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Document Outline Lists Objects

<!DOCTYPE> Version of (X)HTML <ol> Ordered list <object> Object

<html> HTML document <ul> Unordered list <param /> Parameter
<head> Page information <li> List item
<body> Page contents <dl> Definition list Empty Elements
<dt> Definition term
<dd> Term description <area /> <img />
<base /> <input />
<!-- Comment Text --> Forms <br /> <link />
<col /> <meta />
Page Information <form> Form <hr /> <param />
<fieldset> Collection of fields
<base /> Base URL <legend> Form legend Core Attributes
<meta /> Meta data <label> Input label
<title> Title <input /> Form input class style
<link /> Relevant resource <select> Drop-down box id title
<style> Style resource <optgroup> Group of options Note: Core Attributes may not be used
<script> Script resource <option> Drop-down options in base, head, html, meta, param,
<textarea> Large text input script, style or title elements.
Document Structure <button> Button

Language Attributes
<h[1-6]> Heading
<div> Page section dir lang
<span> Inline section <table> Table Note: Language Attributes may not be
<p> Paragraph <caption> Caption used in base, br, frame, frameset, hr,
<br /> Line break <thead> Table header iframe, param or script elements.
<hr /> Horizontal rule <tbody> Table body
<tfoot> Table footer
Links <colgroup> Column group Keyboard Attributes
<col /> Column
<a href=""> Page link accesskey tabindex
<tr> Table row
<a href="mailto:"> Email link <th> Header cell
<a name="name"> Anchor <td> Table cell Window Events
<a href="#name"> Link to anchor
onLoad onUnload
Images and Image Maps
Text Markup
<img /> Image Form Events
<strong> Strong emphasis
<map> Image Map
<em> Emphasis onBlur onReset
<area /> Area of Image Map
<blockquote> Long quotation onChange onSelect
<q> Short quotation onFocus onSubmit
Common Character Entities
<abbr> Abbreviation
<acronym> Acronym
&#34; " Quotation mark Keyboard Events
<address> Address
&#38; & Ampersand
<pre> Pre-formatted text
&#60; < Less than onKeydown onKeyup
<dfn> Definition
&#62; > Greater than onKeypress
<code> Code
&#64; @ "At" symbol
<cite> Citation
&#128; € Euro Mouse Events
<del> Deleted text
&#149; • Small bullet
<ins> Inserted text
&#153; ™ Trademark onClick onMouseout
<sub> Subscript
&#163; £ Pound onDblclick onMouseover
<sup> Superscript
&#160; Non-breaking space onMousedown onMouseup
<bdo> Text direction
&#169; © Copyright symbol onMousemove

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Boxes Paging

margin * size
margin-top marks
margin-right page-break-before
margin-bottom page-break-after
margin-left page-break-inside
padding * orphans
padding-top widows
padding-bottom /* Comment */ Visible Area Width Color / Background
padding-left @media type { color
* background
selector {
border * background-color
border-top * property: values; background-image
border-bottom * } background-repeat
border-right * } background-attachment
(Media type optional)
border-left * background-position

