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Archonic Agenda and Parasitic Dreaming!

The Archons are parasitic entities which are intelligence driven mind predators. They
exist on multiply dimensions, able to slip from one dimension to another within the lower
frequencies of the 6th, through to 1st dimensions. They do not solely exist on the third
dimension though they can directly affect our reality, often unseen. They have infected all
life forms in our galaxy to one degree or another. They are mind entities and operate on
frequencies, which affect the mind matrix of all beings in the galaxy. They can be thought of
as intelligent, mind predatory entities. They do not have a form as such but for those who
have seen them manifest in 4th dimensional bodies, they often appear as black slug like
entities. They are a cloudy black mass of energy which moves in slithering movements which
resemble large snakelike slugs. Healers and Mediums are reporting seeing black slimy slug
like beings hanging around the homes, of those who are having problems with astral
entities, ghosts, and the deceased. The snake like slug beings are also seen attached to
peoples auric fields inserting their tendrils into the chakra points, feeding off the persons
energy body. Just as leeches were used in medieval times to cleanse the blood these black
leeches are feeding off the life force of an infected person.
The host planets to these beings are within the constellation of Orion. This system is
not their original home but it is one of the many systems which these beings have taken
over and made into their host worlds. These Archontic parasites inhabit hollowed out cave
systems within planets, which they then inhabit to produce their offspring. In the centre of
the planet there is one large Hydra like being whose tendrils pass through all the labyrinth
cave systems feeding upon the negative fear energies, created by humanoid beings
imprisoned there. The beings feed upon lower fear frequencies, which they stimulate into
being through mental torture. Humanoid beings from other systems in our galaxy have
been captured by possessed Reptilian and Grey forces and are now held prisoner within the
caves of these host worlds. Humanoid beings have the ability to create an emotional
energetic food which these Archons feed upon. The Archons prefer the negative, dark,
polarised energetic food which humans create when they are in intense fear and a constant
state of anxiety.
Once these Archontic parasites have developed to a certain level they have the ability
to project themselves into other dimensions, like a writhing mass of slithering black snake
like slugs they move into and through the lower levels. They search for beings with minds
which can be directly affected to stimulate and create low frequencies emotional
nourishment for them to feed off. These parasitic beings influence humanoid beings to live
in the illusion of separation, fear, darkness, isolation, pain, suffering, and torture. Beings in
these states create certain brain waves which then cause a reaction within the emotional
bodies, which the Archons then feed upon. The Archons are totally cut off from the
nourishing light and love of the Creator, the Universal Dreamer. They are so cut off from the
light and love they need to feed off the energies created by other beings in order to survive.
They infect the mind matrix of the possessed being, learning extremely quickly how the
hosts mind works and very intelligently infiltrate it and begin to influence it from within the
Some beings are more prone to being possessed than others; fallen reptilian forces
especially from Alpha Draconis known as the Draco have been totally possessed by these
parasitic entities. The Draco Reptilians are aggressive in nature and produce massive
amounts of hormonal, chemical, energetic substances within the brains and bodies which
the Archons can then feed upon. It is a symbiotic relationship, the Archonic entity possesses
the mind matrix of the Draco Reptilian and stimulates its thinking into demonic , negative ,
dark thought processes which directly influences the creation of hormonal , chemical ,and
energetic food within the Reptilian body. The Archon lives within the mind matrix of the
host being, stimulating it into creating a reality which the Archon can then live within and
The Archons cannot create reality for themselves; they have long since severed their
connection with the love and light of the Universal Dreamer and therefore no longer have
the ability to create. The ability to create comes directly from the creator of this universe;
the Archons no longer have this ability and therefore can only copy the inspired thought of
other lower dimensional beings. They inhabit beings existing on the lower levels and cause
them to use their divine inherited creative ability, to create realities which run along the
designs of the Archontic agenda. These realities are especially dark and controlling as it is
within these kinds of realities beings are so easily led. The further into dark realities a being
falls, the easier it is controlled and possessed by one of these parasitic archontic entities.
They are especially tricky beings as they have the ability to slip in between dimensions
within the lower levels, they can mimic and shape shift into other forms, therefore deceiving
beings into accepting their influence. Healers working on various dimensions have reported
that these beings can operate on several levels at once and are intelligent enough to pass
from one to another, often undetected. Often when we are battling demonic often reptilian
forces we are not only battling actual reptilian beings existing on the 4th dimension, but we
are also battling against an archontic parasite which has possessed the Reptilian being and is
influencing its mind and behaviour. The Archons have created a distortion within the mind
matrix of our galaxy and all beings operating in the lower levels within are under their
influence to one degree or another; however some are more genetically predisposed to
being possessed by an archontic parasite than others. The Reptilian genetic makeup which
creates a reptilian mind matrix is easily infiltrated by these archontic parasites. Many of the
wars fought in our galaxy in past and present eons were first triggered and then nurtured
into being by the Archontic mind predators. The galactic wars created immense pain for the
galaxy and all beings which lived within it, the victims of these wars created massive
amounts of emotional, energetic food for the swarming snakelike parasites. These negative
energies not only nourished the Archons, it also caused them to increase in numbers .Our
whole galaxy is now infected. There are of course beings in the galaxy that operate on the
higher levels who are not under the influence of these archontic entities, however many of
the races of negatively orientated beings within our galaxy, now affecting earth and
humanity, are directly possessed by these Archons.
Through the Reptilian forces the Archons have imprisoned the human mind,
encouraging humanitys victimisation by other galactic beings. The energy of victimisation
which humanity is creating only sends a message out into the galaxy, that they are open to
be oppressed and thus they attract negatively orientated beings, such as the Reptilians, who
wish to negatively influence mankind. The planet earth and its human family are in a high
state of archontic infection of epidemic proportions. As we look out at our world and see
massive amounts of negative realities being enacted on the world stage, we have to ask
ourselves from where this negativity comes. The average person on the earth is of a loving
heart yet daily they act as if they have no heart, no mind, and no will of their own. They are
infected by an archontic parasitic mind entity.
The archontic infection is very difficult to diagnose as these entities are incredibly
tricky and have the ability to directly affect our mind and can talk with a voice and words
that you think are your own. These beings have the ability to look into the subconscious
mind and use the language it finds there to communicate with the conscious mind, putting it
directly under its influence. It is possible to be completely possessed by these Archontic
parasites without having an idea of the infection. Someone who is possessed by these
Archons has chakra infections, the infestation orientates in one or more of the chakras. The
solar plexus which seems especially prone to infection is often completely infested and
controlled by these archontic parasites. From within the chakra the Archon feds off the
energy of the chakra, causing it to distort and go off balance thus sending the entire system
into imbalance, which only opens it up to more parasitic infection. Most people are only
infected in one chakra, though there are also people who are fully possessed, often they are
in positions of power upon the earth. Many of the atrocities acted out upon the world stage
are archontic agendas in play.
