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CNC Turned Component

CNC Machinery
Most industrial metal production is now made by numerical control - CNC machines. CNC
Programming enables machines to manufacture parts quickly and accurately to tolerances of
thousandths of an inch, to which older manual methods much lower cost. hen the abo!e
machines require a locksmith parts laboriously measure to match the numbers read from a
technical drawing, a CNC program uses the same drawing to accurately place the working end
of the tool.
The first CNC machines date back to the early "#$$s% &rench arms manufacturers stockpile
again lathes cam placed by cylinders. ' cam cylinder is a round bar with pins or notches at
inter!als mo!ing a pin or key is turned the cylinder. (lder music bo)es and player pianos used
cylinder cam. Computer numerical control was de!eloped together with the first computers,
beginning in late "*+$ in the Massachusetts ,nstitute of Technology -M,T.. 's M,T engineers
were de!eloping the computer aided design -C'/. programs, which immediately saw the
ad!antages of computer-aided manufacturing -C'M. attended. 0is work led to the CNC
machines today, which became widely a!ailable and commonly used by the "*1$s.
2wiss Turned Components
'lmost any type of tool - lathe, router, cutter, drill, and sander - can be controlled by a CNC
program. ,n the most ad!anced CNC machines, the mechanical part drawing from a C'/
program such as 'utoC'/ 3 is loaded into the CNC machine, the raw material for the paper is
loaded on the platform of the machine and the machine does the rest. ' machine operator has
to monitor the process, but much of the pre!ious tedious, laborious measurement is no longer
necessary. Most CNC machines, howe!er, require a speciali4ed programming language called
5- code.
' program 5 code tells the machine how far and how fast to mo!e the tool up to 6 a)es of
motion. (nce a CNC machine is programmed, the operator has less skill a dri!er from operating
manual machines% but programming a CNC machine a high degree of training required. 2ome
companies that use CNC machines ha!e two categories of workers7 CNC programmers or
technicians, who create programs and drawings of mechanical parts, are loaded% operators and
CNC, simply load the raw material into the machine, turn it on and monitor progress after that
Companies or people who are thinking of purchasing CNC machinery ha!e to do a little
research before making a decision , as to any capital e)penditure. Things to consider7
The si4e of each part of e)ecution and the degree of accuracy required. CNC machines are
more profitable for large runs of parts requiring high precision.
The skills of workers and any additional training they may need to learn how to program and
operate CNC machines.
Cnc Machined Parts
The organi4ation of the workflow - to be set and the machines will be operated and monitored.
(nce a purchase decision is made and the new machine is in place, there are some pitfalls to
a!oid. The first obstacle is a false sense of security. CNC machines are more accurate than
manual, but they are not infallible. 8uality control procedures still ha!e to be followed strictly. '
programming error in the CNC will make in a minimum of defecti!e parts that need to be
scrapped. ,n the worst case, a programming error can cause the machine to 9 hang 9 and hurt
him. &or e)ample, if the program instructs the tool to mo!e too far to one guard, the tool could
hit and damage the guard itself, guard, or both.
' related misconception is that CNC operators not need as much training as machinists
manuals. hile the machine does most of the processes that would make a manual machinist,
CNC operator needs to ha!e an understanding of the processes in order to control the function
of the machine and the quality of the parts produced.
' CNC machine is chosen after a proper in!estigation can greatly impro!e profit, producti!ity
and competiti!eness of any business. Managers need to ha!e a thorough understanding of
e)isting processes and ob:ecti!es of your business in order to get the best results from a CNC
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