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is taken from ( name of
newspaper/magazine) dated
is about
gives an overview on
deals with the issue on
summarizes the idea that
goes over the situation of
claims that
argues / states / says ..
highlights/emphasizes the point that
conveys the idea that
tackles the issue of
mentions the importance of
reports the fact that
points out that
stresses the fact that
focuses on the subject of / the idea that
Basically what happened is this
he main point it!s making is that .
"ccording to the article.
#ater on$ the te%t/ the author goes on to
&urther on$ we read/we find/ we are told that
he$ the te%t/author mentions that
he te%t/ author$ later on raises the problem
'n paragraph .
&inally$ the te%t/author ends up by mentioning that

he te%t offers/provides the following point of view

"t the end$ the te%t/author suggests/gives a final

approach to
'n conclusion$ the te%t is a fine e%ample of (offers a
thorough overview on the issue
't concludes
And thats all fo !at a
#o !at $,
my personal opinion is that
"s far as my opinion is concerned
'n my opinion
"s ' see it$ in my e%perience$ from my point of
(enerally$ it!s my opinion that the truth of the
matter is/lies on
' personally believe
"s a matter of fact$ ' see things differently / '
have a different view on
"ctually$ ' share the author!s idea / belief /
he )uestion that struck us is this
he main issue ' think it raises is this
*hat interests me$ is whether or not
'!d be interested to know what other people
think about
And thats all fo !at $
' think that .
+ersonally$ ' find
' suppose / ' imagine that
*hat ' think is that
'n my view
he way ' look at it
' do not think it is right to
o my mind$ ...
' have the impression that it could
' am convinced that
,n further consideration$ ' think that
,n second thoughts .
'f you want my opinion
' must admit that
' am )uite sure that
#et!s go
-ow about .ing /
*hy don!t we/
' think we should
*e could always
*hy not go /
-ave you thought of . ing/
*ould you like/
*ouldn!t it be better to/
0ou!d better . inf
0ou must admit that it!s a good idea
' like . ing
' rather$ )uite enjoy . ing
'!m keen on . ing
'!m fond of . ing
' dislike /hate . ing
' can!t stand . ing
*hat ' really hate is
he worst thing is
hat!s a good/great /e%cellent idea
' couldn!t agree more
' agree with you / what he says / that
' know what you mean
' think you!re right
' think that!s rather pretty good
' )uite / absolutely / totally agree
' know e%actly what you mean
'!m afraid ' don!t agree with you on that point
' completely / totally disagree with you / their
hat!s not how ' see it
"ctually$ ' think you are wrong
hey couldn!t agree on a solution / to the
A&''(n& (n !at
0ou could/may be right$ but '!m not sure / '!m
not convinced
0ou have got a case$ but it!s not the whole
' see what you mean$ but ' don!t think it
would work
hat!s a valid point$ but the costs of e%ecuting
it are very high
' don!t know if it would work
*ell$ maybe$ but '!m not really sure
' think we could talk more about it
'!m not at all convinced$ but you might be right
hey have their doubts about it$ but ' like the idea
' have reservations about it$ but it may succeed
' don!t see that working in practice
'!m not at all / all that convinced by their
0ou!ve got a lot of convincing to do
"lthough it looks promising$ there may be snags /
*hile it may work in the short1term$ it won!t in
the long1term
' think that!s debatable
+rove it
0ou haven!t convinced me yet. *here!s your
*hat facts and figures are you using to
support your argument/
0our argument is flawed because it doesn!t
take into account the hidden costs.
't simply /just wouldn!t work in practice
' don!t see how you can argue that
' can!t accept that /those / assumptions your
*hat has that got to do with it / the issue/
0ou!re missing the point
#ook$ what about . ing/
' don!t see how we can argue that
"s a matter of fact$ ' believe
*hat!s that got to do with it
' don!t think you realise how serious the situation
't is ridiculous to suggest that
"s a matter of fact$ ' think that!s completely
G(+(n& an o!(n(on
"s ' see it
&rom my point of view
'n my opinion
'f you ask me
*hat ' think is