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Speech by Mr.

Mamnoon Hussain
President Islamic Republic Of Pakistan
On the Occasion of Commemorating 5 !ears of Pakistan"#S Cooperation in
Celebrating %r. &orman '. (orlaug)s *th (irthday
+$pril ,-. ,*/0
1ederal Minister for &ational 1ood Security2 Research. Mr. Sikandar Hayat (osan3
1ederal Secretary Ministry of &1S 2 R. Mr. Seerat $sghar3
Ms. 4eanie (orlaugue 5aube. Chair (orlaug 6lobal Rust Initiati7e.
Mr Richard Olson. #S $mbassador for Pakistan.
Mr. 8om 5umpkin. %irector 6eneral CIMM!8
Chairman. P$RC. %r. Iftikhar $hmad3
'9cellencies of the %iplomatic Corps.
%istinguished guests
Ladies & Gentlemen
It is indeed a great pleasure for me to address this august 1orum gathered here to
commemorate 5 years of Pakistan"#S Cooperation in $griculture and to pay tribute to
%r. &orman (orlaug for his scientific achie7ements and great ser7ices on his *
:hile thanking the organi;ers for in7iting me to this occasion I also felicitate them for
commemorating these important e7ents in a befitting manner.
On behalf of the people of Pakistan. its agricultural scientists and the farmer community.
I also e9tend a <arm <elcome to all of you.
Ladies & Gentlemen
1ood Security has remained one of the ma=or challenges for the <orld.
'7en today. this issue continues to haunt many countries in 7arious parts of the <orld.
8here are many regions in the <orld <here food scarcity still persists.
8herefore. it is imperati7e that food production. its affordability and its access is
accorded high priority in the policy formulation process.
Ladies & Gentlemen
Pakistan in collaboration of its international partners " the C6I$R Consortium and its
members > is committed to mainstreaming our research efforts. particularly breeding for
mineral and 7itamin traits into con7entional food crop de7elopment programs. for
pro7ision of sufficient and healthy food.
Ladies & Gentlemen
In Pakistan. <heat is the staple food crop. Its sustained production is crucial to feed
more than *? million inhabitants of Pakistan.
8here is a need for greater in7estment in agricultural research as <ell as coordinated
efforts of research partners in a country and across the globe.
8he (orlaug 6lobal Rust Initiati7e is commendable in its de7otion to contain the threat of
<heat rusts. mitigate the 7ulnerability of <heat areas across the <orld.
Ladies & Gentlemen
%r. &orman (orlaug dedicated almost si9 decades to fight against <orld hunger through
acceleration in agricultural producti7ity in the de7eloping <orld.
His efforts <ith Pakistani agricultural researchers. . pa7ed the paths for bringing @6reen
Re7olutionA in Pakistan by introducing high yielding. <hite grain line named as
Since then. one hundred thirty one <heat 7arieties ha7e been de7eloped by Pakistani
researchers in close collaboration of International :heat and Mai;e Impro7ement Centre
and #nited States %epartment of $griculture through 7arious =oint research endea7ors.
8hese =oint 7entures bet<een Pakistan and #S$ ha7e a long history of agricultural
cooperation that spans more than fi7e decades.
8he 6o7ernment of Pakistan is committed to the de7elopment of PakistanBs agricultural
sector and is <orking in close collaboration <ith #S to impro7e producti7ity and food
security. and to increase farmersB incomes and stimulate o7erall economic gro<th.
Ladies & Gentlemen
Carious policy inter7entions by the 6o7ernment ha7e led to a ma=or turnaround in the
food production +<heat and other food grains0 and achie7ing the ob=ecti7e of national
food security.
I take this opportunity to reiterate that the 6o7ernment attaches high priority to
agriculture sector. <hich is the mainstay of the national economy.
8he go7ernment is stri7ing hard to make agriculture competiti7e and profitable through
7arious policy inter7entions.
8he Ministry of &ational 1ood Security and Research is in the process of finali;ing the
&ational 1ood and &utrition Security Policy for the country in consultation <ith the
pro7incial go7ernments.
8he policy <ill ensure that all people of Pakistan ha7e physical and economic access to
enough nutritious food for an acti7e and healthy life.
Ladies & Gentlemen
8he efforts of #S%$. CIMM!8. and P$RC are commendable in hosting %r. (orlaug)s
daughter %r. 4eanie (orlaug 5aube and other distinguished guests in Pakistan to
commemorate 5 years of Pak"#S Cooperation in $griculture at the occasion <hen the
<orld is celebrating %r. &orman '. (orlaug)s *
I am pleased to note that during the course of this e7ent in Islamabad and 1aisalabad.
acti7ities <ill focus on highlighting the importance of on"going and future cooperation.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Pakistan is aiming to de7elop better linkages <ith de7eloped and de7eloping countries to
benefit from their e9periences to enhance trade. in7estment. technological cooperation
and mutual learning to ensure food security and eliminate po7erty.
I am pleased to kno< that like other South $sian countries. Pakistan $gricultural
Research Council also laid the foundation stone of (orlaug)s Institute at &$RC
$t this important occasion. I announce that go7ernment of Pakistan <ill fully support this
initiati7e to fulfill our commitment for the de7elopment of the agriculture sector of
In the end. I <ould once again commend the efforts of the organi;ers of this e7ent for
paying tribute in a befitting manner to one of the greatest scientists <ho de7oted his life
to eliminate hunger from the <orld. :hile ackno<ledging #S assistance to Pakistan in
the agricultural sector I hope that this cooperation <ould further gro< and strengthen
<ith each passing day.
I thank you all.
Pakistan" Paindabad.