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To be successful in your social life and career,
you need to speak English well.

At inlingua New Delhi, people of all ages have
learnt to speak English correctly in just a few
weeks - See more at:
inlingua International was founded in
Switzerland in 1968. It has grown to become
an international network of over 345
language centers in 44 countries including
England, France, Germany, Thailand, USA
and India.

You may choose a course to suit your
schedule and the time you can spare.

Languages open your world

inlingua is one of the world's leading
language training organizations with 322
language centers in 37 countries across
Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South
Millions of private clients and employees of
large and small companies, institutions and
government offices have benefited from
the inlingua method of language training.

inlingua Method

The inlingua Method is the first of four key
elements that contribute to learning success.
It is based on decades of experience in
language training and is continually being
developed to match the needs of a changing
The emphasis is on direct communication
through speaking.
The legally independent language centers are committed to the high
quality ideals and uniform training principles.
The centers are free to shape their training programs in accordance
with the requirements of the local market.
1. One-to-One Courses
2. Crash Courses CIP 120

3. Courses
4. Corporate Customers
1. Andorra
2. Greece
3. Austria
4. India
5. Peru
6. Indonesia
7. Portugal
8. South Africa
And many more centers are there in the world
inlingua License

Global strategy and contacts, balanced with
local proximity to the customer - this perfect
combination of vision and action
characterizes the inlingua system.
inlingua International is a global leader in the
field of language services. A Swiss company
founded in 1968, inlingua has helped millions
of clients at more than 300 language centers
located around the world.
Imagine a worldwide network of language
centers dedicated to improving
communication across borders. Consider a
company that offers something for everyone.
A local business with an international flavor,
an individual center with global support, a
time-tested teaching method with a personal
touch. If you're looking for a job in such a
company, you should contact inlingua.