Heal Your Consciousness, Change Your Life

a Special Report eBook

by Suzanna Kennedy
Director, Reality Crafting Institute

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The Revolution in Genetic Research .............................................................................................. 2
Now You CAN Change Your Life ........................................................................................................ 6
A New Consciousness Technology ................................................................................................... 7
The Benefits of Detoxifying Your Mind and Emotions ............................................................ 9
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About Suzanna Kennedy & Reality Crafting ............................................................................... 13

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The Revolution in Genetic Research
There’s a great deal of scientific data emerging which provides conclusive evidence that
your Genetic Inheritance is not the determining factor in your biology. In fact, what science
is uncovering, is that the very opposite is true.
Scientific Facts
The research of noted experts like Dr. William Tiller, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Rollin McCraty of
Heart Math Institute, and Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, PhD at the Institute of Noetic Sciences is
dramatically changing the ‘landscape’ of the human mind – and the Human Condition.
These researchers have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you can change the state
of your health and your experience of reality by changing your beliefs, perceptions and
emotional state.
Epigenetics and The New Field of DNA
The word Epigenetics refers to a new field of
genetic study. “Epi” stems from the Greek,
meaning ‘in addition to’ or ‘on top of’. Epigentics,
then, refers to changes to the genes outside of,
above or in addition to your underlying
(inherited) DNA sequence.

In other words, Epigenetics is the study of things
that influence your genetic structure other than
your DNA sequencing. These influencers are
capable of literally modifying what’s going on for you genetically.
Suzanna Kennedy
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Frequency + Intention = Cellular Change
Consider the following:
 Dr. William Tiller has proven that the right frequency combined with intention can
change the state of your body’s cells.
 Leonard Orr, often called the ’Father of Rebirthing’, proved that you can clear cellular
memory by using a particular kind of breath work.
 Brain research studies have demonstrated that the human body does not know the
difference between a physical or an imagined event. In other words: Visualization
can be equally as powerful in making physical changes to your body as actual
It’s Not Mom or Dad’s Biology Alone
We now know that your genes are much more than an unchangeable set of codes from
mom and dad. What you’re actually getting from your parents (and your ancestors) is
genetic material shaped by all of their thoughts and emotions. So it was the thoughts and
emotions of your parents (and ancestors) that determined a lot of what you physically
ended up with.

In other words: the genes you inherited can be changed.

And here’s why ...

What Epigeneticists are finding is that there are,
in fact, key influencers that will literally change
your genes. As it turns out, these ‘Epi’-
influencers have nothing to do with the
physiological DNA sequence you inherited from
mom and dad.

In fact, studies have demonstrative conclusively
that external factors – such as thoughts and
emotions – can determine which genes, as well
as which chromatic proteins within those genes,
are activated, and which are not. These activation patterns, triggered by external-to-DNA-
factors, are then preserved or maintained as soon as the cell divides. This effectively ‘locks
in’ the new pattern, until you introduce different external factors in order to change the

And when you think about a family, this really makes sense. Have you even noticed how, in
a family, there could be 3 children, but only one inherits a certain trait from dad, but no one
else does? Or the way one child will adopt mom’s attitudes or manners about certain
things, while the others are ‘just like their dad’? Clearly there’s more at work here than a
few sets of unchangeable, irreversible genes!

Suzanna Kennedy
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So the good news in all of this is that if the thoughts and feelings you inherited from your
parents and ancestors can impact you in a negative way, your own thoughts and feelings
can have an influence on your well being in a positive way. This means it’s possible for you
to change your biology back to a Natural Order of Health and Wholeness by changing your
thoughts and feelings.
Your Belief = Your Biology
In his groundbreaking book, The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton,
a renowned cell biologist and former medical researcher at
Stanford University, explains the science behind how and why your
genes and DNA do not control your biology.

Dr. Lipton’s experiments, and those of other epi-researchers, have
carefully studied the processes through which cells receive their
information. The results of these studies have radically changed
our understanding of how life ‘works’.

“Your DNA is controlled by signals outside your cells,
including the messages
coming from your thoughts and emotions.”

They show conclusively that your DNA and genetic make-up do not control your biology,
but that DNA is actually controlled by signals external to your cells. This includes the
‘messaging’ coming from your thoughts.