Have you ever wondered where those negative thoughts come from , you know that
voice in your head which always puts you down, or puts others down, causes you to judge
yourself and others. Have you ever wondered why your negative thoughts are so much
easier to think than those of a positive nature? Have you wondered why those negative
thoughts trigger fear and worry especially in your solar plexus, and how these feelings
create heaviness in the body which is so debilitating? This is a sign of archontic infection.
Light workers are reporting being under archontic attack. It seems that the Archons
have moved on in their agenda and are now actively attacking Light Workers on the planet.
They cause Light Workers to fall in consciousness; the Archons can stir up old unresolved
issues. If for some reason the Archons cannot infect the Light Worker they will manipulate
another to act out this archontic agenda. Many Light Workers are reporting people blaming
them for things they have not done, and other people are projecting their issues on to
them. This can cause major confusion and distress for the Light Worker as they have to
defend themselves from the accusations which come from the projection of the other
person. The Archons will choose people who are the closest to you to steer you off your
path. Often those people who you feel the closest to, the person you feel is part of your soul
family, and the person you would never imagine would want to hurt you, suddenly turns on
you for no real rational reason. Often when the damage is done the archontic parasite will
pass into another dimension and the person who has fallen under its possession has no
memory of the blame game they had been influenced to play. It is important to remember
that the person blaming and judging you is under the influence of the archontic parasite. It
is possible that the Archons will also possess many people around you, making you think the
problem must lie with you, as so many more people are turning against you. If the Archon
parasite can isolate the Light Worker from its fellow friends and family then their work is
The higher up the ladder you climb, the more work you do on yourself, the lighter you
become, the more open to this archontic attack you are prone. It is like moths to the flame;
the Archons can pick you out from the sea of the collective consciousness and can send their
tendrils to attack you either directly through your own thoughts, or through the negative
thoughts of another. They can directly influence another person to attack you, many Light
Workers are under heavy attack from others right now, from people they once considered
to be their close friends or even other fellow Light Workers. Division causes blame, anger
and fear which is delicious food to the archontic parasites. It is as if mankind are infected by
an evil disease, people are acting out of character, and even your loved ones can become
infected and act out an archontic agenda.
My personal experience of these beings began many years ago whilst doing healing
practices with my clients. I began to have people come to me with black slimy like tendrils
inserted into their auric fields. I saw bundles of these tendrils gathered in the centre of the
chakra, especially the solar plexus, the place of the ego. I worked on my clients with truth
and light frequencies which worked very well for all other issues and problems. I was
surprised to see that instead of healing the person, the light energy seemed to feed the
Archons, giving them more power. One client in particular stayed in my mind, my client had
come to me with depression and a constant fatigue. As I looked at her energy body I saw
several long slimy tendrils, many gathered in her solar plexus, I tried to simply pull them out
however I was unable. I called down the energy of her soul and aided her in breathing in the
healing power of her soul, holding her in truth frequency I was shocked to see these tendrils
take on more power and form. I watched as they developed from being simple tendril forms
to embryos. She was becoming even more infected. I did not know what to do, it seemed
the higher the energy I called upon the worse the situation became. I asked my soul which
energy, which aspect could help in such a tricky situation. The answer was Satan. As you can
imagine I was surprised to hear this.
Before I go on with this story I must tell you that I do not have the same judgements
or fears around the being Satan as many in the new age circles. For me the satanic
frequency is also part of creation and part of my overall multidimensional consciousness.
With the permission of the client together we held the satanic frequency, encased her
whole energy body in a black energy which the satanic frequency enabled. The satanic black
energy seemed to suffocate the archontic parasites and after over an hour of holding this
frequency my client was free of these archontic entities.
Over the next few years many more people came to me with these Archon entities. I
gained almost no information about them and thus remained in ignorance. My next
encounter with them was during a past life process which I was taken through by a teacher
within a seminar. I found myself inside a planet, which was hollowed out. I was merged with
the walls; it was as if the walls had grown around me. I was a human (not necessarily from
earth); there were many more of us also trapped inside the walls. Inserted into our chakric
systems were dark black slimy tendrils which passed a black liquid into our bodies. It was as
if we were being used as a recycling apparatus, for this black liquid. I was in horror and had
long since given up the idea of any rescue or freedom from this nightmare reality. I remote
viewed the entity which resided in the centre of the planet, who was the owner of the black
tendrils. It looked like a huge black slimy hydra slug like being. Like a huge black octopus
feeding and excreting its waste directly into our bodies. As I left this past life memory I
asked where am I? I was told in a planet in Orion orbiting the star of Rigel.
From this time I had more and more encounters with these archontic parasites, many
people shifted their energy in front of me, becoming cold, angry, hostile and positively evil.
Many of these people would act out of character being mean, and horrible to both
themselves and others. I saw a grey cloudy light pass over the eyes and sometimes I would
even see the eyes change colour. The person would suddenly act out of character, blaming,
judging and accusing all people around them. Many of them were in positions of power in
one form or another; they had the ability to hold other people to ransom and through the
archontic infection were able to affect other people too. I saw the archontic infestation
spreading from peoples auric fields to attach to other people bringing those people to
anger and fear. This fed the archontic parasite and thus more and more people were
becoming infected. Fear is their most preferred food, when we are afraid we leak our power
and thus we become easy food for these vampiric archontic entities. At first I thought they
were not as intelligent as I was mistaken to think of them as simple astral parasites.
However the more encounters I had with them I began to realise that they were intelligent
and the more they infested humankind the more intelligent they became. They were
feeding off mankinds ability to have imagination and creative abilities. They did not seem to
have imagination themselves but had the ability to trigger and steer the creative imaginative
powers of the human, for their agenda which was complete domination.
I began to see them turn up inside other peoples bodies; I began to have encounters
with those who were fully possessed. There seemed to be a big difference between
someone who was simply infected to one who had a full blown possession of an archontic
entity. The archontic entity is not really fully formed when it first infects its host; it can even
stay dormant for years before some rising of frequency awakens it. Once certain energy
triggers its awakening it can feed off the energy which is broadcast from our DNA and begin
a gestation process which results in an embryo parasite developing in the solar plexus. The
parasite can go on to inhabit all the chakras but it seems to start its takeover process from
within the ego centre in the solar plexus. From within the solar plexus the archontic entity
begins to control the lower mind, the rational mind. It does not dwell in the conscious mind
but burrows itself into the subconscious. From the place of the subconscious it can trigger
issues, unresolved trauma and negative mind patterns which are damaging to both the host
and all those around them. The archontic parasite can influence all the thoughts of the host
and the host has no awareness that these thoughts are not their own and they are under
the influence of an entity and will instead blame all around them. I often see those who are
hosts to these parasites accuse other people for things they are doing themselves. They will
blame other people for negative emotions, thoughts and opinions they actually hold
themselves. They are caught in a mirroring game which they cannot get out of. When you
interact with a person who is under an intense archontic episode you will notice that they
think everyone around them are operating in their egos, and have negative intentions. They
will throw out accusations which surprise those they accuse, they cannot see past their own
projections and thus think everyone but they are at fault.
