my meaning...making a new opportunity to
reprogram to do virtually the same function, a new one or a more extreme and elaborate handling of
tasks without any fear or hesitance based in the risks or pains of prior experience. This very essence of
brainwashing requires a desensitized and so apathetic servant, after all, we would otherwise be souls,
instead of merely pieces of high tech furniture.
Kore Shades 'drew forth' their demons of the fundamentalist sorcery taking place in my own
residence. The way I like to describe such a beast of burden is as dealing with those who only
acknowledge Yang, and have cut out the core seed of the Yin hidden within that field. I find myself
once again playing hesitant exorcist to those who adamantly refuse to acknowledge they are
voluntarily host of metaphysical, extra-dimensional parasites, and desperately launch campaigns to
get myself and everyone around me to believe that I'm the unstable one in the throes of a filthy aura
of unhealthiness that proves their cleanliness making them closer to the godliness all should be
seeking. Yes, the Fundamentalist Sorcerer is as prevalent in the Christ Consciousness White Light
World Soul Self Help Guru Warehouse New Agism, your main difference is the willingness to
misunderstand chaos and the terms liberty and liberal as much as the opposite end of the spectrum
building suffering into the Great Diversity has unparalleled willingness to fuck up terms like
conservative and and order for the rest of us.
The Nothing Good Can Come Of This Sort Of Thing crowd is deeply intimidated and
spooked with legitimate cause as what is in them comes up that is the Nothing Good they
desperately launch campaigns against and banish to their best ability all day, everyday. Their Stasis
of Yang Removed Enough to enlist pastoral care over what they don't want to have to deal with as a
main priority. It should only ever surface as the top of their Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs set up. A
spare time wanna-dabble side hobby, among those who believe the soul is eternal where the physical
body dies and we don't reincarnate, coagulate energetically in momentum to manifest in another
vessel to be of any service where we know suffering takes place among those we love most...? That
right there should throw up a major red flag. I'm sure to them it's red because it's covered in the
blood of their messiah who handles that sort of thing all powerful, all knowing, everywhere at once
requiring a specialist sect of intermediary pastoral/priestly go-between intermediaries? Two red flags
in a row, just based on simple successive logic connecting a couple very big dots.
How exactly does it fir into a 'Mystery of Hell', and how my work provides some service to us
in the throes of it all, instead of just unleashing a mess for them to believe they are cleaning up after
with the right prayers to the right good, burning the right incense at the right hour, soul-knights in
shining armor style? We will need to examine even further some of the specific events at my residence
and what they mean as they play into the Project in significance as real factors relevant to the world at
large, and so the states of crises on the 'other sides' of many other interconnected realities being
experienced as an absolute truth of existences; problems and solutions therein. Let me just put this
here; to the sterilized, an overload of activity in the other direction can break down a bubble of
facade, and we of the Diversity have our own fantastic astringent, the Hell that itself is the giant trash
compacter created by Fundamentalist Sorcery enamored with their One True Ruling Being of Light
Form. The natural reaction as hinted at earlier is: I am going to Hell for playing around with opening
Gates to Hell...black and white, plain and simple, cut & dry.
The only other logic that could play to their ends is that I'm a Servant of God here to unleash
His Judgment as demonic torments on humanity; they would never allow me that, as I'm not in
brain-washed approval of their program, and so am fringe and a threat to their own agenda, it would
never play well for them to lend me that influence, and being uncomfortable with giving me that
power, conveniently again, the Voice of the God would never say that to them. Instead that I am a
challenger out to usurp the throne of the absolute, and a dangerous extra-dimensional predator,
unaware of my own forces I deal with. Realize though, that unlike them, I regularly have counsel with
everything they do, along with everything they won't, and see through the bullshit of either side or
egocentric agenda by any cosmic species or race variety. I am only partial to extracting the truth, and
being upfront in turn with all dealings.
I noticed right away on Sunday afternoon, the pronounced effects of exposing the
Fundamentalist Sorcery, as on their coming home from their church services, I was treated instantly
to hostilities my faults were pointed out, and worked on in a 'team effort' among those on the same
One True God page. It was exactly as though something else had disturbed them to prompt them
because Something had done exactly that. The mood and atmosphere was very much an I'm in
charge here dominant attitude, and brought other people into it to reinforce that setting. To give a
general idea, part of it that specifically stands out as a perfect example of some of what I went
through, is somebody who cleans a tight walking path in their pile of junk every few months, telling
me what spots I missed making immaculate in my cleaning job, and this very thing reinforces the
drive that subconsciously haunts the Fundamentalist Sorcerer, to see the most minute faults expanded
in others paths and workings and personality, but your own horrifically kakodemonaic mess is a gift
from the savior that everyone around you should tolerate...if they are brave enough to acknowledge it
exists out in the open at all. To their spirit eyes, a literal mess is a sacred refuge, and energetic/etheric
sterilization on the Diversity is the solution to every psycho-spiritual problem.
How did I handle this? It is key to understanding the nature of Project 'Kore Shades'. I
observed. I did nothing in the personal sense of the word (our tiny, flailing responses of anxiety, that
this could be the last thing I ever do or my fate as a weak pack member is decided), and so was in
control over every infinitesimal flux of every dynamic function. Control even not relevant, as I was
there to serve as something kind of comparable to a piece of high tech furniture the most
important thing going on in the whole place. I did not defend myself or talk back or do something so
typically and hellishly angst ridden. A flood passed over me, though. A raging tempest of pure
reactionary emotion and severely violent option scenarios to deal with it all. None would have the
slightest clue how deep that rogue wave carried downward to the abyssal floor. If they did, they
wouldn't have only stopped talking, but looked on my countenance as shining, beatific for sparing
them the energies I was conducting not even a twitch was revealed. To not write this is to leave
something extremely important out, because the work has factors of real danger in this manner, and
so does my astral work opening gates to the most tear-jerking galactic scenes that people look at and
cry, Heaven!. Sometimes, a greater frequency of getting the abundance in vibrations leads to a
spoiling of character, take the lesson of Jupiter...too much of a good thing can happen, the road to
excess leads to revenge [wisdom, but I chanted it out with a special revision], etc.
