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Part 1 of 3: Basics

1. 1Begin by adding your contact information at the top. This will ensure that the
hiring company can reply to you. This should include your whole address and
phone number(s).
2. Ad
3. 2Write the name of the employer to whom you are applying for the job. nclude
the address.
4. !Write the date in the letter.
5. "Write the name of the person to whom you are writing.
f their name is not #nown$ write Sir/Madam.
Part 2 of 3: The contents of the letter
6. 1%tate the position to which you are applying so that the employer #nows for
certain. &'plain where you found the ad(ertisement too$ such as in a newspaper$
(ia a job site or through a friend who wor#s there$ etc.
7. 2Begin the letter by telling the employer why you want the job. Also e'plain why
the job would be suitable for you.
8. !n the ne't paragraph$ summari)e your strengths and any particular
*ualifications or e'perience that would be considered rele(ant to the post.
+efer to your ,- for more e'planations of your *ualifications and s#ills.
9. "nclude the most rele(ant aspects of your career in the ne't paragraph.
Part 3 of 3: Finishing up the letter
10. 1.inally$ e'plain how you thin# you can contribute to the company and help it
become successful.
11. 2f they are going to contact you$ at the bottom of the letter but before your
closing and signature$ write I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest
12. !&nd appropriately. /se Yours sincerely or Yours faithfully.
13. "%ign and write your name underneath.
+oom !0"$ Bloc# 1
2odel -illage
3orth 4oint
5ong 6ong
4hone7 2"81289!
2obile7 90"2:"10
&;mail7 wwm10"<h#internet.com
" =une 2>1"
2r William ,han
4ersonnel 2anager
Wong And ?im ,onsulting
4@ Bo' 08!
6wai ,hung
Aear 2r ,han
Application for the Post of Management Trainee
am writing to apply for the post of 2anagement Trainee$ which was ad(ertised on the
%tudent Affairs @ffice notice board of the 5ong 6ong 4olytechnic /ni(ersity on " =une
2y wor#ing e'perience at ?uc#y %tar Barment 2anufactory ?imited impro(ed my
leadership s#ills$ communication s#ills and ability to wor# in a team en(ironment. ha(e
fluent spo#en and written &nglish. also ha(e fluent spo#en and written 2andarin$ and
can therefore wor# in mainland ,hina.
,urrently am studying a B.A. in 2anagement at the 5ong 6ong 4olytechnic /ni(ersity$
graduating in 2>1". %ubjects which am studying that are rele(ant to the post of
2anagement Trainee include @perations 2anagement$ 5uman +esources 2anagement$
Accounting$ 2ar#eting and %trategic 2anagement.
2y final year project is entitled 6nowledge 2anagement 4ractices in 56. ,arrying out
this project has impro(ed my communication s#ills$ my leadership s#ills and my ability
to lead and super(ise subordinates effecti(ely. ha(e also learned how to run a project
from the planning stage to its completion.
Auring my studies ha(e held the post of &'ecuti(e in the 2anagement %ociety. While
leading and organising 2anagement %ociety acti(ities ha(e impro(ed my ability to lead
and super(ise subordinates effecti(ely$ ability to wor# under pressure and ability to wor#
in a team en(ironment.
Wor#ing for Wong And ?im ,onsulting appeals to me because it has a good reputation
and it pro(ides e'cellent training. Cour organisation produces a high;*uality ser(ice$ and
can contribute to this with my leadership s#ills and my ability to wor# under pressure.
am a(ailable for inter(iew at any time. can be contacted most easily on the mobile
phone number gi(en abo(e. loo# forward to meeting you.
Cours sincerely
Wong Wai 2an Wilfred
&ncl7 +esume
English 101: College Writing
Sample: Effective Job Application Letter
Dr. Gian agn!cci
Letter Strengths
As you read the effective job application cover letter below, note these traits you will
want to emulate:
The letter comes across as strong and invites an interview.
The writer uses Safety Director (another good option is !s." to address
@roro 2unroe. This avoids assuming that the female employer is married.
The writer e#plains specifically why she is interested in $%&A !utual
The writer discusses a great wor( e#perience, her internship, in a fully
detailed paragraph.
The writer offers proof that she is an effective wor(er who has the specific
(nowledge the company is see(ing.
The writer mentions that her boss found her to be a good wor(er and
therefore gave her additional responsibilities.
The writer claims to be hard wor(ing and dedicated A)T*+ offering proof that
she has those traits.