It can become very tricky as this archontic episode can affect others around them, it
can become infectious. Those people around them who have issues which are similar going
on within their egos will also become triggered and they then are open in those moments of
judgment to becoming infected by the Archon parasite themselves. Once the archontic
parasite had gained enough food from the negative emotions, it will pass back into the
subconscious and remain hidden. The hosted person will go from acting mean one minute
to having no awareness of what has just occurred. It is not clean cut, it is hard to stay
objective whilst in an archontic drama, it is easy to be pulled into the drama yourself, once
in the disempowering influence of your ego you are food for their game.
It was not until my recent Ayahuasca ceremony did I realise that I too was infected.
During an Ayahuasca trip I began to have intense negative thoughts and an incredible
feeling of depression and fatigue. I realised that I had been feeling this on and off for several
months , I had tried to process out these negative thoughts and feelings but it seemed
allusive , like I could not hold it long enough to be able to heal it out. During the ceremony
this became so highlighted it was unbearable, as the trip went on I looked over my shoulder
to see a black slug upon my back. With the help of the shaman I was able to remove the
slug, with this a rush of energy rocketed up my spine, my negative thoughts were gone and
joy entered my heart once more. This experience gave me more of an understanding of
these archontic entities. I think I needed to go through this experience so that I could more
fully understand what these entities were and how to deal with them. I later meet a
powerful psychic who reported seeing vast underground nests of these archontic parasites
underneath many major cities, especially under hospitals and prisons. It seemed that they
were congregating around places where humans were living under stressful and negative
Researchers of the Archons have stated that the Archons are the Reptilians and the
Greys, this is incorrect. The Reptilians and the Grey clones have become fully possessed and
no longer have any freewill and are completely living out an archontic agenda and placing us
all in an energetic prison to become food for their Archon overlords. It seems that the fall of
many of the races in our galaxy were caused by this archontic parasitic energy. Where did
these Archons come from originally? The story goes that a race of humanoid beings created
an artificial wormhole in the outer skin of our universe, creating a tear in the fabric of our
universe allowing the infection of these archontic entities to enter the universe. The
Archons seemed to be living in the void space in between universes and on the creation of
the wormhole they swarmed into our reality. I saw this process in my minds eye I could see
the universe as an egg of light in a sea of the darkness of the void. A hole appeared in the
outer skin of the egg and the light from our universe triggered something to occur in the
void, it created a swarm of these negative archontic entities to then enter our reality. This
parasitic entity at first was not really that intelligent but it had the urge to survive and it felt
threatened, as it was out of place and was concerned about its food supply, so it went
looking for a food which would nourish it. It found mind!
The Archons began to hang out around those beings which were also programmed to
survive and thus they found the ancient races of the Reptilians, because of their genetics the
Reptilians came very easily under the archontic influence. After time they possessed the
Reptilian races and thus they fell in consciousness. The Reptilian races have been under the
influence and possession of these Archontic entities for thousands of years. It seems that
the falling of many races within our galaxy have all been caused to one degree or another by
this archontic infection.
An archontic infection begins by the parasite lowering your vibration to lock you in an
astral plane; there you are much more easily influenced and controlled. They can achieve
this through many methods, drugs, alcohol and pharmaceuticals can be used by the Archons
to infiltrate the freewill of people. In this state the possessing entity can then drain the
energy directly from the solar plexus. Anyone trying to rid themselves of an archontic
infection will be brought very quickly to paranoia and anger towards other people. It is
reported that Meth addicts and heroin users often see these archontic parasites as demons
around them.
The Archons can merge their distorted vibration with ours and increase the negativity
of our emotional and mental attitudes. This is a process of deconstructive interference. They
set up a distortion in our mental body, which directly affects our thoughts, causing us to
spiral down in energy to lower and lower thought processes. From this state we are easily
led and programmed by the mind parasite, we begin to believe these thoughts are our own
and then empower them and thus create the reality the archontic entity wishes us to
manifest. They are responsible for the thoughts of the artificial matrix in which we live. We
are living in an archontic nightmare brought about through our own creative powers.
Etheric Archon Grid- is present in a thin layer that extends 8.6 miles upwards into the
sky from the surface profile of our planet and also 8.6 miles downwards from the surface
profile into the Earth's crust. Taken from
I have not only seen this archonic grid but I have also passed through it many times on
various dimensional journeys and astral travels that I have been on. It appears to me as a
shattered piece of glass, reflecting a distorted illusionary matrix, which if you get caught up
in it can be extremely disorientating. It is only a narrow band of energy but it is powerful
enough to wipe the memory clean, causing lost memory of dimensional journeys. I talk a lot
about this barrier in my soul readings; it was set around the planet trapping souls in an
artificial incarnation cycle. I have watched how souls came to the earth with full aware and
sentient consciousness with the full instructions of their missions fresh in their minds, only
to pass through this barrier and forget most if not all of the memory of their true identity.
This barrier not only traps souls in false matrix and incarnation cycle, it also perverts and
distorts access to the true soul records. I noticed the more and more I passed through the
barrier the more conscious I became, until I was able to bring the vibratory resonance of the
higher version of my multidimensional self through the distortion into my 3D reality and
anchor it in my body. This seemed to open me up and I gained more access to the soul
records of not only myself but others too. I did these dimension journeys over and over each
time retrieving a little more information. Since the galactic alignment of 2012 the galactic
centre has been pulsing highly charged streams of energy into our local space and this is
causing holes to appear in this barrier and therefore more information is getting through ,
making my soul readings easier .Other people are waking up faster and faster accessing
high end information which is advancing the awakening.
