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The Preposterous Plan.

[ The NWO Part two ]

( Second stage of chaos!)
The introduction of Steroids into cows and other feeders is the
introduction of metamorphosis in human!ind! "f e#entuall$% as planned &$ these
sadists% the humanform 'eats' enough of these cellularchanged foodstoc!s% the
li#ing&rain will ()SO change within man and the 'cere&ralstructure' will )OS*
its cogniti#e and latent powers! The 'added' to+ins put into foodstuff #ia
,ONS(NTO is neither -eneficial to the &od$ NO. producti#e. "n fact their to+in
additi#es generate N*W t$pecells of an order rele#ant to 'certainalien' wishes.
/ertain male#olentspecies !nown &$ the 0S /o#ert groups &ecause the$ the
/o#ertgroups wor! with them on this re#olutionar$ change in ,an!inds /ellular
and /ere&ral structuring!
1urther% the elements such as the .ain and denseclouds NOW contain
harmfulgenetic #iruses% which unfortunatel$ not onl$ interefere with our e#olution
&ut with Natures seamammals and Natures landmammals. The greatPlan% ma!e
no mista!e is to Totall$ 'eradicate' the */O s$stem% to implement 'New
"onisationfields' along with weather terrain and electromagnetic anomalies. To
disregard humanlife for the &etter future of alienlifespan upon our sphere.
(liens as &efore said whom (.* ,ale#olent to the core! The defenceshields
and administered missiledefence weapons% positioned across the 2lo&e (.*
NOT for a nuclear War% ,O.* an "n#asion! The NWO the /(-() are frightened
of an "n#asion from outerspace% more so T3*4 5NOW this is ",,"N*NT! The$
prepare #ia 6eep underground &ases% #ia defenceshields #ia spacewar
technolog$% #ia 1*,(/amps and ' -ullshit propaganda' that an$ in#asion will &e
&$ a male#olent !ind. Truth is% such an in#asion will &e 7uite the opposite! Our
N*W "n#aders will &e !nown to us from oldtestaments from oldremnants of
their distant past. Truth is the NWO does not wish to &e 'e+posed' nor
defeated. There is Too much at cost% to man$ implemented &ases prepared
outside *arth and to man$ *liteworshippers whom will lose e#er$thing!!
The$ the "lluminatisoldiers whom 'assist' the richelite% the$ the Negati#e
(narchists do not worship satan or lucifer% more the$ are in contact with certain
' Oldones%' certain &eings whom #isited this planet (*ONS (go! The 2reat Old
Ones% mentioned in Philip 3owerd )o#ecrafts the N*/.ONO,"/ON actuall$
*+ist! Though their temporalmode of inha&itance is dimensional and its 2(T*
leads to other regions of uni#ersalspace. [ )ets &e fran! upon all of this the
'"lluminati' heralded &$ a couple of "ppissisimus% or occult 3igher ,agi% are
'controlled' as it were &$ another order of &eings. Not the other wa$ around! ]
Since the da$s of the Thulesociet$ of 8hril and ()6*-(.(N contacts 6ar!
occultists ha#e &een in (/T"8* communion with these Other&eings! The
'"lluminati-a#arian-rotherhood has a second hand called the '-lac!flame'% a
su&order of &lac!magic Practioners9. [ " wish them to !now that certain &eings
li!e m$self 6O NOT frighten easil$ NO. are 'compelled' to wor! for dar!er
forces'! ]
So &esides these 'Schoolchildren'9% the eliteforces are acti#e in the
destruction of all we !now as motherNature! Of /ourse /"( agents are
'manipulating' .eligeon% are manipulating the wa$ we percei#e the world% and
manipulating the 6rugsproliferation!
The NS( in coordination with N(S( and the secret spaceprogramme% are the
/hief of all things classified as topsecret.
01Os:(&ductions:contactees:whistle&lowers come under their scrutin$. The
,a;estic<= has &een scaled down to a mere se#en! Two of which (.* NOT
human form. T. Thomposn.