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The City of the Gods

Discovered at Giza
An exclusive update to members of the Stargate Assembly

Since the final manuscript of The Stargate Conspiracy was completed, a new claim of a discovery of
wonders in Egypt has emerged. It is particularly interesting when set against the conclusions of our
book. What we call the Stargate Conspiracy may at first seem like something from Chris Carters
nightmares, but even more horrifying is the fact that this is real.

Although several intelligence agencies are involved the prime mover is the CIA, indoor the plot began
just a few years after it was formed. Briefly, the conspiracy involves manipulating potent archetypal
symbols and ideas in order to create what is essentially a new global religion. The concepts they have
stolen include the very real mysteries of ancient Egypt, the so-called Monuments of Mars and the belief
in extraterrestrial contact in the remote past.

The ultimate message they are relentlessly pushing is that the gods of ancient Egypt were, in reality,
advanced extraterrestrial beings - and that they are back. Already certain selected individuals believe
themselves to be in psychic communication with them, and are preparing mankind for the reopening of
direct contact.

One of the key pillars of the Stargate Conspiracy is the promotion of the belief in the imminent discovery
of hidden wonders beneath the Giza Plateau - a discovery that will, in some way, pull all the threads
together and, essentially, prove the reality of the space-gods. One of out greatest difficulties in
researching The Stargate Conspiracy was in evaluating the many stories of secret searches for hidden
chambers at Giza, either within the monuments themselves or beneath the ground.

On the one hand, there is undeniable evidence that such a search has been going on for nearly 30
years, and that, at least in the 1970s, agencies of the United States government were heavily involved in
it. More recently, the search has been carried on by individuals and organizations with a more esoteric
agenda, such as John Anthony West and the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ABE), the
Edgar Cayce organization.

On the other hand, although there have been plentiful rumors of discoveries - either by excavation or
remote sensing (hard science, not to be confused with remote viewing) - every one has turned out to be
either insubstantial (e.g. the claim that chambers beneath the Sphinx were entered in the summer of
1998) or simply exaggerations of less sensational finds (e.g. the chamber beneath the water shaft that
has received much attention recently).

Faced with such contradictory data, we could only conclude that either a highly secret search is under
way at Giza, but is being hidden behind a smokescreen of disinformation, or (which seems to be
increasingly likely) that certain parties want us to think that there is. In the latter case, the true purpose of
the exercise is to foster a belief not only in imminent revelations from Egypt, but also that a privileged
few already know there is something to he found.

A new book by Ian Lawton and Chris Ogilvie-Herald, Giza: The Truth, which is due out in August,
should go a long way to clarifying the conflicting claims about hidden finds in Egypt.

It is against this background that the latest claim needs to be placed. One of the major figures in our
investigation is Dr. James J. Hurtak, the Californian mystic and polymath who has played a key role in
all the major aspects of the emerging belief system. He was involved in explorations at Giza in the
1970s, was one of the major proponents of the Face and Pyramids of Mars (and their connection with

Egypt), and, since 1973, has claimed to be in psychic contact with highly-evolved extraterrestrial
intelligences, including the Council of Nine (who proclaim themselves the gods of ancient Egypt).

He is the author of The Keys of Enoch, which is based on the revelations given to him by his
otherworldly source. Two years ago, the rumor began to circulate that Hurtak had discovered, and
entered, a vast underground complex in the Giza area.

This was protected by some kind of force field, but Hurtak knew the correct acoustic key for disabling it.
He was then privileged to see virtually a subterranean city including, among other marvels, the body of
Osiris. These stories were first reported in lectures by the New Age leader Drunvalo Melchizedek. This
individual. has a considerable international following in New Age circles, and is the head of a movement
known as the Flower of Life. Melchizedek claims to be a walk-in (one who has agreed for their body to
be possessed by a higher spirit entity) of an angelic being.