The effect of passing through the barrier was known to us before we came to earth,
we had been briefed on its influence but until we actually experienced it first-hand we could
not have prepared ourselves for such an experience. The reason is because it puts you into
an artificial level of consciousness, as you pass through the barrier or filter. It acts as a filter,
filtering out important information and energy about who you are on the higher levels, and
important information which may help the planet and raise our collective consciousness. It
locks us into the left brain hemisphere, the rational mind. Within the rational mind or left
hemisphere there are encoded belief systems which get downloaded automatically into it,
as we pass through the barrier. These belief systems are fundamental control mechanisms
which are inserted into the matrix of our mind which governs the rational mind as electrical
impulses. The grid is made up of etherical , vibratory distorted mind concepts , as we pass
through the barrier these are automatically inserted and we wake up in incarnation often
with no memory of who we really are. School and education systems are all designed along
an archonic agenda and therefore through indoctrination and even blatant programming we
are encouraged to operate only in left brain isolation, this leaves many of us paralysed in the
concepts of Mr Rational. I noticed that when I was above this grid if you like I was fully
aware of who I was on the higher levels, however the moment I passed through the barrier I
would only for a brief moment lose consciousness, when I regained consciousness a second
later and was inside the matrix or grid, I now longer could feel the truth of who I am on the
higher levels and negative and self-defeating thoughts would once more come into my
mind. Because I made this journey over and over I got very familiar with this passing
through the grid until I was able to bring back with me more of an awareness of my
multidimensional identity, which was much grander than my imprisoned ego which this
barrier seemed to be able to slam me back into in a second. Over time the holes in the grid
became larger and I found not only was I able to retrieve more of my own personal
information but I brought back important information for others too.
The only problem with blasting holes in an archonic net is the net is somehow aware
of you and can be alerted to the presence of a person who is retrieving soul records, raising
its frequency or becoming a danger to the archonic agenda. There are automatic alarm
systems if you like within our matrix; I have seen these in operation many times. At first I
thought I was under some sort of paranormal, psychic attacks from god knows what.
However the more experience I had of these attacks the more I came to realise they were
not coming from an actual being or person but were in built safety systems built into the
matrix to alert it to anyone who was getting above their station. Ringing in the ears,
especially the left can be an indication of a matrix auto system of control, suddenly
forgetting in mid-sentence what you were talking or thinking about usually when it was
either high information of some sort or a discovery of a conspiracy. The phone would ring
disturbing a channelling session or an inspiring conversation with a fellow dimension
traveller, stopping the flow of important information and taking us completely off track.
Often the person on the other end would have no idea why they called, some convinced I
had called them. Lights would flicker and cold rushes of energy would come into the room,
it would be easy to look at these as astral entities or ghosts but after time I realised none of
this happened when I was not in an environment with electricity. I remember my husband
giving me a suspicious look when I told him they could listen through all electrical appliances
and used the whole of the electric grid to listen in on us both audibly, clairvoyantly and
I tried to engage with the beings behind the attacks and that is when I realised these
were not beings but automatic alarm and attack system set up in the matrix preventing
anyone from awakening. Of course they did not stop me and the more awake I became the
more attacks I got. I was triggering alarms all over the place. My computer would do the
strangest things, especially when I was trying to upload my articles on my website,
especially about the Zeta or as some call them the Greys. It was as if there was intelligence
within the computer which could tamper with my work, I know it sounds paranoid and a bit
out there, but it was intelligent, I firmly believe that there is an AI intelligent machine at the
heart of the creation of the false matrix in which we live. It can use all electrical appliances,
wires, phone masts, and even the geometric structure of the electrical pylons help hold this
artificial matrix together. I always said that if we had a big solar flare to knock out the
power, people would wake up .We are being held prisoner in this matrix by not only the
electricity itself but the way the electrical grid is geometrically and magically set up across
the planet. The electrical grid is not randomly built across the planet, it is designed along
occult geometry which binds energies and creates artificial realities.
I began getting strange emails when I uploaded my book We are here about the
Zeta. There would be a paragraph of my text and then underneath was text about things I
did not understand, there were words of governmental agencies and projects, such as
Echelon. I had no clue about such things and so thought nothing of them, however they kept
coming so I tried to reply and asked the person what they wanted. However the email
would never deliver I always got a failed delivery notice. A friend of mine came to visit who
was a hacker and also very knowledgeable about the Illuminati and the New World Order,
so I showed them to him and he told me that Echelon was a secret governmental spying
surveillance system, spying on the internet and reading peoples emails. It was an automatic
system searching for key words, looking for people who would be considered a danger to
nations security. What words in my text about the Zeta triggered this Echelon system I do
not know but it obviously saw it as some sort of threat. My friend put a ping on the email
address and told me that they were coming from the white house; of course I did not
believe him.
Some months later I went to upload a redesigned version of my website, something I
had worked on for months. As we uploaded the website, my hacker friend noticed that
there was information coming back down the line something unusual about that. After I had
finished uploading it I went on line to look at it, it was not there, I reopened the website
building software to discover it had vanished. My friend saw I was distraught and said not to
worry he could retrieve it from DOS. He went white when he tried and said there was no
evidence or sign of my website ever being on my computer, they had wiped it clean. It took
me several more weeks before I could finally upload it however by this time I had
discovered how to combat these interferences from the matrix, which obviously has such
things as Echelon as part of the control structure.
Not only were they capable of entering and messing around with my computer but
also all my on line passwords were changed, not one worked the day after the problem with
the disappearing website. I felt it was a sort of warning telling me they could screw with my
life if they wanted to. The more I worked on myself, the more light or truth vibration I got
into my body the worse the attacks became. The worst times were in airports, by this time I
had begun to travel running seminars about soul integration and talking to people about my
alien encounters. It seemed that the electromagnetic smog which is always heavy in these
places was increasing the effect of the matrix, I felt like I was being fired electrically, my skin
would prickle and I would hear many high pitched tones in my left ear, and feel dizzy. Often
airport staff would act strange around me and behave oddly. The time I went to LA in
America was the most scary time for me I was followed by two men and had my
photograph taken many times when I walked the street and had someone outside the
house where I was staying ,watching me. I wanted to believe I had lost my mind and I was
just being paranoid but other people confirmed that the men were indeed following me. I
have written in more detail about this in my other articles.
Back home it all came to a head, I felt under attack, I was scared, jumpy and
constantly had this interference ringing in my ears. I asked my soul for help and was told
that I could not get out of the matrix as I could not leave the earth however I could scramble
my signal and be undetected by the matrix. My soul taught me how to spin my aura, like a
revolving door. I remote viewed the place where the surveillance was coming from and I
clearly saw a black plastic shiny looking pyramid somewhere in America, it was surrounded
by neatly cut grass so I knew for sure it was on earth, it looked just like a government
installation. Even though I did not know what it meant at the time, I had the letters NSA in
my head when I asked where was I. Inside the black pyramid were many levels of offices,
storerooms with computers, massively powerful computers. I saw a man sat at a console
looking at points of light on a map, which I intuitively knew were people like me, people
who were waking up. As I span my aura to scramble my signal the man said she is still here
but I cannot find her. I knew I had been successful. Then another man entered the room
and said she is here alright I can feel her, she is spying on us. I left that place rather
quickly, I had no idea someone could know when someone is remote viewing them, and this
was unnerving. This stopped all of this strangeness until years later I went to live in Munich,
Germany. Many strange things happened there too many to go into now, but on the last day
of living there, on my return day to England, I received an email. It was from the Bavarian
Illuminati inviting me for lunch. Now maybe it was someone playing a joke on me but as I
had not really talked to anyone about my experiences and no longer had contact with my
hacker friend who could think to do such a thing. I rushed home and was glad to be out of
Munich, what if that really was the Bavarian Illuminati what on earth did they want from
me? I thought it was all to do with the Zeta, but since learning about them and how they
look for people with certain genetics for ritual, certain people with red hair and blue eyes I
am not so sure the alien thing was all they were interested in.
