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Students name: Nikolova Marina

Date: 03.06.2008
Supervisor: Lector lena !uparevska
Level: Second "rade
!opic o# the lesson: $!he !hree Little %i&s'
Objectives: (ntroducin& the stor) to the
students and learnin& ne*
-. %eda&o&ical: . Developin& the ph)sical a+ilities:
remem+erin&/ thinkin&/ attention,
. Developin& students
cooperativeness and

2. ducational:
a0 lan&ua&e elements:

. voca+ular): . presentin& voca+ular) connected
*ith the stor) 1pi&/ house/ *ol#/
stra*/ stick/ +rick0,
. pronunciation: . practicin& the pronunciation o#
the ne* voca+ular) . the students
repeat the ne* *ords a#ter the
+0 lan&ua&e skills listenin&/ speakin&
Teaching materials: . picture +ook/ pictures #rom the
stor) and materials #or colorin&,
Methods: . !he Direct Method/
2ommunicative Lan&ua&e
Forms of organizing classroom activities: . "roup *ork (ndividual and
3rontal *ork
Lesson !evelo"ment
-. (ntroductor) part
-.-. ( put some pictures connected
*ith the stor) on the +lack+oard and start a conversation a+out the pictures. ( ask: 4hat
are these5 1a+out the houses0, 4hat are the) made o#5, and ask them their opinion/ *hich
one is the stron&est.
2. Main part
2.-. %resentin& the stor) $!he !hree
Little %i&s' and alon& *ith that ( present the ne* voca+ular) 1students repeat the ne*
*ords a#ter me0.
2.2. ( divide the students into #our to
#ive &roups dependin& on the num+er o# the students 1each &roup should consist o# #our
students0/ ever) &roup receives pictures #rom the stor) and the) should put them in the
ri&ht order. !he &roup *hich *ill #inish the task #irst and do it correctl) *ill +e the
*inner o# the &ame.
2.3. !he) all receive a material #or
colorin& connected *ith the stor).
3. 2oncludin& part
3.-. ( repeat the ne* voca+ular) *ith
6uestions 1( sho* the o+7ects on the picture and ask the students: 4hat is this5 !he) &ive
me one *ord ans*ers0.