The writer mentions she is ma(ing a trip to the !adison area. 'f she gets an
interview, she can then boo( a plane tic(et,
The writer includes a cell phone number so that no calls will be missed and
also includes an email.
The letter is free of grammar and spelling errors. This is the one time
grammar really counts,
Effective Job Application Cover Letter
0> 3orth 2nd %t.
ndiana$ 4A 10:>1
email7 wiba<iup.edu
@roro 2unroe$ %afety Airector
,/3A 2utual nsurance
220 3. 2ills %t.
2adison$ W 0!>:1
3o(ember 29th$ 2>>1
Aear %afety Airector 2unroe$
am writing this letter to apply for your programDs Assistant %afety %uper(isor position.
feel my educational training and professional bac#ground ma#e me well suited for the
demands of this position. ,urrently am senior finishing a %afety %cience degree at
ndiana /ni(ersity of 4ennsyl(ania (/4) and could begin wor# on =une 1st as your ad
specifies. also wor# part time in /4Es @ffice of nternational Affairs. am especially
interested in your company because see that you are the leading insurance company in
the midwest region and also earned a Wor#er %afety Fone award from the Wisconsin
%afety ,ommission. Ed lo(e to contribute to a company as interested in wor#er safety as
yours seems to be. belie(e the rest of this letter will illustrate what a great addition
would be to your wor# force.
n loo#ing o(er the job description$ see that your chief need is for someone with a
strong wor#ing #nowledge of @%5A regulations. As youDll note on my resume$ along
with a full complement of safety courses$ my familiarity with go(ernment safety
regulations has been de(eloped through an internship at the 4ittsburgh 4ost;Ba)ette.
wor#ed with the plant safety inspector who super(ised operator safety for a paper which
had a daily press run of 0>>$>>> copies. Auring the internship$ my most important
training came when the paper purchased two new printing presses. was gi(en the
responsibility of re(iewing all instructional materials that came with the presses$ and
designing a simplified operatorDs guide sheet to be posted at each press. This guide sheet
had to meet all @%5A standards and be easily accessible by !> press operators of (arying
s#ill le(els. The plant inspector not only appro(ed my design$ but then placed me in
charge of updating all the older press safety signs in the building. t is this type of
inno(ati(e thin#ing$ hard wor#$ and dedication which would bring to your department
as an Assistant %afety %uper(isor.
Cour ad also mentions a need for a wor#er with strong organi)ational s#ills. As youEll note on my resume$
ha(e been an @ffice Assistant for two years in the @ffice of nternational Affairs. n that position$
performed (ariety of tas#s including filing applications from international students.
modified the officeEs filing system and added a computer record #eeping component that
helped speed up application processing time. The office director was so pleased with my
wor# that was gi(en the 2>>0 %tudent Wor#er Award.
loo# forward to discussing my *ualifications with you. n fact will be ma#ing a trip to
2adison within the ne't month which might present an ideal opportunity for an
inter(iew. n the meantime$ if there is any other information can pro(ide you$ please
contact me at ("12) 000;12!". f donDt hear from you within the ne't two wee#s$ Dll
ma#e a follow up call to see how your candidate search is progressing.
Than# you for ta#ing the time to re(iew my application.
Kiana Johnson
6iana =ohnson
Beorge Bilhooley
GCF ,ompany
8: Aelaware +oad
5atfield$ ,A >8>10
Aear 2r. Bilhooley$
am writing to apply for the programmer position ad(ertised in the Times Union. As
re*uested$ am enclosing a completed job application$ my certification$ my resume and
three references.
The opportunity presented in this listing is (ery interesting$ and belie(e that my strong
technical e'perience and education will ma#e me a (ery competiti(e candidate for this
position. The #ey strengths that possess for success in this position include7
ha(e successfully designed$ de(eloped$ and supported li(e use applications
stri(e for continued e'cellence
pro(ide e'ceptional contributions to customer ser(ice for all customers
With a B% degree in ,omputer 4rogramming$ ha(e a full understanding of the full life
cycle of a software de(elopment project. also ha(e e'perience in learning and e'celling
at new technologies as needed.
4lease see my resume for additional information on my e'perience.
can be reached anytime (ia email at john.donaldson<emaile'ample.com or my cell
phone$ 9>9;000;0000.
Than# you for your time and consideration. loo# forward to spea#ing with you about
this employment opportunity.
Signature (for hard copy letter)
=ohn Aonaldson