It is only recently that I have put together all my strange and weird encounters and
experiences as regards this archon energy. I have come to realise they have been following
me around for many years. It seemed that they could not only affect me on a very 3D level,
they also had access to me on the 4
dimension, astral planes. Of course I had strange
dreams too many to mention, however this was not only the way this archon energy was
trying to infiltrate my life. The first time I saw what I now know was an archonic take-over or
full possession was way back in 1990. A friend of mine had a strange experience at a
standing stone circle here in Cornwall; a place I later found out Crowley had performed a
black magic ritual. She was mediating there with a group of people from Munich, (the home
of the opening speech of Hitler). She felt like she had been taken over by something and
had collapsed on the ground. From that day she began to change, she would be fine when
we were with other people but soon as we were alone she would morph in front of my eyes.
Her eyes would turn this awful cold grey colour even though they were usually a bright blue.
She would talk in a lower toned voice and she was mean, she would change from a
wonderful light hearted person to one which was out of character and manipulative and
mean. Over the period of three years she manipulated every crystal, book, sacred object
that she could get her hands on. She did not steal them so I had no way of blaming her as I
gave them freely to her. But when she was out of my company I felt abused, deeply abused
not because she had taken my crystals but because she had taken over my mind and had
manipulated my freewill. This scared the hell out of me. I began to think is she possessed.
Soon as I came to this idea , all hell broke out, I could hear her speaking to me constantly in
my head, and she often confirmed that it was going on, soon as she was alone with me she
would be able to repeat word for word what she had said to me in my mind the day before.
She began to take everything from me, she tried to tell my friends I had lost my mind
and for a while they believed her. That was until one friend went to visit her at her new flat,
you see to everyone else she was sweet and the archon remained hidden, it wanted me to
think I had lost my mind and isolate me from my friends. He was shocked to the core as he
came back and told me that her flat looked exactly like mine, she had bought or stolen from
me everything to be the same. Cushions, towels, pictures, everything, he said it was the
creepiest thing he had ever seen. Once he woke up he began to see her change too and
finally I had someone to talk to. The situation got worse and worse but I could not throw her
out, if I was in her company I was her mind controlled slave. One day she came to my house
and knocked on the door, now usually she would just open it and invite herself in, this time
it was different. My soul said to me remember the vampire films. When she asked me if she
could come in I replied not likely, no you cannot . She turned a very bright red, she was
furious, her eyes were almost black, and she ran from my door. Two hours later her mother
came to see me to tell me she had been taken into a mental hospital. She had left my door
and taken all her clothes off, ran naked around the village, broke into a farmers house and
climbed into his chest freezer, and remained there until the farmer called an ambulance.
Her two year old boy was found in a stream with crosses painted on his body with lipstick.
Her mother and I talked for a long time and I said she was trying to be like me, and she
replied no she wanted to be you , those words made me shudder.
I put this all down to some sort of demonic possession but could not shake the feeling
that this being was only using her to get at me. The next time I encountered it again was
whilst I stayed with a German family whilst living in south Bavaria. I was staying with them
for a while before getting my own flat, we all got on super well or that is what I thought.
Then the man began to change at the dinner table and talk to me very badly, his eyes
changed from deep brown to a steely grey. I recognised this demonic entity again as the
same one who had possessed my friend. This would occur over and over but once the
demon had his say, the mans eyes would change back to brown and he would act as if
nothing had been said. It was enough to make anyone think they were losing their mind. I
was relieved to leave that place, even though I know now it was most definitely not the
individual people but a demonic, archonic force working through them. Since that time I can
spot it a mile off and it did not freak me out so much anymore as I seemed more able to
avert its influence.
In my experience there are different levels of archon, it is as if they have a growing
phase and morph and change into different forms. The one who was following me around
seemed quite intelligent though others appear only in their early stages of development. I
have since come to think that the archon following me around is the same entity which was
part of my abduction experience recently in Belgium whilst running a seminar. (You can read
all about this in my new book The Navigators of the AbZu). It appeared as a black entity
with a shadow body with red devilish eyes. It was definitely not a reptilian, maybe it was
what other people call the shadow being. It sounds corny but it appeared to me as if it was a
black devil with red eyes. There were occult and satanic symbols being flashed into my
mind, as if he was trying to perform magic on me to control my now unruly will. He had
overcome me once before with occult magic and torture. I gave a woman a healing session
whilst running a seminar in Austria, again in a place known to Hitler. She looked like an
ordinary housewife, complaining of being too tired. So I began working with her and realised
she had a dead girl attached to her , I asked her if she knew who this was and she repli ed it
was her daughter she had died a year ago. So I began working on helping the removal of this
girl and taking it on to another dimension to carry on its journey. All of a sudden the room
span and I almost fainted and I realised I was being lied to, this was no girl. I called in more
truth vibration and asked to see the truth and I saw a reptilian being that is actually an
aspect of her over soul which wished her to remove her fear of him. So I go to work on this
and again the room spins, and I wanted to faint. I realised again I am being fooled, what on
earth is going on. I ask to see the truth and wished I never did.
The woman was sitting with her eyes closed she had no idea where I was and as I was
feeling so awful I was pacing around her. Every time I sent her the truth frequency she
would put her hand to my face, she would put the flat of her palm against my face. It was
the most freaky thing to experience I kept thinking next thing I know she will turn green and
her head would spin around like in the film the Exorcist. I managed to remove this being
which was now making her make strange throat noises and cracked her neck back and forth
, however when she left the house pleased and happy she was healed , this being jumped
into me. All of a sudden I was no longer in the room; I was in a dungeon during the times of
the Inquisition. I am strapped to a wooden board, I am having my legs crushed and pulled by
this torture contraption, my torturer a catholic priest, and he had the same grey eyes. How
long I was in this altered state I do not know but the next thing I knew I heard myself
praying for my soul , as my friends who have now run to my aid were trying to pull me out
of it . They found me on my knees in the corner of the room with my hands in prayer,
begging to be killed to save my sinning soul.
