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Improved Combat and Useful Tweaks

Magic Duel Reborn


Melee fighters in Skyrim can block, parry, shield bash and counter, but mages are limited to mostly
spraying each other with destruction spells until one of them falls over. Magic Duel aims to fix that.
When you and another mage fire spells at each other, there is a chance youll be locked into a duel,
putting the world around you into slow motion as you try and push back your opponent with your magic
death beam. Its essentially the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire turned into a minigame, and
serves to really spice up mage on mage combat.

Amazing Follower Tweaks
Skyrim Mods Amazing Follower Tweaks


There are several follower overhauls vying for your attention in Skyrim, but Amazing Follower Tweaks is
the most up to date and comprehensive. With it installed youll find yourself able to manage followers
gear and spells, read their stats, level them up and change their fighting style, depending how in depth
you want to go. It even has its own mounted follower system, although I recommend using Convenient
Horses for that aspect instead.

The Dance of Death


Like Skyrims bloody bashy kill move system? Then you want The Dance of Death. Bethesda left several
unassigned kill moves lurking in Skyrims code when the game was released, including some very cool
shield bash kills. The Dance of Death re-enables these moves and lets offers them to you as a reward for
combat perks. It also includes a full menu that lets you control the rate of kill moves. You can even set
everything to 100% if you fancy blowing off some steam by instantly decapitating everyone you meet.

Convenient Horses
Skyrim Mods Convenient Horses


There are an awful lot of horse mods for Skyrim, but this is the best. Once installed you can adjust your
horses speed, summon your it from a distance, gather ingredients while riding, have mounted
conversations and quickly dismount in combat. More importantly its also the best mod for getting your
followers to ride with you, especially for Serana, who gains a burning undead demon horse that freaks
me the hell out every single time she uses it.

Duel - Combat Realism


Duel is a testament to how a well thought out series of small tweaks can change a game drastically. By
making a series of individually minor adjustments to damage ratios, stamina expenditure and enemy AI,
modder LogRaam has managed to make Skyrim's combat keep its deadly feel, even up into the highest
levels. The brutal damage encourages you to block and dodge, but doing so will cost you precious
stamina, not something you can easily afford. Being unable to charge in recklessly or defend indefinitely
means that fights become a series of quick fire parries and ripostes, each combatant cautiously waiting
for a potential opening before exploding into a limb severing frenzy.

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