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Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

Gen. Luna cor. Muralla St. Intramuros, Manila
College of Accountancy and Economics
A.Y. 201 !201"
Business Proposal
Ms. Luzviminda Landicho
Professor, Management Consultancy
Altar, Jannmei Pauline A.
Arevalo, Neil Roseth
Bernardino, Mark Jayson H.
Dimaunahan, ristine !.
"#e, arl Bennett $.
Lacerna, Je%%erson Joshua
Lo&ez, Michelle Joy P.
'uico, (heryl Lyn (.
)elasco, Amado Jehrone (.
B(A ")*+
,+ June ,-./
I. Pacioli
This generation, as we may observe, is a very stressful one, despite of
the increasing demands on automation for convenience, we seem not to be
deloaded of our duties and responsibilities in school, work, and even in our
simple day-to-day lives, which make us hungry for relaxation. Thus, we
aggressively grab opportunities to relax whenever allowed by the luxury of time.
Nowadays, coffee and tea shops are undeniably one of the well-known means of
unwinding. e even bring our work there so that the stress brought by it will be
somehow offset by the relaxing ambiance of the shop and the chilling taste and
aroma of their beverages.
!Pacioli! is a partnership type of business whose purpose is to provide a
relaxing study place specially made for "ccounting #tudents. It is a caffeine shop
that offers !make-your-own! caffeinated beverages and snacks. $owever, unlike
in a typical shop, no specific drinks are to be offered. #tudents will design and
build their own mix of coffee, tea or energy drink which they think will help them
boost their power and maintain their focus while studying. "dditionally, what
makes this shop different from the others is a built-in library of "ccounting-related
materials, books, test-banks and reviewers, both local and foreign, which will
serve as references and supplements for their school and review classes.
The ob%ective of this business is to provide a wide range of essential
information in "ccounting and other related fields, to encourage curiosity and
yearn for knowledge, and to create an environment conducive to productivity and
effective learning.
II. &id 'eets (arth
Philippines is a country of manpower, but not of capital. "griculture and
manual work are the country)s commons, unlike in other countries wherein
various white-collar %obs represent the large percentage in their employment rate.
The government made a way to improve the *uality of education through the
implementation of &-+,, but many are still underemployed and not aware on how
far their capabilities can reach at its full extent. (ven children, who are naturally
curious about the world they live in, have only a limited range of the %obs that
they can dream of. -y ignoring this social issue, the children that we.ve always
believed to be the /hope0 may become the /liability0 of our future.
/&id 'eets (arth0 is a partnership-type of business that provides %ob
orientation and experience, with children of ages 1 to +, as the target market.
2hildren, when enrolled in this program, will take hands-on learning classes and
work exposures, all in relation with their preferred choice of profession 32hemical
(ngineering, 'echanical42ivil (ngineering, Natural #cience, 'odern #cience,
"ccounting and -usiness, Nursing, (ducation5. This will help children build
problem solving skills, encourage them to discover how things work, increase
their desire to explore their career option, and motivating them to learn math and
science concepts by engaging them in real-world problems.
The ob%ective of this business is to expand the knowledge ac*uired from
school through direct experiences, to introduce real-life applications of certain
fields of study, to mold personal character through values formation, and to
improve the work industry and employment rate of the country in the long run.
III. "cc&nowledge 6earning 2enter
"ccountancy is a real life challenge for those who choose to pursue it. In
spite of its complexity, many students still aspire to take and finish the course,
not only to secure their %obs and careers in the future, but also to serve the public
and contribute to the country)s economic growth. $owever, the problem relies on
the process7 from numerous concepts and principles that are much needed to be
understood, to applications and problems which are hard to grasp and analy8e.
#ome students may be able to handle these, but others %ust cannot grasp it no
matter how much hardwork and dedication they give.
!"cc&nowledge 6earning 2enter! is a partnership type of business that
aids business-oriented students in their full understanding of the sub%ect matter. It
is an "ccounting program that will act as a supplement in their tertiary sub%ects.
#tudents will be trained through tutorials, modules and drills given by
professionals who have expertise in various fields of "ccounting. $owever, unlike
in a typical classroom setting, the style of teaching will be on a !one-on-one!
basis. Instructors will conduct tests individually, and level advancements will
happen at their own pace. 9inishing the course indicates that the student have a
full mastery of all the levels in the program.
The ob%ective of this business is to prepare students for "ccounting and
-usiness sub%ects, to harness their theoretical and practical knowledge, to
increase the passing rate of the 2P" 6icensure (xam, and to inculcate their
importance in the country)s economic growth.
I:. Instawheels
"re you always so late for work that you barely have time to get a decent
breakfast; <o you often skip meals because of the appointment you need to
attend to; =r do you %ust want to transform those idle traveling time into a
/flavored ride0; -eing on the road is not a fun thing to do so why not do it in a
/delicious0 kind of way;
/Instawheels0 is a mobile food chain that would let the customers en%oy
scrumptious food while being on the road. Inside, it would be comprised of tables
and chair like that of normal food chains. 2hef in a -us would also serve snacks,
beverages, and even easy-to-make dishes for people on the go. It will not only
provide the masses with convenient but affordable transportation, but it would
also enable them to spend their traveling time en%oying a delightful snack or a
decent meal without wasting any idle time.
The ob%ective of the establishment to promote the country.s tourism by
providing tourists tours throughout the different landmarks and tourist spots in the
area. The tourists would be able to en%oy the beauty of our country and at the
same time, relaxing and en%oying the ambiance of a typical fast food chain.
:. -runch <iner
9ood is something humans cannot truly resist, that.s why it.s not so
surprising that for the longest amount of time, the food industry has been in fact,
the largest of them all. -ut what differs among these millions of food chains
across the globe is of course, the food they serve and how it satisfies the wants
of the customers. There are people who crave certain types of food at different
times of the day.
/-runch <iner0 is a buffet-type restaurant where the customers may en%oy
the scrumptious and delighting taste of 9ilipino and "merican -reakfast, 6unch,
'erienda, and <inner all at the same time, any time of the day. 9rom steak for
breakfast to 'ilk and 2ereals for dinner, -runch <iner will provide the wants and
satisfy the insatiable desire of the customer for high *uality food at a reasonable
The ob%ective of this business is to create a dining experience by serving
diverse yet uni*ue dishes that customers are willing to pay for and to promote the
9ilipino culture through the art of culinary.