All of these encounters with this being hardened me up made me strong and able to
recognise this archonic infection, I began to find ways of not being infected myself or so I
thought. Like I said earlier there seems to be various levels in this archon entities. I think the
guy who was hanging around me was quite high up the hierarchy, though I encountered
others which were not so. I attended a seminar run by a good friend of mine; she too was a
healer of the Transformation Process I teach now. She announced to the group of 30 people
that after lunch she would take one person through a process which would be the hardest
process she had ever done, would be the hardest process they would ever witness and the
most terrifying the person having the session would experience. Soon as I heard this I knew
she meant me.
After lunch I sat on a chair in the centre of the room with everyone looking at me
some in fear. I closed my eyes as I heard my friend say Alloya was taken when she was
three years old and I heard nothing more. I was no longer in the room. I was in merged into
the walls of a black cave in a hollowed out planet somewhere in Orion. Inserted into my
body into all the points of the chakras were these black tentacles which were owned by this
huge black octopus creature which lived at the planets centre. This being was not only
eating our light body, feeding offs us but the worst thing was it was also excreting it
excrement through our bodies. It was the most awful and disgusting experience I have ever
had. It took a lot of healing to bring me back and I was a mess for some time after.
Soon after this experience I began to see them in other people, people were infected
by these black slug, snake like creatures. They infected the person through the solar plexus
and eventually would host inside each of the chakras, hoping for full possession. I tried
working to remove them in the same way I would normally working with light frequencies
only to discover it made it worse , the light seemed to feed them more. I ended up working
in the black energy and holding people in the void energy to suffocate and eventually get
these black slugs to leave the body. People were depressed, tired had a feeling of hopeless,
off track and some were suicidal. Once the parasitic slug had been removed they would
increase in energy almost overnight. You would think with all this experience I would have
recognised I was infected myself. But that is how these entities work they are able to stay in
disguise as the person themself. Many think it is their own thoughts which think those
thoughts, they think it is their nature which is depressed, and all the time they are under
archonic influence.
For about a year I had been feeling hopeless, my joy was so hard to find and I felt
constantly tired. I had thoughts that my work was no good, I was not doing well as my
mission and was somehow letting the universe down, dramatic I know! It was not until I
went to an Ayahuasca ceremony that I realised this was an archonic influence and I was
infected. I took Ayahuasca but nothing happened, this really triggered me and I began a
roller coaster of negative thoughts and feelings. I thought that would be my only chance to
take Ayahuasca and it was not strong enough and did not work, others around me were also
complaining that nothing was happening. I began to think maybe I had been ripped off. This
negative headspace became so loud I began to think is this really me. It was then that I saw
a big black slug on my back. I could see how it was sucking my light somehow; it was
draining my life force. I freaked out and luckily the shaman recognised my distress and came
to my aid. Once removed I felt my kundalini activate and felt so much more energised and
my joy returned.
From that day on people are coming to me all the time to talk to me about the
archons, I am helping others remove them but I am not always successful. It seems that the
light is not the way to go, much better to work with black, obsidian black I found a stone
works very well to make sure you are not re-infected. People are saying to me that we
should send them love and yes we should but not until they are safely removed, if you
simply choice to love them without fully removing them you will simply be re-infected. I
must say the more I can see them the more I think we are all infected to one degree or
Are these entities Dark Plasma beings?
Taken from http://www.dapla.org/
The latest WMAP results show that more than 95% of the universe is composed of
invisible non-baryonic dark matter and energy. Composition of Our Universe- The matter
that is visible and currently directly measurable is composed of particles that have been
identified in the physicists Standard Model. However, the majority of scientists now
believe that this ordinary matter makes up less than 5% of the universe. In fact, it makes
up less than 20% of all the matter in the universe. The other more than 80% is composed of
invisible matter that has been dubbed dark matter by scientists. Dark Plasma Theory
argues that this dark matter is present around our Solar System and, specifically, the Earth.
Evidence shows that the Sun and the Solar System are under the gravitational influence of
invisible dark matter in our galaxy. Dark matter particles have been raining down on Earth
every day and night for the past 4.6 billion years. These particles are captured by the Earths
gravitational field. Furthermore, the embryonic Solar System also contained dark matter
components. There are therefore many reasons to infer that there are low-density halos of
dark matter particles interpenetrating the Earth effectively creating (currently) invisible
counterpart-Earths that co-rotate and share the same gravitational field as the visible
Earth. The Theory questioned in 2007 if the density of dark matter around Earth was
Computations in 2008 by Stephen Adler of Princeton University and Xu and Siegel from
the University of Arizona, suggest that the dark matter density in the Solar System and
around the Earth exceeds the galactic halo density significantly and is much higher than
previously thought. According to Jay Alfreds estimate, the visible Earth is gravitationally
coupled to a Jupiter-sized dark matter halo. As dark matter clumped it created conditions for
a dark biosphere to form. This dark biosphere gave rise to dark matter life forms and
consciousness. The Theory argues that dark matter is largely in the form of plasmas of exotic
particles (including super symmetric particles such as charginos and neutralinos). It has been
shown in laboratory experiments over the past ten years that minimal ordinary plasma cell-
systems can be generated in the laboratory.
The Theory therefore suggests that minimal dark plasma cell-systems were generated
within this dark halo/biosphere in the early Earth and predicts the existence of terrestrial
dark plasma life forms which evolved from these minimal plasma cell systems. Furthermore,
unlike chemical-based life forms, dark plasma life forms are compatible with life in a super
symmetric universe. Life forms would be as varied in scale, structure and intelligence as
carbon-based life forms as different as a microbe from a whale; a mosquito from a tiger; a
giraffe from a crocodile; an ant from a human being. Their degrees of intelligence and
awareness were as different as a centipedes awareness to the awareness and intelligence of
Homo sapiens.
The entities that we have loosely identified as ghosts, angels, jinns, demons, deities
(for example the Marian apparitions in the atmosphere), aliens, biological UFOs, fairies and
sightings of the recently deceased (on the surface of the Earth) are characteristic of these
predicted exotic plasma life forms from interpenetrating dark plasma spheres or counterpart
Earths. They constitute ecology of plasma life forms that evolved throughout Earths history
and sometimes formed symbiotic relationships with the carbon-based life forms that we are
more familiar with. Homo sapiens evolved carbon-based bodies that formed symbiotic
relationships with some of these plasma life forms (indicating a type of symbio-genesis).
When the carbon-based bodies died, the bioplasma bodies (resulting from the symbiosis)
continue their existence in the counterpart Earths.