border-color * Fonts
border-top-color * font
border-right-color Styles apply to: font-family
border-bottom-color * All elements font-style
border-left-color font-variant
div <div>
div * Elements within <div> Height Border Padding Margin
border-style * font-stretch
border-top-style div span <span> within <div> font-size
border-right-style div, span <div> and <span> font-size-adjust
div > span <span> with <div> as
border-left-style Text
parent px Pixels text-indent
border-width * div + span <span> preceded by em 1em equal to font size of text-align
border-top-width <div> ... </div> text-decoration
parent (same as 100%)
border-right-width text-shadow
.class Elements of class "class" ex Height of lower case "x"
border-bottom-width letter-spacing
border-left-width div.class <div> of class "class" % Percentage word-spacing
#itemid Element with id "itemid" in Inches text-transform
Positioning div#itemid <div> with id "itemid" cm white-space
a[class] <a> with class attribute mm Millimeters
position Tables
top a[class='x'] <a> when class is "x" pt 1pt = 1/72in caption-side
right a[class~='x'] <a> when class is a list pc 1pc = 12pt table-layout
bottom of space-seperated values #789abc border-collapse
RGB Hex Notation
left border-spacing
and one of those is 'x' #acf Equates to "#aaccff"
float empty-cells
clear a[lang|='en'] <a> when lang begins rgb(0,25,50) Value (0 to 255) of each speak-header
z-index with "en" of red, green, and blue.
direction Interface
May also be percentages
unicode-bidi cursor
overflow 0 0 requires no unit * outline
clip outline-width
visibility Styles apply to: outline-style
:first-child First child of element outline-color
Dimensions :first-line azimuth list-style
First line of element
width border-collapse list-style-image Aural
min-width :first-letter First letter of element volume
:hover Element when mouse over border-spacing list-style-position
max-width speak
height :active Active element caption-side list-style-type * pause
min-height :focus color orphans pause-before
Element with focus
max-height cursor page pause-after
line-height :link Non-active, unvisited * cue
links without mouse over. direction page-break-inside
vertical-align cue-before
:visited Visited links empty-cells quotes cue-after
Miscellaneous :lang(lang) Element with text of font speak play-during
content font-family speak-header azimuth
quotes language "lang" elevation
font-stretch text-align
counter-reset speech-rate
counter-increment font-size text-indent voice-family
marker-offset font-size-adjust text-transform pitch
list-style * font-style volume pitch-range
all projection
list-style-type stress
braille screen font-variant white-space
list-style-image richness
list-style-position embossed speech font-weight widows speak-punctuation
handheld tty letter-spacing word-spacing speak-numeral
Shorthand properties
print tv line-height Available free from
are marked with *
Methods Functions