What this all means in plain English is that if you retrain your mind to create a healthier set
of beliefs, you can literally change the physiology of your body.
Shocking Revelation
Dr. Lipton did a number of experiments that revealed the following shocking information:

1. That the membrane, or outer layer of each of your cells is the
biological equivalent of a computer chip.
2. This membrane is also each individual cell’s equivalent of an
operating system, or put simply: a brain.

Other researchers’ studies have since validated Lipton’s conclusions.

Why is this so ‘shocking’? Because it stands in total opposition to one
of the most beloved (but unproven) pieces of dogmatic belief in the
biological sciences: that your genes control your body and your

Suzanna Kennedy
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Now we know that, like a computer chip, the cell membranes of your entire body can
actually be reprogrammed ... in other words, your physiology can change based on your
intentions or commands.
A Change in Focus
You see, traditional Cell Biology studies have focused solely on the physical molecules that
control your biology. But Dr. Lipton focused, instead, on the mechanisms through which
energy (in the form of your beliefs) can influence your genetic code.

This new understanding of the powerful effect your thoughts and beliefs have on your
physical being has a very important implication with regard to conventional medicine for

Alternative Therapies As Well As Energy Psychology
Can Profoundly Affect Your Health, Your Happiness And
Your Body’s Ability To Handle Stress.

Mind & Matter – The Definitive Link
We now know that there is a powerful,
definitive link between Mind & Matter, and
that your Thoughts, your Emotions and your
Beliefs directly affect you at the most
fundamental level - your cells.

Dr. Lipton explains in glorious detail the power
of your thoughts and emotions to impact every
aspect of your life. In other words, what you
think and feel is now proven to be the
dominant factor in the quality and possibilities
for your health, your relationships, your work
and your overall happiness.

His research has been hailed as a major breakthrough in our understanding of human
health and happiness. We now know that your body can be healed or changed based on
healing and changing the way you think.
Suzanna Kennedy
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Now You CAN Change Your Life

The science of Epigenetics does much more than
revolutionize the way we think about our DNA. The
deeper implication here is that it has revolutionized
the way we think about ...
the way we think.
Now, here’s the good news: Changing your thought
habits (95% of which are totally subconscious) no
longer requires decades of therapy or an
immersion into the painful memories which
created those thought patterns (and genetic codes)
in the first place.
Since we now know that Frequency affect biology, then by guiding your frequency the right
way, you have the power to change everything.
Too Good To Be True?
They say if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Wise
words to consider. Yet there are times when it serves to keep an
open mind and explore further. Especially when a new
technology is being presented.

At one time it took at least 80 days to travel from New York to
Los Angeles on foot. The automobile comes along and a cross-
country drive is possible in 4 days. Planes take only 6.5 hours.
Too good to be true?

Suzanna Kennedy
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A New Consciousness Technology

There’s a Consciousness Technology
now available to you that makes it
quick, easy and graceful to create
significant, permanent changes to your
consciousness – and your life!
Thanks to the scientific clarity we now
have about how your cells operate, it’s
easy to understand how and why the
consciousness technology of the
Emotional ~ Mental Detox Program™

Frequency + Intention + (Visualization & Breath Work) = Cellular Change
Just as Dr. William Tiller demonstrated in his studies (see page 3, above), a combination of
the Right Frequency and Intention can make lasting change. Add to this, the Power of
Visualization, to actually tell the body WHAT to change, and a breath work designed to
move the old, unwanted frequencies OUT of your body, and you’ve got nothing less than
transformation on a cellular level.
Powerful Permanent Detoxification of Your Emotions & Mind
The Emotional ~ Mental Detox Program™, is a miraculous self-healing method that allows
you to make permanent, positive change in your life – all the way down to your cells. The
program is a unique combination of the right harmonic frequency, intention, breath work
and imagery, delivered in a guided meditation format.

You don’t have to be an experienced meditator to benefit from this technology, because the
frequency and intention work, even if you drift off or cannot visualize during the
meditation session.

Guided meditations can be delivered in person, over the phone or as a recording. They are
just as powerful over long distances. And the recordings have proven to be just as effective
as a live delivery.
Suzanna Kennedy
www.RealityCrafting.com www.EMDetox.com
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Practical Application for Systematic Release
The Emotional ~ Mental Detox Program™, goes a
step further than Dr. Lipton’s evidence of the mind-
matter link. The program actually applies the
science to practical use so you can integrate it into
your life. It leads you through the process of
changing the negative mental and emotional
messages to your cells.