The universe is made up of what we can see, what emits light and what we cannot, in
the plasma of the universe. If you look through a telescope you will see large light filaments
called Birkeland Currants, writing like snakes throughout the universe. These Serpents are
basically electrical discharges causing a magnetic reaction in the plasma field, causing the
light filaments to twist and braid becoming the Silver Serpents. Now they are telling us that
there are the same structures within the dark plasma that we cannot see. We know that all
dimensions and portals, stargates and realities of the light were created by the movement
of the Serpents, now we are coming to understand that the dark plasma also folds and
creates planes of existence, star systems, planets, beings etc. Through listening to Ananda
Hari (read all about Ananda Hari in my new book The Navigators of the AbZu free to
download http://www.alloya.com/texts/The%20Navigators%20of%20the%20AbZu-
%20Part%20One.pdf , We have come to know that in the movement of the Serpents and
their electrical discharge, they created folds within the plasma caused by the creation of
magnetic waves. What if worlds, dimensions and beings were also created within the folds
of the magnetic waves in the dark plasma field?
How would an entity in a very rudimentary form look like in this dark plasma universe?
Would it not take on the snake like appearance? They appear in several forms depending on
the level of intelligence. I have seen them as black orbs, blobs if you will. I have seen slugs
and creatures like worms especially in peoples bodies. I have seen larger snakes and nests
of serpents, hydra and octopus looking creatures. It occurred to me that they had some sort
of gestation period as I have seen the way they develop starting as a blob, then forming into
a slug, then worm, snake, hydra, and octopus. It looks like the stages of simple celled life
form mutations. I have remote viewed nests of these creatures underneath prisons, military
bases and hospitals, all places where people would be in a negative headspace.
Are these Archons coming from the dark plasma universe? As Ananda Hari sent a
beam of light through the ninth dimension into the eighth to draw a template of light upon
the lower dimensions to create life, did she also trigger the animation of the dark plasma,
just like Sophia in Gnosis Nag Hammadi scriptures. Sophia is an Aeon; she is one of many
gods and goddess of the sacred foam. In the myth she injects through the skin of the egg of
the Pleroma a light template, which happened to be the human template in the story. I
think bigger I think this is the template enabled lower animal life forms to evolve to
eventually become humanoid races within our galaxy. As she did this she became so
fascinated by the living light template forming she somehow got pulled from the Pleroma
and found herself in the field of matter. Her presence in a place she should not be, caused
the matter to become animated, her creative presence alone caused the dark plasma to
become alive. She then watched as the dark plasma like a swarm began to fight against
itself, so she gave it a part of herself, her intelligence, she gave it the ability to self-regulate
and it began to form worlds. These entities then went on a rampage and became the
tyrannical empire of the Archons.
The black slugs that I am seeing in peoples bodies are eating their light; they are
attacking light workers the most and eating their light bodies. What if the same process is
going on a galactic level and there are large serpents eating light systems. Now we know the
universe is prone to eating itself as we have black holes which do exactly that. These
processes are going on, on a macro and microscopic scale. The worms or slugs which enter
our bodies enter them through the black hole in the centre of our chakras. They then infect
the person and over time they grow into slugs hoping to take over the person entirely and
eat their light body. There are also larger beings that are entering galaxies and solar systems
through the black holes in their centres to enter the system and consume the light. Now I
know this all sounds very scary but if you look it just as the dynamic workings of the
universe, imploding and eating itself, just like the serpent eating its own tail you will calm
down a little.
People assign personalities, characters to these beings, but I do not think this is
incorrect. I think there are many beings in the galaxy that have fallen prey to their infection.
I think the Reptilians, Greys etc. are not Archons, they are however fully infected and are
hosts (some of them willingly) to these Archonic parasites. In the film Stargate the Apophis
is a host to the snake creature which controls his mind, and body. Do these beings enter
through black holes into our reality? It is said that the people at the Hadron Collider are
trying to open a black hole between this universe and a parallel universe, are they opening
portals to allow Archonic entry into our reality.
So why do they go after the Light workers the most, people who actively working on
increasing the light in their auric field? Jay Alfred may have the answer.
Recent scientific papers at the end of 2008, which studied acceleration anomalies in
space crafts and satellites orbiting the Earth and more detailed calculations of dark matter
density in the Solar System and around the Earth, also point to the possible existence of
blobs of dark matter in our atmosphere. Within the context of Dark Plasma Theory, this point
to dark plasma blobs within the Earth
To understand how they interact
with ordinary matter, the Dark Ionization
Process (DIP) has first to be understood.
Interactions between ordinary and dark
matter bodies are generally collision less,
i.e. they can pass through each other.
Firstly, this is because of the low density of
particles and secondly because dark
matter particles do not interact with
ordinary electromagnetic forces within an
atom. Hence, generally, dark matter
particles of a dark matter object can pass
through the large spaces within ordinary
matter atoms easily and without causing
any effects. However, plasma bodies
possess a plasma frequency which is
caused by the natural oscillations of the
particles within the plasma. If the particle oscillations within the dark plasma are high, the
probability of collisions between dark matter particles in the plasma and the particles in
ordinary matter atoms increases.
When the dark plasma life form focuses (this also happens during meditation or other
mental focusing activities) on a target area, the density of dark matter particles in that area
increases. This results in an increase in the frequency of oscillations within the dark plasma
and a rise in the collision rate. When dark matter particles collide with ordinary matter
atoms, some electrons may be displaced to generate an electric rent. Other electrons may
jump to currants higher energy states then fall back to lower energy levels, emitting ordinary
photons. In ordinary circumstances, there will be ultra-weak photon emissions. However,
when the plasma life form focuses on a target area, the intensity of photon emissions in that
area will increase. Ordinary light of different colours and other electro-magnetic radiation,
including microwaves may be generated.
Besides light, the ordinary plasma also generates heat. The microwaves that are
generated by the Dark Ionization Process also heat up biological tissues. Thermoelastic
waves of acoustic pressure are generated when microwaves heat up soft tissues in the head.
These waves travel by bone conduction to the inner ear to cause buzzing and other sounds
that can be heard only inside the head and not by others who are not oriented similarly.
Furthermore, the natural oscillations of dark matter particles in the dark plasma cause
collisions with ordinary particles in a periodic fashion, resulting in the density of the ordinary
plasma to increase and decrease cyclically, generating a pulsating electromagnetic field.
The predominant frequencies generated by the temporary ordinary plasma will be low,
mostly in the microwave region, but would also include radio waves and infrared waves on
either side. Occasionally it will be high enough to be detected at visible wavelengths and
more rarely extending beyond this into the ultra-violet region. The light curve generated by
the temporary ordinary plasma of a dark plasma life form would therefore span the
frequencies over a particular time-frame. A microwave glow is predicted before the visual
detection (and also a microwave after-glow subsequent to the visual detection). In other
words, a visual sighting of a plasma life form or (biological UFO) can be predicted by first
detecting the microwave glow, then tracking its evolution. If the frequency continually
increases, a visual sighting is likely to occur.