Nelchizedeks teaching incorporates such concepts as communication with the inhabitants of a planet
orbiting Sirius B - citing Robert Temples The Sirius Mystery as evidence - and the fall of Atlantis around
11000 BC.

Drunvalo Melchizedeks relationship with Dr Hurtak is unclear. Although Hurtak has disavowed any
official connection with him, there is a suspicious resemblance between Melchizedeks teaching and
that of The Keys of Enoch. Melchizedeks choice of alias is also suggestive - the significance of the Old
Testament character of that name and the modern order of Melchizedek is discussed in Chapter 6 of
The Stargate Conspiracy.

In his 1997 lectures, Melchizedek doscribed the opening of the Giza underworld but did not name the
individual concerned. Shortly afterwards, Dr Hurtak issued statements on the Internet denying rumors
that he was the anonymous person.
However, in 1998 and early 1999, in lectures in Australia and Europe, Hurtak told essentially the same
story, but this time acknowledged himself as the one who had found the way into this subterranean City
of the Gods, as it is now called.

The full story was posted on the Library of New On-Line Australia by Paul White. (White is a
documentary producer and director who has championed recent claims of a link between ancient Egypt
and Australia.)

It is claimed that the complex was discovered by remote sensing in 1978, and that as a result a secret
agreement was made (presumably by the United States) with President Anwar Sadat to allow
exploration of the system. Dr Hurtak is described as one of the key scientists involved in this top-secret

In his lectures, Hurtak showed video footage of the halls and chambers. He has promised that this
footage will be released later this year, in time for the Millennium. Those who have seen it claim that it
shows vast, colonnaded underground halls the size of cathedrals, underground waterways and even a
kilometer-wide lake, all deep beneath the Giza Plateau. Hurtak also claimed that records and other
artifacts have been discovered in sealed chambers.

Obviously, we await public release of this material with considerable interest. Until then, we can only
make some preliminary observations. The idea that there is a network of chambers and tunnels beneath
Giza is not new. It is, for example, explored in Andrew Collinss Gods of Eden (1998). Collins and
others have pointed out that such a subterranean system should exist, as Giza is a limestone plateau,
and caves and underground rivers are characteristic of such features.

There are suggestions in ancient Egyptian tests that the halls and pathways of the Duat are literal, rather
than symbolic, descriptions of what lies beneath Rostau, the ancient name for Giza. If the ancient

Egyptians had accessed and built in such a network this would, of course, be a major, exciting

But while it is possible that some kind of network of tunnels may exist under Giza, we should treat
Hurtaks other claims more cautiously. For example, he states that it is 15,000 years old and that it was
built by the civilization of Atlantis, which he describes as the fourth root race (thereby linking the
discovery to 19th-century occult racial ideas that influenced, among others, the Nazis). How does he

And does this discovery really, as suggested, confirm the quasi-religious scheme outlined in The Keys of
Enoch (a book which, as readers of The Stargate Conspiracy will be aware, in our opinion contains
some very disturbing ideas) - Hurtak also links the discovery to imminent global changes and the return
of higher beings who guided mankind in the remote past.

He states that we are currently at the end of a cycle that began 13,000 years (half a precessional cycle)
ago, and that this will be a time of great upheavals and catastrophes which will mark the passing of the
human race (or at least part of it) into a new evolutionary stage. This, of course, draws upon ideas
popularized by Robert Dauval and Graham Hancock in Keeper of Genesis (1996). Hurtak also puts
forward the evidence for a lost civilization gathered by Hancock in Fingerprints of the Gods in support of
his assertions.

In the final chapter of The Stargate Conspiracy, we predict that some kind of momentous event or
revelation connected with Giza might well be stage-managed to coincide with the Millennium, and that
this would have the effect of crystallizing the various elements of the new belief system. This may be
promoted off the back of a genuine discovery or could be entirely manufactured.

We await developments in this story with great interest. Anybody with more information, comments or
observation can send an email to the Stargate Assembly.