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The End of The Moonlight

The Bible tells us of the Moon and how God made it the "lesser" light to rule the night. We
discover in reading the Bible how that the lesser light was the Law and how the Greater light
that rules the Day was the Sun.
We know the sole purpose of the Law was to reveal Sin, and that Sin came to us in the Garden
of Eden.We know by this that Sin is Darkness and when does a person go to sleep except at
night time, the time of darkness, when the moon comes out and shines its light.
Consider this relation between the Law and the Moon. The Moon does not have its own light,
it is but a reflector in that it reflects the light of the hidden sun. Not a true light, just a reflecting
light. Does this remind you of Lucifer how he was a reflecting light, how He only reflects the
true light of God but uses it to condemn you and how He does not have his own light, as the
name Lucifer means "bearer of light" or one who reflects light but does not have its own light.
Consider also the fact that Moses was given the Law by the Finger of God, who wrote them on
Tables of Stone which is Rock. The Moon is also Rock, a giant stone! Now think like this, God
is the true light, like the Sun, He shined His light upon these rocks or tables of stone to give a
lesser light unto the people. In other words, The Finger of God is the Spirit of God for He is a
Spirit, so if he writes on a Stone then Light which is God is striking that Stone and what is
written on that Stone is a light of understanding that shines to the people.
*Now consider that it is a round stone, a rock, that was rolled in front of the tomb of Christ.
Inside that tomb is a symbolic light of the world, like the sun, or Son, and He is shining upon
that rock in front of His tomb. In death, the darkness of sin, the nighttime of sin and death, as he
lay there for two days, a day is as a thousand years, then upon His resurrection on the 3rd Day,
the night time of sin and death is over. The moon or rock that is over His tomb is rolled away,
as the sun (Son) begins to shine as the natural sun removes the moon, and the darkness of the
night time, of sin and sleep and darkness from us, by its brightness of its shining, then suddenly
we begin to awaken from our sleep as well. The veil is that stone in front of our tomb. Our body
is encased inside the darkness of the carnal mind as the carnal mind is the moonlight that Satan
used to rock us to sleep in darkness and death.

Now The Revelation of Jesus Christ is Come, the 3rd Day is here, the stone is being rolled
away, as our Inward Christ begins to awaken our outer Jesus, and this light of the Son is rolling
away the moon, of the law, and brought forth the Sonshine of Grace, and we are hearing a great
Cry, a Midnight Cry, the Day of Sin and Death is over! This is a brand new day! The Son is
arising and His Light of this Revelation is shining forth, destroying the darkness of night and
sin and death and the grave and is awakening His Elect unto eternal Life! We are no longer
children of the night! We are now the Children of the Day! We are no longer under the Pillar of
Fire By Night, but under the Cloud By Day! The resurrection of the dead is begun, the Midnight
Cry is sounding! The Revelation of Jesus Christ is Come! Go ye out to meet Him in the Clouds
of His witnesses!
We have crossed the Night time of Jordan's banks and we have entered the Great Canaan Land
of God, the Kingdom of God! The Faith of Jesus Christ! Christ is the end of the Law! We were
shut up under the Law until His Faith should come, at Calvary He rent that veil, ended the
darkness of night time and ended Lucifer and the Moonlight and ended sin and death and the
grave and has brought IMMORTALITY unto Light!
*Now when you go to a tombstone in a grave yard, see also how it is a stone over the grave,
and what is enGRAVEn upon that stone but the name of that person. Now understand the day
and hour that is here, if the moon light which symbolizes the tombstone over the graves is gone
and the true light of resurrection is here, then it surely means the graves and the tombstones
have no more power and we will begin to see the dead come to life in this day! Amen!