The meditations guide you to systematically release
and replace unconscious beliefs and perceptions. You
replace the beliefs that cause stress, struggle, separation, pain, illness and conflict with
beliefs that promote balance, flow, ease and grace. You release the pain in your heart and
the associated ‘imprints’ within your cells.

This allows you to open, connect deeply and create more intimacy and authenticity in
yourself and in your relationships with others.
Suzanna Kennedy
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The Benefits of Detoxifying
Your Mind and Emotions

Here are a few of the Benefits you can expect when you use The Emotional ~ Mental Detox
Program™ to detoxify your Mind and Emotions.

 More energy
 Improved health
 Inner peace
 Emotional freedom
 Grounded, centered, connected
 Increased intuition
 Mental clarity
 Increased self-esteem
 Improved relationship with yourself and all others
 Balance: Mind/Heart; Thinking/Feeling; Giving/Receiving
 Develop Heart Intelligence for strong inner guidance
Is This For You?
Wondering if The Emotional ~ Mental Detox Program™ is right for you? If you have any of
the conditions or challenges in the list below, you’ll find a great deal of help and positive
change when you go through the program.

 You have physical pain or illness
 You feel stressed out, overwhelmed, exhausted
 Your immune system is depressed
 You have pent-up emotional pain (anger, grief,
guilt, fear, shame, jealousy)
 Your were conditioned to keep your thoughts
and feelings to yourself
 You believe being nice is more important than
speaking the truth
 You grew up in a dysfunctional family
 You have excessive mind chatter and an ‘inner critic’
 You have low-self esteem
 You attract more than your fair share of accidents or injuries
 Your life seems filled with drama and/or trauma
 You suffer from depression, exhaustion or addictions
 People get angry around you for “no good reason”
 You are positive, but you are surrounded by negative people
 You feel stuck physically, emotionally or creatively
 You’ve can’t find your sense of Self
 You notice repeating, negative relationship patterns in your life
 You are human
Suzanna Kennedy
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Discover How to Change Your Life Gracefully and Easily with
Emotional-Mental Detox

Quick, Easy, Graceful
Imagine lying down with your headset (easy)
for one hour (quick) and listening to a soft,
relaxing, loving feminine voice (graceful) guide
you to simply imagine certain colors, shapes
and pictures; and then repeat specific, positive
intentions, all while doing specific breathing

While you breathe, you listen to her voice
describe how a high harmonic frequency is
neutralizing all the resentment, anger, rage,
hatred and jealousy that you never fully
expressed in your life. She describes how the
harmonic frequencies are neutralizing the
painful memories of abandonment, betrayal, rejection and abuse.
You don’t have to remember the pain, you don’t have to feel it, you don’t have to talk
about it, you don’t have to cry or yell, you don’t have to forgive or apologize, you don’t
have to punch a pillow.

Just Relax, Listen and Breathe ...
Suzanna Kennedy
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What You’ll Notice
When you go through The Emotional ~ Mental Detox Program™ you’ll notice powerful,
positive changes begin to unfold in your life. At first, these changes may seem subtle. But
within a very short period of time, you can expect ...

 Situations that used to trigger your anger, guilt,
fear or shame – don’t anymore.
 You are less reactive, more present and able to
make conscious choices.
 You suddenly find that you are not afraid of
being rejected or abandoned.
 You are no longer seeking other’s approval.
 You feel more confident in yourself and your
 It’s easier to say what’s on your mind.
 It’s easier to say no and set healthy boundaries.
 It’s easier to claim your own time and space.
 You feel more at peace with yourself and with
the world.

The world hasn’t changed, but you find that your response to it is much easier, less
reactive, more grounded and centered. In other words: you respond to the world from a
place of personal power, self-care and inner ease.

Find Out Exactly How to Detoxifying
Your Mind and Emotions

All this emotional healing from listening to a guided meditation? Yes! And that’s just the tip
of the iceberg. Here’s is what just a few people have shared about their experience using
The Emotional ~ Mental Detox Program™:

Suzanna Kennedy
www.RealityCrafting.com www.EMDetox.com
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What Others Are Saying ...

