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Sales and Distribution Tables

VBBE Sales Requirements: Individual Records

VBEH Schedule line history
VBEP Sales Document: Schedule Line Data
VBFA Sales Document Flo
VBLB Sales document: Release order data
!"#V $onditions %or &ransaction Data
!"#P $onditions %or Items
LI!P Delivery Header Data
LIPS Delivery: Item data
VBA! Sales Document: Header Data
VBAP Sales Document: Item Data
VBL! SD Document: Delivery #ote Header
VBPA Sales Document: Partner
VBR! Billin': Header Data
VBRP Billin': Item Data
VB(! Sales Document: Header Status and
Administrative Data
VB(P Sales Document: Item Status
VE!P Handlin' (nit ) Header &a*le
VEP" Pac+in': Handlin' (nit Item ,$ontents-
VEPV. Delivery Due Inde/
Materials Management Tables
0BE1 0aterial Valuation
0!PF Header) 0aterial Document
0SE. Document Se'ment) 0aterial
0VER 0aterial $onsum2tion
0V!E Sales Data %or materials
EI#A Purchasin' In%o Record) .eneral Data
EI#E Purchasin' In%o Record) Purchasin'
"r'ani3ation Data
0A!& 0aterial Descri2tions
0ARA .eneral 0aterial Data
0AR$ Plant Data %or 0aterial
0ARD Stora'e Location Data %or 0aterial
0AS& 0aterial to B"0 Lin+
R!PF Document Header) Reservation
&456 0at7 'rou2s
&458 Purchasin' .rou2s
&9:; 0ovement &y2e
&9:<H Hel2 &e/ts %or 0ovement &y2es
Purchasing Tables
E!P" Purchasin' Document Item
I!PF Header) Physical Inventory Document
ISE. Physical Inventory Document Items
A:49 Plant=0aterial
EBA# Purchase Requisition
EB!# Purchase Requisition Account Assi'nment
E!AB Release Documentation
E!BE History 2er Purchasin' Document
E!E& Schedulin' A'reement Schedule Lines
E!!# Account Assi'nment in Purchasin' Document
E!!" Purchasin' Document Header
LFA9 Vendor 0aster ,.eneral section-
LFB9 Vendor 0aster ,$om2any $ode-
#RIV #um*er ran'e intervals
RESB Reservation=de2endent requirements
&9;9& &e/ts %or Purchasin' Document &y2es
Production Planning tables
PL!" Routin' .rou2 Header
PLS" Routin' .rou2 Sequence
PLP" Routin' .rou2 "2erations
AF!" Production "rder Header
S&!" B"0 Header
S&P" B"0 Positions ,detail-
0APL Assi'nment %o &as+ Lists to 0aterials
AFP" Production "rder Position ,details-
Plant Maintenance/Sales and
Distribution Tables
AFAB #etor+ ) Relationshi2s
AFFH PR& assi'nment data %or the or+ order
AFFL 1or+ order sequence
AFF& "rder ) Process Instructions
AFFV "rder ) Process Instruction Values
AFF1 .oods movements ith errors %rom con%irmations
AFIH 0aintenance order header
AF!" "rder header data PP orders
AFP" "rder item
AFR$ Incorrect cost calculations %rom con%irmations
AFRD De%ault values %or collective con%irmation
AFRH Header in%ormation %or con%irmation 2ool
AFR( "rder com2letion con%irmations
AFRV $on%irmations 2ool
AFV$ "2eration ithin an order
AFV( DB structure o% the user %ields o% the o2eration
AFVV DB structure o% the quantities=dates=values in the o2eration
AF1I Su*sequently 2osted 'oods movements %or con%irmations
A(F! "rder master data
A(F0 .oods movements %or order
B.0! 0aster 1arranty Header
B.0P 0aster 1arranty Item
B.0S 0aster 1arranty &e/t Item
B.0& 0aster 1arranty &e/t
B.0@ 1arranty $ounter
$RHD 1or+ $enter Header
$R&A &e/t %or the 1or+ $enter or Production Resource=&ool
EB!& Equi2ment Short &e/ts
EBS& Equi2ment to B"0 Lin+
EB(I Equi2ment master data
EB(@ Equi2ment time se'ment
HI!" "rder master data history
IFL" &a*le 'enerated %or Vie IFL"
IFL"& Functional Location ,&a*le-
IFL"&A Functional Location) Short &e/ts
IH.#S Permit Se'ment %or Plant 0aintenance
IHPA Plant 0aintenance) Partners
IHS. "*Cect)Related Permits in Plant 0aintenance
IL"A P0 "*Cect Location and Account Assi'nment
I0P&& 0easurin' Point ,&a*le-
I0R. 0easurement Document
!A!" $a2acity Header Se'ment
!"#P $onditions ,Item-
!"#V $onditions ,&ransaction Data-
"BD! Plant 0aintenance "*Cect List
B0EL Buality #oti%ication
B0FE Buality noti%ication ) items
B0IH Buality messa'e ) maintenance data e/cer2t
B00A Buality noti%ication ) activities
B0S0 Buality noti%ication ) tas+s
B0(R Buality noti%ication ) causes
&449 $om2any $odes
&449L Stora'e Locations
&4491 Plants=Branches
&4<<D $ustomer account 'rou2s
&446" "rder &y2es
&6:5R 0aintenance revisions
&6:6IE& 0aintenance activity ty2e descri2tion
&6:; Priorities
&6:<. Permits
&6:<.E& &e/t %or &a*le 6:<.&
&6<4A Activity $ate'ory %or P0 Lists
&I#$& $ustomers) Incoterms) &e/ts
&V!" "r'ani3ational (nit) Sales "r'ani3ations
&V!"S "r'ani3ational (nit) Divisions 2er Sales "r'ani3ation
&V!"V "r'7 (nit) Distri*ution $hannels 2er Sales "r'ani3ation
&V&A "r'ani3ational (nit) Sales Area,s-
VIA(F!S& .enerated &a*le %or Vie VIA(F!S&