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Mllllons of people are llvlng under Lhe poverLy llne ln Lhe hlllpplnes and do noL have access
Lo quallLy educaLlon. 1he hlllpplnes ls Lhe fasLesL growlng economy ln SouLheasL Asla, yeL
only 30 of hlgh school sLudenLs go Lo college and only 14 graduaLe.

Meanwhlle, Lhe besL and Lhe brlghLesL sLudenLs leave Lhe counLryslde Lo pursue employmenL
ln urban clLles and abroad due Lo lack of opporLunlLy. Whlle Lhere are noLable academlc
lnsLlLuLlons ln Lhe counLry, Lhey are ofLen locaLed ln urban clLles, dlsconnecLed Lo Lhe greaLer
ma[orlLy who are ln Lhe rural counLryslde.

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SLLu hlllpplnes, openlng ln AugusL 2014, wlll be Lhe flrsL school for soclal enLrepreneurshlp
ln Lhe counLry Lo serve as a model for rural developmenL Lhrough educaLlon and hands-on
learnlng menLored by an lnLernaLlonal Leam of soclal enLrepreneurs and lnnovaLors. lL wlll
prepare sLudenLs Lo creaLe soclal enLerprlses LhaL wlll develop rural areas Lhrough [ob and
wealLh creaLlon.

SLLu hlllpplnes alms Lo provlde educaLlonal opporLunlLles for poor, yeL brlghL and LalenLed,
hlgh school graduaLes ln Lhe rural counLryslde Lo prepare Lhem for llfeLlme opporLunlLles ln
Lhe fleld of soclal enLrepreneurshlp. lL wlll serve as a plloL LhaL wlll be repllcaLed Lo provlde a
quallLy educaLlon Lo Lhousands ln rural communlLles across Lhe hlllpplnes.

1he school ls locaLed ln rural AngaL, 8ulacan aL Lhe Ck LnchanLed larm, Cawad kallnga's
plaLform Lo ralse soclal enLrepreneurs, help our local farmers, and creaLe wealLh ln Lhe
counLryslde. ln parLnershlp wlLh Lhe hlllpplne governmenL and Lhe prlvaLe secLor, and wlLh
sLrong llnkages wlLh unlverslLles ln Lhe hlllpplnes and abroad, we lnLend Lo ralse 300,000
soclal enLrepreneurs by Lhe year 2024 Lo creaLe paLrloLlc buslness wlLh a blg soclal relevance
and focus on agrl-buslness.

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1he School for LxperlenLlal and LnLrepreneurlal uevelopmenL (SLLu hlllpplnes) provldes Lhe
besL educaLlon for Lhose wlLh Lhe leasL opporLunlLy. uslng a hollsLlc approach, we unleash Lhe
poLenLlal of brlghL and LalenLed sLudenLs Lo grow lnLelllgenL hearLs and compasslonaLe mlnds.
1hrough servanL leadershlp developmenL and experlenLlal learnlng, we lncubaLe Lhe fuLure
soclal enLrepreneurs of Lhe hlllpplnes.

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1o be a globally recognlzed lnsLlLuLlon LhaL ralses:
lndlvlduals wlLh enllghLened mlnds and hearLs
A communlLy of empowered leaders and lnnovaLors
A naLlon LhaL ls proud Lo be llllplno
A socleLy LhaL wlll noL sLand for poverLy and leave anyone behlnd

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SLLu hlllpplnes wlll provlde a hollsLlc approach Lo learnlng wlLh a comblnaLlon of classroom
lnsLrucLlon, hands-on learnlng, and characLer developmenL

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1eachlng Lheorles and models of
operaLlon, Lhe ablllLy Lo Lhlnk crlLlcally and
freely, whlle malnLalnlng a hlgh sLandard
of excellence and compeLency
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rovldlng Lechnlcal skllls and Lools
Lhrough hands-on learnlng and work
#+9+(.):+*1 .; 1&+ 8+041:
nurLurlng characLer and values Lo develop
Lhe personal sLrengLh of a soclal

1he Lwo-year currlculum wlll comblne hands-on Lralnlng wlLh academlc courses LhaL promoLes
crlLlcal Lhlnklng and leadershlp developmenL.

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Lngllsh, llllplno, lrench, PlsLory, PumanlLles, MaLhemaLlcs, Sclence, Soclal
!./'0( "*14+)4+*+34,&') ? @3,'*+,,
8uslness uevelopmenL, ManagemenL, CompuLers, llnance, AccounLlng,
Lconomlcs, MarkeLlng, 8esearch, CperaLlons, Soclal 8esponslblllLy
=&040/1+4 #+9+(.):+*1
Leadershlp, values lormaLlon, CommunlcaLlon Skllls, Confldence 8ulldlng
lnLegraLed larmlng, Agrl-processlng
Agrl-buslness, Agrl-processlng, Cullnary ArLs and lood & 8everage, PosplLallLy
& 1ourlsm for LnLrepreneurs
C+0( D.4(< "E)+4'+*/+
MenLorshlp by Soclal LnLrepreneurs, ald ApprenLlceshlp, uevelop a Soclal