After a certain amount of time of this relentless group activity at my expense, were I not so
experienced, and putting oneself in my shoes, at the least a beautiful day would have been wrecked
with slammed doors and strings of profanity followed by isolation and chasms between family
members. Yet, I the great opener of hells gates and invoker of all the disgusting heathen unclean
forces, am in fact the Peacemaker, the one in control, and the scapegoat. I have a recent inside joke
about how if I could glue the sacred stones I use in medicine wheels and grids to the ceiling, to put
the ignorant at ease that I'm opening gateways to Heaven/Paradise instead of the Underworld/Hell, I
would go ahead and do it and put their mind at ease, and after something straight out of a Lovecraft
story invades, that burden can rest with them. Outer Gods, ya know... kinda their thing.
As much as any devil might transform into an angel of light to deceive the chosen ones of the
One True God, the minions of the One True God that are just over you play the role of beasts and get
into the role with enthusiasm, to get anyone inside or when they can outside of the agreement of that
cabal, to what they need them to after all, to manipulate on strings requires two sides trying to play
each other out, that are on the same side, equally enthusiastic, but reluctantly as the reality of the
consequences of all these cosmic politics rears its ugly head, but..they want you to deny that exists,
and for the most part, you are willing that is what all these banishing rituals are for, after all be
they of the Crowley lineage of ritual, or blurting out the name of Christ. Once again, it's just two
factions of the same coin, wanting to play each other at the end of strings, all the while denying how
alike you are.
Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the experience of Hell.
You see, one of the main legitimate gripes underneath the layers of static, fog, or inane activity
to those who will never be able to stitch a fabric of a congruent thing making sense of the wandering
in suffering, and roaming lost in torment of their metals: The very real eternal lesson that once you
involve politics at a grand cosmic scale, when on the gambling table, the stakes are high as it gets and
includes your loved ones, too, as your bargaining chips; the elected officials of any office in any
dimensional capability fuck over all future generations by denying problems and sweeping it under a
rug by cutting holes in the Diversity, segregating and dividing successfully, and cutting off the free
flow of unlimited potential of the chaosphere in full variable biodynamic potentiality it's the same
old story of creating haves and have-nots. Third world conditions hidden at the backs of sacred trees
that stretch to seventh heavens, and the shock to the system waiting at any given point in time...the
Absolute driving all these schemes.
One can't become too powerful, and left unchallenged, there is nothing true left in their rule.
Only facades of rules about how they are always in the right.
When your coin game smacks down once and for all, you'll wish even if it you called the right
side that it never happened, and Heads or Tails is irrelevant before the shock and awe of the one true
electric hellfire awaiting you. It won't matter either, if you are slave, fringe, priest, or President.
Oh, finally, I suppose some came to this paper to read something more fantastical and
'Industrial Light & Magic'. If you want that, I recommend gaining your experience, as no amount of
description will satiate it till you've put your own face in that fire. Besides, you can get that anywhere
countless ways from countless sources. This information is is from a professional. Not someone
working their way up to an appearance on a Netflix documentary about demons and ufos, and what
the concerned citizen should be buying when they walk into Wal-mart that will help them survive the
coming zombie apocalypse.
Any experience I did have to pique paranormal obsessions are just par for the course, to me.
My room is a counsel chamber with all kinds of life that would scare the shit out of most others, and
used to catch me off guard. If I am unimpressed by the Fundamentalist Sorcerer as to not have
reaction, you can imagine I'm equally unmoved by the constant contact with the forces manipulating
them that they so ignorantly believe they have banished angels enthralled by playing the roles of
beasts, the solution giver enacting a problem.
With cosmic coins depended on, archetypal Munchhausen by proxy always travels with.
This concludes the official briefing.
I hope it serves you to what ends you are seeking...
The Project spoken of that was basis for this report can be found here.
It is an A/B side event horizon undertaking.
To go EP or LP would have been irresponsible overkill.
As the Project really was that intense, and as any heavy material science experiment, littered
with opportunities for blowing up in my face, and with very real consequences, along with grand scale
impact on the landscape where soul and mortal coil merge and struggle with the psycho-spiritual.
Take care, and watch out for those self denying fundamentalist spell weavers.
If you want practical instructions [I used this magickal triangle with the following inscription,
as I chanted the following with this talisman ring] , there is plenty of cookie cutter occult material out
there to help you fuck your life up (and probably your friend's and family's, eventually) on your own
watch. I'm more holistic and naturally tantric, working in multilateral currents, avoiding prejudice
and preferential treatments to my best ability, divulging my own unorthodox tendencies and gifts
both congenital and curses developed over time.
When you banish your own prerequisites to accomplish a thing based in certain Light Forms
of any Other collaborated with, your own internal clouded ignoramus is loosed from your core nature
automatically, - free of any formula for success on playing grounds of ultimate risk. Ignorance is not
ever a thing of True Beauty, except in circles of Puritanical Enchantments.
I've lived through more than a few cosmic coins being smacked down, and while we all have,
many are addicted to playing the odds instead of seeking their own internally based absolute.
We are all part of the Infinite, and so our recollected becoming is no less than merging to
Infinity Being.
That Is All.
J.M. Kotter
The majority body of my musical 'sound of the spheres' work of mine can be found at ~