ASP / VBScript
Request String
BinaryRead FormatCurrency
Response LCase
AddHeader Left
AppendToLog Len
Clear Replace
End ^ Start of string DateAdd(Interval, Number, Date) Response.write
Flush $ End of string DateDiff(Interval, Date1, Date2) Right
Redirect String
. Any single character InStr(Start, String, Substring, Compare)
Write StrReverse
(a|b) a or b FormatDateTime (Date, DateFormat) Trim
Application REGULAR
Group section- MODIFIERS Join(Array, Delimiter) UCase
Lock [abc] Item in range (a or b or c) Left(String, Length)
Unlock /g Global matching Date
[^abc] Not in range (not a or b or c) Replace(Haystack, Needle, Replacement)
/i Case insensitive Date
Session [a-z] Any lower-case letter Split(Expression, Delimiter) DateAdd
/s Single line mode
Abandon [A-Z] Any upper-case letter DatePart
/m Multi line mode DateSerial
[0-9] Any numeric digit FILE MODES
Server Day
a? Zero or one of a
CreateObject FormatDateTime
Execute a* Zero or more of a 1 Reading Hour
GetLastError a+ One or more of a 2 Writing Minute
HTMLEncode a{3} Exactly 3 of a 3 Appending Month
MapPath MonthName
a{3,} 3 or more of a
Transfer Now
URLEncode a{3,6} Between 3 and 6 of a COMMON LCID CODES Second
!(pattern) "Not" prefix. Apply rule when Weekday
Properties URL does not match pattern. 2057 English (UK) WeekdayName
1033 English (US) Year
\b End of word
Response 1036 French (France)
\n New line Arrays
\r Carriage return 1031 German (Germany) Join
Charset \ Escape Character 1034 Spanish (Spain) Redim
ContentType Split
\t Tab
Expires Ubound
IsClientConnected \w Any word (= [A-Za-z0-9_]) Mathematical
Pics VbCr Carriage Return Abs
Status VbCrLf VbCr and Line Feed Atn
VbFormFeed Form Feed
Request Exp
yyyy Year VbLf Line Feed Log
q Quarter VbNullChar Null Character Rnd (Randomize)
Session m Month VbNullString Null String Round
CodePage y Day of Year Sin
VbTab Tab Character
d Day Sgn
ww Week of Year
Server h Hour 0 VBBinaryCompare Collections
ScriptTimeout n Minute 1 VBTextCompare
Error s Second 2 VBDataBaseCompare Cookies
Category ClientCertificate
Column Cookies
Response.Status="301 Moved 0 vbGeneralDate
Description Form
File Permanently" 1 vbLongDate QueryString
Line Response.AddHeader "Location", 2 vbShortDate ServerVariables
Number "http://www.website.com" 3 vbLongTime
Source Application
Response.End 4 vbShortTime Contents
Available free from Session
www.ILoveJackDaniels.com Contents
<!--#include file="include.inc"-->
Arrays Regex
array_intersect ereg
array_merge eregi
array_pop ^ Start of string Y 4 digit year 2005 ereg_replace
array_push $ End of string y 2 digit year 05 eregi_replace
array_reverse . F split
Any single character Long month January
array_walk spliti
count (a|b) a or b M Short month Jan preg_match
in_array (...) Group section m Month (leading zeros) 01 to 12 preg_match_all
[abc] Item in range (a or b or c) n Month 1 to 12 preg_replace
Date and Time [^abc] D preg_split
Not in range (not a or b or c) Short day name Mon
mktime \s White space l Long day name Monday Sessions
strtotime a? Zero or one of a d Day (leading zeros) 01 to 31 session_destroy
time a* Zero or more of a j Day 1 to 31 session_id
a+ One or more of a session_start
clearstatcache a{3} Exactly 3 of a h 12 Hour (leading zeros) 01 to 12 Strings
copy a{3,} 3 or more of a g 12 Hour 1 to 12 addslashes
fclose a{3,6} Between 3 and 6 of a H 24 Hour (leading zeros) 00 to 23 crypt
fgets \ G echo
Escape character 24 Hour 0 to 23
file explode
filemtime i Minutes (leading zeros) 00 to 59 implode
filesize [:punct:] Any punctuation symbol s Seconds (leading zeros) 00 to 59 md5
file_exists [:space:] Any space character nl2br
fopen [:blank:] w sprintf
Space or tab Day of week 1
0 to 6
fread strip_tags
fwrite z Day of year 0 to 365 stripslashes
is_dir W Week of year 2
1 to 53 stristr
is_file t Days in month 28 to 31 strpos
readfile strrev
i Case-insensitive strstr
Headers s Period matches newline a am or pm strtolower
header m ^ and $ match lines A AM or PM strtoupper
headers_sent U Ungreedy matching B Swatch Internet Time 000 to 999 str_replace
setcookie S substr
e Evaluate replacement Ordinal Suffix st, nd, td, th
Mail x Pattern over several lines
mail T Timezone of machine GMT URLs
Z Timezone offset (seconds) rawurldecode
Numbers O rawurlencode
Difference to GMT (hours) +0200
ceil urldecode
floor I Daylight savings 1 or 0 urlencode
array_push ( array, element )
number_format L Leap year 1 or 0
round in_array ( needle, haystack ) Variables
explode ( separator, string ) empty
U Seconds since Epoch 3

Miscellaneous split ( pattern, string ) is_array

define c ISO 8601 (PHP 5) is_int
preg_split ( pattern, string )
eval r RFC 2822 is_null
exit ereg ( pattern, string ) is_numeric
strpos ( haystack, needle ) 1. date("w"): 0 is Sunday, 6 is Saturday. is_object
Network str_replace ( search, replace, string ) isset
fsockopen serialize
2. Week that overlaps two years belongs to
PHP Options year that contains most days of that
ini_get week. Hence week number for 1st January SuperGlobals
ini_restore of a given year can return 53rd week if $_ENV
ini_set r Read $_GET
week belongs to previous year.
phpinfo r+ Read and write, prepend $_POST
date("W", mktime(0, 0, 0, 12, 28, $year)) $_COOKIE
w Write, truncate
Execution always gives correct number of weeks in $_SESSION
w+ Read and write, truncate
exec $year. $_SERVER
a Write, append $_FILES
a+ Read and write, append $_REQUEST
3. The Epoch was the 1st January 1970. $GLOBALS

Available free from www.ILoveJackDaniels.com