These slug like Archon entities are often seen with a glow around the edge of their
form, is the glow described above?
The Archons are low-vibrating thought-forms, empowered by our own creative mind
abilities. In a strange way they give us the opportunity to choose what we're creating, what
we are thinking by aligning with archonic thought patterns, or aligning with our own inner
knowing, our own souls wisdom. They require emotional energy to sustain themselves;
mankind has long been their primary food source. They feed upon energies that are in
resonance with their own vibrations: negative emotions, psychological suffering. They
engage in lower vibrations, they thrive off influencing us to ignorance, suffering, and ego
perversion. They use us against ourselves; they can read us and use our dormant negative
tendencies to cause us to be locked in negative thought patterns which enable us to be fed
upon by these archonic entities. They seem to work hand in hand with the matrix of control,
the relationship we have with the matrix only feeds them more.
So how do we know if we are infected? Here are some symptoms I have noticed.
Partial infection
Do you suddenly feel tired like it has come from nowhere, one minute you are
energised and the next minute you feel like you could easily crawl into your
Do you suddenly feel heavy or have a dense feeling of worry especially in the
solar plexus?
Do you suddenly have very negative thoughts about yourself which pull you
into a deep depression? Do you get easily pulled into doubt, especially when
you have meditated on higher energies or are having a special and joyful
experience guided by your soul?
Do you feel hopeless as if everything you do is futile, especially those of you
working in light worker professions, like your work is no good?
Do you start questioning yourself and your abilities, do you start analysing
yourself as if you are a cold and ruthless psychiatrist?
Do you feel like giving up, do you feel suicidal?
Do you have old issues which you thought you had healed resurface?
Full Blown Infection
Do you think someone is psychically attacking you , do you feel a bad feeling in
the solar plexus, do you look for the person attacking you , do you judge your
friends for the attack?
Do you see everyone in their ego when all the time you are in yours? Do you
become angry, arrogant towards other people who are standing in the light of
their soul, yet you see it as them as being in their ego. Is ego a dirty word for
Do you think your spiritual path is the only correct one there is, do you feel
empowered to chastise others for walking another path?
Do you psycho analyse and blame others for things you are doing yourself? Do
you step over other peoples boundaries and insist of telling them all that is
wrong with them, when you have not been given the permission to do so?
Do you think you have to save everyone from themselves, not honouring that
they know their own way for themselves?
Are you part of a spiritually minded group and feel you are somehow better
than they are, are you always picking one person out of the group to isolate
Are you often instrumental in the collapsing of intimate groups?
Do you blame everyone but yourself imaging all sorts of wrong doings?
Signs of someone around you being infected and actively living the archonic agenda to get
at you. Often when we are free of this influence ourselves, they will choose someone close
to us to do their bidding for them.
Are you suddenly under personal attacks from someone who you considered
close to your heart?
Does that person suddenly turn on you and accuse you of things you simply
do not do?
Are you suddenly blamed for all sort of imaging misdemeanours?
Are you suddenly under the influence of a hate campaign?
Do you suddenly find yourself isolated from your friends or likeminded
Now I know everyone at some point or another has experienced this and I am not
saying that every time this happens it is down to archon infection , however if you are
actively working on yourself , increasing your light , or trying to expose a negative force in
one area or another , you may come under an archonic attack. These beings are tricky and
will even use new age ideas against you. They will trigger others who are infected to judge
you in the name of the new age movement. We are taught by these ideas that to look at the
negativity is somehow feeding it (I can understand where this comes from and agree with it
to a point). The archonic entities love this because under this new age idea they can hide
from detection.
I had one friend who looking back was obviously infected. She had read lots about not
judging other people. She became very holy than though, she spent her whole time
chastising people for being judgemental. Often the other people were not being
judgemental and we only expressing what they had observed going on around them. She
became a real hard person to be around; I remember one day she ranted at me about being
judgemental when I simply expressed my dislike for cooked carrots. It was only then that I
realised she was a little crazy and if there was anyone being judgemental it was her. She
became like a new age thought police woman, people began to avoid her because she
would jump on people and start blaming them and judging them for supposedly judging.
Often people were not in judgement but were simply exposing a negative force such as the
shadow world government etc. I noticed that if I talked about the Illuminati or the new
world agenda which is well documented, she would explode in rage and judgement against
me for supposedly judging the perpetrators. If we lose our ability to see light from dark
because of a new age idea that we should not judge , then the archons have most definitely
won. There is a big difference between judgement and discernment.
So with that said how on earth do we deal with this infection?
As I said above it is no good fighting them, or falling into fear of them as this only
feeds them. Light does not work either I have noticed they are actively going after light
workers , instead working with the dark light frequency of obsidian works much better to
starve them from your body. I have noticed that sound seems to have an effect on bringing
them to the surface; I have noticed that during shamanic healings the use of the rattle
brings them to the surface.
So far the things that help with the infection are working with the black light, imagine
that your whole body and aura is now black, and imagine it is so black it is shinny. Once you
have achieved this you may notice you feel sick, often you want to gag, a strange slimy
feeling arises in the throat. It seems the solar plexus and the throat are the places in the
body which react the most to the infection. Allow the energetic vomiting, I have never had
anyone actually physically throw up, but they urge and gag as if they are going to throw up.
Allow yourself to make noise, express this infection in sound, growl, scream, groan make
noises like an animal, make any sound you can to get this parasite out of your body. Shaking
the body also helps to get these parasites up and out, just like a dog would shake to get rid
of fleas.
Many light workers do not like working with the dark light as they have ideas it is
negative and somehow evil. This is the biggest trick that these archons have played upon us.
It is time to integrate your dark side and get whole , if you are only working with your light
side you can easily be pulled into fear and then you are simply become archonic dinner . It is
time to use all of our powers to get into balance, integrate the light, integrate the dark,
bring ourselves to balance; this is the only way to disinfect ourselves.
I have done lots of these processes on myself and my clients and I have noticed that it
is very easy to become re-infected. We need to perform a regular spiritual hygiene routine
to make sure we are not re-infected. I take not only a light shower every morning but I also
encase myself in a dark light shell , this seems to work , though whilst I am around others
who are fully infected I am open to be re-infected and have to watch myself very carefully.
Anyone having experiences with these parasites or need any help do not hesitate to
contact me , I am very eager to know more about other peoples experiences so we all can
better understand exactly what they are and how they operate .
Chapter TwoElven Kin

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