“As a nurse, I had to "shut down". I was told I had to become "tough, develop a thick skin,
stop being so sensitive, don't get attached to my patients, be distant, focus on the work..." I
had become all of these things. I was living my worst nightmare; stressed out, no energy,
seeing pain all around me and feeling powerless to truly help.
“Then I found Suzanna and her consciousness technology. In just a few weeks I began to
release the painful memories and unexpressed emotions that I had been carrying with me
since childhood. I did open my heart. I have learned how to think with my heart and make
choices through love. Within a few months, almost by magic, I was offered a new position to
bring heart-centered nursing into the hospital where I work. I am now filled with purpose
and passion. I am committed to sharing this technology with other nurses and health-care
Lorraine Duggan, RN, New Jersey

“I was conscious of something very unique happening in the clearing session. I felt a
movement at a cellular level that allowed me to virtually turn my consciousness around.
Johanna Carroll

“I have been through five clearing sessions with Suzanna as the facilitator and as a result
have released a large amount of anger, rage, frustration, pain and guilt. Since working with
Suzanna, I have become clearer, free of limitations and have manifested a better life for
myself. I highly recommend Suzanna and her method of healing.”
Sharon Kirby

“Troubled with sickness and no direction, Suzanna, with her healings and clearings has
helped to bring me to health, clarity and spiritual growth.”
Scott Miller

“I just wanted to let you know how helpful these detox sessions have been. I feel lighter
(free from judgment, limiting beliefs and resentment), and more peaceful with my past
relationships with men and woman alike. The resentment is gone and I can feel the
presence of the higher frequencies of light in my body. In the 3rd detox session I almost felt
I was flying through space.”
Sandra Baille

“What drew me to the technology was the comprehensive nature of the process. Every step
builds on the previous one and in the end, the changes you have are permanent. Sometimes
you go to a workshop and have a temporary high. Then you go back home and to work and
it goes back to what it was before. With this, the change of experience is permanent.”
Ellen Nagy

Learn More about the Consciousness Technology of
Emotional-Mental Detox Right Here
Suzanna Kennedy
www.RealityCrafting.com www.EMDetox.com
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About Suzanna Kennedy & Reality Crafting

Suzanna Kennedy
Suzanna Kennedy developed The Emotional ~
Mental Detox Program™ in its current form. The
Method evolved from Integrative Natural Healing
taught by Adam David who certified Suzanna as a
practitioner in 1998.
Suzanna has integrated her unique combination of
high harmonic frequencies and guided imagery into
an already powerful combination of breath work
and intention.
For 18-years Suzanna served as a business
consultant in the Detroit area. She specialized in the
design of corporate training programs and led
large-scale change initiatives. The training programs she designed were delivered to
50,000 people in 14 languages and 104 countries throughout the world.
In 1997 she experienced a spontaneous quantum consciousness awakening and she is now
able to tap into Universal Intelligence in a way that bypasses the filters of the mind and
comes directly from a higher dimension that she calls the Science of Creation and
Consciousness. From this body of Quantum Science, she develops new consciousness
technologies to share with the world; including the Emotional ~ Mental Detox Program™
and the Divine Human Upgrades™.
Suzanna is Chief Creative Officer of Reality Crafting Institute which helps organizations
prepare their leaders and members to embrace emerging new realities, while fulfilling
their core objectives with greater grace and ease.

Suzanna Kennedy
www.RealityCrafting.com www.EMDetox.com
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Reality Crafting Institute
Graceful evolution of human consciousness and
joyful co-creation of Paradise on Earth
Collaborating with aligned partners committed
to a graceful transformation to a heart-
centered, soul-aligned, unity conscious society.
Our Contribution
Being visionaries and architects of the new
emerging reality, we are in a unique position to
guide individuals and groups through the transformation of consciousness that is taking
We offer a grounded, systematic approach to moving through an accelerated change
process with grace and ease. With aligned partners, we co-create customized
transformational media, training, coaching, on-going support.
Our Collaborative Partners
Innovative, courageous, pioneers, visionary leaders, conscious capitalists, social
entrepreneurs who want to prepare their members for optimum functioning in the
emerging heart-based, unity conscious society and transform the world through conscious
business and transformational media.
Reality Crafting Institute Technology™
Quick, easy, graceful:
 Detoxification of separation consciousness
 Detoxification of emotional pain and mental constriction
 Installation of body/heart/mind/soul connection
 Self-Identity Upgrade and empowerment
 Soul purpose alignment and activation
 Connection, activation, integration of multi-dimensional skills
Current classes available for public access:
 Emotional~Mental Detox™
 Divine Human Upgrades™
Start Your Emotional-Mental Detox Today!

Suzanna Kennedy
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